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2021.04.18 14:42 Hattimus1856 First / Third Person Shooter Help

Hi guys,
I want to make a First / Third Person shooter. I've attempted it a few times but always reach the same problem of the animations either looking weird or not fitting for one or other perspective (either it looks good in third person but doesn't fit with first or fits with first and look odd in third).
My ideal solution would be to have one Animation set and just have it look good for both perspectives (Kinda like Arma 3, they just have one animation set and move the camera perspective (I've tried this and the animation I have just don't line up or work) )
If anyone knows of an animation pack or tutorial or method that could fix my issue and get the results I'm looking for that would be awesome.
Please don't just post a tutorial of some guy using two camera and switching between them. I've seen them before and they are not helpful.
Many Thanks!
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2021.04.18 14:42 Automatic-Magazine75 Insta

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2021.04.18 14:42 greyyghost Comfy Sunday ☺️

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2021.04.18 14:42 RichardTheNotSoGreat Anyone know what’s happened on chapeltown road?

Bunch of police blocking the road and big group of people on the path
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2021.04.18 14:42 CommunicationAny3358 Free cook group

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2021.04.18 14:42 dinkotv Locked out of account due to: "We had a problem sending your request. Please try again."

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue recently. Yesterday I recieved a notification that there was a new login. So just to be safe I changed my password and while I was in settings I added 2FA. Since I changed the password it logged me out of every platform. I confirmed my phone number and now it won't let me login to my account. I just recieve "We had a problem sending your request. Please try again"
I need twitter for my job and the account has all my industry contacts I've worked for years to collect. I would really appreciate if anyone has any solutions.
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2021.04.18 14:42 wicked_skeng_man She likes playing fetch today! ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️

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2021.04.18 14:42 SwarmPlayer "Triple" rare Voldrak's Crusher

I just dropped a Barbaric Voldrak's Crusher of Fervor... in spite of the mixed ability bonuses (Soldier, Oathkeeper, Shaman), it looks prety powerful (+540% phys, +522% internal trauma, +30% atk speed etc.)
Would you care to suggest a Warlord or Warder build I can tweak and build around it?
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2021.04.18 14:42 evaldez14 Soros-Backed DA's Increasingly Under Fire For Soft-On-Crime Policies

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2021.04.18 14:42 Zeeman101 Maggie Mae enjoying the view at the Great Falls.

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2021.04.18 14:42 antten 断酒75日目ブログを更新しました

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2021.04.18 14:42 TitoValenHD Anyone can help me to get DC multiverse red hood?

Hey, I want the mcfarlane red hood single release, but in my country, Spain, it disappeared totally, I really want to have the single release, because I don't like the red nightwing. Any Spanish or European can help me?
PD: If anybody know any European Web that have stock of it, maybe I will be able to buy online, without paying customs and an eye for the shipping
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2021.04.18 14:42 Boo_is_dead [FT] All sanrio sets [LF] Pagodas

Looking for 3 pagodas
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2021.04.18 14:42 Lemony4 Just vacuumed and my boy was like "hang on let me get it back to how I like it real quick"

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2021.04.18 14:42 sefn19 Vettel has a 10 second stop-go penalty for not fitting the tires 5 minutes before the race start

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2021.04.18 14:42 jordiwmata Men & women: Magnitude of differences, small, fluctuated somewhat as a function of the psychological domain (cognitive variables, social & personality variables, well-being), but was largely constant across age, culture, & generations

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2021.04.18 14:42 Fatima_35 Le vert (du décor) c'est très bien mais puis-je suggérer un vert moins criard ? Il est un peu agressif celui-là non ?

Il faudrait une couleur plus foncée , plus apaisante pour la vue . Un vert comme celui en haut à droite sur mon profil par exemple :
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2021.04.18 14:42 da_doll89 This is what’s showing up for 2nd draw

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2021.04.18 14:42 Rocky-1976 Supplement to boost testosterone

Hey guys im 17 , i've been taking ashwagandha for almost a month now , i definitely feel more happier and have more energy but i dont know if that's because of my good diet and daily exercise or because of ashwagandha .
I saw a video of a guy explaining really well the side effects of ashwagandha , which i'm not too smart to understand
but i was wondering if there's any other supplement like ashwagandha that boosts testosterone and makes your mod better?
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2021.04.18 14:42 __ineedhelpasap__ How do I (16F) make more friends and talk more with them?

So, I recently shifted to a new state and that means I have to make new friends at my new school. Since we had online classes at the beginning, I didn't particularly care about interacting with new people and being active during classes (I don't like to do it; it makes me anxious). During one class, the teacher randomly picked me and asked me to talk about myself, and I did so. Later, one girl texted me through Whatsapp, and started chatting with me. She had seen me talk about where I'm from, and she told me that she had lived there for a long time too. We bonded on this fact, and later on we started texting more often.
When offline classes began, I was so nervous to see her, but she came to me and began talking a little. Slowly, we became good friends. We hang out all the time at school, sit with each other during classes and lunch, all that. Some girls even started joking that we two were secretly lesbians, which we just awkwardly shrugged off.
Well, now I literally don't hang out with anyone except her. And she has already made two more friends. I did manage to talk to other girls too, but for some reason I'm not able to freely talk to them. I just run out of things to talk about, and I just stay silent until they initiate the conversation.
The problem is, my friend's moving to another state after this academic year is over (about a month from now). Next year, I won't have anyone to hang out with. And yeah, I could stay on my own, but the girls I've talked to so far might start calling me to hang out with them because they feel sorry for me, and then I'll just be silent and shadowing them while the rest of them have their fun.
Another issue is that everyone here speaks a different language. My friend knows the language, and so she was able to make the friends she's made. I, on the other hand, am completely clueless. The girls in my class see me as the 'exotic outsider'. They try to include me on jokes and all, but I can see that they don't particularly like my reactions to them because a translated joke is worse than the original one, and by the time I get to know the joke, everyone's already moved on. Same thing goes for conversations. Most girls, especially the ones I casually talk to, can speak English, but there is still that tiny, invisible barrier.
Another thing that's probably not a huge issue: I'm the 'topper' (getting highest grades in all subjects in a class). I get good grades (gifted children with mental issues, what's up). Therefore, some girls come to me for help in subjects, some girls like to say 'you're the topper right,' for whatever reason, some don't know my name, but know that I'm the topper. Most girls like to mention it to the point that I can sorta sense they're jealous (please trust me, I'd rather get mediocre grades than higher ones because the higher you get, the more expectation falls on you to maintain those high grades).
So, how do I talk more freely with people and hopefully make some friends before my only friend leaves?
Oh, btw, the reason I mention only girls is because I'm at an all girls school.
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2021.04.18 14:42 everest_staking Novellia: A Gaming Platform Proposal

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2021.04.18 14:42 calmkat I just watched the "woke segregation" video, and there's something really important to remember about all online communities like the left.

It's called the 90-9-1 rule. Whether its a subreddit, Youtube, or a political party, 1% of a community are the "content creators" or "leaders". People who moderate, run for office, etc. are just 1% of most communities. 10% are the "supporters". Posters, donators, people that show up to the rallies, etc. And 90% are "lurkers", those who take the label or sub to the community, maybe leave a comment or 2.
Given this, saying, "the only real leftists are the ones who do praxis" cuts out 90% of people who would join our movement. I'd have hoped irishladdie would have brought this rule up because it just evicerates that point, maybe because he didn't know it idk.
My point is, if we cut out people who "just use the label," we cut out 9/10ths of the left, and that's a recipe for irrelevance.
Source: https://stangarfield.medium.com/90-9-1-rule-of-thumb-fact-or-fiction-2377c12f3a79
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2021.04.18 14:42 Dutyman62 TNO-style capitulation messages.

Something that I like to think of every now and then are capitulation messages for when a country surrenders. While I can think of a few, I am curious to see what this community can think of.
So here we go:
Equestria: The magic of friendship could no longer save them.
Stalliongrad: The great socialist experiment on Equus has failed.
Greater Equestrian Union: The world sighs in relief as Dark Wing's abomination falls.
Kingdom of Olenia: And so the deer scatter, doomed to be nourishment for the Changelings.
Changeling Lands: The Queens efforts were for nothing.
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2021.04.18 14:42 Skydivinggenius Defending Joe Biden to the Right

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2021.04.18 14:42 ZornAllein What's your content?

This title is extremely generic. What I mean is, is your content creating a fantasy? Like are you a different person? Or is it sexual and horny stuff only? How much of yourself goes into your content and how does it show?
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