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[US-NY] [W] GMK B Keycap [H] Paypal

2021.04.15 18:46 kucherenkoZZZ [US-NY] [W] GMK B Keycap [H] Paypal

Hello good people i hope someone can sell be one GMK B red keycap
Thanks, comment before PM
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2021.04.15 18:46 dark_iiii .

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2021.04.15 18:46 d4rxz Innokin T20S Burnt Coils

My partner and I both purchased the Innokin T20S around two weeks ago, and both use the 0.8 ohm coils with 12mg 70/30 e-liquid. The coils were great for the first week, and I first had to change mine just over a week later. When I changed the coil, having primed and left for an hour, it almost immediately started to taste burnt. My partner changed his coil the next day and the same issue happened to him. Is this a common problem with the T20S, or are we doing anything wrong? Any advice would be great as we’re now onto our third coil each since Sunday!
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2021.04.15 18:46 Zestyclose-Variety-7 Use this code to start mining Time today.

magicbook 's public key: GGEhcHj1MmvedYtNsJcDZJn6zaNJEmUatuNbs3WM91Fk magicbook 's private key: 362k2KsVRUJi7xqt4SF5w74GUbyYVfT8DNMVnXoRUsPSdbGjkPqTDUko8kbpj34SzB3sQ1dhwa9YqFAK4S8uBvTp
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2021.04.15 18:46 imk1332 Fatti padi hai bhai ..

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2021.04.15 18:46 dsn01060 I don’t enjoy the style of game I’m running, what should I do?

So I am a pretty experienced D&D player, both as a GM and a player. I’ve been playing since I was a kid and 3.5 was the edition of choice (not super old, but hey I know my way around 😂).
Over the past four years I’ve played in a couple of games with a relatively consistent set of people. We’ve kind of narrowed it down to a solid group of five (four players and a DM) who want to take it seriously, and we are great at meeting weekly and playing for a good chunk of time and we’re lucky to have such a functional group. I’m typically the go to DM, which is fine because I absolutey love running the game. We just finished a campaign where I was a player, so I haven’t DMed in a while and am very excited at the prospect of running a game again.
We met for a session zero after our last campaign ended and we decided that we want to go for a very crime/gritty/noir style game, and we planned to take our time with the game. With that in mind my players put an absolutely insane amount of time and effort into their characters, and we have a very thought out cast. We are about 10 sessions in, and they seem the be having a great time. I, on the other hand, am completely miserable.
I just completely struggle to feel motivated to create story, think of plot lines, flesh out characters, and just am unable to be excited about running the game. I have flashes where I get back to the excitement of past campaigns, but they are few and far between. I can’t get excited about my players backstories, or things I’ve planned, or anything else. The stylistic theme feels opressive and unfun.
I don’t think it’s DM burnout because when I think of running a game it doesn’t come with the usual dread of DM burnout, but I can’t grapple with this specific style of campaign. I feel bored and unhappy to go into a session. However I don’t know how to handle it because my players seem to be having fun, and they put so much effort into the backstories and character that I would feel awful saying “well, I am not having fun so I want to try something else. All of your work and excitement on these characters can go away”.
I just need advice on how I should proceed
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2021.04.15 18:46 TiberiumRaider https://youtu.be/duniryK0spE

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2021.04.15 18:46 irecognizedyou HMF when I try to stop a truck with my body

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2021.04.15 18:46 leftro Carpet Pole

Is it still known by its other name the donkey...?
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2021.04.15 18:46 K0TA_TV How ya’ll feeling in the run up to Re:Zero / Zeldris & Chandler fest?

My gems and balls are gunna get squeezed real tight, but damn it’s feeling dry atm, need that collab content.
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2021.04.15 18:46 jzchev28 Averaging down

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2021.04.15 18:46 BartixBrawlStars Haha guns go brrrrrr

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2021.04.15 18:46 birdieRL [xbox] [h] creds [w] aviator white octane

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2021.04.15 18:46 Atrouin Help

I need help. I want to ascend my E Laphlaes but i need a lot more 2 star earth rune cubes. Whats the best way to get them?
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2021.04.15 18:46 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [20XX] [Standard Yellow] [Forest Green Zefram: Infinite]

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2021.04.15 18:46 Lokismoke That group of friends you haven't seen since high school.

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2021.04.15 18:46 _SUSP3CT_ Meme Of The Day Volume 01

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2021.04.15 18:46 emilin_rose I feel like i missed out on something with not having sex.

I've literally never even dated before(31 years old now), and now i wonder if i missed out on something? I know its a dumb thought since i dont really want to have sex with someone, but even 1" toys hurt. And when i talk about why i never did try having sex, i get mostly pity.
Basically the idea of pregnancy is MY NIGHTMARE. as a late teen/early 20s i wanted to get a hysterectomy, but my doctor said no, both because of my age and my reasoning. I would have nightmares about being raped and finding out i was pregnant. Being forced to have the baby, which in every dream i HATED with every finer of my being, it was my version of hell. I still remember one nightmare i had, where i gave it up for adoption and he came looking for his bio mother 20 years later, and everyone treated me like i was this awful witch for not wanting to talk with him and kept trying to force me to let him in my life. "Its not HIS fault". I. DON'T. CARE. Let him go find his bio father and be a part of HIS family.
I literally feared having sex under any circumstances. Birth control? condoms? even an iud there us a non-zero chance, and that is just too much chance for me.
I don't really know where im even going with this. I just needed to talk i guess.
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2021.04.15 18:46 Curious-cat1987 Possible Sighting of an Alien??

Possible sighting?
When I was around 12 years old I saw something very strange, I thought by sharing my story someone out there will have had a similar experience.
Our house was Surrounded by fields of tall overgrown grass with barbed wire fencing, My Mother worked as a sort of care taker for our local town hall cleaning and locking up. one night she had forgotten to lock up and left me home alone to go check. This is the part where things get very weird...
I remember I was lying in my bed, facing the ceiling when a green light darts across the wall on the left side of my bed. I got up eyes still following the light. (unsure as to whether there was more than one as its going that fast.)
I was Absolutely terrified! The light looked solid roughly the size of a large marble. I went to the window in hope of seeing my mum returning. That's when I see this tall dark figure practically standing right outside the house, looking up at me. Next to the street light it I would say it was definitely over 6 ft tall.
It looked very thin the street light illuminated the pavement and Its standing in the shadows behind it. I Couldn't make out any features or clothes, it just looked very dark. In one swift movement it turned to face the barbed wire fence clearing it effortlessly in one step.( This fence was at least 4 foot) It slipped off, disappearing into the dark field. I remember being horrified by its abnormally long neck and legs as it leaned forward and stepped over the fence as if it was nothing.
Immediately after it had disappeared I spotted my mum coming around the corner. It was almost as though it knew she was coming. Like it wanted to get me alone. I never wanted to stay home alone ever again.
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2021.04.15 18:46 WWEtrump It's funny to see a news site say Donald Trump might have been right.

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2021.04.15 18:46 Paultsar MacOS Sierra working with 1Gb of ram

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2021.04.15 18:46 DontPanic10 Lululemon Google Pay Offer

Are y'all able to find this offer in your Google Pay apps? I thought it was available until May 1, but I cant find it anywhere....
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2021.04.15 18:46 EvilPistachio Mask up.

Mask up.
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2021.04.15 18:46 JustAnotherDarkElf Cam anyone let me know what this plant is? Thank you!

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2021.04.15 18:46 ShitpostTC no mods

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