Go! I found this place selling Modern Horizon packs below cost |

I found this place selling Modern Horizon packs below cost

2021.04.18 16:15 Mccool37 I found this place selling Modern Horizon packs below cost

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This guy is selling Modern Horizons 2 set booster packs on preorder and I'm pretty sure they're below cost. There also doesn't seem to be an order limit
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2021.04.18 16:15 butterflysocially NTU Masters of Comms Y2021/2022

keen to know if anyone who had signed up for the master's program offered by WKWSCI has received their application outcome or offer?
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2021.04.18 16:15 Cucumber-Novel 2077 turkey

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2021.04.18 16:15 Twizzy2183 So, I ate these chocolates that i got from a friend. My friend said i may see colors. Here's some POV shots from last night.

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2021.04.18 16:15 IamPotato14 Aardvark trying to escape a hungry Hyena

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2021.04.18 16:15 ihatesparklywater help me choose a brandon sanderson book to start with

I saw a lot of recommendations and i decided to try one. I searched "brandon sanderson" on my local library's website and it showed me 3 titles:
-alcatraz versus the evil librarians
-Elantris (i tought this was a series with multiple books so I'm confused)
-the emperor's soul
I tryed to figure it out and googled it but that just made me feel overwhelmed haha
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2021.04.18 16:15 lbabinz [Amazon] Demon's Souls Original Soundtrack Vinyl is up for pre-order

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2021.04.18 16:15 bsidesandrarities Should I try to sell, recycle, or repurpose my old router and modem (Netgear AC1200 and Adtran 411 modem)

Didn't really use the router since we ended up leasing a router from the ISP, and I think the modem is leftover from the leasing. Is it worth the effort trying to repurpose or resell either of these devices? Thank you in advance!
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2021.04.18 16:15 Yakel1 The U.S. Playbook for ‘Building Democracy’ in Latin America

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2021.04.18 16:15 nsfwfilm Ass

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2021.04.18 16:15 loopylazy77 Thought they had updated the galaxy man's visuals for binary systems, but it was just cybrex spawning next to another system.

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2021.04.18 16:15 iamtheEmbomb701 BTFD

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2021.04.18 16:15 ztaker 6.5 dhs for Mc Donalds chicken burger is the worst money spend.

I don't normally have burger from mc donalds , but I remember it being 4 dhs. Today I had one and man , it become expensive, thinnest panty , no ketchup and shrunken size. It's not even worth.
Home made burger are better than that.
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2021.04.18 16:15 ProfessionalSeaCacti No response from mods yet, but wanted to share something with the community.

To set the stage, my FB and reddit are not connected, and I take care not to share the same pictures with both accounts. All of my FB posts are private and mainly focus on local car events, raising chickens, and anti-establishment libertarian posts. In the past couple of months I have posted a couple things about the fuckery going on with GME (friends only), but nothing solidly implying that I have invested myself.
Yesterday I was sent a friend request from a person that is a "Senior account manager at bitcoin mining/forex trading". This person and I have no earthly connection that I can find, and have nothing in common except we are both primates of some kind.
This morning I was able to do a little google research on this person, and came up with very little. However a LinkedIn account using the same name is listed as having worked at Citibank (past tense).
I have not approved or declined the friend request, and am unsure on what to do. What would some of the wrinkle brains here do if approached like this?
Check my post and comment history, I am smoother brained than many here, and am just a mountain ape that likes to hang out with chickens and turn a wrench where I can. This is troubling to me and while I am not on edge I am a little more observant of what is going on around me.
Be careful apes, there is still fuckery going on.
*Proof (screen shots) have been submitted to mods but I have not got a response on whether I can share them publicly or not. On approval I will update here with a link.
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2021.04.18 16:15 carolin001 elegant sunday outfit

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2021.04.18 16:15 jantoun Imola be like

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2021.04.18 16:15 Saadettin_Excalibur 2 aydan sonra geri geldim

Beyler sınava 2 ay kaldı tyt 70 75 ayt 30 35 arası geliyor hedefim 30 40k arası... 2 ay boyunca günde en az 10 saat çalışarak bunu 90 65 barajına çekebilirmiyim yardımınıza ihtiyacım var son iki ayım çok önemli amk bilgisayar ya da yazılım mühendisliği istiyorum şimdiden teşekkürler.
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2021.04.18 16:15 MianAnonymous Hawt 🔥

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2021.04.18 16:15 lauraepovi Can you feel him judging you?

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2021.04.18 16:15 mFalosh to war!

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2021.04.18 16:15 wildwasabi How does tank combat work in this game? It's nothing like War Thunders mechanics

So I am checking this game out and the tank stuff is cool, but I have a hell of a time winning battles. The normal spots that are weak on tanks are not weak spots in this game and it is super confusing. Like the German viewport on the PZII doesn't work. the early T-60 and PzII have like 0 pen and the green "OK" zones to shoot are so small and not in the right places. Am I just being dumb or is something messed up?
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2021.04.18 16:15 shoemovies12 Last Week in Schmoedown Roundup (April 11-17)

  1. Weekly Matches: This past week we saw Thomas Harper beat Adam Witt in his debut Star Wars match, Kan TKO Flickinger and Drew McWeeny lose to Lon Harris on his return to the league.
  2. Cut-Scenes: Harper crashed a study session between Witt and Kaiser, Ghai went to Mark Ellis' house to set up their partnership on the desk. Things are seemingly ok with SWAG now and it was revealed that Jay has been working with Grace to try and break them up. Jay Washington is now the commissioner.
  3. Match Announcement: Kristian announces that on May 28th we will see Paul Walter Hauser play Josh Horowitz in a singles match. It is unclear whether this will be the undercard for a PPV or a public release.
  4. Singles #1 contender matches: Kevin Smith has a #1 contender match coming up against other competitors. "Grace" also suggested on the facebook group that Rocha will play Bateman in a #1 contender match, Erwin will play Collins in a #1 contender match and Oyama will play a 3-0 rookie in a #1 contender match.
  5. Free Agency: The free agency period is now open. SWAG have chosen not to drop or sign anyone and Korruption currently have an exclusive window to sign players on the free agency list. Updates will be on Kristian's twitter throughout the week.
  6. Free4all Contest: Take part in the subreddit's free4all contest for a cash prize! Click HERE.
Upcoming Week: We've got three singles matches this week. On Wednesday (Monday for 5+ patrons), Jessica Schloth (The Den) faces off against Beth May(The Mercs), Jacoby Bancroft (The Stars) plays Jacob Blunden (Korruption) on Thursday and on Friday JTE (The Exchange) makes his return against Ben Goddard (The Den). In this week FCL card, Late to the Party returns as Vanessa plays Tom Chatalbash and Robert plays against Collins' first opponent Andres Gallego. This Saturday we also have the Free4all! 40 competitors, five from each faction.
Let me know if I forgot anything below!
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2021.04.18 16:15 childofgoose2 racism

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2021.04.18 16:15 MizarStellar Follow-up. Applets that worked for years still erratically stop functioning now.

This is a follow up to my previous post <https://www.reddit.com/ifttt/comments/mszmmd/applets_webbhooks_that_worked_fine_for_a_year_and/> where I outlined the issue that I'm facing. What I see when I run a check: http://prntscr.com/11n9rbh
What I see when an applet attempts to run: http://prntscr.com/11n9u7j
Reconnecting my services only temporarily fixed the solution it seemed. I wake up today and all of my applets are no longer functioning again. I don't know. What's going on? Does anyone have any idea of what's going on with IFTTT? Am I the only one having this issue? Any response at all would be GREATLY appreciated, because at this point I'm contemplating canceling my subscription and dropping the service if it no longer functions for the purpose I desire it to. I want to keep using it but like, if it doesn't work it doesn't work.
But I need some kind of confirmation on whether or not it works or doesn't.
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2021.04.18 16:15 Pooh5821 Ankimo is still here

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