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2021.04.15 14:54 619Dan Scarlet Vas

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2021.04.15 14:54 Severe_Explanation_8 Microbe ID?

I know this would be easier to ID when magnified, but does anyone have any clues as to what this is? Its growing in Tryptic Soy Agar and has been incubated at 36C. I've been looking more generally at CFUs but this is different than what I've seen on other plates involved in this project. Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
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2021.04.15 14:54 Big_Excuse9510 Any tips for making friends as an incoming freshman? I can’t find a roommate and it feels like such a strenuous process

Title. I feel like I’m a little late to this? Everybody seems to have a roommate/ know people already.
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2021.04.15 14:54 vanderstrom Pale thighs and almonds

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2021.04.15 14:54 deckard222 Ellyn Jade [irtr]

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2021.04.15 14:54 Banjobeans92 Have To Wake Up Bats

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2021.04.15 14:54 zoanemesis High end PC vs Xbox Series X which performs better?

So I've always been a console gamer. I just bought a pc after doing months of research and I'm wondering if it would beat the new Xbox Series X performance wise.
My specs are as follows
Alienware R11
CPU: i7-10700KF
GPU: RTX 3080
RAM: 32gb 3200mhz
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2021.04.15 14:54 PlanAHealthcare A true honour and heartfelt moment; Daughter gives dad his first vaccine dose in Cambridge

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2021.04.15 14:54 Sentient-Sock What “myth” do people still believe in even though there is more than enough proof to disprove it?

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2021.04.15 14:54 floheh Cursed Statue

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2021.04.15 14:54 moneyshouters Incinerators Industry Size 2019, Market Opportunities, Share Analysis up to 2026

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2021.04.15 14:54 isyahboiuhskinnip “encourage professors ‘to be flexible’ with grading and assignments” ,, very nice thank you

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I need Congles for my Zynth farm, but the game says: no, take another Reebro.
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2021.04.15 14:54 Rl_56 JOIN THE DBGL

Welcome to the DBGL D iscord B asketball GM L eague
Features include -create your player with the most in-depth CAP creator of any league
-take control of any of the open 20 teams as a GM
-league economy
-go to college and either declare in your junior year or go all the way and see your draft stock rise
If you create a player now you will be immediately put into college and drafted next draft cycle. And if you become a GM now you'll take control of a team immediately
Join the DBGL today https://discord.gg/sxt5rvPhnA
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2021.04.15 14:54 khaasadmi Northeast Delhi riots: Court grants bail to former JNU student Umar Khalid

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2021.04.15 14:54 LamentedLife it's an issue, okay?

it's an issue, okay?
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2021.04.15 14:54 Pedandick Présentation et essai du Match Grand Power X-Calibur à canon rotatif

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2021.04.15 14:54 LookinGoodForOldGill Recommended Shampoo for Active Aussies

Thought I’d ask here... Do you have any recommendations for shampoo for a tri colored (mostly black, but some white areas) australian shepherd with a wavy coat.
This would be a working dog, getting muddy frequently, avoiding tangles in the undercoat. He’s just a puppy now, but for when he gets older, I’d like to have a good grooming plan in place. I’ve got a rake, pin brush/bristle brush, shedding brush, slick, and comb, but as far as shampoo, conditioner, any detangling spray, really looking for a bunch of recommendations to try out.
The objective would be to have his coat tangle free and clean for indoors (I have a little child at home and I’d like him to be groomed regularly to keep the house and little hands clean). Any advice regarding grooming in general absolutely welcome too!
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2021.04.15 14:54 Exore13 [Help] Open links in other broser

I have a multi browser setup, and I've set up all my media and spotify on OperaGX, while using Firefox and Opera as my main browsers. Having the things separated work better for me.
Is there a way to open the links recived on an OperaGX chat in another browser, like Firefox?
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2021.04.15 14:54 Samuel-Alexis- The moonshot of the year!

If I were you I wouldnt want to miss this crypto project. With a development team of fifty members strong this is sure to fly high. The whole point if the project is to establish a platform where individuals can create, manage, fund and exchange their ideas. A person would be able to do this with zero programming knowledge aswell. Another addition to their platform is the education system. They aim to educate the world about crypto, assuring the future will be ready for this booming digital economy. I introduce you to student coin. With a development team that is fully transparent, involved, and friendly! Having a transparent team on a project like this is incredibly important, its just another way to ensure the project is real. With a community of over 16k members, this coin will surely moonshot in the coming months. Although these type of things are never a gurantee, i feel really good about it lmao.
I suggest you atleast check it out!
Website here
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2021.04.15 14:54 Cheesyman7269 Which one is the worst?

Let vote
View Poll
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2021.04.15 14:54 NivJizzet Cbt is one of the best bands

The band gets unncessary hate, just look at them. Literary geniuses. The lyrics they write are on par with some of the 80s bands. Quality songs like enema bulldozer
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2021.04.15 14:54 Akuanix A re-explanation

Not too long ago made a post asking what was the point of making this community, but it a mod v e r y a n g r y. So time to be a little professional here.
Do any of you here hate the entirety of the anti-gacha community? I know some and some specifically (looking at you u/YoshinovaR) who think either all of them either promote violence against children or think they all harass gachas for the amusement, which is no surprise considering that's what most people assume all anti-gachas do for a living.
And sometimes that's unfortunately true, it's sad to see how the bad outweighs massively the good in the community in which the good doesn't do the things I mentioned. Some of them actually have some sort of decency.
but I am assuming the reason this subreddit was created because the owners most likely looked at the community and thought they're just miserable kids in which the only thing they do is insult gachas and go after them publicly like a idiot on social media. Especially because of those repost and a gacha kid has their eyes gouged or something like that.
Which like I said, there's no problem with thinking that way because the good side of the anti-gachas is pretty much very much smaller compared to the considered "good side" of gacha.
But my main question is: Have you ever looked a anti-gacha differently? Because with the claim in the subreddit's description that "we respect anyone's opinion but we will do something about it if it goes too far." I'm really curious too know.
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2021.04.15 14:54 Francesco-08 Nex....... BONK

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2021.04.15 14:54 khaasadmi Bombay HC asks state, temples to find solution on flood delivery for Ayambil Oli

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