Go! Даже эхо Москвы сумлевается |

Даже эхо Москвы сумлевается

2021.04.19 07:26 prvlad Даже эхо Москвы сумлевается

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2021.04.19 07:26 winterferns (Repentance spoilers) Absolutely broken co-op character combo!

A friend and I just finished a 2 hour long run where we got completion marks for both Tainted Keeper and Cain on Isaac, ???, Mega Satan, and Delirium...We both had Spirit Sword with insane damage, we had Eve's Mascara, Godhead, quad shot, Sacred Heart, and so much more.
Tainted Keeper + Tainted Cain with Alabaster Box unlocked is a match made in heaven. Alabaster Box only takes 7 coins + 1 soul heart to craft and Tainted Cain picks up Tainted Keeper's coin drops before they go away with the Bag of Crafting. Since Alabaster Box drops more than 1 soul heart you can keep on crafting them with Tainted Keeper's coins over and over, and Tainted Keeper takes the angel items to get super powerful, and Tainted Cain can convert any bad angel items into pickups to make their own powerful items, in addition to the other pickups found on the floor. You both just get exponentially more powerful as the run goes on. If you have a friend to play co-op with please try this, it's seriously so fun!
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2021.04.19 07:26 TheDryduck Does anybody know good filament alternative to prusament in Norway?

I am looking for some filament with an equal quality to prusament because it takes a while to ship and the shipping is quite expensive.
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2021.04.19 07:26 Phoenix_61 There power was over 9000

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2021.04.19 07:26 Party_Ad8213 No season 2?

Ive recently finished Mysterious Girlfriend X, and im so devastated by the fact that there is no season 2. Im wondering if there’s a slightest chance that the rest of the manga would get an anime adaptation. This anime was a hidden gem. It was really entertaining, and I’m debating over if i should buy the manga or wait incase it gets a season 2.
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2021.04.19 07:26 Oncedazzle Need a little help. Thanks in advance☺

Hello can i ask how to order a kpop merch from twitter? I've never ordered one so i don't know what to do😅 and what is a korean address?
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2021.04.19 07:26 American4Yang Is this mole something to be concerned about?

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2021.04.19 07:26 bkex-exchange New Listing in Coin-margined Perpetual Contract - Currency: #UNI, #THETA, #XLM - Time: 17:00 on Apr 19 (UTC+8) #Bitcoin #ETH #Blockchain

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2021.04.19 07:26 kubzon7 Not working integration with Discord

I cannot mute a conversation on Discord with the buttons of my mouse in the latest version. I wanted to download an older version of the G Hub from the Logitech website, but all links to old versions are downloading the latest version. 2021.3.5164 2021.2.6021 2020.12.3534 2020.11.9270 2020.10.5614 2020.9.3374 2020.8.5950 2020.7.62175 2020.6.58918 2020.5.56350 2020.4.47660 After downloading, all files are in version 2021.3.5164...
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2021.04.19 07:26 TheChickenNuggetDude Mutant killer cockroaches at Ryan High School

One of them just ate the whole marching band program! Anybody else had problems with these killer roaches?
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2021.04.19 07:26 UrbanerBeet145 Two [BMW M2:s] in Limhamn, Sweden.

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2021.04.19 07:26 shoottokillshinsou Sum green crack w a dash of purple punch

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2021.04.19 07:26 Mr_Mc_Dan Yo

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2021.04.19 07:26 HmmmmPolice Way of the road boys.

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2021.04.19 07:26 r-e-n-e I dont know what im doing

This is going to be a little long, sry.
My first romantic relationship was with a teacher 16 years older than me (i was 18 when i met him, im gonna call him V). I trusted and loved V like i had never done before, we never had sex tho and things ended so sudenly cause he well... Started ignorning me out of nowhere. A year after things ended with V i was raped by a close friend of mine, and well... Right after the first person i called for help was V. I told him that i had had sex for the first time and i was bleeding a lot, he told me that i was exagerating, and to ask for help to another friend. In the end he heard from other teachers that i ended up in the hospital so... Thats when he believed me or knew I wasnt lying. After that i stoped talking to V for almost a year. Then i started working on my thesis, so he got involved in that, but now it was more of an academic relationship.
The thing is, that i got really angry at him and told him to fuck off, and to stay away from my thesis. And some time after that he asked me ig i could see him so we could talk. I told him yes. We went out and he apologised for everything.
After that i thought that we could stay friends. Cause i genually think that he knows that he was shitty with me and he feels sorry and is changing. But, reacently he found himself in a situation were he was almost fired from the university and i kind of enjoyed watching him suffer and being miserable.
So, im worried that im proyecting stuff into him. That im still angry that he didnt believe me back then when i needed help, and now im just toying with him. Like, the last thing i want is to hurt someone. And even tho he apologised and i want to believe him, i dont know if i can foegive him.
Someone has had or been in something like that? Or have any advise?
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2021.04.19 07:26 MardyGratz Just saw this on insta he has 1.6mil followers

Just saw this on insta he has 1.6mil followers https://www.instagram.com/p/CN01XDYBPow/?utm\_source=ig\_web\_copy\_link
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2021.04.19 07:26 tosshimovahboard Sorry it’s long, I have no where else to go

I apologize in advance for the long read but I am at such a loss and honestly I have no friends to go to
my (30F) boyfriend (28M) and I have been together for 8months now. We had a fairly interesting start to our relationship. We met on Hinger, text casually for a while and then after a couple weeks things were pretty intense. We would spend hours on the phone all evening (like high schoolers) and we fell in love and told each other the same before we ever met in person. And then meeting in person was finally even more perfect than imaginable. It was real love for me and I had never felt that way and thought he felt the same. We agreed we were exclusively bf/gf.
However, he would do a lot of weird things like make jokes about other women he was talking to or texting or needing other options. I found out shortly after we met in person that he was still talking to and texting many many girls on dating apps, even though he told me he was not. He told me he just wanted to feel built up and confident and wanted and desired after how his ex-girlfriend treated him and made him feel about him self (more on her later). I was very very upset and hurt and tried to explain how it hurt me and made me feel inadequate and not enough and like our connection didn’t matter and like the building up and confidence boosting I gave him wasn’t enough. I had him delete his dating apps, text the other girls that he had a girlfriend, change his facebook to in a relationship. And I stayed.
His ex girlfriend was an awful person, they had dated for 9 months and broke up about 2ish months (I think) before we met and got together. SShe’s a wannabe instagram influencer type, has sugar daddies, cam girl, works at hooters. Like not a big deal and no shaming, but she was not a nice person to him. She exacerbated his drinking problem, would physically and verbally abuse him to some pretty nasty levels and played a big part in him losing his job in late 2019 (and he has still been unemployed, more on that) And he would always tell me how happy he was that I was sweet and kind showed him how much he was loved and cared for. However about a week after me finding out about the dating app thing, (this was a Wednesday) and choosing to stay, he went silent for a few hours and then texted me “this is going to sound really bad but Lauren (not her real name) texted me that her best friend died and she needed someone to talk to” Obviously, I was feeling insecure still from the previous incident with him, but I was more confused as to why he would want to comfort and be there for someone who treated him so badly, but I felt I couldn’t say much without sounding bad. But as we were talking on the phone that evening, he would proceed to say hold on I’m getting another call, hang up, and talk to her, and then call me back. This went on for a few hours until around 1AM he says “hey hold on my mom is calling” ... highly unlikely but he said he would call back. Now I am not stupid, but I tried to give the benefit of the doubt. But he never called me back. I was up the whole night. Didn’t sleep. Was very anxious and sad and stressed. When he woke up the next morning he asked if he could call me.. well long story short, he didn’t confess anything. Stuck to his story, said his mom called and he fell asleep. Well the next couple days went by and I tried to stay as normal as possible but I was dying inside. Saturday I am at his place happy to see him and he sees happy to see me, but I notice he is on his phone texting a lot. He goes to the bathroom and leaves his phone on his nightstand and it goes off with a text from Lauren: “Dude you wrecked my puss”
Honestly my heart broke. He came back in the room and I hand him his phone and he just shuts down. I’m still very fuzzy on everything. It was obvious he had been texting her and deleting the thread as he went cause that was the first text from her in that thread, but it was a text thread to her email and he had a separate one to her number too. Idk what he had been talking about before. But we spent a few hours talking, I called the girl from his phone and when she answered “Do you need some more verbal abuse?” Was what she said. I asked her when the last time she saw him was and if they had sex, and she insulted him as she said yes. I hung up and we continued to talk. He told me they only had sex once but she was crying over her dead friend and he felt uncomfortable and stopped and that they went to sleep. He said that that night, she said she was drunk and sad and almost there to his place in an uber so he could fuck the sad out of her. He said he was a drunk deer in the headlights and didn’t know what to do. So he did what he did. He gave me his phone password and I had free access to see everything. He still had nudes from her, pics of her he’d saved off her instagram after they broke up and while we were dating. I also saw he wasn’t employed and working his job he told me he had, but he continued to play dumb. We continued discussing it and I was so numb and decided to stay. I sort of buried everything down but I felt so numb and so empty. I felt worthless and wanted to die. But I still loved and cared for him and wanted to stay. Things went on about as normal as possible, he continued to let me have access to his phone, we were moving past it and growing just as serious as I thought we were in the beginning, I loved ( I still do) him even more deeply and fiercely as I always had and he’s the love of my life. We talked about a future together, kids, families, where we’d live. A month later he finally came clean about the work situation and I tried to be understanding. He was layed off from work and then COVID hit and he still could not find a job and he has still been unemployed. I offered to help with a resume, job positings, interview things, I even showed up and surprised him with groceries and cooked some things for him to freeze and eat on. I still tried to show him I loved him and cared and would be supportive.
Some time has passed and we have grown much closer. We’d have occasional fights about trust, reassurance, etc but it boils down to this. He doesn’t understand how I could think he settled for me. I had to force him into the relationship, and loving me the same. When we fight he says I use his mistakes as a weapon or a “T**mp Card” and he feels as if he has no voice or say in the relationship and he just has to be wrong and he can live with that. Now I’ve never purposely set that dynamic in play, I always want him to have a voice and a say because I want the relationship to be fair and equal. And this is where it sucks, I don’t feel reassured or secure in the relationship still. I feel like if he loved me in the beginning the way he toId me and made me believe he did, he wouldn’t have needed the attention and he would have been strong enough to fuck his ex.
I love him, but I feel like I love more and he settled for me and decided “oh well she loves me enough to put up with my shit and no one else wants me” I don’t feel like the love was as equal as I was lead to believe and I need more reassurance. He says this makes him feel like he is not enough. I fight from saying “sucks feeling that way” every time he says it. I still worry that I will not be enough attention and confidence boosting and reassurance someday. I worry he still has other women he would want more, the ex included. I have explained I don’t want revenge or to make him feel guilty, but he destroyed my trust and self confidence and self worth and that I just want him to try and build me up the way he needed when we first started dating. My insecurities from what happened get triggered very easily.
We had a fight this evening and he asked me why I stay, and I say because I love him. I ask him why he stays and he says because he loves me. But I am obviously very tired and resentful of how he treated me in the beginning and feeling like he hasn’t cared to reassure me the way I need. And he is very tired and resentful of me not being over it and feeling like I use it as a weapon.
I know most of you will say “leave, end it” but I want honest opinions of if this could be salvagable, if it should be salvaged, or honestly any sort of opinion. I don’t want to end it, I love him and I know he loves me. I just want the relationship to be in balance and the bads to not be so bad so we can focus on the good and have the future we both want.
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2021.04.19 07:26 sexyasiannet Photoset Special - Nubile Minx Rin Tight Filipina Bald And Trim

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2021.04.19 07:26 Cultural_Attache At UN, Aaron Maté debunks OPCW’s Syria lies and confronts US, UK on cover-up

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2021.04.19 07:26 No_Stats What is the most comfortable sleeping position for you?

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2021.04.19 07:26 DrDMK Dragonte.eth

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2021.04.19 07:26 Xpl0SIv3 It wasn’t her - I guess she wanted to help with painting ...

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2021.04.19 07:26 Blameitondeuce My own Doge (though I call him “Puppo”) calling it a night. Dreaming of bickies for him and me and all of our Shiblings in the coming days 🙏🏻❤️🧡

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2021.04.19 07:26 Beans_r_good4U Code Geass the sociopolitical mirror?

So the premise is Japan being colonized by a foreign power, which some say is the Napoleon empire, I think personally its more like the British empire because, Britannia is said to control a third of the world, which is roughly how many Britain colonized and like Britain, Britannia has attempted to invade a lot more countries than it hasn't. Also in the map Prince Schneizel was looking at, Australia was unoccupied territory, while America was under Britannia, which would mean America lost the American revolution and Britain didn't have to send troops to establish a penal colony and a lot of the countries highlighted as being UFN nations, are countries that gained independence from Britain through armed struggle, so it makes sense for them to be UFN countries in this world.
Regardless of whether Britainnia is the British empire or not, the show's choice to have the country be Japan and not a fictional land imo is indicative of the nature with which Japan's colonial history is regarded even by the Japanese public. This is not meant to be an attack on Japan, it is simply a statement of fact, that Japan committed wild atrocities that have all virtually been swept under the rug and ignored. Its lucky this was in the 2000s, this choice to make the nation Japan likely would not fly in 2021, it comes off as 'uwu we kinda did something similar, but can you imagine if Britain did that to us? that would suck T-T'
In any case, the only bone to pick would probably be that. The show goes on to spectacularly explore topics of pragmatism, egoism and altruism, often bouncing back and fourth in a thin line between the three and the darker facets of imperialism and totalitarianism. Haha there's a lot of '-isms' the show moves to address. Classism, racism, pacifism, cynicism, utilitarianism etc. The mental aspect of it too, the colonial mindset, narcissism, Stockholm syndrome. You really have to hand it to the writers.
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2021.04.19 07:26 laowildin I've got a lot of questions. Number 1: how dare you?

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