Go! I was diagnosed yesterday and I have never liked raw fruit or vegtables(texture). But now my family is pressuring me to eat them. |

I was diagnosed yesterday and I have never liked raw fruit or vegtables(texture). But now my family is pressuring me to eat them.

2021.04.15 17:32 ThatGuyAllen I was diagnosed yesterday and I have never liked raw fruit or vegtables(texture). But now my family is pressuring me to eat them.

My question is just that I am confused on some things. For example, products could say it contains gluten but some also say just wheat, and some don't say anything, how can I truly be sure?
Also, since I'm being pressured to enjoy raw fruit and vegetables, what do you you guys do to enjoy those? I can't stand the texture of like squishy blueberries.
Idk any advice welcome.
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2021.04.15 17:32 zelduh147 How do I set boundaries with my parents as an adult with her own life and relationships and still be emotionally okay?

I’m starting to realize I have boundary issues with my parents. I’m 24 and don’t know how to say no to them without it blowing up in my face. I told them I didn’t want my dad tracking me 24/7 on his iPhone and they said it was for my safety and well-being and how dare I suggest it’s weird. It makes me, a full grown adult with a life of her own, uncomfortable they know where I am every second of the day. It feels like an invasion of privacy.
They also forced themselves into my relationship with my recent ex boyfriend (22M) and essentially told me I was a bad Christian who lost her way for dating him, voting for Biden, and being more open minded. They told me to choose either him or them, so we ended the LT relationship bc the emotional toll to deal with my parents was too much for me (I’m now in therapy).
And heaven forbid I want to do a road trip on my own later this year - I’ve been told countless times by my mom how stupid and dumb I am for wanting that and “just wait for a husband to do that with”. At this point and how they reacted to a wonderfully sweet and loving man my heart terribly misses, I’ll never leave Texas.
Besides resenting them for the end of a wonderful romantic relationship, I don’t know how to talk to them anymore or how to have my own life with my own relationships if they continue to nitpick and break things down. How can I be independent and on my own when they do these things and even beg me to move out of the city and go live with them AMONG SO MANY OTHER THINGS?
TL;DR! I need suggestions on how to deal with helicopter parents and setting boundaries. I love them, but I can’t have my own life without them crushing it/me.
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2021.04.15 17:32 Arma-gaming Hey everyone this is my brand new video little hope part 6 and let me know what you think! If you like my content(like comment share and subscribe) Thanks!

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2021.04.15 17:32 ProfeserOak My latest sticker creation, I call it Brilliant Shiba

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2021.04.15 17:32 hsm4ever10 What would the US and EU do if Russia and China invade Ukraine and Taiwan simultaneously?

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2021.04.15 17:32 the_nightguard I just subscribed to all 5 HololiveEN girls after only watching clips and I can confirm it felt like this

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2021.04.15 17:32 hateeverythingnow How do you relax?

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2021.04.15 17:32 rea1224 Bored and a little down on a cold spring day. Can't leave home after getting covid test for upcoming surgery.

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2021.04.15 17:32 diphrael Warning: Bad Faucet

Recently people have been posting faucet referral links. I hate to inform you, but no one is planning on giving away free money. The entire purpose of faucets is to trade your attention for crypto. It is an exchange, not a charity. This particular faucet that has been making the rounds isn't the worst by any means but it is still designed in a way that the user still loses.
Issue 1: Payout is too low/withdrawal is too high.
Algorand is a low fee crypto. There is no reason whatsoever for their to be withdrawal limits. The purpose of this is simply to cause people to give up before they put enough time in to cash out. This means they keep all of the ad/survey revenue you generated without any output on their end.
Issue 2: Surveys are wildly undervalued.
A survey should be netting between $2-5 per hour. This website offers daily surveys which take about 15 minutes, and they give you a whopping 2 shares. A single survey should by all means meet the 0.1 Algo minimum, but it doesn't.
Issue 3: The Pyramid
Websites like these tend to operate on referral systems to bring in as many people as possible. The only real way to cash out seems to be referrals. The payout minimum, combined with low output, combined with the highest level captcha setting, makes this out to be pyramid-scheme-esque. If the primary way of participating is to get others to participate, that makes it a pyramid.
Issue 4: Captcha
Why is the highest level of captcha enabled? It makes participating tedious, doesn't keep out more bots than a lower level, and can lock good people out because they didn't realize 1/100th of the traffic light was in the next box.
Bottom Line: Bad faucets waste everyone's time except for the owner and people who mass refer. I wouldn't go so far as to say this one is a scam, but it is also not very transparent with how much one has earned, and the value proposition is heavily skewed in the site's favor. Not worth your time, in my opinion.
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2021.04.15 17:32 Leading_Student_83 2,5 mln raised in last 24h - what it means for the future price?

I would like to share with You something. STC team raised $2.5M in last 24 hours. There is almost $50M raised in ICO. When we look at the actual price, we can see that for the last 24 hours they sold 125 000 000 STC (price on ICO is around 0.02$). Circulation supply at this moment is 210 000 000 STC. So it means that on those four exchanges (CoinTiger, Waves etc) and in all wallets we have now only 85 000 000 STC more than they sold in last 24 hours on ICO... Many people are afraid what happened after ICO. The fact is that ICO speed up in last few weeks. In my opinion, 80% of all STC will be sold on ICO for 0.015$+. Very often I hear some doubts about the price at Coin Tiger (0.03$). But probably there is less student coins than were sold in last 10 hours on ICO. Nobody knows what happen after releasing the possibility to trade STC at the begging of May. If we will go down, the bottom should be at 0.015$. Why? Because most of the people will get STC in May with purchase price 0.015-0.0221$. I don’t believe they will start to sell the coins with loss... Please remember that if we will keep the pace $2M per day, there will be a lot of coins sold for 0.021$+ (15 days x $2M = $30M). My calculations show that it should be around 1.4 bln of STC sold in last 15 days of ICO in April. It means that for the owners of 1.4 bln of STC, the bottom price will be 0.021$+.... STC will start to be listed at 0.0221$. 1,4 bln of STC state 28% of all STC to be sold on ICO (5 bln is for ICO). I really don’t see the possibility for a dump after ICO because who will do the dump? I really believe that those around 20% of STC owners with purchase price at 0.005-0.015$ will be covered by buyers/investors on the new exchanges like CoinsBit. For those who bought at 0.015-0.0221$ (80%) the fixed price at exchanges in May (0.0221$) shouldn’t be satisfactory. Good luck!
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2021.04.15 17:32 darifa Twister 25th anniversary - a conversation with 4 VFX masters now on YouTube

The event "Twister 25th anniversary - a conversation with 4 VFX masters" is now on ViewConference's YouTube Channel!
Subscribe to Viewconference's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChGdAnZQE6UcH_OQ5DNFW_Q
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2021.04.15 17:32 Theixplurer Multi model gpu

Hi currently im mining using my gaming pc. Its a RTX2060. Recently i bought RTX3060 ti. One of this GPU will be used pcie riser. Can a mining rig use a combination of different model GPU? Is there any concern that i need to know?
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2021.04.15 17:32 UrbanBeef Epoxy Resin recommendations

I am planning on doing a fiberglass cloth on the bottom of my board with epoxy resin. Does anyone have any brands of resin and hardener they recommend for this purpose? Also, what is the ratio of resin to hardener? Thanks!
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2021.04.15 17:32 SuperMK411 Why is my Express.js server not recognizing my POST AJAX request data?

I'm trying to do a POST AJAX using JQuery on the client side and Express.js on the server side.
Client side:

function req(){ $.ajax({ url:'/init', type:'POST', data:{xp:5000,yp:5000}, }).done((data)=>{ console.log(data); }).fail(()=>{ console.log("Failure."); }).always(()=>{ console.log("Complete."); }); }
Server side:
router.post("/init",(req,res)=>{ connect(); if(req.xhr||req.accepts('json,html')==='json'){ res.send("POST RECV: "+req.body); }else{ res.send("ERROR;"); } });
The problem is that req.body is "undefined". I searched for answer on multiple sites, but none of them solved this, and some of them are really so outdated as not to use the deprecated success-error handling rather than current done-fail-always handling. The answer to my problem should updated an outdated answer to such problems.
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2021.04.15 17:32 DazedButNotConfuzed 'Raised in a Secret Society' | Ex-Scientologist/actor Doug Kramer was raised in Scientology & explains the true 'cost' of the cult

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2021.04.15 17:32 Tembelon Dual of the fates in 5...4....3....2....

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2021.04.15 17:32 H-H-S69420 I'm in an online argument and someone asked me "what's wrong with islam ?"

Can someone make me a list of all the bad things in islam ? Because i don't wanna make a long list that would take 3 hours to write (like last time) and thank you ❤️
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2021.04.15 17:32 ORANGELONERANGER Don’t be a Ben Irvin....Get the vaccine

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2021.04.15 17:32 Sliferfloo XD

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2021.04.15 17:32 forsuresies Rockwool RSI question - units on TDS don't line up

I have an odd question - but when I look at the RSI value for Comfortboard 80 it's reported in imperial and metric units:
From their data sheets and website:
R-value / inch @ 75ºF - 4.2 hr.ft2.F/Btu
RSI value / 25.4 mm @ 24ºC - 0.70 m2K/W
Given that RSI is R value divided by 5.678, the depths are equivalent (1 inch = 25.4 mm) as are the temperatures (75°F = 24°C), they should be interchangeable values just based on their units - except they aren't.
Given the above, I believe the correct conversion for R4.2/inch would be an RSI of 0.73 per 25.4 mm (RSI0.7 = R4.0 per inch), correct?
What am I missing here - why are they different values and don't provide equivalent performance?
So which is the right value to use here in calculations -the R or RSI value? Has anyone else noticed this or have any additional insight as to potential causes here?
Thanks everyone!
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2021.04.15 17:32 michaelwrigley NTD!

Got a Matco 1/4 gear hex
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2021.04.15 17:32 imsatanshelper Cutting off my mom and feeling really terrible.

After 27 years of being alive. I decided my mom doesn't get to be in my life for awhile while i heal and learn to take care of myself.
For whatever reason, im able to write off my dad. Not speak to him and have no issues/crying sessions/emotional outbursts over his abuse.
But for whatever reason cutting off my mom is really upsetting, i feel really lonely and abandoned by her. But i have to remember she doesn't really love me, she doesn't really care about me.
On Monday i turned 27, her and i had not spoken in 2 months. She didn't reach out. Normally i reach out and ask how she is but ive just been tired from medication changes, work and other stuff. She never reached out once. On monday i got something in the mail from her, its pretty typical of her to still send cards etc. I opened up what she sent and it was just two really old pieces of mail that got sent there instead of my new address. I spent the whole day and the next in tears. She however did message me to say happy birthday.
I still hadn't replied to her by yesterday, but she reached out to my best friend to ask if i was ok. Im not putting her in the middle of that. Its not her problem.
So i called her. She said a half assed "sorry", changed the subject multiple times. Then asked me for money to help get the dogs teeth cleaned (she only reaches out to me when she wants something) and when i said i didn't have money for that she then made me feel bad that she helped me 2 years ago with school books and "that's why she doesn't have money to bring the dog to get his teeth cleaned". There were awkward silence moments. Then she said "im going to let you go because you're obviously upset" and that was it.
Im really upset. I feel like i don't have anyone and that hurts. Really hurts.
I just don't know whether i should write her a letter as to why im not going to speak to her for awhile/need my space. Or if i should just leave it at that phone call.
Thanks for anyone that read this. I just needed to get it out somewhere.
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2021.04.15 17:32 BoxofRain67 Looking for females on snapchat. 20-24 years old.

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2021.04.15 17:32 briandillar Unable to make withdraw of USDT and USDC

The withdraw button is greyed out on my USDC and USDT coin positions in nexo. All my coins are in the savings wallet and I have current loans. I also have been full verified for security purposes. Anybody experiencing the same problem?
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2021.04.15 17:32 SzegedNewsBotka Nem bocsátható feltételes szabadságra a „skálás” gyilkosság egyik elkövetője

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