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[GUIDE] Beginner's Guide to Badang

2021.04.19 07:04 AzureBat [GUIDE] Beginner's Guide to Badang

Just finished watching Jojo? Do you want to ORA ORA ORA the enemy to death? Then look no further because Badang is the perfect hero for you! Badang is a very simple skill-based burst type melee fighter whose function is to ambush the enemy backline.
DAMAGE TYPE: Skill-based burst damage
DAMAGE: 4/5 - Excellent burst damage to take down any squishy marksman / mage
DIFFICULTY: 2/5 - One of the easiest heroes to use
SUSTAIN: 2/5 - You don't need no healing if you just punch your enemies to death first. He gains a shield during his ulti which makes him immune to cc
JUNGLING: 2/5 - Please don't jungle with this hero

Every 5th attack (Basic and Skill) will knock the enemy hero back. If they hit anything, they will be stunned for 0.8s. This is where our cc comes from. However, you will almost always be relying on skills to trigger this passive first. Using basic attacks is more of a last resort if it fails to kill or if your ulti is down.
Throws a ranged punch which pushes the enemy backwards. It's your only poking tool and is excellent to use for your combo.
Badang 'dashes' towards the target direction. If he hits any enemy heroes, he will create a wall behind the enemy hero and punch them into it, briefly stunning them. This does not trigger on minions
The definitive ORA ORA skill. You send out a flurry of punches which deals tons of damage thanks to the passive from Demon Hunter Sword. You will gain a decent amount of shield from this skill which helps with your durability and also makes you immune to cc, so usually your skill will not get interrupted. Note: This skill will only trigger your passive of stunning the enemy once
Prioritize levelling Skill 1 over Skill 2 because of the cooldown reduction. If laning with others, you can consider putting your first skill point into Skill 2 because it helps a lot in securing kills.
Standard combo:
Take note that the enemy will have a very brief window between yoru stuns so they will be able to escape if they have an instant escape or cc-immunity skill.
Extended combo (Very unlikely but good to keep in mind):
Early game:
During the early game, you will be weak until you reach level 4 and also before getting Demon Hunter Sword. Prioritize getting Demon Hunter Sword as soon as possible because your damage immediately skyrockets after getting it.
Almost always played as the offlaner / EXP lane. If you are solo, it is recommended to play defensively as you have neither sustain nor damage. If paired with another hero, your skill 2 and skill 1 combo will enable very easy kills thanks to the cc and path blocking provided.
After getting DHS, you are able to roam and gank enemies very easily. Do not engage on fighters or tanks alone because you will almost never be able to solo kill them. By this time, we will be entering the mid game.
Mid to end game:
Keep an eye out on the mini map. Always look for the enemy marksman or mage and see whether they are nearby and whether you will be able to ambush them. Assassins can also be a target for you but they usually have skill to escape, so wait for the appropriate timing to secure kills on them.
Otherwise, focus on objectives and split pushing. The enemy team will usually have to send out two heroes to deal with you, otherwise they will just get burst down by you if they go alone. This helps to apply pressure on the enemy team and gives your team elsewhere more breathing room.
There are three possible roles that Badang has to play in teamfights, listed in order of priority.
  1. Ambusher : Whenever possible, Badang should try to stay out of sight and aim for the enemy backline. Instantly deleting the enemy damage dealer will create a huge advantage for your team. Take the longer route around to the enemy backline, hiding in a nearby bush. If the enemy can easily escape your combo, wait until they have used it before using your combo.
  2. Follow-Up : Sometimes Badang will be able to initiate fights on his own. However, more often he is much better to be used to follow up an initiation. If you are able to get two enemy heroes in your combo, the cc and damage that you provide will often be enough to ensure the kills.
  3. Defender : There may be times when the enemy assassin is just too good at getting to your teams backline and deleting your teams damage dealers. So sometimes it may be useful to stay back and grace them with your protection. Your Skill 2 and Skill 1 usually provides more than enough cc to take down the assassins
Core Items:
Demon Hunter Sword - Your biggest source of damage due to the fact that your ulti procs the passive of DHS
Golden Staff - The extremely high attack speed helps you to proc your passive more often with basic attacks
Warrior Boots / Magic Shoes - The standard choice is either Warrior Boots to help with your defense or Magic Shoes for more CD reduction. My personal preference is with Magic Shoes.
Corrosion Scythe - One of the more popular fourth item to build for Badang which increases his deadliness on basic attacks even without his ulti.
Queen's Wings - An almost must-have item for Badang, usually as his fifth item which greatly increases his survivability.
Blade of Despair / Malefic Roar - Usually bought in place of Corrosion Scythe if you don't like the playstyle of using basic attacks.
Antique Cuirass - Personal favorite item of mine which allows improves Badangs durability.
Immortality - Almost always bought as the sixth item.
Sea Halberd - Anti-heal item against those pesky sustain heroes. Usually only required against those lifesteal fighters.
Assassin Emblem
Movement Speed +6%
Physical PEN +6%
High and Dry - The default emblem which is ideal for ganking / ambushes
Killing Spree - Excellent emblem to improve your survivability, especially when built together with Corrosion Scythe
Flicker is the only battle spell that you should consider because the instantaneous gap closer can decide a game when you need to reach a key target.
Badang has quite a few bad matchups, especially during the laning phase. His bad matchups are:
  1. Zhask - Worst enemy to have because when Badang goes in, he has no way to escape. Meanwhile, Zhask is able to immediately hide in his spawn and can almost immediately delete Badang.
  2. Tanky fighters - Any heroes with high durability and sustain will give Badang a hard time to solo. Team up with another teammate to take down these heroes. This is where all your cc comes in handy. I hate XBorg.
  3. Any escape skill - There is a short period of time between stuns where the enemy can escape. So any enemy hero who can make use of that timing can run away from you. Make sure that their skill is on cooldown or bait it out before your combo.
Almost every squishy marksman, mage, or assassin is food for Badang. Position yourself well. If you can reach them, they are as good as dead.
Badang is an excellent hero for beginners to start with. Once you have familiarized yourself with this hero and enjoy the playstyle, the next hero of choice would be Guinevere. She plays very similarly to Badang and enjoys additional benefits such as farther jumping range and high mobility for escaping failed ganks.
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Long story short, I recently got a new phone and did the transfer from phone to phone. I know, I probably should have remembered to check that everything was transferred, but I ultimately did not. Regardless, I am not logged out of my Twitch when simply clicking "contact support" because I wanted to ask Twitch a question, and they logged me out of my account to do that (why the heck is it doing that in the first place?) and I found out I cannot get back in. Low and behold, apparently my current number for my Authy was not the number I used to create it in the first place and due to my years of travel and my numbers changing (foreign numbers), I do not ultimately know what number was used to create the authy.
I've contacted Twitch and filled out the proper information to get the account back and I got an email stating that the information does not match (I assume it's the 4 last digit thing). I'm literally emailing them via the email that is connected to Twitch... whatever.
I've contacted Authy but have yet to hear back. Is it possible for them to find out my old number to my Authy if I give them an old registration code? Also, is it possible to somehow prove to Twitch that it is my account? Can I basically send them pictures of my tax forms, of my ID, tell them my SSN/bank stuff in regards to my account to get it back? Or am I screwed simply because of Authy? I am a recent partner with Twitch (about 13k followers), and the fact that I am being responded to with an automatic system is absolutely disheartening. Can someone please tell me what I need to give them/do in order to get my account back? Has anyone else experienced this?
They have already denied me once despite my info being relatively correct (apart the phone thing).
Thank you kindly.
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I'm interested to hear everyone's experiences! To keep it a little more open for general discussion I've kept the topic somewhat broad.
I've been (very slowly) working on my conlang for a couple years and I've put a lot of thought into each word or aspect of the grammar that I create. The grammar is starting to take shape and fill out, and I have hundreds of words in my lexicon already. But I've kind of been thinking I may have made a mistake in my syllable structure. I wanted to create a language with a fairly minimal set of phonemes and a simple syllable structure, limiting it to CV or CVC. This means no syllable can start with a vowel, but I'm starting to think I may have been better off allowing V and VC syllables as well.
The trouble is that all my basic words and all my grammatical affixes are built around the CV/CVC structure, so if I start allowing V/VC now, then those types of syllables will be conspicuously missing in the most common elements of the language. But it breaks my heart to scrap a bunch of content because the words I've created are like my children! Not to mention I've been learning the language as I create it, so I'd be pretty confused for a good while. I'm not sure yet what I'll do. Maybe I'll allow V/VC syllables only at the beginning of a word, as that wouldn't be quite as disruptive of a change. We'll see!
Did you ever think of making a big change which would make you have to go back and completely rework a bunch of things? Or think about it but decide not to after all? I'd like to hear your story!
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