Go! Using Pass/Fail in Undergrad Math courses |

Using Pass/Fail in Undergrad Math courses

2021.04.15 14:30 iamjohnwicck Using Pass/Fail in Undergrad Math courses

Hi, I am a freshman CS major who just finished Calculus 2 and Linear Algebra. I ended with a C+ in Calc 2 so I used a Pass so it wouldn't affect my GPA, I was wondering if I should use a Pass for my linear algebra class as well IF i do end up with a C+ again? How will this affect my chances of getting an internship? And if any recruiters are reading this, how important is my transcript? I don't plan on relying on college classes and I'm constantly learning languages and creating personal projects. I want to know if it's worth saving my GPA (I plan on applying to internships next fall) or to take the L and move on.
Thanks so much!
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2021.04.15 14:30 topkar1 Pinay Lala Nice Sexy

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2021.04.15 14:30 Winter_Kristoff What's that circle cheese called?

I tried searching but it wouldn't tell me the right one. There's this circle white cheese that is very thin and I see that it is normally used on Pizzas. Does anyone know what it's called?
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2021.04.15 14:30 thebottiestbot Match Thread: Leeds vs Liverpool | Premier League

Venue: Elland RoadLineups:
Wolves: Starting XI: Rui Patrício, W. Boly, C. Coady, Nélson Semedo, M. Kilman, R. Saïss, L. Dendoncker, Rúben Neves, Daniel Podence, R. Jiménez, Pedro Neto, *Substitutes: Fernando Marçal, Adama Traoré, João Moutinho, R. Aït Nouri, J. Ruddy, Fábio Silva, K. Hoever, *
Newcastle: Starting XI: K. Darlow, F. Fernández, F. Schär, J. Lascelles, J. Lewis, J. Hendrick, R. Fraser, M. Almirón, A. Saint-Maximin, J. Murphy, C. Wilson, *Substitutes: Joelinton, S. Longstaff, A. Carroll, Javi Manquillo, M. Gillespie, E. Krafth, I. Hayden, *
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2021.04.15 14:30 TheGunnolf Is there a PS2 Region-Lock Bypass that preserves longevity?

So, I recently expanded my PS2 collection to include a few official NA titles that never made it over to EU. Understandably, I will not be able to play these on my UK PAL systems (SCPH-39003) so I am left with a dillema and not sure how to proceed. I am aware of the following options:
- Swap Magic (but I do not want to deface my system or engage in the use of the slider), - Mod Chipping (something I would be open to, though I don't know of anyone rebutable who is able to do so locally. Does it affect the longevity of the device?) - Mechapwn (someone mentioned this to me in another sub thread, though I believe it isn't relevant for my system due to it applying only to 500XXX+)
Are there any other options or recommendations something could make? If not perhaps my best refuge would be simply to buy a NA console which of course I am open to.
Thank you all for your help in advance. Stay safe! :)
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2021.04.15 14:30 postitpositer Lindsey Pelas (L) vs Sophie Mudd (R)

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2021.04.15 14:30 DankBeats_Luigi Mario alts, fresh from the editor:

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2021.04.15 14:30 XoApe 30 Meters ethernet cable

Hi! I just bought a 30 meter ethernet cable but im not certain of what kind of cable it is because at the product description it says:
"CAT5/CAT5e: This product supports CAT5/CAT5e applications, so the RJ45 of this cable is ideal for CAT5/CAT5e ports"
thats why i got confused, can someone tell me what kind of cable really it is.
and another thing, will the length of the cable i bought affect my internet speed, i currently have 100 mbps plan, so will there be a difference with my internet speed?
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2021.04.15 14:30 RLCD-Bot [Purple Octane] [Interstellar] [Purple Sparkles] [Purple Capacitor I]

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2021.04.15 14:30 SAtechnewsbot A Digital Transformation: Mary Kay Inc. Launches Immersive Virtual Experience Platform Suite 13TM

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2021.04.15 14:30 Glittercakes14 Anyone get pregnant from pullout?

Hey guys, me and my fiancé are going with the flow, he wants children but wants to continue the pullout method for a while, he said if it happens it happens. we want to start trying after our wedding but are open to getting pregnant before if it happens “on its own” . We had sex two days before ovulation using pullout. I’m hoping to hear some success stories :) we did BD 3 days during my peak week. Thanks in advance ❤️
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2021.04.15 14:30 cptkaliente Stop posting pictures of yourself! Unless you want to put you and your family in DANGER!

Can't believe this has to be spelt out for you smooth brained apes. The ones with wrinkles, stay cute.
Listen here, we are fucking with the 1%'s money. We are talking about the people who blow up journalist with car bombs here!
I'm all for positivity but for the love of GME, stop posting your fucking faces. That's how you get Epstein'd
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2021.04.15 14:30 Carwith2Rs Hmmm Help? Anyone know why a Chubb Red Parallel Playbook 2018 would have a K in the patch?

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2021.04.15 14:30 moneyshouters 2020 Mazda CX-9

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2021.04.15 14:30 F0rce_skin Frogs🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢

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2021.04.15 14:30 Puzzleheaded_Tip_954 Detached VR

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2021.04.15 14:30 West-Presentation-62 Legit discord(no links needed)

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2021.04.15 14:30 nwsidemadman Strategic Decision Support Center coming to 16th/Jefferson Park District, will help police deploy resources - Nadig Newspapers - Northwest Side Local Newspapers

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2021.04.15 14:30 SnooMachines8919 Mega Gengar! Adding 5, 1243 8071 1740

Stay online
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2021.04.15 14:30 TechiJack Remote PowerShell | Exchange Server

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2021.04.15 14:30 lol_sym What dream did you have last night?

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2021.04.15 14:30 wailmd exploring an old abandoned soviet building in Odessa

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2021.04.15 14:30 QuicklyThisWay Temporary - Ocean Debris

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2021.04.15 14:30 GottaRedditEmAll Thoughts on the vector .45? Never seem to see it in game but its quite a little beast

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2021.04.15 14:30 BANPAN4 cheater

Cheater's Username :48؛00؛O0
Cheater's Numeric User ID : 5548584536
Video Evidence of Cheating :https://youtu.be/MB0\_i0G8gEY
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