Go! 24 [MF4F] San Francisco - Looking for a girl (or a few) to join me and my FWB! |

24 [MF4F] San Francisco - Looking for a girl (or a few) to join me and my FWB!

2021.04.19 06:33 cscq2545 24 [MF4F] San Francisco - Looking for a girl (or a few) to join me and my FWB!

Hey there! My FWB and I are looking to set up a 3 way or an orgy with some other girls (girls only, no couples unless you’re FF, so guys don’t bother messaging, you will be ignored!).
We live in San Francisco and can host. Hopefully, you’d be somewhere in the Bay Area or willing to travel if you’re further away. We ask you be DDF, vaccinated, and can provide proof of covid/STD tests.
Both of us are switchy, so you can domme us, be our sub, or a mix of both! We have a few toys and you’re welcome to bring your own. I’m really into pegging and all things ass play, so if you girls wanted to gangbang me, I’d love that!
We’re both about the same age, hwp, chill, and fun people. We can all meet up before to get to know each other better, and also hangout afterwards too! :)
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2021.04.19 06:33 ProfStorm Garfield by Jim Davis for Mon, 19 Apr 2021

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2021.04.19 06:33 Lugerrr1 PENTA - Thats a strong archor

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2021.04.19 06:33 KrisAnderson97 Anime meets Manga

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2021.04.19 06:33 SJBond33 Looking to adopt a fun subreddit

Looking for a fun project to get started. If this post isn’t allowed. Can someone direct me where to post this :)
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2021.04.19 06:33 stuckntrip [Xbox] [h] offers [w] scorer painted diecis

Say wyg
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2021.04.19 06:33 TweetArchiveBot Unathi Kwaza RT from SP™_3rd-°🇿🇦: Hey @CellC , your R500 data how is it different? Is it real? Because the way it's depleting quick 😔

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2021.04.19 06:33 Less_Coast_7863 French Life (1918) | WW1 | AI Enhanced | Colorized | [1080pHD]

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2021.04.19 06:33 dlerch420 45 [M4F] #Houston -- Back in the Office: Looking for a Lunch Buddy ;) Married Male Seeking Young Married Woman.

Been back at the office for a few months now. Good news is I now have the luxury of taking nice long lunch breaks barring the periodic Zoom or Skype call. Every hour I lose myself fucking strange pussy I can make up later that evening or on the weekend.
Craving human contact that's not family. Seeking a woman in a similar situation with a similar risk profile and health considerations.
Looking for a married female in a similar situation that can indulge in a long lunch or lost afternoon…
Intelligent, sane, discreet professional male in Houston Texas seeking same in female for potential long term affair.
About me, affluent, highly educated professional. Non-smoker, D&DF (last tested in May). Emotionally unavailable workaholic, 45 years old but young in spirit and appearance. I take pride in my health and appearance and so should you.
Into light BDSM. Got a nice travel kit that includes a spreader bar and plenty of sense accessories and a blindfold if you want to explore that rabbit hole.
Not into one-offs or short term flings. Either too casual or too much of a roller coaster for my current situation. Prefer low-key, steady, affectionate, and friendly NSA.
I don't want to compete with your SO… I want to compete with the best sex you've ever had…
If you've always wondered what might lie on the other side… please get in touch.
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2021.04.19 06:33 CerebralHUNTER How about this team of CMF players! Should I swap any position of any player to make this team better?

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2021.04.19 06:33 Eve_Thermesrius My RDR Character’s Fashion Through the Years

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2021.04.19 06:33 Dizzychu218 Trading neon clownfish and neon narwhal

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2021.04.19 06:33 ProfStorm Garfield by Jim Davis for Sun, 18 Apr 2021

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2021.04.19 06:33 DazzlingAd3421 Education is necessary please stop justifying your indolence with things like 'We live in a floating rock' or 'school doesn't teach you and you don't need it' your coping that's the truth.

The only reason you say things that may invalidate the necessity of school is that you have failed in your studies and you're trying to cope with it.
School does teach you things it's just that most of the time you never put the effort in to learn it. When you say 'this taught me more than school' that just means you never paid attention at all. You people always complain that school is difficult yet you don't listen. Yes, I acknowledge the issues in the school system in the U.S and abroad but that still doesn't justify your lack of knowledge about topics spoken about during academic hours. Stop blaming school for your laziness.
Next is 'so and so billionaire didn't go to school so that means I don't have to and it's useless' No you do your an idiot and so am I so we need schooling to educate us to reach that level. You think said billionaire will ever hire somebody who has zero credentials. Do you know a single thing about business to become a billionaire? Do you think just because you have dropped out of school that you will be handed the title of the richest man on a silver platter just because you opted out of school? If you couldn't handle school can you handle the stress of a job, management, business, finance, and having to step on others to reach that title? I don't think so this is just a coping mechanism. Let's say even if you paid attention and didn't learn you still need credentials. Our society is built around the education system and your credentials. If you don't graduate you have no credentials your only hope is pursuing a career like the arts or business but like I said if you failed school how can you succeed at business? Most billionaires either studied, did go to college, or have family in business so just because they said you can succeed doesn't mean you will.
'Uhh, we live on a floating rock so school is unimportant What? Are you daft? Everything is meaningless relative to the universe. Yeah, we live in a floating rock but that quote won't get you anywhere. You might as well discard everything because it's all trivial human matters that are insignificant in the grand scheme of the cosmos. You sound embarrassing. All of humanity is meaningless but since your a human it has value. You are on the said floating rock so things concerning it and humanity are important.
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2021.04.19 06:33 enclave_trooper_075 i want things to go back to normal.

my relationship is crumbling and i cant do shit, i cant help them and theyre so withdrawn and i havent seen them in so long. i want them back, i wanna fix all of this but i cant and i feel like an asshole for wanting attention from other people because my partner barely talks to me and when we do talk we clash heads because they recently opened up about their lack of empathy and i dont consider myself an empath but i obsess over if what i do or say will upset someone, i just wanna know what to do man
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2021.04.19 06:33 nutlicker123 [WTB][USA-CA]Ump45, m4 AEG

Looking for any AEG preferably with an optic. Comment before pm.
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2021.04.19 06:33 MoreCranberry3 Garlic parmesan wings with loaded fries 🍟

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2021.04.19 06:33 OptimistCherry Rant!

I am 29F, I finally came to terms and accepted that I would be single forever. But my family refuses to take my profile down! The actual hell! I feel so degraded day by day, they won't let me put my photos private as they think how the guys will decide?! These Telugumatrimony guys calls my parents every 3 months and extort money, I lost too much money in this shit! I don't wanna pay anymore! and my folks won't accept the fate( Irony damn, they think everything is fate, so if I am destined to be single, that's fate too right! Huh!).
How do I convince them, that it's kind of mental torture for me seeing my profile paraded like crazy for past 5 years, and their daughter is never gonna get married?
P.S : Please don't suggest to go ahead with them and probably see for 2-3 years more, I'm done with this now. and I totally finally convinced myself how single life is gonna be and I became ok with that now.
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2021.04.19 06:33 TrendingBot [Mildly Trending] /r/vaxxhappened - $100% True Stories from the Anti-vaxx Crowd (+201 subscribers today; 246% trend score)

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2021.04.19 06:33 Exact_Cause_7668 Letter Counting.. Anyone?

I need a code that could Count the number of times each letter appears in a certain string and return a list of tuples and the letters need to be in the English Alphabeth .. My current code is this:

word = "AabBcCdDeEfF" def letter_count(word): wordl = word.lower() if "a" in word: wordl = "a", wordl.count("a") + ? else: wordl = "" return wordl print(letter_count(word)) 
I need an output or return the values like this:
output = [ ("a", 2), ("b", 2), ("c", 2), ("d", 2), ("e", 2), ("f", 2) ] 
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2021.04.19 06:33 ForexAcademy 19th April 2021- Important Financial Events

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2021.04.19 06:33 lolo9078 how do you spot a 366 ci from a 427 ci big block chevy?

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2021.04.19 06:33 badtakeop Omg, I'm actually so surprised I've got this far.

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2021.04.19 06:33 Rare-Relief6825 builds

what are your best drift builds
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2021.04.19 06:33 indiediscotheque Siamese Youth - Hey Now

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