Go! Webull is now offering dogecoin! 🚀 |

Webull is now offering dogecoin! 🚀

2021.04.19 06:19 Couch-Kushn Webull is now offering dogecoin! 🚀

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2021.04.19 06:19 DasCabbageMan Electropriests of forgeworld Signia, ready to go!

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2021.04.19 06:19 Karisto1 Batarang?

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2021.04.19 06:19 FYREand1CE Mmmm.... Hot day, cold beer, warm shower: the trifecta! A hop-alicious boozefest from Deschutes Brewery in our beloved Central Oregon. Weighs in at 9% and goes down nice and smooth!

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2021.04.19 06:19 Weeabooehunter24 Character Types You Found Yourself Good At Writing

So I was curious about the types of characters you all prefer to write. Personally I find i'm pretty good at writing artistic or murderous characters rather than heroic. Now don't get my wrong, I love my heroes, but they just don't feel as deep as my sociopaths or dancers etc. It could be a hidden love too. What kind of characters you found you liked and decided to utilize.
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2021.04.19 06:19 D0ntShadowbanMeBro Enhedschef Tanja Erichsen besvimer under vaccinepressemøde

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2021.04.19 06:19 Historical_Adagio368 Here is part 2 of my last playlist......a few of them are not as hard as the last but I still enjoyed it 😉😉😉

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2021.04.19 06:19 altezor Question for novel readers (minor spoilers)

I’m not far enough in the novels to know but is it absolutely canon that Reinhard grows his hair out once he becomes Kaiser? I wanna know if it’s not a creative choice by the ova and something we can expect for dnt.
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2021.04.19 06:19 aryaz_vero این زاکر نیست؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ ووت اپ کنید همه ببینن

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2021.04.19 06:19 beashaymed JUST DROPPED !!!!!! sideways (prod. ice trouble)

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2021.04.19 06:19 honeywheresmyfursuit Concept: mythical deep sea pokemon

A concept: deep sea pokemon
These pokemon would be like ultra beasts in their own way, since in real life deep sea fish look like aliens. They’ll all be half water type combined with another type. For instance, an anglerfish type pokemon could be wateelectric since it has bioluminescence. This could work rlly well in a game like another version of ultra beasts which were super different in a good way.
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2021.04.19 06:19 Jaqqy01 Ch 265: Defeated By Nightmares

Galvin slams open the wooden door and barged into the hall while yelling: "Mephisto! What are you doing?!". His expression distressed. He calls out Mephisto repeatedly to no response. Galvin sees the door to Mephisto’s room, just as he was about to enter, someone grabs his hand.
"Mr Galvin, isn't it common courtesy to knock on the door before entering someone else’s room?" It was Faust who stopped Galvin.
Galvin turned to look at Faust, not knowing who he is. Naturally, he thought Faust was just some mere lackey who worked for Mephisto. Galvin fumed at the audacity of this lackey.
He tried ignoring Faust, but Faust pushes him back. Faust’s eyes glared daggers into Galvin, “Mr Galvin, It would be wise if you do not escalate this further, you might get hurt.”
Faust started squeezing Galvin’s wrist, applying pressure, Galvin who was only of the strength of a civilian, cried out in pain.
"Y-You! Let go!" Galvin shouted.
Faust released his wrist and Galvin steps back and pointed at Faust.
He is regretting not bringing over his own henchmen. Now that he has seen the strength of Faust, he doesn't dare to be as rampant as he was just now. But his tone is still strong, "I invited you to Kjerag, not for you to take a vacation!"
Faust says, "We’re not on vacation."
"Really?!" Galvin shouted profusely.
"How long have you been in Kjerag? You spent days just sleeping in your room!"
"You probably forgot. We acted three days ago." Faust says lightly, "and we paid the price"
Galvin is almost laughing with anger, "Paid the price? Who do you think I am? I know how much you lost. I only know that you didn't do anything. And you even angered the God of Karlan!"
"We had already explained this to you that night."
"What's the use of that explanation!", Galvin yells, "What else did you say besides reminding me that I had reached a dead-end? You failed to catch the Silverash Sister at that time! Now they are back, from meeting God. How do you know that God will not help them again!"
"Then what do you want?"
"What do I want? Are you really asking me that? I paid a high price to sneak you in Kjerag, just for you ask me such a stupid question?!", Galvin says, "Now that the saintess has returned to Kjerag, it is no longer possible for me to do anything to her, and Enciodas even said that he is about to mobilise entire border guard! And you dare ask that question!?", Galvin's saliva is about to spray on Faust's face.
Faust's brows furrowed tightly. He hated someone talking to him in this tone. Just as he was about to teach Galvin a lesson, the door of the room opens. The one opening it is worryingly pale. Thick dark circles surrounded his eyes. Mephisto came out with his cane in hand.
"Tribal Council has not started yet", Mephisto says in a hoarse voice, "That is to say, everything hasn't settled yet, why are you so impatient?"
Both Galvin and Faust looked towards Mephisto. He walks out of the door and stands in the sunlight. The sun made his complexion paler, like a chronically ill person.
"The Silverash family only has three members left.", Mephisto says lightly, "So no matter how many cards they have under their hands, as long as we deal with the three of them, there won't be any question asked if you take over. Do you understand, Mr Galvin?"
After listening to Mephisto, Galvin's expression eased a bit. Because he knew what Mephisto said was right. No matter how strong Enciodas is right now, he can't change the fact that The Silverash family only has three members left. As long as the three members were removed, the remaining power will not affect the pattern of Kjerag.
"At present, the tribal council is still under your control.", Mephisto continues, "Since it's that simple, you just have to deal with Enciodas on that day and let me deal with his sisters. We are not from Kjerag, so we can deal with your saintess without any problems. We will not affect you, at least not on the surface. When our side is done, you will negotiate with Enciodas on yours."
"Will Enciodas submit?"
"We have studied Enciodas. He has worked hard, not only for revenge but also for his sisters. Otherwise, he would not have chosen to send his sisters away from Kjerag.", Mephisto says lightly, "From this, it was indeed a good move for you to trick his two sisters to return. This gives Enciodas a weakness. So, the day after tomorrow’s tribal council will be good for us. All you have to do is to deal with Enciodas, and then be ready to pay us, and then you can take over Kjerag again.”
Mephisto has obviously persuaded Galvin and eased his mind
After Galvin left, Faust looks at Mephisto.
"For a family leader of this level, I really don’t know how he defeated the Silverash family", Mephisto says indifferently, "In fact, he probably just got lucky or the Silverash family was weak at that time."
Faust looks at Mephisto with worried eyes, "Are you still having nightmares?"
"How did you know I was still having nightmares?"
“Apart from your dishevelled appearance?”
"You talked in your sleep last night and kept yelling ‘Stay away!’" says Faust, "What did you dream of?"
"Nothing." Mephisto seems to be reluctant to talk more on this topic, turning around and leaving.
"Your current state is horrendous; won't it affect your leading?"
"Of course not." Mephisto says, "I will not be defeated by these inane nightmares"

{Rhodes Island's Psychologist}

Draft by Jaq
Proofread by Weebly
Edit by Jaq
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2021.04.19 06:19 FreeAtLast- Blind faith and blind politics

This time last year my Super Mormon Mom was fasting - twice - for and end to the pandemic because the Rusty Profit told her to. Science has now developed a vaccine, but she doesn’t want to get it because her favorite orange politician and political commentators convinced her that the vaccine is dumb. ... Shouldn’t it seem like the vaccine is a way to help end the pandemic and that is what she’s been fasting and praying for? I just don’t get it and don’t know who to talk to about it but wanted to rant.
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2021.04.19 06:19 OriginDavid 13.5 HOURS LONG UPDATE?!?!

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2021.04.19 06:19 XerneasPixel Can i redeem stuff like that mario keychain (800 silver pts) with smart device app points like mario run points or animal crossing pocket camp points?

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2021.04.19 06:19 drdDavi Option Wheel Calculator

Hey Folks trying to build an option Wheel Calculation using TOS. I have completed the code for the Covered Call and Cash Secured Put. However. I would like to combine the code into one unified column instead of having two. Meaning if I am on the Calls it only shows the code for the Covered Calls, if i am on the put it only shows the code for the Cash Secured Put.
See images below as well as the code.

#Covered Call

def maxShares = 100; def maxContracts = 1; def premium = maxContracts * (bid + ask) / 2 * 100; def premiumPct = premium / (maxShares * close(GetUnderlyingSymbol())); def strikePriceGain = GetStrike() - close(GetUnderlyingSymbol()); def premiumPlusSharesPct = ((strikePriceGain * maxShares) + premium) / (maxShares * close(GetUnderlyingSymbol())); AddLabel(yes, AsPercent(premiumPct) + " | " + AsPercent(premiumPlusSharesPct), Color.GREEN); 
#Cash Secured Put
input maxPctThreshold = 0.5; def maxShares = 100; def maxContracts = 1; def premium = maxContracts * close * maxShares; def premiumPct = premium/(maxShares * close(getUnderlyingSymbol())); def newBreakevenPrice = getStrike() - close; AddLabel(yes, AsPercent(premiumPct) + " | " + AsPrice(newBreakevenPrice), color.green); 
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2021.04.19 06:19 jimberkt Best investment in 2021

I stumbled across the project StudentCoin. Seems to be the biggest ICO 2021. Maybe my best investment in 2021.
Their Launchpad is in progress at a fast pace. They raised $56mio in a short time so far.
The project is unique in the crypto space and if it starts to get more attention it can become a very popular coin.

In two weeks they just launched their wallet, mobile app and announced 3 exchange listings.
The team confirmed that STC is going to be listed on 9 new exchanges from the top 50 (a few from them are top 20 and top 10) from May 2021. Bitcoin.com and HitBTC to list STC are being announced already.
Their presale is currently live and 146 of 150 phases are finished.
A review is nothing without negative points and criticisms:
The ico price is still really low with 0.021 USD.
A small portion of the circulating supply is being traded on CoinTiger and Uniswap for 0.03 USD already and went up to $0.07 some days ago.
StudentCoin is already on CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/student-coin/
StudentCoin Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/studentcoinorg
There are three options to participate:
I just found out you can buy the coinbase packages but send more than the package price.. you will receive the correct amount of STC even if you overpay the package.
I recommend using Litecoin due to its low transaction fees.
Coinbase Commerce works also for US investors.
If you use this bonus code on sign up you get 5% extra at the purchase.
CODE: Sxlb8setj7
Project page: https://studentcoin.app
** This is not a financial advice. Do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose
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2021.04.19 06:19 RLCD-Bot [Cobalt Tyranno GXT] [Orange Tyranno: Speedrush] [Hot Rod] [Wonder Woman]

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2021.04.19 06:19 makesha24 Done by Andy trejo at ghostline tattoo,WA

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2021.04.19 06:19 doomithesk0218 Duke vs UCLA

Hey Y'all! Commitment day is coming up fast, and I need help deciding which college I should go to! I got into Duke University and UCLA and am on the pre-med track (biology major). There's so much to love about both the schools, but I feel that Duke edges out UCLA in a lot of the areas that I find important. Smaller class sizes/student population, internship opportunities with Duke's School of Medicine, grade inflation, etc are just a few of the reasons I place Duke above UCLA in my mind. I also know that Duke consistently puts a vast majority of their pre-med students into medical school, which would be very important for my future goals. The catch: at UCLA, I'd incur no debt, while at Duke, I'd have to take on about $20,000 or so worth of debt. My biggest question now is if that amount of debt is worth attending Duke over UCLA considering I still have medical school following undergrad. Any advice is welcome!!!
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2021.04.19 06:19 MillennialBets $THCB DO YOU the Reddit user want to see more DD posts about THCB?

Content created by u/badaboinkbadabank(Karma:2295, Created:May-2020). Thanks for adding to the DD hub of reddit, MillennialBets!
$THCB DO YOU the Reddit user want to see more DD posts about THCB? on spacs
Let the people speak on the manner and don't remove my post. You came into my messages and disrespected me. Don't abuse your power and take down something that reflects badly on you.
Mods want me to chill on THCB posts because they lack substance. Weigh in have they been helpful are they substantive? If yal don't like my posts I will move on to another sub.
In this DD you can see a Mod being disrespectful in my messages and moving the goal posts repeatedly: http://imgur.com/gallery/xbBbfxe
I speculate that my dd has been helpful and added substance to this discourse.
Disclosure & Disclaimer:Spac subreddit is designed to talk about spacs.
TickerDatabase entries updated:
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2021.04.19 06:19 realhowdydoodly Anyone else

Randomly scroll though a streaming service or even YouTube and throw some movies/shows into the watch later tab ? I honestly think it’s an amazing feature for when it peaks your interest but you don’t really have time to watch it at the moment
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2021.04.19 06:19 hi_im_trash_xd Daily Mia #496

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