Go! Mild and intermittent left front limb lameness in 8mo Smooth Collie pup - seeking advice and other opinions |

Mild and intermittent left front limb lameness in 8mo Smooth Collie pup - seeking advice and other opinions

2021.04.15 15:55 Smooth_Wally Mild and intermittent left front limb lameness in 8mo Smooth Collie pup - seeking advice and other opinions

Species: 🐶
Age: 8 months old
Sex: male with bilateral cryptorchidism, not neutered yet, planning to neuter around 12-18mo
Breed: smooth collie
Weight: 24kg / 53lbs
History: lameness started around the age of 5-6 months old, one tumble down 2 stairs as a puppy, has had seizure activity but this is not related, generally very happy, very smart, well socialized, and very well behaved for his age. He is fed a mix of wet and dry food, and doesn’t have problems eating / eliminating.
Clinical signs: mild left front leg lameness which is worse after napping or sleeping in his crate/bed or after running a lot in an off leash area. He often loosens up on a walk. It does not stop him running / jumping playing and does not seem to be affected after shorter play sessions (say 10-20mins) but he will favour it after longer sessions of running with other dogs. I can feel but not hear soft clicking in his left front elbow when I move it.
Duration: has been going on for around 2 months on and off.
Location: Ontario, Canada
Vet treatment / report: we have given him a course of metacam which reduced but did not completely solve his lameness. It is not getting worse but also not getting better. Xrays assessed by our vet and radiologist have ruled out any joint issues (no fracture / break / dislocation) and have also ruled out elbow dysplasia. His growth plates are still open. I’m sorry but I don’t have the file to share here. Vet and radiologist say next option is a CT scan. Neurologist assessed him after his partial seizure and noted his lameness but suggested the lameness wasn’t neuro related and he has had no more seizure activity in months and is not medicated at this time for it.
Question: I am more than happy to get the CT scan for him if needed but I’m seeking some other opinions of what it could be or maybe next treatment options before I go down that road. Could this just be growing pains? Would some soft tissue therapy be a good option? Has anyone seen a case similar to this resolved with that type of therapy? I am also looking at starting him on some omega3 supplements as recommended by the vet, is there anything else I could look at?
Thank you in advance!
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Considering offers over 680usd
B/O kara CW MW
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plz help me with Aldrich, standing in front of the fog gate,

password is: aldrich
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2021.04.15 15:55 eyfforiya Notifications sorting by time instead of by application

Hello everyone! Ever since I updated my phone to One UI 3, all of my notifications have been sorting by time and not grouping together by app, kinda like iOS notifications. I can no longer have the silent/minimized notifications at the bottom, no grouping by app, and I don't even have the "conversations" category at the top like they mentioned in the update. I usually had most system notifications (the ones that can't be swiped like battery charging or do not disturb) at the very bottom of the notification shade in minimized mode. Now, even my charging notification shows up at the top and I have to scroll down to see the notifications from the apps that I actually care about, which are also not grouped but they show up sorted by time instead. It's a complete mess.
Does anyone know if there's a way to change this? I've searched everywhere on the settings but can't seem to find anything that could fix it, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Got to love the good old days when currency was made from Real Money, a quarter from 1964 or earlier (90%) silver is still worth 25 cents face value as US currency but almost $5 in Money/silvevalue. 57 years later the purchasing power of 25 cents in currency value (inflation adjusted) is down 743.44% (so 25 cents today is worth the equivalent of 3 cents in adjusted purchasing power) yet the real value of that same quarter since it was made from silver is up 1880% (worth almost $5) To me that shows inflation protection when things are or are made made from precious metals...
BUY SILVER!!!!!!!!!!
DD: Inflation Value: https://www.inflationtool.com/us-dolla1964-to-present-value?amount=1
coins melt value: https://www.coinflation.com/silver_coin_values.html
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Hey guys I’m a second year college student majoring in supply chain management. I am looking for friends as it’s been hard to make some due to quarantine still. I’m on the east coast and I play the ukulele!
Tbh the people I usually speak to and play with, I don’t speak to them anymore. I’d love to make new friends where we can crack jokes and tell about each other’s day :)
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🦍 what do your brains see here?
they have $76M in cash, $1M in debt, and a market cap of $200M
Franklin Wireless Reports Record Quarterly Revenue of $66.2 Million, Up nearly 400% Year-over-Year.
Strong Demand Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic Drives Nearly 400% Gain in Year-over-Year Sales
Net Income Rises to $0.58 Per Basic Share Cash and Short-Term Investments Increase to $76.4 Million with No Financial Debt
It is Collapsing after Verizon recalled one of their products due to batteries fire hazard. Buy on the low low and hope for rocket launch?
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2021.04.15 15:55 broken_bliss [UR] The Conflict

Anne nervously waited for them to get back. She could never tell what type of mood her daughter Chloe would be in these days. Lately she was usually oozing with resentment towards Anne especially since her newest beau Kirby was in the picture. Anne considered Chloe her “favorite person” no matter how horrible she would act. Chloe would easily be set off by almost anything these days especially if it came from her mother’s opinions. To make matters worse she had begun using violence during her outbursts.
The dogs started barking in unison as Anne heard the automatic garage door begin to open and fan belt humming. She pictured in her mind the little grey Nissan pulling into its usual spot.
Anne's body slightly flinched when she heard the back door creak open which led into the kitchen from the garage. She heard the excitement of panting tongues and tiny taps from nails hitting tile as they impatiently waited to be greeted by the duo. Chloe and Kirby greeted them back happily in excited baby voices.
Anne waited a couple of minutes to see if they would announce their
Presence to her but as usual they didn’t say anything. Anne decided that she would greet them and exclaimed, “Hi" in her most optimistic voice she could muster. Chloe made it obvious her mom’s presence was unwanted. "Hi", they both said as if exhausted to respond.
Anne wasn’t the biggest fan of Kirby. She didn’t like how he never looked people in the eye. He was always irritated, angry and complaining about other people. Anne had seen his type before but also knew there was nothing she could say or do to keep her daughter away from him. Afterall she was an adult. Her choice didn't make sense to Anne. Especially since Chloe always made it a point to call her mother out on many past relationship choices. Hypocrisy in Anne's eye since her daughter made just as poor of choices, if not worse. The fact her first boyfriend turned her out as a prostitute already showed her lack of rationale when choosing a partner. Anne tried to raise her to be a strong independent woman yet Chloe always sought the approval and direction of men. "Daddy Issues" was Chloe's justification for her poor choices.
Currently, Anne did not feel the independence she usually thrived in. She was sickly her whole life but was always able to find her own way. Although now her recent symptoms seem to be getting worse; she felt lost and worthless. She was no longer working and had been hospitalized twice in the past couple months for unexplained fainting episodes. As a treatment Anne had been put on some meds that seemed promising but it hadn't been long enough to be sure of it's efficacy. At this point in her life, she was miserable and loathed her situation.
The virus was ravaging through the United States and stress levels were at an all time high. Las Vegas, Anne's home for the past 10 years, was hit hard especially since the city thrives on travel tourism. The city was drying up economically and the bills were piling up. Chloe was laid off from the entertainment industry and could no longer afford her lavish lifestyle. This only intensified her bullish tantrums. Chloe was the head of the household and didn’t want Anne to forget it. In fact, most of the time Chloe would only talk to her mother to let her know the daily sacrifices she was making for her.
No surprise Anne and Chloe were constantly butting heads about virus precautions put in place by the state governors' throughout the US. The number one repeating argument these days in the world and their household was, should you be forced to wear a face mask to protect the public?
Anne always chose to base her reasons on science and sided with those experts. She also had worked in the medical industry before so masks made sense to her. On the other hand, Kirby and Chloe were more concerned about their freedoms and how, "nobody wore the masks correctly anyways" they would deem in their defense. They loved to use Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to make their point as well, “only the strong survive” Chloe would matter of fact state.
Today's mask argument began to heat up quickly. Annes meds were making a difference and she felt some symptom relief which brought part of her tenacity back. As the argument ensued Anne, decided to throw some "shade" towards Chloe. She commented something along the lines that maybe Chloe didn’t really care if Anne died.
Anne knew right after she said it that it was a mistake. Chloe's face tightened her eyes darkening with rage as she went into a full “Karen” style meltdown. You know the ones you see on youtube. There's the entitled woman screaming about her own oppression to the oppressed.
Anne stood her ground this time. She was tired of being kicked out anytime she disagreed with her daughters dogmatic opinions. Things had gotten so intense lately that Anne already kept packed bags because of her daughter's past ruthless behaviors. No! she exclaimed.
This only fueled Chloe’s rage and now she seemed unable to control her emotions. She started running towards the stairs up to Anne’s room wanting a chase. Instead Anne pulled out her phone to record her uncontrollable tantrum. "Why are you doing this?" Where the only words Anne could come up with.
As the phone began to bear witness to the commotion, Chloe began throwing Anne's personal items over the staircase. Kirby, whom Anne had completely forgotten existed, tried to take her phone. He was babbling something about calling the cops and began pushing her to shove her out of the house.
"Don’t touch me" , Anne screamed as hot tears coated her wet pink cheeks. She didn’t have a whole lot of physical fight in her.
The verbal argument continued to shake the household. By now the dogs were trembling in their safe places throughout the house. Unfortunately they had gotten used to the volatile fights and learned to stay out of the way until the storms passed.
Chloe had given up on throwing her mom’s stuff out and was in the kitchen again, "You need to go, you need to leave", she continued to demand.
"No, please why are you doing this?" was still Anne's only response. Anne walked towards her angry daughter to try and wrap her in a hug. She tried this technique during these bad fights before and failed every time. Although this was different, instead of rejecting her mother she began repeatedly kicking her in the stomach.
Anne started screaming in shock and pain, "What is wrong with you?"
She didn't even recognize Chloe anymore as her black eyes projected hate towards her mother. This paralyzed Anne long enough to be caught off guard by Kirby. He grabbed her arm, taking the phone and handed it to Chloe in order to delete any evidence of her "Karen" tantrum. Annes' arms are now pinned behind her as she is forced toward the door leading out of the kitchen into the garage. Chloe continues to support her boyfriends' dehumanizing treatment towards her mother as she opens the door for him and tosses her out like a bag of garbage.
THUDDDDD!!! Anne's bare knees hit the unforgiving concrete floor. She's feeling every ounce of what just happened in her body, mind and soul. Pain begins to radiate fire through her already aching body and she lets out a scream, HELP!!! She begins yelling over and over. Her head begins to pound, her chest fluttering and her body trembling. Anne's shorts and tank top started to soil with sweat from the 90 degree garage heat.
Anne's thoughts started racing, How could she allow him to touch her? To put his hands on her? she thought. To get involved in one of the mother daughter arguments was strictly forbidden. This was a rule they had repeatedly adhered to in the past. Although Chloe's hypocrisy shouldn't come as surprise to Anne nor should her disloyalty.
As she continued to yell for police or anyone to help she wondered “why?”. She knew cops were worthless and Vegas people don't care. Yet she had no one else. She was standing in the garage, no shoes, no phone, and locked out by the person she loved the most.
“Please call the cops!”, she demanded of a neighbor waiting in their car. Her chubby face showed disinterest to the entire dramatic scene. She peered over her wire rim sunglasses that were stretched around her fat face like an angsty teenager and said nothing. Just then Chloe came out, she had regained her composure and assured the annoyed neighbor , "don't worry we already called the cops". As she turned to go inside she gave her mother one last demonic glare.
Anne stood in the garage which felt like an eternity and she felt like she was dying of thirst. "Please I need water", Anne cried, The door cracked open spitting out a couple of warm water bottles. As Anne took a drink her body felt some quench of thirst.
Anne squinted her eyes through the sun's beams and could see a metro SUV approaching through the waves of desert heat. It stopped two houses down from where Anne was shaking and trembling and could be seen from the open garage. Anne knew to show her hands were empty as she held them out to her sides. She didn't want to give a trigger happy officer a reason to take out any aggression.
The tall dark skinned officer approached cautiously looking annoyed even through his dark matrix style sunglasses, "what seems to be the problem?" He onced overed Annes ragged appearance and already made a decision not to listen. Anne emotionally and visibly upset only had a couple minutes to explain her version of the story before Chloe came around the corner. Her beauty along with her skills of persuasion reeled in the officers interest. As he cut Anne off while approaching her smirking daughter he signaled for Anne to stay where she was. He privately began conversing with Chloe 10 feet away.
Several more police SUVs showed up as he stood taking Chloe's statement ignoring Anne. The newest arriving officers opened their doors exposing themselves to the violent summer heat. Wanting some excitement and disappointed there was not enough action, most didn’t stay long. A female officer stayed behind along with the dark skinned officer still being sucked into Chloe's manipulation.
It was a learned skill. She could act as if the “Karen” character she just played in the house was all made up. Since the video was deleted there was no proof of the chaos that Chloe actually represented. There were a few trusted allies Anne had that knew the truth about Chloes' personality, her therapist, her mom, and her best friend Emma. .
Of course the dark skinned officer with a bulge in his pants wanting to impress Chloe didn't care about the physical violence Anne just went through. Anne was always overly passionate and transparent in her feelings and actions. Which at times, like right then, was a burden. Since he didn’t want any part of Anne’s narrative he sent over a butch female officer. The stocky blonde female officer began trying to distract Anne from becoming more emotional and kept rambling on about her own life. Anne pretended to listen but in actuality was mentally preparing for her next move.
At first Anne wanted to press charges and informed the dark skinned officer of that. She wanted him to pay for what he did. Hitting and physical violence was not something Anne allowed or taught when she raised Chloe. This was another learned behavior from her daughter putting herself in numerous bad situations. She never seemed to want to make the right decisions and always ignored the warnings others gave her, especially her mother. Even red flags that came with Kirby. Whom she barely knew and they were already codependent on each other after 3 short weeks.
As the female officer continued to drone on about something her mother said to her. Anne's brain was in overdrive and she analyzed her situation. Why would she waste anymore time trying to “save” her daughter from some male? She thought. So she decided that Chloe and Kirby could have each other. She had enough of her daughter's manipulations and abusive behaviors. She had always stood by her daughter and forgave her up until this moment. "This was too far", she mumbled to herself. She would no longer submit herself to this relationship. She respectfully declined the paper the dark skinned officer was trying to hand her for a written statement.
"You know what, keep it! I will never come back to this place. I’m not interested in court dates or ever seeing his face again", she exclaimed as Kirby sauntered past the open garage in his ogre like stature. He was avoiding Anne's eyes as usual. "What a fraud" she said to the masculine female officer. Anne felt a surge of adrenaline give her a little life back.
She then looked towards the rambling female officer who was inquiring if Anne, "would like to grab some things before requesting an Uber to the airport." Chloe wanted to exile her back to Nebraska, her home state. Anne already was scanning her bedroom contents in her mind deciding what she was going to take. Anne nodded towards the officer then swiftly led them back into the house ignoring the sharp pangs in her knees. She made her way through the kitchen and up the stairs with the officer in tow.
She stood in the bedroom doorway still rambling as Anne frantically grabbed some personal items and necessary legal documents. She shoved them in her survival bag that was already packed with clothes for these types of emergencies. The bag was no bigger than an average size book bag so she had to choose wisely. After she filled her bag with some extra essentials she scanned the room one last time.
There was nothing more of importance she would need to bring, she concluded. Just then Anne caught the eye of her beloved red nosed pitbull crouched in the corner avoiding the commotion. His handsome eyes alert waiting for Anne to command him to come. She ran over to him wrapping him in her arms. Her heart broke a little more right then knowing she would probably never see him again. He wanted her to take him but there was no possible way for Anne to accomplish this. She gave him one last squeeze as a waterfall of tears gushed from her eyes. She hurriedly pushed her way past the officer and headed back down the stairs while wiping away the tears. Her knees alerted her they hurt and she winced in pain but had no time to stop to tend to such things.
Once Anne and the female officer were back inside the garage she scanned the airless room for anything else she wanted to take. The officer was now becoming impatient and demanding Anne request an Uber. She pulled out her phone and with clumsy fingers typed in McCarren Airport on the Uber app. After her ride choices populated the screen, she chose the least expensive ride, $33, to the airport.
She showed the impatient officer the Uber tracker displaying 22 minutes till the driver arrived. This was enough to satisfy her and she yelled towards Anne, good luck and hurriedly exited the garage towards her marked SUV. Anne felt relief from her absence.
She looked down at the phone and watched as the little virtual car made its way through the onscreen map. Anne didn’t want to go back to her home state, she confessed to herself. There was too much unclaimed emotional baggage to sort through after all these years of her absence.
Besides she would rather be sick and die by the coast then in some middle of America town she grew up in.
“I could be homeless and figure it out, she thought.
She eyed her beautiful army green motorcycle that had been pushed out into the street by Kirby along with some bags he'd thrown beside it. As if she could take the motorcycle to the airport as a check in bag, she scoffed and rolled her eyes in annoyance.
Then she swallowed a big gulp of fear that was starting to clog her throat as her thought pattern began to readjust. Maybe the Universe was sending her a message. Was this a fork in her roadmap of life?
Her mind started to formulate two thrown together scenarios. 1) Risk her life, try and make the commute to the coast. If she lived through it she would figure it out. She had worked through illness and pain most her life. She had a warrior type mindset her father instilled in her while being sick as a child.
2) Head back to the middle of America where she had some family support. Though she felt if she went back she would never leave. She'd be stuck hating herself for giving up so easily and for what? Regardless of her being sick she didn't want to die there.
She glanced back down at her phone and saw the Uber tracker at 14 mins till arrival. A beam of light twinkled in her periphery from the scorching sun reflecting off the motorcycle side mirror as if begging her to jump on.
“I could just go for a day or two at least, she thought, what if I never get to see the ocean again?” She felt the wanderlust coursing through her veins as she paced back and forth. 12 mins till arrival. “This is my life" she silently argued with her daughter in her mind.
She no longer cared about her daughters choices or even if she ever saw her again. “She let him put his hands on you” she felt the rage take over the pain and the fear. Hot angry tears started to rush down her cheeks releasing any reservations she had left. She looked at the phone 10 mins till arrival yet what she really saw was the CANCEL icon winking at her.
She hurriedly pressed it. A five dollar cancellation fee window popped up and she angrily agreed to accept the charge.
Anne’s phone had been disconnected a week ago for non payment. She was only running on WiFi which signal was already weakening inside the garage. If she left she didn't know how long before she would have phone access again. So she made a quick call to her closest friend Emma.
Emma had almost always been Anne's biggest supporter through life. They had known eachother since they were 5 and always ended up navigating back to each other through the toughest times. As of late she really had stepped up to help Anne deal with the emotional trauma her daughter was repeatedly putting her through. She had been counseling and listening almost daily to Anne as she slipped further into depression.
Emma probably won't be surprised by this call Anne thought as she heard the phone connecting. Emma picked up after a short ring with a wearlily "hello" as if she already knew something was wrong. Anne felt rushed and didn’t have long to explain. Her words spilled out emotionally and almost incoherently.
"It happened again, she is kicking me out, I don’t know where I’m going but I’m not coming back to the Midwest. I’m so sick I don’t even know if I will make it far but I got to try and I can’t give up.”
“Where are you gonna go?, Emma shot back with concerned fear in her voice.
"I don’t know yet but I got to try ok?” Anne demanded her reassurance.
“Get a hold of me as soon as you can”, Emma ordered.
“I love you”, Anne said, through stifled tears.
“I love you, be safe,” Emma longingly replied.
As she hung up the phone she wanted to send a message to her mother. Anne and her mother always had a complicated relationship. Regardless her mom had always been there to help her through tough times. She also knew Chloe’s true personality.
The blue text bubble exclaimed in broken sentences,
“I’m leaving Chloe's,
her boyfriend and her hit me
pushed me out.
Called the cops.
I got to go.”
“Where are you going?” her mom’s grey chat bubble questioning her immediately.
“I'm not sure yet ma.”
“But I love you.”
“I don't have cell service but will contact when I can”, she hurriedly sent three blue response bubbles.
Anne didn't wait for a reply because she didn’t want to lose her nerve. She shoved her phone in her bag.
She grabbed the pink "American Beauty" motorcycle helmet sitting on the table in the garage as she fumbled to remove the key from her bag. She squished her head inside as she rapidly walked toward the bike sitting in the hot sun. Not allowing herself to be weakened by sickness, pain or the excessive heat telling her to make a safer choice.
She hiked her right leg over the bike seat and lowered herself into the saddle, while inserting the key into the ignition above the fuel tank in one fluid motion. The bike's electrical system took charge as she turned the key. It lit up the display alerting Anne it was ready to go. She took a deep breath as the violent sun was already starting to weaken her motivation. She purposely ignored the anguish that was trying to get her attention and pretended not to notice.
Anne flipped the red starter toggle on and pressed the ignition button. She felt the healthy motor rumble to life underneath her. Another boost of adrenaline surged through her and she absorbed it feeling confident with her choice. She squeezed in the clutch and gave the throttle a good twist revving the engine once. Taking a deep emotional breath she expertly released the clutch while twisting the throttle and felt the bike engage into first gear. She put pressure on the throttle and felt relief as it quickly picked up speed. As she began exiting the neighborhood into the brutal desert heat she refused the strong desire to look back.
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Hello hello! Are canopies really not allowed at edc camping? Our rv doesn’t have a canopy and I’m wanting to bring one. It says canopies aren’t allowed but doe they really enforce that? Has anyone seen people have canopies out? Any info is appreciated!
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