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2021.04.19 06:48 Employment_Tiny Celaine ASMR

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2021.04.19 06:48 Tobiased22 Oh, you in the Jungle now, baby!

Oh, you in the Jungle now, baby!
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2021.04.19 06:48 am_bby_uwu Is BPD an excuse for bad behavior?

I hope I chose the right flair. Please let me know if I just don’t understand something about BPD, I’m just really upset and stressed. If this is normal or okay for someone who has BPD and if I should just accept it. So I have this friend who has recently been diagnosed with BPD. And it seems like she has completely changed as a person. She lacks empathy and just always acts like a dick to everyone. She always says how she doesn’t understand what she has done wrong. Like that she doesn’t understand when she does something wrong. She constantly either acts like she is above everyone or that she is the victim and we just don’t understand her. She used to be so nice and caring... but now she just seems like a completely different person. This wasn’t the person I became friends with. She cheated on her former fp, who is my best friend. And she made us think she was a victim of rape when in reality she asked for it. Because she said at the time she felt like a victim. She told me that I was playing the victim card when I was crying at school because I didn’t want to talk about what she did. Because she didn’t understand why I was so upset and hurt. She tends to have a hard time understanding when she is in the wrong. Anyway, at one point she told me that I can’t blame her for what her BPD does. Which seems like they are two separate people. Idk anymore. She is always angry at us or upset that we don’t care enough or she thinks she is a god. And I just... it’s really getting to me at this point. She says that we just don’t want to be friends with her because her BPD makes her like this. It makes her undesirable. I just hate seeing my friend cry other her and what she has done to him. She doesn’t seem to feel any remorse. Please let me know if I am just being dumb and not understanding BPD or if she is using it to be an ass. I just want to know what to do. I don’t want to leave her as a friend, but she is making it really hard to stay
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2021.04.19 06:48 Kenhamef [WP] You have an amazing power: As soon as you gain someone’s trust, they can’t help but tell all the truth. One day your best friend calmly confesses to murdering your father.

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2021.04.19 06:48 PotatoSnackThing DC puts the button to not sell your shit all the way of the bottom of the settings tab

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2021.04.19 06:48 RideshareAZ Food delivery startup drivers vote to unionize

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2021.04.19 06:48 JuliDudley Daisy Keech - Beautiful !!

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2021.04.19 06:48 NoseBleedMcAvoy No explanation for what happened tonight

I wanna start this post by saying I'm a complete sceptic, I don't believe in God, ghosts, demons or anything paranormal but I honestly have no explanation for what happened to me tonight and I'm hoping by posting it here I might find someone who does.
Recently I asked my manager for more hours at my job, I work at a small hotel/pub as a bartender. It's a small hotel with 15 rooms spread over 3 floors and a small pub connected on the side. The shifts I got were overnight ones watching over the building, this involves coming in at midnight, cleaning up the bar, restocking the fridges, cleaning the toilets and doing a stock count, all while doing a walk around the hotel and outside every half an hour then leaving at 5am. The building is pretty new, standalone with a nice outside drinking area with lighting and benches. Anyway, tonight was apparently pretty dead so when I'd got there the other staff had already cleaned the whole bar and restocked so I was looking forward to getting my other work done pretty quickly and sitting in the pub playing Pokémon on my Gameboy till I finished. Of course being the lazy 22 year old I am I ended up just sitting in the bar between my first two walk arounds and didn't actually start doing anything till 1am and I went at a pretty slow pace taking alot of 10 minute breaks so I ended up getting finished at exactly 3am. I did my walk around check, sat down and booted up Pokémon firered. I should also mention that my shift tonight was made significantly easier due to the fact that we had no guests staying at the hotel, so I focused my checks mainly on the outside area. After beating the 6th gym leader I put down my game and walked over to the bar till where the screen showed it was 3:45am and that I'd missed my 3:30 check so I rolled myself a ciggerette and stepped outside to look around, this is where the weird stuff started. I lit the ciggerette and stood facing away from the building, the hotel faces a very small patch of woods, I'd say it was smaller than one half square mile in the middle of a quite residential area. Halfway through my smoke I saw some movement in the trees, i wasn't sure what it was at first only that it was getting closer fast, after a few seconds it was clear enough to see that it was a person and they were running in my direction out of the woods. I backed up a little bit and threw my ciggerette as she broke the treeline, it was a young, pretty girl, brown hair, black jumper and black jeans, she spotted me straight away and called for help, she never broke her stride and basically ran straight into me, I asked her what was wrong but all she said was say "they're chasing me, they're close, please help". I against my better judgement I quickly ushered her into the hotel then through the door into the bar locking both doors behind us, she was really out of breath but was thanking me in between heaves, I asked who was chasing her and she said she didn't know them, that she was walking home from a friend's house when 3 large men started following her and she ran through the woods trying to lose them. I told her to sit down and got her a glass of water to drink, I sat opposite her and asked her name, she told me it was Eve, I jokingly informed her that she was lucky I was actually out there to bring her inside I'm the first place, she sort of half laughed and I could tell she was still pretty shaken. I want to clarify that she acted completely normal through my entire interaction with her, she was clearly tired and scared but nothing about this girl struck me as odd. After about 5 minutes of mindless chit chat she finished her glass of water and asked if she could use the toilet, she said she'd wanted to give it another 10 minutes and then she would leave and wall the rest of the way home, she refused my offer to get her a taxi saying she lived quite close. I sat in the in a booth on my phone while she used the bathroom writing a long text to my manager telling him what had happened when I noticed the time in the top corner of my screen, it said 3:05am, I was obviously really confused because the clocks definitely wernt supposed to go back tonight and the time on my phone had always been right down to the minute so I got up and walked back over to the bar till and it also read the time as 3:05. At first I thought maybe I had read the time wrong at some point in the night but I had definitely finished my work at exactly 3am and had played my Gameboy for at least half an hour after. I stood at the bar trying to figure out what happened for about 15 minutes before sitting down again and trying to shake the thought, another 15 minutes past and the girl still hadn't left the bathroom so I decided to knock and ask if she was okay and I got no response. I knocked a few more times being met with silence again till I eventually just opened the door and the bathroom was empty, its a very small pub bathroom with 2 cubicles, both of which had the doors open, and one sink, the girl wasn't in there. I called her name a few times, checked the mens bathroom but she was gone. At this point I was 100% sure that I'd been scammed, that this girl had seen me looking after the building a few days before and done this all so she could get inside, steal money or alcohol or whatever else and she had taken something and snuck past me and left already. I quickly made my way to the door that connects the hotel to the pub to try and catch her but it was still locked, both of the bar doors can only be locked without a key from one side so she definitely had to still be in the pub, I kept calling her name and telling her what she was doing wasn't funny, wasn't going to work and she needed to leave but I again got no response. I wanna be very clear and say I checked every inch of that pub and couldn't find anything, the bathroom she was in had windows but they were barred from the outside so their was no way she could have climbed out, the windows in the mens bathroom are the same and both doors, the one leading straight out and the one connected to the hotel were both locked from inside and all the cupboards and under the tables were clear. The pub itself is again also very small and there are slim to no hiding spaces, I spent at least an hour checking and checking again every inch of that place and couldn't find any trace of her. Finally I left the pub area through the hotel door, using the keys to lock it from the outside and started searching the hotel, I thoroughly checked all 3 floors and found nothing, I was desperate at this point and needed an explanation, even through I knew she couldn't have left the pub area I had to be sure, after about half an hour my shift was well over and I'd found nothing, I opened the door to the pub again and called the girl's name while I did one last look around. Before I left I sat down I just started thinking about what had went down, not only had I somehow lived the same hour of my life twice that night but I had witnessed a girl literally vanish into this air. I had to make the first bus home at 5:45 so I left the pub area again locking the door behind me and set the alarm inside using one of those remote keys, I stayed by the door listening for any noise waiting for the alarm to be set off but of course it never happened so I just put the keys away and left. I got home not long ago and typed this all out and I'm still just so confused, there is absolutely no way that girl is still in the building I checked everywhere 4 times over but where did she go? And also where did that time go? How did I live the same hour twice? I've got no history of passing out or hallucinations of any kind, visual or auditory... I mean I felt her run straight into me I know she was real but where the fuck did she go? If anyone can tell me something I'm missing or explain how this could have happened I'd be grateful because it's got me really messed up. I know that girl was real she wasn't a ghost or a spirit or anything else and I'm not crazy so I'm not sure what the next logical answer could be.
TLDR: I lived the same hour of my life twice and talked to a girl who vanished into thin air all in the same night shift.
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2021.04.19 06:48 ananxietyattackaday Miss some of Dokja's thoughts from the LN (Chapter 47 spoilers)

I had to act. Because I was now Yoo Joonghyuk. I had to speak more nonsense in order to make him believe I was Yoo Joonghyuk.
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2021.04.19 06:48 El-Paul My first Lo-Fi track. Let me know what do you think

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2021.04.19 06:48 Jenn1753 Any art students here?

Hey! I’m an admitted student into the Art & Design school so I’m looking for current students to speak to about the program. I would like to gather different perspectives before deciding if I should commit. Thanks!
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2021.04.19 06:48 Zealousideal_Cut_112 New Build, all setup and managed. Couldn't be happier. Please leave suggestions/critiques.

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2021.04.19 06:48 LordAwesomeguy Red Forest

Can we go back to when these maps were disable they're dog shit.
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2021.04.19 06:48 acme65 where can I purchase the nr200 tempered glass side panel?

All i've been able to find was a ebay link in the UK that won't ship to the states. Anyone know where I can find a side panel?
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2021.04.19 06:48 Raven5455 Next Ill give the thane my kidneys

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2021.04.19 06:48 A10_Warthog_ Call me James Charles

Cause I like my boys straight
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2021.04.19 06:48 popcornboiii Chris Wallace calls out Republican TO HIS FACE for disgusting tweet

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2021.04.19 06:48 MrTibs92 What exactly are NFTs and how do they work?

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2021.04.19 06:48 OptimusUnity (Note: Probably non cannon skin description) Anyhow, it’s implied Shar could be a ancestor of Alice in MLA. Would be fascinating seeing different family dynamics (mothers, fathers, grandparents etc) in MLBB then just siblings.

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2021.04.19 06:48 StreetDiscussion5038 A shoulder to cry on becomes a dick to ride on. What new age proverbs like this do you know of?

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