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2021.04.19 06:58 ibjhb Rawr

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2021.04.19 06:58 rulesodoyledoes A little exposure

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2021.04.19 06:58 Cutiosityunveil How She Slept With Both Her Man and Her Boyfriend’s Dad | We Call That 3some(THREESOME)

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2021.04.19 06:58 ErenJaeger1689 Coming back to Warframe

Hi, I stopped playing warframe in 2019 around the time when Gauss was released. Though I was new to mid tier strength at best I still stopped playing because I wasn’t progressing as fast as I wanted too. It felt like I was running in place constantly and wasn’t being rewarded for my time. But now I have tentatively decided to give it another go and start playing again. I was just wondering what major stuff has happened since then if anyone feels like summing it up for me. TLDR: Left in 2019, what’s new.
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2021.04.19 06:58 KristypheRobin New straps and a little tipsy. F/27

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2021.04.19 06:58 jboiiiiiii Deja Vu

I've read a lot about Deja Vu since my childhood and being a skeptic I never believed in any of those stories. But since last year (About the same time the lockdowns started) I feel like I've been experiencing something like that. It may be the smallest instances where once I dropped my phone in a specific spot to the biggest instance being the accident I was in last month. It was like I had already experienced these events, but I couldn't recall when exactly. I had never been in an accident before but I swear to god I could recall the face of the guy who helped me up from somewhere before. Could there be possible explanation to this?
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2021.04.19 06:58 jarvisthecardbot [COTD] Ironheart (2021/04/19)


Response: After you play Ironheart from your hand, draw 1 card.
"I'm totally going to be like Tony Stark! Except for that weird facial hair."
Wasp #18
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2021.04.19 06:58 crushonaguywhodoesnt please he's so pretty

gonna cry gonna cry gonna cry gonna cry
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2021.04.19 06:58 saphiire_ Small burito❤

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2021.04.19 06:58 GovernmentCommon9463 [17M] What do i say😅

I'm [17m] am thinking about asking my long distance gf [19f] how she feels about sex or atleast being more sexual. Im nervous and dont know what to say. We will be meeting up soon and I'd like to have an idea of what i will say, but I cant think of any way to start up the topic. (the age of concent is 17 in my state please dont flag me or something)
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2021.04.19 06:58 Reef_Raf ALD X NEW BALANCE NYLON PULLOVER

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2021.04.19 06:58 bollygeeko Disha Patani!

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2021.04.19 06:58 tinyleni What are your favorite superpowers?

I don't know why but I've always been obsessed with characters that have magic/psychic powers.
I tend to like characters that possess telekinesis and telepathy.
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2021.04.19 06:58 greenblue98 Marjorie Taylor Greene introducing resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters from Congress

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2021.04.19 06:58 cleverDonkey123 Hitbox

If I create a fat and muscled character, do I have a larger hitbox ?
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2021.04.19 06:58 kbalint92 Good luck with your search... But don't stay long

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2021.04.19 06:58 Rugglesboy trouble charging church disposable

i got a church disposable that i’ve been using on weekends, and the battery ran out. i took the end cap off to charge it, but it doesn’t charge. whenever i take the charger out, the light blinks a little. anyone know if this is just a problem with my charger or if it’s something different ?
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2021.04.19 06:58 MicrodoseAlpha Bart if he transitioned.

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2021.04.19 06:58 relayrider too late for birth control

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2021.04.19 06:58 Hiadlhazar LET'S EAT THE NEXT ZERO 🍽️

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2021.04.19 06:58 Psyduckbtw Guys i need help.

Im trying to get verified to be able to buy doge on binance but its taking more than 3 days. Can someone tell me another app where it doesnt take them long to verify me and can buy doge on it (Europe)
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2021.04.19 06:58 ThrowawayTheobold What are your thoughts on infant circumcision for non-medical reasons?

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2021.04.19 06:58 Tokenofmyerection Another obligatory first post

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2021.04.19 06:58 Akuma2004 Jax an elite member of the N.W.A.T corps

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2021.04.19 06:58 xALIANZx Legendary drop from Expedition chest after dying and retrying?!

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