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Video Game-y?

2021.04.15 15:59 rmcandrew Video Game-y?

I’m a huge fan of Foundry and there’s so much cool interactive graphical mods being added. But I’m wondering whether, at some point, it becomes to video game-y for me? I like having a fog of war map to explore. That’s a huge upgrade over tabletop RPGs. But I don’t think I need graphical spell effects etc. I know I don’t have to install those mods and I’m not criticizing those that enjoy graphical immersion. It does look cool. Maybe I’m just too old school and I want to keep my Baldurs Gate separate from my RPGs.
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2021.04.15 15:59 kskxjenxuskksjxnenxj With a show of hands who’d fuck her

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2021.04.15 15:59 Kallisto_2020 Today it is real a good "mail day"!

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2021.04.15 15:59 Ortoziye 🇺🇸🇷🇺 Заявления американской администрации по санкциям против РФ

▪️США рассчитывают, что санкции по долгу скажутся на росте ВВП России, инфляции, рынке в целом и могут вынудить тратить резервы.
▪️США готовы вводить дальнейшие существенные долгосрочные санкции против РФ в случае продолжения ее недружественных шагов.
▪️США оставляют за собой право ответить на российский ответ на санкции, но надеются на деэскалацию напряжённости.
▪️США считают жизненно важным саммит Путина и Байдена в ближайшие месяцы для остановки эскалации напряженности.
▪️Санкции США по долгу РФ вступят в силу 14 июня.
🇦🇫 Россия предлагала талибам провести атаки на американских военных, с «низкой или средней» уверенностью считает разведка США.
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2021.04.15 15:59 kbrlx Has anyone developed floaters at a young age for no reason?

Anyone who suddenly produces floaters while healthy, ie without any serious chronic illnesses (such as diabetes or blood pressure) without accident?
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2021.04.15 15:59 ceok People who believe Daunte Wright was murdered: how do you know it wasn’t an accident?

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2021.04.15 15:59 TweetArchiveBot Bernie Sanders: LIVE: Some very powerful special interests tell us the cost of combatting climate change is just too expensive. Compared to what? We're holding a Budget Committee hearing NOW on the cost of inaction on climate change.

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2021.04.15 15:59 DenOfDeals FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint in Assorted Colors (2 oz), 2900, Cardinal Red — 💲 $1.37 (79% off) 💲 [D70] [LOW]

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2021.04.15 15:59 Hoping_toheal84 Prayers please beautiful pps!! Much love xx

Please pray for me to be able to discern the best course of action with my health in order for me to well again. Please pray for mine and others healing to bring glory to God
Please pray for Pam to continue to make a good recovery from her kidney transplant.
Please pray for Frank to have a safe and successful operation on his cancer this weekend.
Please pray for A who is about to undergo radiotherapy - for it to minimally painful and for the treatment to be successful 🙏🏻
Please pray for P to feel much better and fully well again after his health scare
Please pray for Michelle to get an appointment soon to help her with her GI issues
Please pray for all those on Reddit who are suffering physically and mentally right now with sibo, endemetriosis, colon cancer, h pylori or other health issues and for all those who are pregnant to have a healthy and safe pregnancy 🙏🏻
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2021.04.15 15:59 bsfett2213 Dammit Charles

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2021.04.15 15:59 Holy_Truffles Help please, fan leaves are starting to yellow

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2021.04.15 15:59 ShadowFlare2121 hey could someone recreate this please?

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2021.04.15 15:59 VikingOy CS Advanced Settings ---> Docker Compose

CS Advanced Settings ---> Docker Compose Hi All,
I haven't been able to find any QNAP documentation on the YAML compose details specific to QNAP. For instance - what would the YAML syntax be to achieve this CS setting:
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2021.04.15 15:59 lookglen Anyone heard anything about the dates for Cabo 70.3 2021?

Ironman still has it posted as 2021 TBD. I’m wondering if this is looking like a December race or pushed to 2022? Indian Wells is a race of like to do in December but I’m hesitant to sign up for it if Cabo happens.
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2021.04.15 15:59 TerribleCamel Commercial Insurance Broker Sales Tools

I am a commercial insurance producer about 5 years in to the role. I recognize it is a rather outdated industry and is way behind the 8 ball in technology. (Many payroll companies are using far superior tech to make their B2B sales lives much easier.
Just wondering what technology platforms you find the most valuable for lead generation. Currently utilizing zoom info but looking for more ideas.
Thanks much appreciated
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2021.04.15 15:59 realdrslm Matto Lookin Fresh

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2021.04.15 15:59 werewolfjp Everyone says that vision is too strong so why the fake he doesnt do anything in any fight?

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2021.04.15 15:59 Cutecat42 Why are none of my messages sending all of a sudden?

I updated the app, used the website...nothing. All I can think is I might have been flagged for review because a scammer wanted my login info to pay my bills so I gave them fake info with the pw being like 'fuucckyoou'. Though, the PoF FAQ says if I'm flagged for review, I'll lose access to all features, and I just joined a random live and was able to chat just fine.
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2021.04.15 15:59 ajzaza Why do you think there is not a train line? - Shouldn't we support a campaign for them to return to reduce traffic jams?

Almost every country has at least a kind of train. Even in many African countries there are many fast trains beginning to be built now.
But there seems to be nothing to even plan for a new one still in 2021? I just saw reports in MTV where they say they will plan them but that was 5 years ago.
Why do you think there is still not any trainlines since the 1990s? Shouldn't we support a campaign for them to return to reduce traffic? Wouldn't it also improve tourism and internal movement in Lebanon?
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2021.04.15 15:59 _Bloodyraven [Fan fic] The last walk -- Spoilers for Bloodline.

Hey all,
I just wanted to write something to fill the void. I wrote this fan fiction purely to have fun. It is rough and not everything is formatted as one would find in a book. Also this contains heavy spoilers for Bloodline. Please leave if you haven't finished the book and this story takes place right at the end.
Now that is out of the way. Here is my version of how the First Elder and Patriarch of the Wei clan faced their death. Let me know your thoughts.
The Last Walk “I said walk”, commanded Wei Shi Lindon. Something inside the First Elder told him to move. Unknowingly he moved to Patriarch Sairus’ side, hauled his crumpled body by the neck, and started walking west. A part of his mind told him to stop walking but he couldn’t. He felt like a puppet. As he walked, he saw many Wei clan looking strangely at him. Some followed but abandoned immediately as the earth shook. “How must he seem to them?”, wondered Wei Nessuno. Everybody had called him the First Elder for so long that he sometimes forgot his own name.
Sweat dribbled on his white beard as he found the Patriarch difficult with each step as the ground shook continuously. The Elders had been sure this was a plot from the Kazan clan. They had tried something like this only eight years ago. There were thunder, storms, and wind involved at the time. They thought nothing of it until they saw a few outer posts taken control by the Kazan. Wei Nessuno took the invasion personally. It was his job to prevent outside threats. Wei Nessuno led that charge and took control of the areas easily with its might. The Kazans had been cautious ever since. “Bold of them to try now.”
Then there was the last seven-year festival and the shame of Heaven’s Glory. Not many knew the finer details but Wei Nessuno suspected that Heaven’s Glory lost quite a lot of force to a girl who was a disciple to someone called the Sword Sage and the unsouled Wei Shi Lindon. Initially, he doubted the news to be true. “How can a disciple best so many irons and jades?” In his experience, Heaven’s Glory Elders were not only skilled in their paths but dangerous too. Even him the First Elder of the Wei clan would hesitate to go against any school Elders.
“And what is a Sage? Is that a special title or advancement?” Wei Nessuno knew that the path ended at Gold when the body and spirit became one. He had never heard of the term “Sage”. He perfected his Foxdream and Foxmirror techniques through years of diligence. Only a true master of at least two techniques could be considered as an Elder in his eyes.
His bruised mind and body started to ache and he returned from his reverie. He still dragged the Patriarch. The Patriarch screamed with pain as the earth rumbled continuously. Wei Nessuno’s aura sight showed him that everything was gold all around. The boy had done something to the aura. He was sure of it. Then he scanned the Patriarch. The unsouled Wei Shi Lindon had shattered his core completely. “No, he is no Wei clan.” He used that technique in the last seven-year festival. Wei Nessuno thought the palm technique worked because the boy cheated and caught the opponents unaware. “He must have practised the technique outside in the wilds.”
Anybody could learn techniques; even unsouled. When the boy showed his Foxdream technique to all the Elders in the hall, even he was impressed. A truly remarkable feat for an unsouled who had somehow advanced to Jade but still wore the Unsouled badge as if it was a mark of pride. That made everything clear to them - Shi Lindon had come for revenge and was using the Kazan clan for these plans. The Wei clan had a secret motto - ‘To resist with all might’.
Wei Mon Teris shared with them how the girl with red eyes and crimson sword arms had faltered upon crossing the boundary field. So, a plan arose and they were ready. A great plan always started with a good con. They were the masters of the Path of White Fox. The word con is part of their path. Lindon wouldn’t know it was coming. ‘Sometimes it is necessary to cut rotten branch to preserve the tree.’ A pup wouldn’t deceive the great Wei clan.
The plan started perfectly — Heaven’s Glory came with help and the clan worked as instructed. No one could break the boundary field made with Goldsteel. Then, Lindon was upon them. He used some rudimentary White Fox techniques to con the less skilled. Wei Nessuno could see the boy was tired. Sure of their victory, he and the Patriarch relaxed. “You have never seen the true Path of the White Fox.” said the First Elder to Lindon as he shook out his sleeves and prepared his ruler technique.
A will not his own continued to move him. He felt weak. Slowly he got his control back. Everywhere he looked it was gold. He stopped walking. Looking back he had perhaps walked for more than five miles west. He was about to reach the Kazan territory. Then he saw the giant’s face. It was massive just like how Lindon had shown them. It looked real somehow. “But it can’t be. It is just another illusion.” In the whole Wei clan, only Wei Nessuno knew about Sacred Valley most. He had lived in this valley for eighty years. He had never even heard of such giant Dreadbeasts. It moved and the earth shook violently. Wei Nessuno struggled with his footing.
“Perhaps it is not an illusion.” reconsidered the First Elder.
“Did the Wei clan treat the boy so badly to bring such wrath on them?”
“No, the boy had told them to evacuate. Maybe he wasn't lying at all.”
Fear took hold of him and he ran the way he came. As a giant foot loomed over him, he wondered “if they should’ve listened to Lindon after all”.
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2021.04.15 15:59 Forbesplate Loves hurts ... I’ve been there many times

I have been hurt so many times in life and at this point I think relationships isn’t for me ... last week I cut my ex boyfriend having sex with a girl he introduced to me as he’s cousin in my house on my bed .. it’s was the most painful moment of my life.. when he made me fell like all was well little did I know that he was cheating on me and I was faithful all this time. Well I told him it’s over.. I don’t know what to do anymore each time I give my heart to love it’s gets hurt.. Should I just stop.. how do I know a guy that loves me for me and not for my beauty or money..
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2021.04.15 15:59 SBattleBot Cardi B or Nicki Minaj

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2021.04.15 15:59 nickoskal024 What can i do with tomato sauce I don't want to eat?

I accidentally bought and opened a tin can that contained chopped tomatoes with garlic, the latter of which I dislike. What can I do with it, i dont want to just pour it down the sink..
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2021.04.15 15:59 Hyrex8301 [XBOX] [H] Nice Snacks [W] Creds

Bundle Or Price Listed Below
Octane: Lone Wolf | Total 68,250 | Bundle: 41,000
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Fallen Angel Banners | Total: 23,000 | Bundle: 11,500
Fallen Angel Banners (x230) 100
Phoenix Wings III | Total: 1,500 | Bundle: 1,200
Phoenix Wings III Striker (x3) 500
Butterflies | Total: 14,650 | Bundle: 12,600
Butterflies 1800
Butterflies Acrobat (x2) 2050
Butterflies Playmaker 2050
Butterflies Scorer 2600
Butterflies Sniper 2050
Butterflies Turtle 2050
Hot Rocks | Total: 5,870 | Bundle: 4,700
Hot Rocks (Non Crate | Cant Trade Up) (x63) 60
Hot Rocks (Golden Gift 20) (x9) 50
Hot Rocks (Accelerator Series) (x3) 80
Hot Rocks (Golden Pumpkin 19) (x2) 50
Hot Rocks Paragon (Golden Gift 20) (x2) 60
Hot Rocks Guardian (Golden Gift 20) (x2) 60
Hot Rocks Goalkeeper (Golden Gift 20) (x2) 60
Hot Rocks Goalkeeper (Golden Pumpkin 19) 60
Hot Rocks Acrobat (Golden Gift 20) 60
Hot Rocks Playmaker (Golden Gift 20) (x2) 60
Hot Rocks Scorer (Golden Pumpkin 19) 80
Hot Rocks Scorer (Golden Gift 20) 80
Hot Rocks Striker (Golden Gift 20) 100
Hot Rocks Sweeper (Golden Gift 20) 80
Hot Rocks Turtle (Accelerator Series) 90
Hot Rocks Turtle (Golden Gift 20) 60
Hot Rocks Victor (Accelerator Series) 90
Reaper Wheels | Total: 13,800 | Bundle: 9,300
Purple Juggler (Golden Lantern 19) 120
Bs Striker (Golden Lantern 19) 100
Black (All Have Different Crates And Some Certs) (x28) 400
Tw (Impact Series) 1000 (x2)
Fg (PCC) 250
Sb (Impact Series) 130
Let Me Know If You Disagree With Any Of My Prices! Thanks!
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2021.04.15 15:59 Suzzerain Mountainside Vista by David Frasheski

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