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*ominous creaking*

2021.04.19 06:25 Hjalti_Talos *ominous creaking*

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2021.04.19 06:25 NovelMaterial Alice Eve vs Lynda Carter

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2021.04.19 06:25 IamCrusader Tea is often used in a relaxing setting, although many people drink it to wake up in the morning.

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2021.04.19 06:25 Teethandflowers Gwen’s predicament (Prediction)

Rolf was giving drugs to Gwen and receiving nothing in return, except causing Abigail pain.
Is it possible that Rolf want something in return - making Gwen Rolf’s incubator for Baby Stefano during the blackout? DNA results will say it’s a DiMera and it was weird they planted that story in during the No-lympics catch-up storyline only to refer back to it for an April Fools episode.
Personally I hope not, with Jake revealed as Stefan’s twin, I hope they won’t keep including more and more secret Stefano children (or in this case, a child Stefano).
Anyone else believe this to be the case?
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2021.04.19 06:25 UKNewsByABot Big Ask: Children in England asked their hopes for post-Covid future

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2021.04.19 06:25 CoobikamisS [PS4] H: Trades W: VFFR 15VCF LMG / Gating Gun , VSS 40DR DCG , TS 50LD 15C AGL , etc

Looking for wish list item atm.
Melee Perk :
40LDWPA ( Take 40% less damage while power attacking )
15LDWB ( Take 15% less damage while blocking )
Wish list :
B/FSS/40LDWPA Power Fist
B/FSS/40LDWPA Sheepsquatch Staff
B/FSS/40LDWPA Sheperds Crook
V/FSS/40LDWPA Deathclaw Gauntlet
V/PA/40LDWPA Deathclaw Gauntlet
VFFR VCF Gating Gun
TS 50LD 15VCF Auto Grenade Launcher
This list only swap for special items
B/FSS/S Power Fist ( Only for B/FSS/40LDWPA Power Fist )
B/FSS/15LDWB Sheepsquatch Staff ( Only for B/FSS/40LDWPA Sheepsquatch Staff )
B/PA/15LDWB Sheepsquatch Club ( Only for B/PA/40LDWPA Sheepsquatch Club )
V/PA/S DCG ( Only for V/PA/40LDWPA DCG )
V/PA/S MMG ( Only for V/PA/40LDWPA MMG )
V/PA/S Sheepsquatch Club ( Only for V/PA/40LDWPA Sheepsquatch Club )
V/FSS/15LDWB Sheepsquatch Club ( Only for V/FSS/40LDWPA Sheepsquatch Club )
TSE FR Black Powder Pistol ( Only for TSE 15VCF Black Powder Pistol )
VE DR50 Assault Rifle ( Only for VE 15VCF Assault Rifle )
Trade list:
AA 50C LVC Tesla Rifle
AA 50C LVC Hunting Rifle
AA 50C LVC Gating Gun
AA 50LD VCF Handmade
BE DR250 Assault Rifle
BE FR 10mm SMG
BE FR .44
BFFR 15VCF 50cal
BFFR 15VCF Gating Gun
BFFR DR250 Minigun
F 50C 25LVC Handmade
TSE DR250 Lever Action Rifle
TSE 15VCF Hunting Rifle
I 33 15VCF Fixer
JE 15VCF Minigun
JFFR DR250 50cal
JFFR DR250 Minigun
JFFR 25LVC Minigun
JE 15VCF Combat Shotgun
JE FR Pump Shotgun
QFFR FR Assault Rifle
QE FR Pipe Pistol .38
VE DR250 Gating Gun
VFFR DRWA Gating Gun
VE DR50 10mm SMG
VE 15VCF Combat Shotgun
V 50C LVC Combat Shotgun
AA/FSS/RW Tenderizer
B/FSS/15LDWB Tenderizer
V/PA/S Tenderizer
Unyielding AP Cavalier Trapper RL
Unyielding AP Sentinel Metal CP Light
Unyielding AP Falling Urban Scout CP
Unyielding str Sneak Leather CP Sturdy
Bolstering AP Sentinel Marine RA
Bolstering AP Sentinel Combat RA Light
Bolstering AP Sentinel Trapper RL
Chameleon AP Sentinel Robot RA Sturdy
Hunter's Long Coat , Brahmin Mask
Crazy Guy Mask x 3 , Raven Mask x 2 ( Old fasnacht mask 20k caps each )
Other Stuff :
AAE VCF Pipe Pistol
AAE FR .44
AAE DRWR 10mm Pistol
AAE DRWA Assault Rifle
AAFFR VCF Gatling Laser
AAE LVC Pipe Bolt Action Rifle
BFFR DRWA Gatling Laser
BFFR DRWR Laser Pistol
B 50LD FR Tesla Rifle
Ber E LVC Hunting Rifle
Ber E LVC Pipe Pistol
Ber E FR 50cal
Ber 50C VCF Fixer
Ber 50C LVC Railway Rifle
Ber FFR LVC Gamma Gun
Ber FFR LVC Ultracite Laser Pistol
F FFR LVC Gating Gun
F FFR DRWR 50cal
F FFR FR Gatling Laser
F FFR LVC Gatling Plasma
F FFR LVC Ultracite Gatling Laser
F FFR LVC Plasma Rifle
FE LVC Assault Rifle
I 33 VCF Crossbow
I 50C VCF Crossbow
IE LVC .44
IE LVC Western Revolver
IE DRWA Lever Action Rifle
IE DRWR Lever Action Rifle
JE VCF Pipe Bolt Action Rifle
JE VCF Pipe Revolver
JE VCF Hunting Rifle
JFFR VCF Ultracite Laser Pistol
JFFR VCF Laser Pistol
J 50C VCF/LVC 10mm Pistol
JE VCF Black Powder Rifle
JE VCF DB Shotgun
JFFR DRWR Gatling Laser
JFFR LVC Gatling Plasma
J 50C VCF Lever Aciton Rifle
JFFR DRWR Tesla Rifle
NE VCF Fixer
TS FFR FR Laser Rifle
TS 50C LVC Gating Gun
QE DRWA Pipe Pistol
VE DRWR 10mm Pistol
VE FR Western Revolver
AA/FSS/S Switchblade
B/FSS/S Board
B/FSS/15LDWB Meat Hook
B/FSS/15LDWB Grohnak
B/PA/S Sickle
B/PA/S Bowie Knife
B/PA/S Hatchet
B/PA/S Pitchfork
BeFSS/40LDWPA Sheepsquatch Club
J/FSS/40LDWPA Sheepsquatch Club
J/PA/15LDWB Sheepsquatch Club
J/FSS/40LDWPA Super Sledge
Armor :
Autostim AP Sneak Forest Scout RA
Autostim AP Sneak Raider CP Sturdy
Autostim AP Sneak Raider LL Sturdy
Bolstering 25RR WWR Leather LA Heavy
Bolstering 25RR WWR Leather LL Heavy
Bolstering 25PR Sentinel Leather CP Heavy
Bolstering 25EDR WWR Robot RL Heavy
Bolstering AP WWR Trapper CP
Bolstering AP WWR Trapper RL
Bolstering AP Cavalier Trapper RL
Bolstering AP FDCWR Forest Scout RL
Chameleon AP Sneak Combat CP Light
Chameleon AP Cavalier Raider CP Heavy
Chameleon AP Cavalier Marine RL
Chameleon AP Cavalier Marine CP
Chameleon AP Falling Robot RL Heavy
Unyielding 25RR WWR Urban Scout RL
Unyielding 25PR Sentinel Trapper RA
Unyielding Per FDCWR Marine CP
Unyielding End Cavalier Metal CP Heavy
Unyielding Str Falling Combat RL Heavy
Unyielding Agi Sneak Leather LA Heavy
Unyielding Int Sentinel Trapper LL
Unyielding Str Sneak Wood CP
Unyielding 25RR Sneak Trapper LA
Unyielding 25PR Sneak Metal RA Sturdy
Unyielding 25RR Sneak Metal RA Sturdy
Unyielding End Cavalier Metal CP Heavy
Unyielding End Cavalier Forest Scout RA
Unyielding Str FDCWR Leather CP Light
Unyielding 25EDR Sentinel Marine RA
Unyielding Per Sentinel Urban Scout RA
Unyielding Per FDCWR Urban Scout LA
Unyielding 25EDR Sneak Urban Scout RA
Unyielding Luck Sneak Urban Scout RL
Vanguard 25RR WWR Combat LA Sturdy
Vanguard 25EDR WWR Marine RA
Vanguard Str Sneak Wood CP
Vanguard 25RR Sentinel Wood CP
Vanguard 25EDR Sentinel Urban Scout LA
Vanguard 25PR Sentinel Urban Scout LA
Vanguard Cha Sentinel Urban Scout RL
Vanguard 25PR Sneak Urban Scout LL
Vanguard AP Limb Leather RA Heavy
Vanguard Luck Cavalier Metal CP Heavy
Vanguard 25EDR Sentinel Robot LL Light
Vanguard AP WWR Trapper CP
Vanguard AP Cavalier Leather CP Light
Vanguard AP Sneak Wood CP
Weighless AP Cavalier Trapper RA
Weighless AP Sneak Wood RA
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2021.04.19 06:25 Tagiomaki Plumbing issue in my rental

I've been living in my current rental suite, main floor of a house, for 6 years and every day since I have moved in my bathroom has had issues I don't know how to fix and before I replace the toilet and sink I want to know what's happening so it doesnt happen again.
In my bathroom drain (which drains very slowly or not at all) is tons and tons of black sludge that comes up in chunks when I plunge. Its ruined the porcelain and it even comes out of the bottom of the sink a little (pedestal style) as well as moisture frequently so the floor is always wet there. Same with toilet, the bowl is scarred and severely damaged from years of this sludge and no matter how often I've cleaned it it keeps coming and the inside of the bowl itself is etched and stained from it with noticable texture like it's been chemically burned. Looking in the tank recently there was 1" of this sludge all inside the tank and floating on the surface.
I dont know what to do so I need help. If it assists anyone, when my unit was reno'd when the owners bought the house, the bathroom floor was raised 1' to allow for piping etc but they dropped the floor low as they could with discreet piping so its level with the rest of the suite.
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2021.04.19 06:25 9-NINE-9 McDonald's drive-thru staff post viral sign apologizing for delays and blaming fact 'nobody wants to work anymore'

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2021.04.19 06:25 UKNewsByABot Clergy speak out over 'racism in Church of England'

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2021.04.19 06:25 Sparrow_OW Death battle suggestion

How do you guys feel about
Rex Splode (Invincible) vs Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)
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2021.04.19 06:25 mr3vak When I’m on point I am REALLY on point...

...that’s the trouble though.
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2021.04.19 06:25 reditico Knit Finance

Kinit Finance offers a great opportunity to invest in a realiable project. It is a DeFi cross-chain solution. This is a good opportunity for investors to participate in its IDO. I advise everyone to be part of this project.
Check more here: https://knit.finance/
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2021.04.19 06:25 wovenhand34 Local pickup paid 100 bucks total for the pair.

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2021.04.19 06:25 Hitarthvm Hmmmm

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2021.04.19 06:25 jsalathee 400 PH Class

Was wondering if anyone had taken PH426 or PH465 and had any experiences with them good or bad? Gotta take 1 400 level PH class to graduate!
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2021.04.19 06:25 ForgePlayz_YT Thank You For 20 Subs..Yay!!

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2021.04.19 06:25 Sugarlipsonfire1 30[F4M] bored right now any cute guys up? Jade_s3022

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2021.04.19 06:25 UKNewsByABot How will the European Super League work - and why is it so controversial?

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2021.04.19 06:25 disanewphonewhodis Staggered weekly investments?

Just had an idea: How about we organize staggered weekly investments?
What I mean by this is a group of x amount of people - one for each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday,...) who are investing any amount they are comfortable with every week into doge.
So, I would be comfortable with spending, let's say, 25-50€ every Monday. The following days the other groups of people would take over and so forth.
What do you think about this idea? Might be a pipe dream because I have no idea how to organize such a thing and it would of course all be trust based. Nobody should be penalized for not being able to fulfill their payment.
Oh, and it would be invest and hodl!
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2021.04.19 06:25 nfx793 Golamg job with no experience

Hi, I'm looking to switch my tech from java to golang. But companies are looking for experienced professionals in Golang with min 1 yr. How can i get job without exp in go
Thanks in advance
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2021.04.19 06:25 Efficient-Creme359 About previous era Sakura

Is old world Sakura a Mantis? Why did she have the fox ears despite 12th Herrscher not fusing with her?
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2021.04.19 06:25 BurningPentagram Screw You, Netflix

The people who are going to pirate your shitty content are not going to use a smartphone to do it. Its a total piss-off that I cant plug a simple cable into my phone and watch netflix on a tv or projector, AND netflix doesn't work on a Switch
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2021.04.19 06:25 StrikingNoise1737 [question] Youtube supporters list export.

Hi does anyone know any way to export my channels supporters list into any kind of txt or excel file?
One of the reward tier states that their name is going to show at the end of the video but as soon as i enabled support option the amount of people interested hit over 500.
It's all fine now as it's just first month but people will come and go with the 2nd month and there is just no way to sit few hours every video and keep track of who is supporting and who is not.
need help :(
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2021.04.19 06:25 akeni Feeling satisfied 😌

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2021.04.19 06:25 soup2810 Safemoon has turned my year around:)

I just wanted to say thank you to the devs and to you all! This past year has been super hard on my family, with both my parents losing their jobs. I bought £200 in safemoon back in the middle of March. I’ve taken out some profit yesterday and I’ve been able to pay off my dogs overdue vet bill and a couple of loans for my parents and I’m still hodling onto several bn.
This has really changed things for me financially, and is giving me a really amazing chance to save for a home in the future.
Thank you all so much! ❤️
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