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Are citadel miniatures any different in China?

2021.04.18 16:18 FfiveBarkod Are citadel miniatures any different in China?

Surfing across GW website I noticed that some starter sets have different versions for different countries. Like sets with everything translated to german, russian etc. As far as I know, films and videogames are being heavily censured in China, and violent elements like depictions of dead bodies, bones or gore are not allowed (at least in videogames). Warhammer setting has a lot of stuff like that, so I wonder, are models for chinese market any different? China is obviously a huge market but I think it would be very expensive to produce 2 versions of the model
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2021.04.18 16:18 tikop39 Retour du lycée détendu

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2021.04.18 16:18 RobTheMost Let go ahead and put this into context...ONLY 5 billion Doge per year??!!?

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2021.04.18 16:18 L00MWeaver litt treig aprilsnar i år fra meg

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2021.04.18 16:18 StephenShreds I Put A MASSIVE Battery In My VAN! #vanlife

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2021.04.18 16:18 engineerforthefuture Solid matte black spinner

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2021.04.18 16:18 Dog_in_Hat 22 CANADA looking for friends DM me and we can ask questions about eachother

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2021.04.18 16:18 summonerluuk Heyy, that's pretty good!

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2021.04.18 16:18 Vegetapple Movies are still not on the web version. 😕

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2021.04.18 16:18 InternationalBad7388 SAFEMOON

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2021.04.18 16:18 Colourfull_Space Who is the strongest in pure brute strength?

And no, Mjölnir doesn’t count as pure strength, at least in my question. So basically I’m asking about who’s the physically strongest, not most powerful, not "most op attack", just physical strength. As for now, I can’t decide between Zeus (Adamas) and Raiden, since both have to somewhat control their muscles to maintain their power. Adam could maybe also be somewhere near, but only by copying their power.
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2021.04.18 16:18 TurntUpTurtles Yachiru strikes fear into the hearts of Squad 11

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2021.04.18 16:18 Saarthak2012 Hi, I'm selling the 2020 Alevel OCR A Bio and Chem Q papers, and the 2019 Alevel OCR A Bio and Chem Q papers with the answers. Im also selling the 2020 Edexcel Maths papers. DM on chat if youre interested!

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2021.04.18 16:18 BrandNewLogicVL If you're a fan of Juice WRLD you should check out The Kid Laroi

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2021.04.18 16:18 althaus80 There is always a class clown!

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2021.04.18 16:18 paulrudder Does anyone know of a way to darken a bright spot on a jute rug? I used OxiClean on cat vomit and it brightened the fibers.

Guess I should have done a bit more research before using an OxiClean based pet stain remover, but I've never had color fastness issues with other carpets in the past.
Unfortunately I guess the natural fibers in this jute rug were stripped of their color a bit. It doesn't look completely awful, but I think you can definitely see the circle where I applied it.
Anyone know if there's a way I could re-darken it so it at least blends in a little more with the rest of the rug? Are there oils I could maybe apply that would cause it to darken?
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2021.04.18 16:18 grateful__human DLC

Are we going to get DLC content similar to Odyssey? I mean the Legacy of the First Blade and the Fate of Atlantis were long with awesome story lines. If there’s not something similar for this game then it will never hold a candle to Odyssey as a whole
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2021.04.18 16:18 Dreamsong_Druid Reviews on Faber-Castell Fountain pen, E-motion Pure series Silver

I'm about to finish a program that I've been taking for some Professional Dev and to celebrate I am going to treat myself to a new pen. I've been thinking about the Faber-Castell Fountain pen, E-motion Pure series Silver as I hear that it's heavy (I like heavier, large pens) and I like the look of it. I'd love to hear what people have to say about it, or others like it. I mainly have TWISBI's, LAMYs and Kaweco pens right now. Looking to try a different brand.
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2021.04.18 16:18 rymarre debo moment

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2021.04.18 16:18 summerclar What to ask surgeon before DJS surgery

Hi!! I am finally going to have my DJS in May after postponing it last year due to the pandemic . It still feels so surreal to me but I am meeting my surgeon tomorrow to plan how he is going to move my jaw so I was thinking what kind of questions should I be asking him? So that I can prepare myself for the surgery as well as know what to expect afterwards!
Thank you in advance and just wanted to say everyone’s posts have been super helpful!! :)
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2021.04.18 16:18 AG_spektrum [US-GA] [H] Silver UTD 360c (built) w/ FEMO connector, OG Cherry SAD (ISO) Dyesubs, GMK Bleached + Spacebars + RAMA X/O Bundle [W] RAMA M6-C RWxRW or M6-C in Kuro colorway, Paypal

Hey mechmarket dwellers!
Looking to trade or sell the items below. My wishlist of items I am looking to trade for are at the bottom of the post.
The prices below include paypal and shipping fees if located in the US. Additional shipping charges will be required if shipping internationally.
When sending a PM, please include your location in the initial message!
UTD 360c WKL TKL - Silver colorway - Complete Build https://imgur.com/a/2EAB69b/

GMK Bleached + Spacebars + RAMA X/O Bundle https://imgur.com/a/6rsKipK
OG Cherry SAD (ISO) Dyesubs (has defects) https://imgur.com/a/Lxx0m3h

Here are my wishlist items I am interested in trading for or willing to purchase without trade (I will offer high $$$!):

Please do not send messages via chat and comment below before sending a private message. Thanks!
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2021.04.18 16:18 theconfusedkid47 This sub still alive?

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2021.04.18 16:18 GoldenFeonix Rita Ora

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2021.04.18 16:18 SquidwardTestic1es 12 Team PPR

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2021.04.18 16:18 GuitarEvil A thought on Late Night Chicago!

Whenever there was a major operation being planned in the Pentagon back in the day, reporters actually tracked a large increase in Domino Pizza deliveries that indicated an OP was underway. http://home.xnet.com/~warinnepizzacites.html

Frank Meeks, owner of 43 Domino's shops in the D.C. area told the AP that during the week before the war started, late-night deliveries to the Pentagon increased from three to 101. Between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. on the eve of the conflict, 55 pizzas went to the White House, breaking all records.
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