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Glitched album cover and audio

2021.05.06 09:59 sixfingeredconjurer Glitched album cover and audio

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2021.05.06 09:59 skerrickity CMA: I purposefully slow down in front of illegal drivers.

I ride a motorcycle and where I live we have T2 lanes - what that means is between certain hours only motorcycles, scooters, emergency services and vehicles with 2 or more passengers may use that lane.
Whenever I see someone in that lane during said hours with no passengers, I lane filter (overtake) and then slow down to 10 kmph (6mph) until they get angry and move into the non T2 lane to get past me. At which point I speed up to the speed limit again.
Note: I haven't done this when there are legitimate T2 drivers being held up due to my shenanigans.
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2021.05.06 09:59 ChiknaMoulvi can only concatenate str (not "tuple") to str

I encounter this error whenever I try to update my image in my Upload model. Here's my code.

class Upload(models.Model): user = models.OneToOneField(User, on_delete=models.CASCADE, related_name="upload") image = models.ImageField(default='default.jpg', upload_to='img/') def __str__(self): return f'{self.user.username} Uploads' @receiver(post_save, sender=User) #create upload object def create_upload(sender, instance, created, **kwargs): if created: Upload.objects.create(user=instance) @receiver(post_save, sender=User) #update upload object def save_upload(sender, instance, **kwargs): instance.upload.save() 
@login_required def art_upload_view(request): if request.method == 'POST': u_form = ArtUploadForm(request.POST, request.FILES, instance=request.user.upload) if u_form.is_valid(): u_form.save() messages.success(request, f'Your account has been updated!') return redirect('design') else: u_form = ArtUploadForm(instance=request.user.upload) context = { 'u_form': u_form } return render(request, "pages/designs.html", context) 
Any idea what could possibly be causing this?
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2021.05.06 09:59 lazza007 The definition of Dawn Phenomenon..... even with maximum basal 😫

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2021.05.06 09:59 Restaurant-Abject HELP PLEASE!

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2021.05.06 09:59 Fillerbear TL;DW "Deplatforming" (get this!)

In a nutshell? Ogreasion thinks if you want to deplatform anyone, it's because you can't stand the truth bombs that they are dropping, and those who want to deplatform someone else are liars and frauds.
He also attributes Discovery+ not interviewing him live to them wanting to silence him... because they are "terrified" of what he might say.
Discuss. Or don't, I mean, a pathological liar and a narcissist trying to make it sound like people just want to "silence" him got played out a while back.
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2021.05.06 09:59 Man_From_Latvia Latvia officially recognizes Armenian Genocide

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2021.05.06 09:59 dropnation40 can we agree that the bow is abit to strong currently

i feel like 70 damage is way to much especially how much ammo you can hold and the fire rate plus how far you can hit people easily yeah it needs a nerf to like 50 damage imo
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2021.05.06 09:59 VerifiedThiccBoi There's a Micro Wrestling event going on in my school.

Personally, I do not have dwarfism, but I love wrestling. My high-school is hosting a "Micro-Wrestling" event. Is it insensitive to go? A few of my friends say that its insensitive, as well as a few articles from little people online, comparing it to laughing at a wheelchair bound person for being in a wheelchair, but if the performers are willing and consenting, is it still insensitive? I don't want to go if it is, but again, i love wrestling. What are your opinions on the matter?
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2021.05.06 09:59 benmargery

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2021.05.06 09:59 MediocreAd4418 What to do when getting bored?

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2021.05.06 09:59 Objective_Whereas937 what anime is this from?

So, I've spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what anime this is from but I give up (please help me). The male MC loses (I forget if it's breakup or death) their significant other and is walking in the rain without an umbrella. While this is happening, the significant other's monologue is going on in the background telling him about how walking in the rain without an umbrella is refreshing and how the view after the rain clears up is beautiful. Once the monologue finishes and the rain clears up, the male MC breaks down.

please help, ty.
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2021.05.06 09:59 Danel-Rahmani I am against carbs May 06, 2021 at 10:59AM

I am against carbs, fuck them
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2021.05.06 09:59 BotDefense overview for anechoicjeweler30

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2021.05.06 09:59 vandy361 help find a good case

currently using the offic leather case, but i want to get some other case that can take a hit if needed.
any recommendations ? UAG Civilian any good ? or some spigen anternative to it.
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2021.05.06 09:59 HarleeWrites Do your best to avoid writing melodrama.

I feel that avoiding melodrama is one of the keys to writing realistic scenes that don't make us cringe. Because melodrama is often where cringe roots from.
(By melodrama, I mean overemotional reactions that read or feel over the top and unnatural.)
For an example, let's say a character just stubbed their toe. Details are important, but describing this character screeching, crying, and rolling around in immense detail like a baby...
That's too much.
No sane adult acts that way. This tow stubbing is also not really an important event, unless it is, so there's no need to show it in its full glory.
Often, the small subtleties are what's need. Stuff like body language. Instead, the character's face may tense up a little. Or maybe they shoot out a profanity or two before moving on. Perhaps they hop on one leg for a moment.
If this person is characterized as a tough guy, then they may show no reaction. Whatever you choose though, it needs to feel believable.
Try to avoid lingering in visceral physical and emotional reactions unless they are justified. Like a painful death or some horror scene.
I remember a scene from my first ever story draft four years ago that gives me writer's PTSD every time I think about it. My protagonist threw an entire wall punching, yelling tantrum over being served hotdogs by his mother because his dad who always loved hotdogs died recently. He was also 28. Please don't do this. My sister who read this reminds me about it often even now, and the pain of knowing I wrote it never gets better.
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2021.05.06 09:59 zxne18 On a new acc, need someone to carry me to get the storm king wepons, I'm aldry pwr lvl 77

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2021.05.06 09:59 Aaron_Brooks_ Calming | Relaxing Sleep Music | Relaxing Music | Fall Asleep Fast | Me...

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2021.05.06 09:59 serotonin95 Lidt lækker psytrance jeg har mixet til rejsen 😉

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2021.05.06 09:59 UpperBag6751 After seeing this shubam bhaya be like wtf!!!! Impoossible

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2021.05.06 09:59 kamikaze_reditt Mah Mafia Doge

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2021.05.06 09:59 Free_Stuff915 Braided Cable Power Strip Surge Protector | Ref*nd after Rev*ew | PP covered | Price: $22.98 | Only for USA | Interested DM me

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2021.05.06 09:59 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Post May 06, 2021 - (See post for contact info for local government and health officials and vaccine information.)

Please post any questions, tips, updates, or other info related to the vaccine here. Thanks!

Vaccine Information as of 2/15/2021:
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2021.05.06 09:59 AutoModerator Jueves de Contemplación

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