Go! Animals that should be added in Vurhonga |

Animals that should be added in Vurhonga

2021.05.06 09:55 Hunter300648223 Animals that should be added in Vurhonga

Howdy hunters So as an Aussie that has lived In South Africa for about 5 years now There are so many more animals that they could add Unique animals Like Sables Impala Waterbuck (would be epic) Red Hartebeest Literally so much they could add 😂 Eland would be a good bigger game animal for Vurhonga as well
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2021.05.06 09:55 insight007playboy NEW DROP!!!

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2021.05.06 09:55 deku-kage We live in society (this stunt is performed under expert guidance, don't try this at home )

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2021.05.06 09:55 norfolk_uk Connecting a WireGuard server to a VPN service.

I have WireGuard running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, to which I connect to my LAN, my Ubuntu laptop and my Android phone.
I'm not sure this is possible, but what I would like to do is connect this WireGuard server to a paid for VPN service. So I would install the VPN software on the server and then my devices would connect to the server and be using the VPN service connection. I.e - their IP addresses would show as the paid for VPN service IPs, as opposed to the ISP provided IP address.
So, I have tried to do this but now have no internet access from my devices. If I turn off the VPN service on the WireGuard server I regain internet access.
So either I am missing some configuration or it is not possible?
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2021.05.06 09:55 _meowdarchod_ hmmm

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2021.05.06 09:55 Born-Diamond-9349 Check out Watchlist on CMC

It is BEAUTIFUL to see the Watchlist getting bigger and bigger. We are almost passing BTC.
Ladies and Gentleman We are involved in something special. Mark my words... In a few years the rise of Safemoon will be analysed in every Blockchain class.
What took 10+ years for bitcoin to achieve we achieved within 2-months. Truly amazing!!!!! I'm hyped as f***!!!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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2021.05.06 09:55 ZoobBot 142346

This is the 142346th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.05.06 09:55 Darkest_Traveler Traveler's Wasteland [SMP] {Modded} {Java} {Forge} {PVP} {PVE}

Traveler’s Wasteland (Modded SMP)
(Dear Reddit Mod this isn't a white listed server the server, the IP and Modpack are in the Discord. Please don't remove this without an actual reason.)
I'm developing on a modded SMP hosted on a dedicated server (Phoenix, Az U.S.) where people can play however they want as long as they follow a few rules. There are only one, maybe two planned resets within the next few months to finalize everything I want the server to be. After that I plan on keeping the server world alive and stable as long as humanly possible.
The one thing I’m not too big on these days is chat toxicity and spam, it's annoying and not even a required game mechanic. Chat will be moderated for obvious hateful content towards other players, otherwise joking around or talking smack is fine. No extra client side mods will be allowed. No exploits used against the server performance will be tolerated.
A few mods worth mentioning in here, The Abyss, Enigmatic Legacy, Upgraded Netherite, The Undergarden, Spartan Shields and Weaponry, Occultism, Reliquary, Biome’s You’ll Go, Security Craft, Create, some QoL and Storage mods quite a few others of note. There's a total of 90 mods no set-homes, no tpas, the only fast travel is through waystones. This server is meant to be hard.
If you have any further questions please join the discord and ask: https://discord.gg/awwbW4E8
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2021.05.06 09:55 oneExtraterrestrial Beggin'...| short poem.

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2021.05.06 09:55 Lucidtray 🥲

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2021.05.06 09:55 advisoryexcellence MTK GLOBAL SIGNS JORDAN BARKER-PORTER

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2021.05.06 09:55 Anguosi Does streets fo rage 4 frequently go on sale on PSN store?

Like the title said, what is the frequency of this game go on sale on PSN store?
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2021.05.06 09:55 lambsauce316 Arunachal reports 220 fresh COVID-19 cases, tally rises to 19,412

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2021.05.06 09:55 milqueloo Succession Gear

Hey guys! If I'm going to play mainly succession (I'm thinking maybe I switch to awak sometimes, but I don't think so), should I get offin or bs mainhand? I was going to get offin so I can put caphras to get to the brackets, and for the awakening should I aim to get the dande or he awak bs? The awak brackets don't give you anything when you play as succ, right? So would the monster dmg from bs be better?
I'll play basically PvE, only PvP for duel for spots.
Also, if I have tet weapons, should I try and get the tri dande with caphras?
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2021.05.06 09:55 B4ysideN May update is here !

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2021.05.06 09:55 TheRareCase The amount of people surfing through my work industry through sheer dumb luck is UNREAL

How the fuck do people just get the best projects to work on by SHEER. DUMB. LUCK.
I would respect them more if they cheat their way, that atleast takes some guts.
And by sheer dumb luck, I mean just getting the most interesting projects to work on just because they finished their previous work-tasks just in time to be free to pick up a new one. The new one just happens to be the task I always look forward to the most. WHY THE FUCK AM I SO IMMATURE? It should just be a job, but FUCK ME for being excited to work on something, only to see it go to someone else. And not just someone else. Some FUCKING DWEEB who would NOT work on that task as good as I would.
I know this because I know just how incompetent that DWEEB is. Fuck YOU! I wanted to be in that project, it just happened to start at the exact time your previous task ended you FUCKING CUNT-WIPE.
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2021.05.06 09:55 swagNextTuber West must be ‘very careful’ about Chinese investment, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says

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2021.05.06 09:55 MarthLikinte1 Idea for the sub

Add male and female flairs so that someone who's only interested in one armour type can filter out the other for ease of access
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2021.05.06 09:55 qhisqp Hm

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2021.05.06 09:55 W0lfhatK1d Cursed_pizza

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2021.05.06 09:55 KutsugeMindOliveriks Märjamaa kaart. Kas leiate üles kõik muudetud asjad?

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2021.05.06 09:55 swagNextTuber China’s naval plans in Africa are threat in Atlantic, says US general

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2021.05.06 09:55 ShoreNewsNJ One person shot at Neptune Walmart

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2021.05.06 09:55 Mazzymazzini R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys - Guitar Cover, hope you like ✨

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2021.05.06 09:55 SmoKaYaMuMa [ RECRUITING ] DEATH EATERS CLAN

2YJYYYCLC is the code, Clan LvL 3 but soon to be higher !!!! PLEASE don’t just join and leave! Stick with us, We are looking for Active, Talkative and players that want to WAR !! Plus we enter the WAR LEAGUE every season join now if you are active and wanna fight !!! And of course anyone can join so what you waiting for !?!? And if your chosen for war ... ATTACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! ( Promotions for loyal and active donations )!!
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