Go! Anyone else have a "People who deserve to get fucking Mori'd" list? |

Anyone else have a "People who deserve to get fucking Mori'd" list?

2021.04.15 15:14 Valtiel_DBD Anyone else have a "People who deserve to get fucking Mori'd" list?

I do. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
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2021.04.15 15:14 lukaspoole 5 Ethical Hacking Whatsapp methods And Prevention

5 Ethical Hacking Whatsapp methods And Prevention Before we get into the methods for hacking a WhatsApp account, let’s see whether hacking a WhatsApp account is even feasible!
WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging application that is created by some of the world’s smartest programmers. End-to-end encryption ensures that only the sender and recipient can see what is sent. It often frequently addresses security problems that users have. Developers have no power over certain events. Let's say if you tell anyone your email password and they use it inappropriately. That can’t be called hacking in the real sense. Nonetheless, people say that they have been hacked in this case as well. As a result, most WhatsApp accounts are compromised by exploiting users for passwords or OTPs.

Disclaimer: This blog is completely intended for learning purposes. The strategies discussed here are to keep you more knowledgeable and aware. Inappropriate use of this information is not advised.
Hacking Techniques for WhatsApp Accounts
Hackers use a variety of methods and strategies to gain unauthorized access to your system and applications. In this article, we’ll list the most popular and legal ways to hack WhatsApp accounts for free using ethical hacking.
The following is a list of the strategies:
  1. WhatsApp Web
  2. Social engineering
  3. Google Drive backup
  4. Third-party applications
  5. Mac spoofing
Let's delve into this list one after another
1. WhatsApp Web: You will have most likely used WhatsApp Web’s functionality. It’s a powerful tool that lets you log in to any browser without having to enter a username or password, and all you have to do is check a QR code from your WhatsApp account. This is one of the simplest methods for intercepting WhatsApp messages.
The following are steps to accessing the target's WhatsApp account:
i. Open your device’s browser and navigate to web.whatsapp.com. ii. Use the victim’s phone to access WhatsApp. iii. Pick WhatsApp Web from the settings menu, then scan the code on your computer with the target device. iv. Now you can use WhatsApp to gain access to the victim’s account.
The ease of this method makes it one of the most used methods. This function is not only useful but also abused. Here are some examples of scenarios:
i. Someone can ask for your phone to make a short call and, while you’re distracted, log into your WhatsApp account using a browser. It just takes a few seconds! ii. Assume you failed to log out of your WhatsApp account when using your friend’s laptop. Your friend can easily access your Whatsapp without your phone and remotely too.
PREVENTION: Install an app locker on your phone to avoid anyone accessing your Whatsapp via this approach.
2. Social engineering: The most frequently asked question is, “Can we hack WhatsApp without making contact with the victim’s phone?” The response is, “Yes!” We can hack WhatsApp without the victim’s phone using the social engineering technique. This is sometimes called Phishing
The year 2020 witnessed a huge increase in social engineering attacks, as it was used to hack many people’s WhatsApp accounts. Scammers sent text messages with malicious links/URLs. When you click on these links, you give the hacker permission to log into your WhatsApp account on his or her phone, giving them access to all of your details. Have you ever received a suspicious email telling you that you’ve won a lottery and providing you with links to claim your prize? I’m just hoping you didn’t click on any of those links! These links, once clicked, take you to websites that can steal personal information from your phone, like WhatsApp messages, without your knowledge.
PREVENTION: Never give out your passwords or credentials to anyone. ii. Spam filter should be set to ‘High’ in your email settings. iii. To protect your laptop, install antivirus software and firewalls. iv. Do not click on any suspicious or stranger-sent links.
3. Google Drive backup: All WhatsApp user would have backed up their chats to Google Drive and synchronized them. Google Drive is another useful method for intercepting WhatsApp messages.
Picture this scenario: you’ve given your PC or mobile phone to someone for work or maintenance, and you’ve signed in to all of your accounts on this PC or phone. You are encouraging someone to hack your WhatsApp messages just by doing this.
Gaining access to your Whatsapp will be done like this;
i. Google Drive and WhatsApp chat backup must be in sync. The hacker can save the chat backup file to his or her computer and email it to himself.
ii. The hacker will then download WhatsApp to his or her computer and type your phone number into it. He or she may use some of the social engineering techniques listed above to verify the information. iii. After that, he or she will easily restore all of your messages on his or her phone using the Google Drive backup file that was downloaded earlier.
PREVENTION: Do not give out your email address or password to anyone. ii. Make your email passwords strong. iii. If anyone is using your computer or smartphone, do not leave it unattended.
4. Third-party applications — Using spying Tools: To hack WhatsApp accounts online, both Android and iOS users can use a variety of spying tools. Hackers can easily view someone’s WhatsApp messages with these spying tools. The majority of these spying tools are also accessible to everyone. They include Cocospy, FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor, Hoverwatch, etc., and some of the paid tools are XNSPY, mSpy, etc.

You can reach out to professionals to recommend the appropriate one for your unique situation here.
Using spying tools only requires

  1. First, sign up for one of the spying applications and, if applicable, purchase a subscription plan.
  2. On the target device, download the spy application.
  3. Install the app, set up the basic permissions, and choose which activities you want to monitor.
  4. Now, go to the spying tool account’s dashboard and click start monitoring to keep an eye on the system.
Here’s an example of a hacking attack like this. When you hand over your phone to someone, they will quickly download and install these surveillance tools, and you will be unaware that an application is running on your device. It can also come in form of a phishing link in an email or text message. Once clicked, the spy tool could be remotely installed without you noticing.
PREVENTION: Often use anti-malware software that can detect and uninstall spying software, as well as warn you when malicious software is being downloaded onto your computer. Also, only download apps from trusted sources.

  1. Mac spoofing: What are MAC and spoofing?
A MAC address is a one-of-a-kind address that identifies a computer on a network. Every MAC device connected to a network has a specific MAC address, unlike IP addresses, which can be dynamic. Since every computer in the world has a unique MAC address, applications now use it for authorization. One of the hacking techniques is spoofing, which involves an individual or computer imitating the characteristics of another device.
You may have come across fake profiles on Facebook, for example, where people enter false profile pictures and names to mark themselves as someone else. Similarly, if a hacker obtains your computer’s MAC address, he or she will be able to fake a device that appears to be your phone connected to the Internet.
The hacker will be able to access your WhatsApp account exploring this configuration. The following methods can be used to determine your MAC address:

  • For Android users: Go to Settings > About Phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC Address
  • For iPhone users: Go to Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address
  • For Windows users: Go to Settings > About > More info
Followed by these steps:

  1. Get the mac address and then spoof it using a spoofing program like Terminal Emulator for Android or MacDaddyX for iPhones.
  2. Download WhatsApp and enter the target device’s phone number.
  3. Now, using social engineering techniques, obtain the victim’s confirmation code and restore the mac number on your computer.
This method necessitates technical knowledge, and gaining access to the victim’s phone is just the beginning; the hacker would need the phone again to check the number, making this method the most difficult.
PREVENTION: Never give out your phone to strangers, and always use an app locker to ensure that none of your applications are accessed.
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Annoyingly the Twitter API doesn't supply any actual information about deleted tweets other then it's ID, so for now the best I can do is give you a notification that some Tweet has been deleted.
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2021.04.15 15:14 yanapets A subreddit for getting information about plastic surgery and what you should be researching and what questions you should be asking.

I had hoped plasticsurgery would have a wiki of information but if they do I can't find it, and it mostly seems to be personal pictures.
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2021.04.15 15:14 Cajun_Texas1972 After the squeeze and we have Tendies - we must use that to keep Wall Street in Check 🖕🏼🚀💎🍌

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Choose one
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2021.04.15 15:14 i-speak-arbitrarily Will a heat gun wear out?

Sometimes I leave my heat gun running aimed like this for around 30 minutes to dry out the inside of a container. I know that typically heat guns are used in short bursts, so I’m not sure if leaving it on for long periods of time is ok. I’ve heard of heating elements in ovens and stuff wearing out, so I’m worried I might wear out the heat generator inside the gun.
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2021.04.15 15:14 ElTabaLuca Can I get the Gacha Game anywhere?

I know that there is no english version/other than japanese, but i saw people still play it. was that all in JP or were they themselves Japanese, or if not, where can i get it? In the App Store, it says, it's not available for my country (germany)
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2021.04.15 15:14 ProOssus My Roccat Savu after over 2500 days of use (7 years). A lot of clicks and it still works

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2021.04.15 15:14 TheMightyDecibel (Podcast/Video) HIDDEN GEMS - Hard Rock Comeback Albums

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2021.04.15 15:14 ChronoSpammer Anyone Else Having Trouble Connecting to Online Play? (Bedrock and Java)

Anyone Else Having Trouble Connecting to Online Play? (Bedrock and Java) Ever since yesterday I haven't been able to play on either my Bedrock Realm nor my Java server. My wifi is running just fine on both my computer and my mobile phone. Is something else causing the serverealms to not connect? Is anyone else having this issue?

Error screen for Java

Error screen for Bedrock
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2021.04.15 15:14 Deet98 Opinion on Computational Statistics

Hi everyone!
I’m taking Comp Stat and unfortunately the course is really different from last year (I watched some old videos and it seemed completely another course). The professor is really lazy and has no confidence with online teaching. Today it is the second time he doesn’t screen-share and since he had his audio turned off we couldn’t inform him (we lost 10 minutes). I also asked a question and he literally said “we don’t have 10 minutes to go over it, figure it out yourself” and it wasn’t the first time I heard this sentence from him. Now, I know I can try to study the subject alone without his lectures and maybe with the old videos. The question is why no one seems to complain? This is an important course and a lot of departments share it. I would like to listen to the opinions of others and maybe someone knows if I can contact VSETH and talk about all those issues.
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2021.04.15 15:14 clonegeek Something is wrong with my mouse.

Every time i hold down right mouse button/m2 it will stutter, and not hold down for the whole duration. Can anyone help me?
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2021.04.15 15:14 Hiroshimarc1 [Montreal, QC] [H] Cash, paypal [W] Various components

Looking to finish a entry-level gaming PC to game with the gf :) Here's what I need, along with what I'm looking to spend for each component.

Ideally I'd find a seller that has most of what I need to save on shipping costs.
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2021.04.15 15:14 Throwaway99878k Recommendation for the longest illegal driver that’s relatively inexpensive?

I just want to have fun at the range. I don’t compete. Just fun.
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