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2021.04.15 16:04 ThatchAttack20 Rangers MiC

Anyone know where to find any Rangers MiC? Also I usually wear size 50 Indo, what’s the best size for MiC?
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2021.04.15 16:04 Barren-Sceptor Is a tier two powerful engram a +1 if you are above 1300?

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2021.04.15 16:04 ai_jobs [Hiring] Senior Data Analyst

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2021.04.15 16:04 pgbm0204 I assume with 7 or 8 Fierce Headband ++ you could go for 5 99 stats

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2021.04.15 16:04 Mango2912 Bad experiences

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2021.04.15 16:04 Legal_Penalty_4741 Mega gengar need 5 ready to go, pls show online

3816 5139 2631
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2021.04.15 16:04 andreassmiller My simple MacBook Air M1 Setup

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2021.04.15 16:04 MaxMatt1 So instead of giving us a sequel to the game, which we want!! They’re just gonna port the game over to PC?

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2021.04.15 16:04 kvnolowach Seek out a job in non-profits or pursue a Ph.D.? (Looking for some perspective)

Hi all.
I'm hoping to pick the brains of anyone who has experience working (or hiring) in the non-profit sector.
Right now I'm unemployed, but I recently did some contract work for a non-profit in my area, and I really appreciated the working style and values of the organization. It was such a far cry from what I'm used to, and for the first time I thought, "I'm home." This job involved developing educational material for newcomers and refugees.
However, I have also been accepted into a Ph.D. program beginning next fall. I like the program, and I like the school, but my ultimate goal with the Ph.D. was to move into a career in non-profits anyway, and at least get some interesting schooling along the way. (Fwiw, my university has been clear about the fact that the majority of Ph.D. students will not get academic jobs, and that a Ph.D. should not be considered a key to any profession.)
So, I need a little perspective. Please help me decide whether I should put most of my energy into finding a non-profit job, or if I should just bounce around until I start school again in September. Likewise, if anyone can suggest a niche, specialization, or credential program I might pursue to make myself more employable, please do!
Here is a summary of me:
> Master's degree in English.
> Several years' experience in communications-related roles. (I've worked for a university, the government, and as a freelancer, and I'm competent with comms/PR work even though I'm not trained to do it.)
> I actually have some reputation as a novelist. I don't know if this is relevant, but it does mean that employers can Google me and find my book very easily, and I'm never quite sure how this reflects on me because a lot of reviewers have said things like "Whoa! Emotionally intense!!!"
> I have been extremely passionate about social issues my whole life, and I take my values seriously. I know that I would be most fulfilled working for a greater good, even if it means taking a pay cut. In fact, I like the grind as long as its for something I believe in. I have a very hard time staying motivated in a private, corporate, or for-profit environment.
> I am not profit-driven. I aim for security, consistency, and fulfillment.
> I don't have lots of experience volunteering for non-profits; however, I did spend several years volunteering on organic farms and community projects abroad, which is why I'm comfortable working with people from other cultures.
> I'm Canadian and live in Canada.
> I'm 28 years old.
Tldr: Is there work in non-profits for a relatively young person with an M.A. and diverse communications experience? Or should I pursue a Ph.D. even though it does not guarantee a job or stability?
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2021.04.15 16:04 HerSeyeRezAlanAdam SJW ne anlama gelir?

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2021.04.15 16:04 CoolCovesViego Cross Game Discussion: "Which is more toxic, Overwatch Vs League of Legends?"

2300 elo in OW
Bronze 3 in League of Legends

OW has following pros

OW has following cons
League of Legends has following pros
League of Legends has following cons

Feedback, will add more to layout with "Edits"
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2021.04.15 16:04 BloomHoosiers Setting Up Taxes in State of NY

Hello, we are an NP based in California with employees in PA and NY. We recently applied to pay employee tax in PA and are deciding whether to do the same for NY.
Does anyone have experience with this and/or recommendations? I see Harbor Compliance will complete the service for $1,300 however would like to do it on my own if possible. Thank you all in advance!
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2021.04.15 16:04 rswolviepool Is the Kindle Oasis likely to have any offers anytime soon? (India)

Tbh, I have no understanding of how Amazon conducts business. No updates about new releases and no clear information about sales or uniformity that everything will have a discount. I'm looking to upgrade from Paperwhite 3 to current gen Kindle Oasis, and I don't wish to wait for the next PW or O. However, I am waiting for some discount and I haven't gotten any understanding, after looking at price histories of PW and O, about it.
Does anybody have any idea about it? I'm used to Steam sales, so the whole unexpected offers situation is a little anxiety inducing for me.
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2021.04.15 16:04 skurwipizdziolix62 mimideath but it sucks

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2021.04.15 16:04 introsort [Hiring] Sr. Product Support Analyst - Careers at Nintendo of America (Nintendo)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Sr. Product Support Analyst - Careers at Nintendo of America
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2021.04.15 16:04 AntFamiliar Looking for raids invite me 2257 9774 4300

Looking for legendary raids invite me
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2021.04.15 16:04 You_Chew $20 Eq Bank Referral Code - Get $20 back on your first deposit!

Use my code to receive $20 on your first $100 deposit with Eq Bank. That's a 20% ROI. Here is my code
Thank you
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2021.04.15 16:04 roxihips Heres some jokes for you!! Love your thoughts 😂 F27

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2021.04.15 16:04 domajore7 This occurs only rarely in nature - Don't think it's snow, these are clouds

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2021.04.15 16:04 PatientModBot Cohort IDs can be collected over time to create cross-site tracking IDs

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2021.04.15 16:04 throwawayAcc16777216 Europe has surpassed one million COVID-19 deaths: WHO

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2021.04.15 16:04 Tall-Peanut4071 Io ho il potere

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2021.04.15 16:04 Armchairfighters Brandon Marshall and Jake Paul stretching

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2021.04.15 16:04 carpenterguy2 Looking for trans shemales

Looking for transsexual mtf ftm just to talk with and see what happens maybe more if possible. Let me know thanks for your time for reading
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2021.04.15 16:04 Hyogou “Boycott”

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