Go! If your produce smells like urine, this may be why... taking applications for name changes immediately |

If your produce smells like urine, this may be why... taking applications for name changes immediately

2021.04.19 08:11 Samtheman248 If your produce smells like urine, this may be why... taking applications for name changes immediately

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2021.04.19 08:11 VincentAalbertsberg Can a m6 chord be played as the I chord in a minor song that uses the b6 in its melody/other chords ?

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2021.04.19 08:11 Adam-best Electrical Hip Muscle Stimulator This allows you to train your booty and lower bodyeffectively from the comfort of your own home. It uses electrical muscle stimulation to promote muscle movement, scientifically proven to tighten your musclesto help achieve that perfect figure. Highlights:

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2021.04.19 08:11 Anime_gamer233 I am a newbie

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2021.04.19 08:11 adiljabbar08 price check?

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2021.04.19 08:11 Professional-Fee-432 I own 58 DOGE

I know is nothing, I currently own 58 DOGE, around $20. But it is really hard in a country like mine. However, I'll hold and try to contribute.
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2021.04.19 08:11 BenJordanArt Cloth, Digital, Benjamin Jordan (me), 2021

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2021.04.19 08:11 VintageBazaar Why am i seeing Scam ICO's posted on the Official NEM page?

Who is in charge of running things around here.... they need fired!

NEM official page is overrun with Scam ICO's. Sort this mess out please.
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2021.04.19 08:11 Puzzleheaded_Ad_2984 Does anyone know how to get rid of the pointer during FaceTime (full screen)?

It’s very annoying & moving the pointer over still gets in the way.
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2021.04.19 08:11 Sure-Temperature Typing In Discord For Android Slows and Crashes App

As of this morning, I can’t type in the Android app. After two words, the app slows to a crawl and eventually stops responding and crashes.
I’ve tested this with multiple keyboards and after restarting my phone.
The rest of my phone is responding normally, and I’m making this post from mobile as well
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2021.04.19 08:11 justwinneyYT (oc) my friend drew shinobi

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2021.04.19 08:11 Requiren Oscar, Amao H., Digital, 2021

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2021.04.19 08:11 tendo913 This track puts me in the feels...

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2021.04.19 08:11 Roob222 [Oakville, ON] [H] Cash/Paypal [W] Any RTX 20 or 30 series card

I've recently put together a pretty good PC rig, but it's missing a GPU. I don't really mind what card goes in, as long as I don't waaaay overpay for it. Hope someone can help me out!
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2021.04.19 08:11 CanadianMcManager Sunset over the city

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2021.04.19 08:11 dawhigit KOBA - Ethereal [Koba Gold]

Producer: KØBA
Release Date: 2021-04-02
Cat. Number: KG012
Genres: Trap / Wave
Label: Koba Gold

KØBA - Ethereal (Original Mix)

Download - https://audiofeel.org/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=10106
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2021.04.19 08:11 CabinWizzard Saturday grill.

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2021.04.19 08:11 catsfishchannel Cat vs. Food

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2021.04.19 08:11 TheGamblersLounge MLB: San Francisco Giants vs Philadelphia Phillies 04/19/21 Game Preview, Free Picks, Game Prediction, Betting Trends | The Gamblers Lounge

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2021.04.19 08:11 mylimbo11 I do not believe in global warming :)

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2021.04.19 08:11 Good_Celebration What if the winner of the Epic Soccer League will partecipate in the MLS the next year?

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2021.04.19 08:11 HenrytheFowler919 Curtis and Structuralism

Forgive me if this thought isn’t entirely fleshed out, but it’s just something that came to me during my reading.
How can Curtis’ overarching philosophy be understood in terms of structuralism? Would his connections to power networks land him squarely in the structuralist camp, or would it relate more to post-structuralism because of its critiques of false dichotomies in societal analysis and general post-industrialist angle?
Genuinely wondering about the synthesis of his unique views with these philosophical topics and would appreciate any ideas or sources on it.
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2021.04.19 08:11 rockdragonrock Hidan from Naruto Shippuden

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2021.04.19 08:11 imellowroot i found out that a really good friend of mine supports trump and now my other friends are saying i should stop talking to him.

i have a friend that i met over the internet a few years ago, he's a really caring guy and he's not someone that would intentionally offend anyone and to be honest, the one thing i hate about him is the fact that he's too nice. he cares about me a lot the same way he does for the other people in our friend group. however, i admit i don't know him enough. it's not like we spend time together everyday to know about his darkest secrets or something.
over the past few weeks i've been seeing contradicting articles regarding joe biden (i don't read them), so it got me curious about what he really thinks of their current president. he's american, and i'm not, so i kind of just asked him about it. he started saying all the negative things he can about him, and at one point he said he turned out to be the worst president in history. i replied "worse than trump?" and he responded with "trump was goddamn good." he didn't say anything about him being racist, just enough about the economy and whatnot but i couldn't really care less because i have no idea what's really happening in america since i'm not there to experience it firsthand.
i don't really care about others' political opinions and i believe in the diversity of perspectives but ever since he shared that, the other friends in our group started attacking him and telling me to stop talking to him. please do keep in mind that i have ASPD so i have no idea who's right or wrong in this situation, nor do i know how to handle it without accidentally offending any of my friends.
TLDR; the title is self-explanatory. i just don't know what's right or wrong in this situation.
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