Go! What is your most ridiculous, worst, and best non-sober Amazon purchase? |

What is your most ridiculous, worst, and best non-sober Amazon purchase?

2021.04.18 14:58 darthvadersnipples What is your most ridiculous, worst, and best non-sober Amazon purchase?

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2021.04.18 14:58 Aashi0228 It's so comfy

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2021.04.18 14:58 TheNoirMagician Have any of you started with 0 simoleons and worked your way to riches without cheats?

I'm poor in real life and find it so frustrating to play with a sim without the luxuries I want them to have and stay consistent in the grind. I want to know if any of you simmers have played poor sims and through different generations attained generation wealth for your current save/households.
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2021.04.18 14:58 jRqGv One helluva tiedown

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2021.04.18 14:58 BreezySaturn97 Mountainous jungle or tiny waterfall?

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2021.04.18 14:58 powderi Innervisions #50 LIVE Podcast - David August. Trackid at 26:47 anyone?

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2021.04.18 14:58 KinoranaUPSB 6 days until Swain Bowl

Live countdown
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2021.04.18 14:58 Aspirationalcacti Why is it only aldi/lidl that does cheap beer?

Maybe I don't quite have a refined taste in beer yet but if I'm drinking beer I see no difference between aldis rheinbacher and the average mass produced lager at double the price? In everything else tesco/sainsbury etc do their own cheap knockoffs and there are equally cheap brands. Take cider, every average corner shop has the cheap shit as well as the strongbow branded stuff but they only have branded expensive beer But when it comes to beer the only places to find cheap lager are aldi and lidl and there stuff seems every bit as good as any mass produced big names at double the price. Am I missing something?
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2021.04.18 14:58 Tommytatumnews HORROR! Vandals Hurl Decapitated Pig's Head at and Splatter Pig's Blood on the Former Home of Officer Brodd Who Testified at George Floyd Trial This Week

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2021.04.18 14:58 jakevieira212 HIRE ME- For timely and certified work on your Assignments, Research Papers, and Essays. Email me on TUTORVIEIRAJAKE@GMAIL.COM

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2021.04.18 14:58 horrortheateryt Zone Of The Dead 2009 movie trailer Plot: InterPol agents must join forces with dangerous prisoner to fight zombie hordes.

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2021.04.18 14:58 drumdust Luftwaffe Dornier Do 217 J-2 night fighter. (1000 x 491)

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2021.04.18 14:58 ozanimefan if i start a new game in shield, do i still have the DLCs on there?

early tonight i caught my shiny Regieleki but cause you can only have one, i can't go for shiny regidrago. i was wondering if i moved all my mons to home and started a new game, would i still have access to the DLC areas in the new save file? it would mean i can go for the other regi and other legend horse that i didn't get so it wouldn't be as much of a hassle to go and speed run through the whole game again.
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2021.04.18 14:58 croissuette Does the demo have any spoilers for resident evil 7

Iam considering buying resident evil village but have heard that its a sequel to resident evil 7 (which i haven’t played yet). I wanna play the demo to see if i like it so i was wondering does it have any spoilers
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2021.04.18 14:58 2021catbob Places to get better questions .

Political quizzes are a good place. The I Side With quiz is amazing for this. It has the best questions.
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2021.04.18 14:58 olddertybasterd I have done well, Bruh.

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2021.04.18 14:58 Special-Land-9502 کیا دلشون تنگ شده 💔🤦‍♂️ .... یادتون نره اپ کنید ❤😂✌

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2021.04.18 14:58 mlavespere Active fermentation question

I'm new to homebrewing and have a question about fermentation time. I have brewed two times now and both times my Tilt hydrometer showed the SG leveling off 28 hours after pitching the yeast. Bubbling started after three hours and it bubbled pretty vigorously for 24 hours. The temperature started at 75F, dropped to 69F and rose again to 72F during the 28 hours. Both my beers have been brown ales using extract kits that came with SafAle S-04. I've confirmed with a floating hydrometer that attenuation was 75-80%.
Should I make adjustments to my process to try and lengthen the active fermentation stage?
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2021.04.18 14:58 IronicMerman Tree from The Last Unicorn

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2021.04.18 14:58 VasiCris98 [Banner Contest Submission] Why have only 1 Lara, when you can have 12? A complete time-line of our favorite Tomb Raider, edited by me!

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2021.04.18 14:58 yayxan How do you kiss a girl who hates you?

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2021.04.18 14:58 Someone_Who_Exists Epic Mickey: Oswald uses the projector screens to make Mickey look less impressive than himself.

In the game, the different worlds of Wasteland are connected via Projector Screens, where characters need to go through a summarized version of a previously made cartoon, complete with pain and the possibility of death.
Almost all of these are Mickey Mouse shorts. The developers picking the most recognizable stuff? Yes, but here's my idea in-universe; the Projectors double as Oswald's way of making Mickey seem less capable than Oswald.

To summarize, since this got longer than I thought it would; Oswald's shorts are locked away to only be used as a test to see the former king = Oswald's adventures are hard. Mickey's shorts are everywhere and regularly used by everyone = Mickey's adventures are easy. Both = Oswald better than Mickey. All that = Oswald happy.

The base:
Oswald has a gigantic ego and forces himself everywhere, but almost all of his shorts are nowhere to be seen to the point where the Mean Street Cinema is showing Steamboat Oswald instead of an actual short (and they apparently have no other reels). There are only three shorts shown in Wasteland, and they don't serve the same purpose as other ones; Oswald's shorts are used as a test you need to pass to get to see him. This is after you climbed a deadly mountain no one but Oswald makes it up anyway; you still need to do the test to REALLY prove yourself. The implication being that his shorts are HARD. The things Oswald goes through are hard, and Oswald is impressive because he pulled it off.
The Projectors elsewhere, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. They act as bridges everywhere, including between basic places like the towns and the shopping area. Everyone uses them with no issues. And if everyone uses them on a regular basis just to buy some milk, going through them must not be that big a deal. They aren't hard, anyone can do it.
If Oswald's shorts were used, his exploits would seem less impressive...but if Mickey's shorts are used, HIS exploits seem less impressive.

Completely Circumstantial "Evidence":
The people around Oswald clearly buy into the idea that Mickey's a wimp and don't think he can handle the Oswald projectors - Oswald spends most of the game in "self imposed exile", but there are a few other toons around him; his playing card guards. All of which seem to not like Mickey, and their leader clearly has an extremely high view of Oswald, doesn't believe Mickey can make it through the Oswald shorts, and is quick to point out you did it slow when you finish the challenges. Talk to the right one, and he'll tell you that Oswald is more popular than Mickey; Oswald told him. So even disconnected from any way to contact most people, Oswald clearly is harboring a desire for people to see him as better than Mickey, willing to either lie or convince himself of lies, and the only people he has contact with admire him and don't expect Mickey to be able to pull anything off.
Oswald has clearly previously made the connection between projectors being used to show capability - Given that there isn't really anyone else that'd be a candidate for setting the whole thing up, it's safe to presume Oswald decided to make the worthiness test and so has made the connection before.
(Also worth noting that the three Oswald shorts we see are flattering ones, relatively speaking, considering what they are. He's a soldier and a knight. Plus a trolley driver, which isn't exactly on that level, but it's not outright degrading. Shorts like Poor Papa or Homeless Homer where the whole thing is him fighting children/a child are nowhere to be found.)
Oswald already thinks Mickey's a wimp - He does things like speed through a level then taunt Mickey, or complain that he doesn't move through Tomorrow City fast enough, so clearly he doesn't have a particularly high view of his capabilities either.
Mickey's presence in Wasteland is minimal except for this- Oswald goes out of his way to remove Mickey and replace him with himself pretty much everywhere else it's possible, leaving Wasteland mostly Mickey-less aside from his house (clearly made before the projectors since Ortensia occupies the Minnie house next to it so it stands to reason they were made when she was still alive, and explained as expecting him to show up and use it) and Mickeyjunk Mountain (clearly not something Oswald has a choice to get rid of; junk shows up, gotta put it somewhere). The projectors are a HUGE thing to be okay with bearing his face without an ulterior motive. Especially when they really don't have to feature him, since Oswald doesn't have a grudge against other characters and the rare non-Mickey projector shows other stuff will work.
(Mickey's house might not even be his. Given Oswald's girlfriend in the Minnie house, and the person who says it's for him just guessing, it's fairly common to interpret it as Oswald doing a "not his anymore; it's MINE" thing.)
The only land without a residential area is the only land without a Mickey projector - All the projectors in the main hub lead to residential areas, except for Tomorrow City, which doesn't seem to have one. Presumably, there's significantly less traffic through that projector, since the place is very dangerous to enter. It's also the only projector in the hub to feature a non-Mickey short (a Pluto one). Coincidence? Definitely. But one that works.
The easiest levels are the aforementioned most traversed ones - Between the homes and the stores. Again, obviously a gameplay choice since you're going to be using those a lot, but it works here.

Rationalizing Contradictions:
"Why occasionally use non-Mickey shorts if he's trying to install in people's heads that Mickey's a loser, though?" Well, he may have exiled himself, but he's still got to use these things occasionally, too. There's probably only so much Mickey he can stomach; he needs breaks.
"Wouldn't the fact that some shorts clearly are easier mean it's not something he made up, it's true?" Not every short makes an appearance, so he could've picked and chose the ones that helped support what he was trying to push while there are others that'd be harder that either are occupying less used projectors or are just sitting around in spools somewhere.

Alternatively...everything said here, but arguing that Oswald is genuinely convinced Mickey's been given easier scenarios in his shorts and (subsequently/simultaneously) is less capable physically, so uses his shorts because that's the practical decision for everyone else, instead of an intentional attempt to downplay him. And he still smack talks him to his guards because he just doesn't like him.
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2021.04.18 14:58 neo_albios The Queens Gambit...detailed portrait is Beth Harmon!

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2021.04.18 14:58 ivandln [ARTIST] I can draw your favorite character. 25% discount on cryptocurrencies!

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2021.04.18 14:58 AlbertMendez442 Open your legs

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