Go! Will you get a copyright strike after uploading an edited audio (with sound effects)? |

Will you get a copyright strike after uploading an edited audio (with sound effects)?

2021.04.18 14:39 hunger1203 Will you get a copyright strike after uploading an edited audio (with sound effects)?

I saw several videos on youtube where the music "Roxanne" is used for their fps-game montage, there were sound effect (like gunfires). I thought maybe that's the reason why their vids are not taken down?. Or if it's not then how were they able to get a permission from the Artist of "Roxanne".
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2021.04.18 14:39 Sexxxikitten Daith Troubles

Wondering if this is a keloid, infection, or both..The piercing is about 2 months old, I've been using gauze pads and neilmed/h2ocean to clean. Woke up today to this. Any advice?
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2021.04.18 14:39 Extension-Ad-5341 computer science ryerson

Hii. I'm an international student. I got accepted into ryerson for undergrad computer science. I had some questions. Can any guys please share your valuable experience
How easy is it to get the first coop? And does everyone who maintains a cgpa 3/3+ gets coop? And how much does 1st few coops pay ? And how good does the last few coop pays ? And how good is the ryerson computer science coop program?
And do you recommend ryerson computer science? Are you guys loving it so far ?
I also got into UCalgary computer science. So I'm really confused on which university to choose out of this 2 unis. Thats why posted here
Thanks a lot for your valuable time
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2021.04.18 14:39 bluechocolatechip When you are starving, does your body eventually stop sending signals that your body needs food?

Can this make a starving person be unable to tell that they are starving and need to eat?
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2021.04.18 14:39 Curious-Ad-3674 The parachute is said to have been made in 1783. People before 1783

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2021.04.18 14:39 JodyBreezy420 Getting ready to play and get spun as fuck 🤪🙂

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2021.04.18 14:39 MooseOperator Worth anything?

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2021.04.18 14:39 Need4sleep9 [xbox][h]fennec[w] 800

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2021.04.18 14:39 Southernpeach101 Hi I just started my closet, feedback would be appreciated!

I have a mix of vintage items, NWT, and gently used items from my closet. Let me know how I can improve!
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2021.04.18 14:39 DeathByOrangeJulius 💪 BIG NUMBERS 💪

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2021.04.18 14:39 HeroininmyFace Für alle Lean Sipper gibt es jetzt einen Eigenen Deutschen subreddit schaut vorbei

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2021.04.18 14:39 NormieRedditUser2004 New meme format uwu?

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2021.04.18 14:38 abnormistwinkie Wholesome post + encouragement ♥️

So I posted a while back about having trust issues and ish (original post if you want to read
The amount of support and comments I got was amazing. Some did kind of give me anxiety but I took advices and talked it out, worked harder on my studies and gym... And to be honest, all the other communities did not help but this one did.
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone! I’ve never had a more stable relationship in my life. All the advices helped me so much and I’m much more confident in myself and my relationship :) I can TRUST AGAIN AND IT FEELS SO GOOD 🥺😂I know it’s mostly on my bf for being so understanding and changing his ways of dealing with certain situations. Which is another thing I wanted to talk about.
There’s so much hate and violence going on and we are trusting less people in general but not everyone is bad. Please have hope and spread love and kindness! If anyone needs help or just wants someone to talk to I want to give back all the positive energy I’ve received so please don’t hesitate to message me :)
Thank you again and hope everyone’s having an amazing day / night
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2021.04.18 14:38 Argark A friend did his first speedrawing of a continet for the campaign.

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2021.04.18 14:38 DealsPoster [Amazon / US] Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of An Elusive Age - Definitive Edition - $24.99

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2021.04.18 14:38 sunflower53069 Sunrise in Wisconsin today

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2021.04.18 14:38 ComplexFinger8063 Schools for IBD

If you are coming from a liberal arts/non-business background, does it make sense to take W/B/C over H/S (especially S in this case), if your goal is to do IBD and possibly climb the IBD ladder to MD level in NYC/Chicago?
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2021.04.18 14:38 olievini_ Julia Rose

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2021.04.18 14:38 dogsloversblog Foldable Dog Bath Pool - Collapsible Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub Kiddie Pool for Dogs Cats and Kids

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2021.04.18 14:38 firey_sagi Dead Body and Explosion! | Until Dawn Episode 9 Gameplay (PS4)

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2021.04.18 14:38 backtickbot https://np.reddit.com/r/prolog/comments/mt26no/would_prolog_be_suited_to_designing_ideal/guyu4ep/

UPDATE: Here is some sample code in SWI Prolog:

% Find valid Factorio maps, interation zero. % We will use the finite domain constraint solver library. :- use_module(library(clpfd)). % Set up the sizes of the various machinery. These are given by the Factorio game. deviceType("bmd", "Burner mining drill", 3, 3). deviceType("sf", "Stone furnace", 2, 2). % Set up the devices we want to place. device("A", "bmd"). device("B", "sf"). % Set up the bounds of our map. mapWidth(3). mapHeight(5). % A predicate to convert a device and a position into a rectangle to be used with the disjoint2/1 predicate. coverage(DeviceName, X, Y, rect(X, W, Y, H)) :- device(DeviceName, Type), deviceType(Type, _, W, H). % A predicate to constrain the coordinates of the covered rectangle to the map size. cornerConstraint(DeviceName, X0, Y0) :- device(DeviceName, Type), deviceType(Type, _, W, H), X1 #= X0 + W - 1, Y1 #= Y0 + H - 1, mapWidth(MapW), mapHeight(MapH), Xmax #= MapW - 1, Ymax #= MapH - 1, [X0, X1] ins 0..Xmax, [Y0, Y1] ins 0..Ymax. % Predicate to check validity of a map. A map is a list of devices and their X and Y positions. validMap(Devices, Xs, Ys) :- % All three lists must be the same length. same_length(Devices, Xs), same_length(Devices, Ys), % Coordinates must be on the map. (Note: Actually, some right and bottom edge coordinates could be excluded already.) maplist(cornerConstraint, Devices, Xs, Ys), % Convert the list of devices and positions into a list of rectangles. maplist(coverage, Devices, Xs, Ys, Rects), % Use the disjoint/1 predicate to see if they overlap. disjoint2(Rects). 
To test, just run validMap(["A","B"], Xs, Ys), append(Xs, Ys, Vs), labeling([ff],Vs). It will yield the possible solutions:
Xs = [0, 0], Ys = [0, 3], Vs = [0, 0, 0, 3] ; Xs = [0, 0], Ys = [2, 0], Vs = [0, 0, 2, 0] ; Xs = [0, 1], Ys = [0, 3], Vs = [0, 1, 0, 3] ; Xs = [0, 1], Ys = [2, 0], Vs = [0, 1, 2, 0]. 
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2021.04.18 14:38 Diesel_NOx Updating password in Outlook or Shared Experiences not possible - dialogue is just a black box

Updating password in Outlook or Shared Experiences not possible - dialogue is just a black box Hi all
When trying to update the account info on my main Outlook account, whick is a live.com account that I also use to administrate my Office 365 subscription, I just get a black box. Same thing happens if i try to do it through "Shared Experiences".
I recently moved my SSD disk to another laptop with the same HW configuration, as the previous one gave me blue screens all the time. It was shortly thereafter this issue started. So I thought it may have something to do with Windows asking to verify my live.com credencials after moving the SSD, for Windows licences purposes I guess. Thanks.

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2021.04.18 14:38 DenOfDeals Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker - Pacific Pebble, Portable Baby Seat, Multi — 💲 $35.99 (21% off) 💲 [D20] [LOW]

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2021.04.18 14:38 B4R7H0L0M3W Question. About Primal Paths.

Soo I started a new session and I decided to go Barbarian (Funny cos I random rolled 17/17/17/17/7/12 and decided to get meself a buffed Barb :D) And next sesh is in 6 days.
I want to figure things out before getting to lvl 3 what Path Should I go. I need to ask my DM if he allows Xanathar's Paths if yes then I'll probably go Sea Storm Herald if not then I need your help.
Path of the Berserker. How bad is exhaustion? IS the trade-up worth it and will I ever get rid of the exhaustion when I go into frenzy or will it happen till the end of times?
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2021.04.18 14:38 ThrowRA_LDTrip I (33M) am in a LDR with a girl (28F) and we're planning a vacation together were we'll meet IRL for the first time

Hey Reddit,
Two months ago I met a girl from abroad online and we really hit it off, we talk almost every day, have online dates, watch movies and all that. She's definitely into me and this is mutual. I'm what they call a digital nomad so I'm very much open to moving to her country. We've talked about meeting IRL and we've made plans to do a trip to a third country together next month.
Question is, how do I approach this? Am I to assume things are going to happen? Do I book accommodation for a couple? It's going to be kind of awkward if we stay in separate hotels altogether. What if we meet and there's no chemistry, how do we carry on with the trip? Anything else I should keep in mind?
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