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Open 'Er Up Music Video

2021.04.15 16:02 JonKhayon Open 'Er Up Music Video

Found it lovably cheesy. Two takeaways:

  1. Mark looks right at home in country.
  2. You know Alexx is Puerto Rican when he busts out the dance moves better than the rest of them.

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2021.04.15 16:02 WeirdContribution996 SwissBorg trading on major exchanges, deposit in crypto or fiat worth the equivalent of at least €50 and get a reward up to €100 in CHSB!

SwissBorg Wealth is a great app with a revolutionary smart engine, connected to Binance and Kraken exchanges.
Step by step guide

  1. Download the SwissBorg Wealth App
  2. Make a deposit in either crypto or fiat worth the equivalent of at least €50
Upon doing so you will be rewarded with a ticket worth up to €100 in CHSB.
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For more details on how to claim you can visit the link below:
More Information
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2021.04.15 16:02 sycryt VXX Analysis- 40% Upside?

In a nutshell, VXX (eventually) retraces its long downturns in sudden spikes. Recently, it has kept going down, which implies a strong move. Due to differences in rate of change on volatility vs indices, it is generally considered better to long vol after vol crush on lows. Hence, today appears a relatively good time to buy. The problem is that it can decay much further before a move up- a common style of long vol traders is bleed every day until a single session makes up for it all. Vol typically moves up more than indices go down when its at low levels. Not to talk about vol pricing here, but these are general tendencies.
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2021.04.15 16:02 Working_Money2245 Heists order

So I've now restarted gta online fairly recent due to being on a different platform. Iam aware that u get a bonus for doing heists in a certain order but I'm saving up for the sub for the perico heist once buying the sub should I just skip straight to the perico heist if even possible
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2021.04.15 16:02 nexus75 Another step closer to ‘normalcy’ with the XO Maestoso :)

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2021.04.15 16:02 spartaincow88 [IIL] Thou Shalt Suffer's neoclassical album Somnium, [WEWIL?]

I like the black metal roots that went on to just past the orchestral black metal into neoclassical orchestral. Anyone know any bands or albums like this?
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2021.04.15 16:02 jmack99- My MLB and NBA Plays

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2021.04.15 16:02 Reddit2vkrdf Redditors from obscure countries, which one are you from?

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2021.04.15 16:02 nethfel Mavic Air 2s - I wonder

If or when it might be supported by the smart controller
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2021.04.15 16:02 TheBlueGuy0 Who can use Atk/Def Unity the best?

I pulled a spare Fjorm from the last Legendary Remix banner that's just been sitting in my barracks ever since. I want to fodder her off so that Atk/Def Unity won't go to waste, but I have no idea who to give it to. Who are possible candidates for this skill? And if not specific units, what character type can utilize this skill well?
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2021.04.15 16:02 0h_claire Moldavite question

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2021.04.15 16:02 mybackhurtslikehell Is this CHS or did I just upset my stomach??

So I am 20 years old and I smoked weed every day for roughly 2 years. I smoked 1-2 joints a day, and some days it would be 6 joints. Recently I stopped the daily smoking and only smoke on the weekends (some weeks it worked better then others, have been doing that for I think 1 1/2 months)
I started feeling nauseous on Wednesday after I did a quick morning work out, hopped in the shower and I started to feel stomach cramps (upper left side) and felt nauseous throughout the day (on and off). Today the symptoms are better but still there. Also I have a very dry mouth. The day before the symptoms started I ate very little, 2 slices of bread and 2 pieces of lasagna. The thing is the lasagna had 4 different types of cheese on it....and maybe that was too much for my stomach.
There where 2 periods in the last 2 1/2 years where I was nauseous for like a week or two, I was so nauseous. The first time it happened I just started smoking and didn't do it very regularly. The second phase of extreme nauseoua happened in Mai of last year I think. I didn't vomit, or have diarrhea. I was just nauseous.
When I would smoke in the evening I would sometimes get nauseous for like 20 min and then it would be gone and on the weekends when I would smoke up to six joints the last one always gave me nausea, sometimes it would be really bad....I just had to lay there and let it pass for like an hour, could barely drink water or move.
After googling yesterday if weed would help with stomach issues I found out about this syndrome and have been quite anxious every since. My current symptoms could be many things, I am aware. But looking at the past.... I feel like I might be in the prodromal phase.
Also I don't puke, the only reason I puke is when I am drunk. Sober I am quite scared of it. And the last time I puked sober was when I had a stomach virus 2 1/2 years ago....(and I only puked once, my grandmother who I live with puked quite a lot more)
I am also currently looking into an Endometriosis/POC diagnosis and weed is the only thing that helps with the intese period cramps. I take a few medications every day that might also be the cause of the nauseoua and stomach issues....so I will stop taking them for a few days....
Am I paranoid or is CHS a possibility? The last joint I smoked was on Monday night.
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2021.04.15 16:02 shanabailey BANGGOOD Deals (15.4.2021)!

BANGGOOD Deals Compilation (15.4.2021)!
Check products in compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/nSiJHzn.jpg
-1- XANES A516 800lm T6+COB Flashlight with Magnet 🌐 https://bit.ly/3dkFUh2 💰 Price: $7.99 / Lowest: $-1 📍 Coupon: BGCOSD
-2- 8pcs Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Parts for Xiaomi [NOT Original] ❗️ https://bit.ly/2J1l7ls

Price: $8.59 / Lowest: $8.59
-3- Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blue Glasses 🌀 https://bit.ly/3mIGUhP 〽️ Price: $9.99 / Lowest: $9.99 Coupon: BGUN5737
-4- BlitzWolf BW-FD1 240mL Foam Soap Dispenser 👉 https://bit.ly/2PG7hWi 〽️ Price: $10.99 / Lowest: $12.99 ✏️ Coupon: BGBWFD1AP1
-5- Digoo DG-B8025 Bluethooth Weight Scale [EU] 👌 https://bit.ly/3lfBA3m 💰 Price: $15.99 / Lowest: $18.99 💎 Coupon: BGAP1505
-6- MUSTOOL MT007 Pro Digital Multimeter Pen 🛒 https://bit.ly/3dk5F0U 🚨 Price: $16.05 / Lowest: $17.59 ✏️ Coupon: BGc2401a
-7- BlitzWolf BW-FYE5S TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones https://bit.ly/36N6Rqq 💰 Price: $18.99 / Lowest: $19.99
-8- iMars T270 Car TPMS ❗️ https://bit.ly/3e4ePxx 🥇 Price: $19.99 / Lowest: $-1 ✌️ Coupon: BGiMarsT2702
-9- BlitzWolf BW-HT1 360 Rotation Angle Phone Holder [EU]
https://bit.ly/3lRTg6S Price: $19.99 / Lowest: $24.99
-10- Nitecore TIKI GITD Blue OSRAM P8 Keychain Flashlight 🔗 https://bit.ly/31b56Q2 💣 Price: $20.99 / Lowest: $21.95 ✌️ Coupon: FIN7893
-11- Nextool 4Tool ED10 1400lm TIR Flashlight with Battery 🔗 https://bit.ly/3dVotm8 🥇 Price: $20.99 / Lowest: $23.99 - Coupon: BGed0980
-12- Deerma DEM-F301 2.5L Air Humidifier [EU] 🌍 https://bit.ly/3rAWihS Price: $33.10 / Lowest: $33.99 🖍 Coupon: BG4F301CZ
-13- MICROHOO 6W 1000ml Air Conditioner Xiaomi Youpin [EU] 👌 https://bit.ly/3acOj3M Price: $34.99 / Lowest: $36.99 🖍 Coupon: BGTBIK
-14- Xiaomi Router 4 Pro [EU] 🔗 https://bit.ly/3ppTjZd - Price: $36.99 / Lowest: $39.99
-15- Baseus GaN2 Pro 100W Charger with Cable 🛒 https://bit.ly/2Q8Lj1A 💥 Price: $39.99 / Lowest: $42.99
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-16- (Note: There are 2 gifts) XMUND XD-XL7 20inch Travel Trolley [EU] ❗️ https://bit.ly/32IVcXe ✌️ Price: $44.99 / Lowest: $59.99
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-18- SG 1603 RTR RC Car ✅ https://bit.ly/3rqNDxu - Price: $71.92 / Lowest: $72.99 🔖 Coupon: BG1786893
-19- Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch Camouflage Green 🌀 https://bit.ly/3h8Et4G ✌️ Price: $80.00 / Lowest: $70 👌 Coupon: BG24d260
-20- JIMMY WB55 UV-C Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner [EU] ✅ https://bit.ly/3rSyfLy 👉 Price: $85.99 / Lowest: $99.99 ✌️ Coupon: BGCZJMB5
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-22- ATTEN ST-80 80W Soldering Station [EU] 👉 https://bit.ly/3uQUD99 ⭕️ Price: $89.99 / Lowest: $92.99 👌 Coupon: BGHONEY2110
-23- Astrolux FT03S SBT90.2 Flashlight [EU] 👌 https://bit.ly/3tkhglX 📉 Price: $95.16 / Lowest: $107.99 📌 Coupon: FIN2047
-24- BlitzWolf BW-EO1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven 2200W 65L [EU] https://bit.ly/3cflNAc 💲 Price: $106.99 / Lowest: $106.99 🔖 Coupon: BGSJ0335
-25- Viofo A129 Duo Dual Dash Cam https://bit.ly/2YA5mUR 🚨 Price: $109.00 / Lowest: $101.99 ▪️ Coupon: BG5766e5
-26- Douxlife Racing GC-RC01 Gaming Chair [EU] 🌐 https://bit.ly/30n0jL0 💥 Price: $119.99 / Lowest: $119.99
-27- BlitzWolf BW-VS1 Bracket Projector Screen 100-Inch [EU] ✌️ https://bit.ly/3oXZcM1
Price: $119.99 / Lowest: $127.28 🎯 Coupon: BG3f1ee2
-28- Blackview TAB 8 SC9863A 4/64GB 4G Tablet [EU] 👉 https://bit.ly/2RrZQpt 💥 Price: $124.99 / Lowest: $134.99
-29- Xiaomi 90Fun 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase [EU] 📌 https://bit.ly/2OGyknc 💥 Price: $129.99 / Lowest: $149.99
-30- Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/128GB Global Black ❇️ https://bit.ly/2MXcCqc ⭕️ Price: $159.00 / Lowest: $169.99
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-32- Creality3D CR-10mini 3D Printer Kit [EU] - https://bit.ly/2MTtjGz 🥇 Price: $199.99 / Lowest: $199.99
-33- Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone RTF 5.8G FPV [EU/CZ] - https://bit.ly/3gXkIOl 🚨 Price: $209.91 / Lowest: $209.91 📌 Coupon: BGA3AM
-34- TEVO Tornado Aluminum 3D Printer EU Plug [EU] 🌍 https://bit.ly/3jkXmSB
Price: $229.99 / Lowest: $229.99
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-36- Teclast F6 13.3 inch N3350 8/128GB Notebook 🌐 https://bit.ly/2NSiMwm ⭕️ Price: $249.99 / Lowest: $249.99 Coupon: BGTF6FAN
-37- JGAURORA A5 3D Printer [EU] 🌐 https://bit.ly/32A50DC 📉 Price: $265.99 / Lowest: $265.99
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-39- XGIMI XJ03W MOGO DLP 3D Projector [EU] 🌐 https://bit.ly/3sfso2f 💥 Price: $316.99 / Lowest: $324.54 ❤️ Coupon: BG4470f0
-40- Teclast F5 N4100 8/256GB Laptop [EU] ❇️ https://bit.ly/33b6DpR 💰 Price: $319.99 / Lowest: $296.99 🖍 Coupon: BGTF5FAN
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-42- Xiaomi Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black [EU]
https://bit.ly/3kOypkc 💣 Price: $399.99 / Lowest: $399.99 ✌️ Coupon: BGCZRGSP6
-43- Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner [EU] 🌍 https://bit.ly/2UdLYxa ⭕️ Price: $399.99 / Lowest: $399.99 🖍 Coupon: BGCZMUHV3
-44- Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 2020 MX350 i7-10510U 16GB/1TB
https://bit.ly/3dIlbR0 ✌️ Price: $1099.99 / Lowest: $1149.99 ✌️ Coupon: BGXMI7VSP
-45- (Note: You can create price alert on Couponsfromchina!) DJI AIR 2S Drone 🌍 https://bit.ly/3uRLWeL 🥇 Price: $1104.99 / Lowest: $-1 ▪️ Coupon: BGDJIAIR2S
-46- Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector English Version [EU] 🌐 https://bit.ly/3wS97Yp 💥 Price: $1219.05 / Lowest: $1232.99
-47- ThundeRobot 911 Plus 17.3 inch i7-10870H RTX3060 16/512GB 144Hz Laptop ✅ https://bit.ly/2OHr9Ls ⭕️ Price: $1249.99 / Lowest: $1249.99
-48- Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Cinema Laser Projector [EU] 🔗 https://bit.ly/2RnPS8z ⭕️ Price: $1379.99 / Lowest: $1430.33 👌 Coupon: BG16379
-49- EVO 2 II Pro Drone 🌐 https://bit.ly/3kZcF4v Price: $1399.99 / Lowest: $1399.99 💎 Coupon: BGEVO2
-50- DJI AIR 2S Fly More Combo Drone ❇️ https://bit.ly/3uQWhHL 💲 Price: $1402.49 / Lowest: $-1 ✌️ Coupon: BGDJIAIR2S
-51- Bezior X1500 12.8Ah 48V 1500W Electric Bicycle [EU] ✳️ https://bit.ly/3mGgAFi 👉 Price: $1459.99 / Lowest: $1499.99 ✂️ Coupon: BGBeziorissa
Products compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/nSiJHzn.jpg
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2021.04.15 16:02 DommeBrooke716 26 [F4M] #Central NY or #Online - Female Domme seeking a KINKY, BISEXUAL, IN-SHAPE sissy sub that I can pimp out to males near you

26 Female Domme not new to the lifestyle (several years) seeking an adoptable bisexual slave looking for his forever home.
Fit and in good shape.
18 to 35.
Have kik.
Photo and video tasks including your face.
A phone capable of taking HIGH QUALITY pics and vids.
LIMITS: Facial hair subs in a relationship ABDL Age regression play Underage Masks
I would prefer a sub my age or younger (18-26), but every age has its own pros and cons.
Some of my non- kink interests are sports, homesteading, music festivals, trivia, dogs, horses, skiing, and modeling.
I look forward to hearing from you, and remember, there is no second chance to make a good first impression.
Send Me a private message with your: 1. age 2. location 3. height (in inches) 4. weight (in pounds) 5. kinks 6. toys & gear 7. your complete list of your limits
I do not allow facial hair.
Jump to the head of the line if you are a passable sissy, in the military, or a HS/college team sports athlete...but only if you can meet all of My other requirements as well.
Enjoy your day!! 🤪🤪
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2021.04.15 16:02 Spiritual-Prize-4491 JFK's timeless moon speech - seems very appropriate now

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2021.04.15 16:02 sodoubleoggood Gemini Staking: Feedback requested

It's been a month or two since staking was rolled out in Gemini, and I'm wondering who has capitalized on the capability. At first I thought it was a no-brainer, but after hearing feedback about the disclaimer, I got cold feet. I decided to let it sit for a month or two to prove to myself that it was safe. My gut feels that it indeed is, as Gemini has never given me any issues the past few years, but I would love to hear that a few of my fellow cc'ers are using it and are happy with it. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to hear your thought, positive or negative.
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2021.04.15 16:02 rockystl Gdansk, Poland

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2021.04.15 16:02 Dingoatemycheze [Title]

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2021.04.15 16:02 BATTLECATHOTS The year is 2030, let’s speculate on the price of LINK. Use RemindMe! Bot and let’s all come back in 9 years to see who was the closest.

2030 - $7800 per LINK.
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2021.04.15 16:02 Andrama Det bliver spændende at se, hvad det eventuelt kan føre til

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2021.04.15 16:02 KanataCitizen After a year of COVID, what has the government learned about how it operates?

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2021.04.15 16:02 ThrowRA-boyfhelp My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time and now he won't talk to me.

My boyfriend (24M) and I (24F) have been together for about three years. When we started dating, he made it clear he didn't want to have sex until he felt we had a real commitment to each other. I thought that was really nice because I had been pretty overly-sexed when I was younger due to abuse and the pressure from boyfriends as a teen.
We sleep in the same bed and have done some things but no below belt business until last week. It was his birthday so I bought him a cake and we were watching a movie. He intiated it by kissing me and he was being fairly agressive, which I liked but was different. So I stopped him and asked where this was heading. He told me he wanted to do it and I doubled checked and he said yes. So we did it.
It was a bit clumsy but fun and great in my opinon. I left for work the next morning and texted him I loved him. He didn't respond that whole day so I assumed he was busy. When I got home, he wasn't very responsive and hasn't been very responsive to me for the past days. He's not being mean but it feels like I'm living with a stranger. He doesn't cuddle me before we sleep anymore and he spends a lot of time in his office.
I've tried asking if he wants to talk about it but he says there is nothing to talk about. I feel like I'm missing something big. I don't want to push him in case it's sensitive but I don't like this at all.
I could really use some help on what to do here.
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2021.04.15 16:02 VirtualChocolateCake ¿Que es lo más extraño (paranormal o no) que te ha pasado esta cuarentena?

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2021.04.15 16:02 zakgreenwood21 Do I need a Beam in order to connect my Sonos One and Play:1 to my smart TV?

Please help. I’ve got a brand new Samsung QLED TV, and I cannot seem to connect either speaker to the tv as an additional speaker.. can anyone help?
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2021.04.15 16:02 ThEhIsO8730 Backwards locking someone's locker was the ultimate middle school "F U"

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