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2021.04.19 07:44 Alovingmomma22 Curiosity

What do you think is better for a couple? married or living in first? Ive been living in with partner already, but there are lots of relatives saying its better if got married first before diving in. Should I care about what they said ? 😞
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2021.04.19 07:44 Milly-The-Prophet Hi guys i need only 57 karma please upvote ill upvote ur all post in ur profile

Need help guys ❤️
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2021.04.19 07:44 TowelZestyclose76 Overseas players

Our overseas players are just trash I would suggest to remove all of them for the matches in Chennai and add Henriques,Malan,Allen and go with only 3 overseas players instead of the 4 overseas play a spinner
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2021.04.19 07:44 MangiTime Here’s Stone Cold taking a little nap like James to remind everyone the pod will probably be uploaded later when he wakes to edit it :)

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2021.04.19 07:44 Nikpmuq Day 264: has Half Life 3 been announced yet?

It has not been announced yet.
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2021.04.19 07:44 Blackshell [Request] What is the total static electrical potential generated by a class of elementary school kids dancing the Electric Slide in PE class, presumably in a school gym?

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2021.04.19 07:44 SkittleBlender Help! Taskbar keeps freezing on start up

I just finished my first build yesterday and noticed that every time I boot up my PC, the taskbar would be frozen until I clicked on it. However, I had to force shut down one time because it wouldn't load no matter how many times I clicked and how long I waited. Has anyone ever had this problem and know how to fix it?
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2021.04.19 07:44 Dragonsauce2007 Add a title

I'm going to school today and I am actually terrified 👀
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2021.04.19 07:44 evanlv07 Is it ok to spam, even if you know you probably won't get a kill?

This question came to me when i picked up Baptiste, because it's extremely easy and tempting to spam at tanks all game while healing but i'm not sure if it's very beneficial. Sometimes it helps lead to a pick or adds pressure to keep enemy frontline at bay, yet other times i feel like i'm just feeding healer ults.
Pros I get ult faster as well Chance to kill tank Pressure Shiny Hero Dmg Medal🤤
Cons Enemy healers get ult charge Possible tunnel vision
Is there anyone to tell between good damage and bad damage?
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2021.04.19 07:44 SizzlingReader Lyrics to a Spanish Remix

Hi, I don't speak Spanish (currently learning - extreme beginner) but would like to know the lyrics of a remix. Of course, mixes are harder to find on Google so any help is appreciated. Thank you!
Song: Raggeaton Remix by DJ Elements
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/6t5M5Zs1YZFswW87oP8as9?si=bsJKfHGeTy-7urv7mB_aPQ&utm_source=copy-link
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/YM9JUBmw-Uw
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2021.04.19 07:44 doganml Mt. Rainier time-lapse drawing

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2021.04.19 07:44 Frontpage-Watch [#32|+6143|85] to get paid leave [/r/therewasanattempt]

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2021.04.19 07:44 StrechedChild First time making pancakes did I do good?

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2021.04.19 07:44 LordMarty Hey Australian here, looking for more friends 1810 7506 0511 Thanks

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2021.04.19 07:44 The_True_Ralphur Welcome to my Second Nuzlocke

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2021.04.19 07:44 Frontpage-Watch [#87|+4097|25] Good boi. [/r/PewdiepieSubmissions]

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2021.04.19 07:44 TheMeatMan13 Chapter 95

So when March died at the beginning of the manga, I was broken up for about 4 days and I stopped reading manga all together because I felt so sad for a bit. I finally got to chapter 95 and low and behold, she’s back. I’m so happy!
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2021.04.19 07:44 Buffalocoo We should be able to buy SAFEMOON MERCH with SAFEMOON on safemoon.net

Just making a suggestion that we are able to buy Safemoon Merchandise on shop.safemoon.net, this just makes sense to me as I'm sure a lot of us would buy the apparel and it would help create funding for the new exchange and any other ventures they take with the project as well as allowing us to effectively advertise the project to those around us. Just a suggestion to the devs that I think would really benefit the community as a whole.
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2021.04.19 07:44 duke7ajm Toyota to market 15 EV models globally by 2025

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2021.04.19 07:44 hanas_lin Hopewell: Mural Unveiling @ 11am!

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2021.04.19 07:44 jason9t8 Is that Animo's landlord or Paul Heyman...

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2021.04.19 07:44 Leighgion Replacing Thickset Tile

Several tiles fell off the wall in the kitchen of a place my wife rents out. They were attached with what I can only describe as a very blobby application of thickset mortar. Unfortunately I didn't snap a pic last time I was there, but the mortar "bed" was not so much a bed as a big blobs with a lot of air space between them. I live in the EU and this seems to be a more common application style here.
The tiles fell off very clean, while the mortar appears still well-adhered to the wall.
Should I...

  1. Roll my sleeves up, remove the mortar and start fresh with thick set.
  2. Try to thinset over the existing mortar and accept the reattached tiles won't be perfectly even with the rest.
Appreciate any insight. Tile isn't something I'm normally dealing with a lot, but there's all kinds of existing and potential tile issues around me now.
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2021.04.19 07:44 Taoshipudden A flower at y 11

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2021.04.19 07:44 TijsJWZ [H] FT M4a1-s Guardian W/ Quad kato 14, vp, LGB holo, dignitas, HR holo, ST FT M4a1-s Cyrex W/ kato 14 IBP nh above mag[W] 120 TF2 Keys, 60 TF2 Keys

FT M4a1-s Guardian W/ all kato 14, vp, LGB holo, dignitas, HR holo: CSmoney In Game
Float: 0.1735259145
BO: 120 TF2 Keys or $295 in skins or arcanas
ST FT M4a1-s Cyrex W/ kato 14 IBP nh above mag: CSmoney In Game
Float: 0.1977601647
BO: 60 TF2 Keys or $150 in skins or arcanas
Trade Link
Add me to discuss :)
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2021.04.19 07:44 momo2098 when you do the best you can, that any other effort you make is just worthless

well I tried to do something right
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