Go! $FRACTION - Sick and Tired of Huge Supply Fake Moonshots? This token only has a total supply of 1. Only at $135k equals Marketcap. Can You Manage to Acquire 1 FRACTION? |

$FRACTION - Sick and Tired of Huge Supply Fake Moonshots? This token only has a total supply of 1. Only at $135k equals Marketcap. Can You Manage to Acquire 1 FRACTION?

2021.05.06 11:02 afrowhale $FRACTION - Sick and Tired of Huge Supply Fake Moonshots? This token only has a total supply of 1. Only at $135k equals Marketcap. Can You Manage to Acquire 1 FRACTION?

The basic idea evolved from the state of having a pretty good idea of what a ‘classical fungible/tradeable cryptocurrency’ is and at the same time having no fuckin' idea how ‚NFT's (Non fungible tokens)‘ actually work.
To make the transition easier, there's the FRACTION token. It's a token with a total supply of only one.
No-one can ever own one full token - only ever a fraction of it. Since there‘s no Airdrop/Airstream, the value of the token is completely based on trading behaviour on the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Honeyswap on the xDai-Chain.
The inital liquidiy pair gives the FRACTION Token a value of 2000$. From there on everybody can buy/sell a fraction of the token on Honeyswap. To add liquidity to the pool or open up a new trading pair, holders also have to get FRACTION via Honeyswap which additionally contributes to the price dynamic of the token.

Website (very cool): https://fraction.fyi/
Chart (Moontools)
Twitter Coingecko
Contract address: 0x2bF2ba13735160624a0fEaE98f6aC8F70885eA61
Coinmarketcap listing will be coming!
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2021.05.06 11:02 SignalAvailable8868 Cursed_parents

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2021.05.06 11:02 One_Version_4937 What is a product you need, but doesn't exist yet?

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2021.05.06 11:02 fnoah579 Strange dream

Strange Dream that ended in semi-lucidity
This contains a personal trauma portion, but it’s important for the build up. I’m having a drink in my room, Friend 1 (let’s call him Tom) comes in to congratulate me on getting my own room. Friend 2 (let’s call him Jerry) follows Tom in, they congratulate me, and we’re just messing around, and Jerry ends up accidentally touching my privates while messing around, I scream for him to stop because it reminds me of the sexual assault that happened to me a few New Years ago by one of my old crushes ex boyfriends. Jerry has left at this point and I run to my bed strip naked and fall asleep I wake up a few minutes later, and start touching myself for a moment when I realize Tom is still there, watching a video on my laptop, I stop because he said “you know what’s weird?” And then he moves his attention to me and he goes off on a tangent for something weird. Out of nowhere, some guards knock on my door (I am not in any kind of facility, prison jail etc. where guards are necessary), Tom opens the door and they rush in, grab me by the neck and are scanning me because “a possible suicide attempt was reported.” They see I’m fine and I have someone with me, and then one of them says something I can’t remember that pisses me off, so I pick him up by his collar, and throw him out of my room into a pillar, and I thought I’d heard his head crack, so I immediately went up to him to check his head and make sure there weren’t any wounds, but me (being drunk) hit his head again on accident, I continued looking for wounds, repeating that a couple times, and eventually we fall off a small drop off and I shield him instead of hurting him. This makes me feel different, and so I try to hurt his head again, but I’m able to stop myself, and each time I try again, with bigger and bigger heights until we are rolling and jumping at great speeds down hills and cliffs each time coming out unscathed, he then disappeared, and I was jumping around by myself, and then I woke up
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2021.05.06 11:02 IStylism Floral self portrait

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2021.05.06 11:02 KLombe i need help with picking a griping title

I'm making a video on Finales (tv shows) and have narrowed down the title to two options
"Finales: Determining the fate of a show"
"why Finales determine the future of a show"
I feel like the second is more straight forward but the first is more accurate.
if you have your own version pls let me know:)
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2021.05.06 11:02 dragoncraft9855 Moving .minecraft folder??

I have been wondering if there is a way to move the .minecraft folder to another folder. If there is a way can someone help me move it? Thanks in advance
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2021.05.06 11:02 Enson_Chan [COTD] Zeppelins | 6 May, 2021

Previous COTD
Today's card is Zeppelins (#129):
Automated card (Green) | Base game
Cost: 13 | Requirements: 5% oxygen | Tags: None
Increase your MC production 1 step for each city tile ON MARS. 1 VP
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2021.05.06 11:02 jerjdjf Does anyone have AQA Core Maths Paper 1/2a + MS?

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2021.05.06 11:02 Ji-Qu eTORO users can't vote !!! Ape fellowship in other platforms, vote for us!! 🚀 🚀

Just for your information, I have asked to my eToro account manager about my GME control number to vote and we can't. They say that " ownership of our shares is managed in a custody scheme by eToro ", just this...
Be Patient my fellow apes, the 🚀 is fueling till the fucking apeniverse.
Obligatory more 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 always is a win.
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2021.05.06 11:02 Fawx13x More than 2,700 reports of suspected adverse effects to COVID-19 vaccination received: HSA

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2021.05.06 11:02 GroundbreakingLynx14 U.S. SEC chair says reviewing short-selling, swap rules after GameStop, Archegos sagas

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2021.05.06 11:02 ZeusGato Amazing 😂💎🙌🏼💎🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.05.06 11:02 asdalavisa Stormsinker -- Quivering Hourglass [Alt Rock] (2021)

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2021.05.06 11:02 febiox071 Finally got all s5 ninjas

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2021.05.06 11:01 xArisca Squad Fill Change- Make Everyone Land Together System

This only applies to squad fills. The idea is simple; You get off the bus like a normal round and you and rest of team pick somewhere to land like normal. The majority that land somewhere the one squadmate that likes to play like its solo is forced to land with the others.
If everyone is scattered across the map you all randomly land together at a random spot on the map. If two people are in one location and 2 at another, you randomly get ported to a random location together. Yes it's annoying sometimes when people want to land at popular spots all the time but its better to all land somewhere then be alone across the map and squad cant help you
Will this suggestion guarantee wins? no
Will this make people better players? no
Will this make people land together when the game starts? I hope so
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2021.05.06 11:01 Slader111 What are some things you can truly say you’re greatful for?

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2021.05.06 11:01 Neetin_A 7-minute illusion in education

It’s often believed that a student's mind cannot focus beyond 7 minutes. Maximum 10 minutes. Beyond this time, the human mind fundamentally stops understanding anything coming towards it. There is some half-hearted research as well in the west which hints the same. Some ed-tech companies have taken it very seriously and are even designing their products accordingly.
Is the world-conquering human brain so weak?
If the brain is not capable of focusing on education for more than 7 minutes, then how can it focus on a movie for 3 hours?
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2021.05.06 11:01 Confusion54 When you get your frog memes from wish

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2021.05.06 11:01 WaitingInHell Trading Halo for gift card

Trading Halloween Halo 2020 for a roblox gift card^^ (I'll go first if needed)
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2021.05.06 11:01 imadopt Only Gamers Truly Understand

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2021.05.06 11:01 Hoihe How does one interpret "Highest Completed Education" with a EQF level 5 degree?

"1. The descriptor for the short cycle developed by the Joint Quality Initiative as part of the Bologna process, (within or linked to the first cycle), corresponds to the learning outcomes for EQF level 5.

  1. The descriptor for the first cycle corresponds to the learning outcomes for EQF level 6.
  2. The descriptor for the second cycle corresponds to the learning outcomes for EQF level 7.
  3. The descriptor for the third cycle corresponds to the learning outcomes for EQF level 8."
I have done a 2 year degree to become a qualified chemistry/laboratory technician specializing in analytical chemistry. In EQF terms, it's a level 5 degree (level 6 equivalent for Irish NQF).
Usually, the options are either High School or BSc.
I am also currently working on a BSc (2nd year, so 4 years of post-secondary completed), but it's not yet completed.
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2021.05.06 11:01 orhnkyk Resident Evil Village Review Scores And Launch Trailer

Resident Evil Village review scores, one of the most anticipated productions of the year, have been published. So what are the review scores of the game? Details are in our news.
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2021.05.06 11:01 nasadoge1 You all liked my cat Lela, now meet Micika! The stray cat that comes to our house for food and water, or to see her sister ( Lela).

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