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2021.05.06 11:18 0000hhhhhHhHH help

so I read this webtoon many months ago and the art was gorgeous. it was advertised in a Discord server by the author(?). It was about a girl who died by falling down a well when she was out with her best friend. She reincarnated into another world as the daughter of the emperor and a skilled magician, who wanted to raise her baby to destroy the empire so she started learning magic as a toddler. Just some extra info, She had red hair, the same as her mother. And Its on webtoon, it wasnt so popular at that time.
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2021.05.06 11:18 ledzep2isbetterthan4 Made this wallpaper if anyone wants it

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2021.05.06 11:18 idktylerr A selfie 😃 (m25)

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2021.05.06 11:18 Dark891Story H: be gat plas W: b/e laser rifle 2*

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2021.05.06 11:18 MaximumRabbit [WTS] Ar500 Veritas Plate Carrier NO PLATES $60 (OH)

Selling my Veritas Plate Carrier and cummerbund. Looking for $60 shipped.
Pics: https://i.imgur.com/nc1O4UJ.jpg
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2021.05.06 11:18 SnooPredictions6673 Isolation requirements

Not sure if anyone can help me out with this question, or if you can point me in the right direction on who to contact.
I'm retuning to Canada (mid-May) and plan to do my 3 days in a hotel then transit on to the Yukon for work, and to complete isolation there. I just read that after May 25th, the Yukon is letting anyone who is fully vaccinated avoid quarantine - I should be fully vaccinated when I return to Canada. Will I still have to complete my 2 weeks of isolation, since this is the Canadian border entry requirements? If anyone has any insights please let me know!
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2021.05.06 11:18 InTeNsiV08 What are you supposed to do when someone's teasing you and you know it?

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2021.05.06 11:18 bobslawnservice PSA: Naturalist is not worth 20 gold if you want to have fun.

I am a new player who bought naturalist because it is 5 gold off.
This is just no fun. Chasing after the same animal and shooting it 10 times just sucks.
It may eventually reward you with legendary animals but until then the gameplay loop just feels bad.
Rather save that 20 gold for the next season pass or something.
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2021.05.06 11:18 SophiaFlowers85 Do you like my wrinkled soles?

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2021.05.06 11:18 sweetlivetaken fresco

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2021.05.06 11:18 wtd_rename I dont have a funny picture

I Will not sell any of my doge at 1€ not even at 10€, we grew from microcents it can surly grow to 100€ as well, nothing impede us except our mind, dont let the ilusion of Numbers fool you, the moon is the ONLY stop, for now
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2021.05.06 11:18 EestiMentioned [/r/MilitaryPorn] A Royal Marines commando firing a 50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun at night. Exercise Baltic Protector,Estonia 2019 [1500 x 1056]

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2021.05.06 11:18 Old_Angle_9665 🙏🏾

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2021.05.06 11:18 hobo367 Bushranger

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2021.05.06 11:18 darkacademiaindian Library Tables

Me and this gay guy are having a paper plane competition for the best library table
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2021.05.06 11:18 WinterHill Sitting here incredibly tired, yet wide awake at 3am

And all I can think about is one incredibly embarrassing incident that happened a couple years ago when I was stoned out of my mind that I still can’t get out of my head.
I was going to get groceries and waiting on the train platform for the subway to arrive, and of course I had my vape pen with me and had been hitting it since I left my apartment. And for the whole day before that, who am I kidding. At that point it was literally inconceivable for me to go do an errand without being sky high.
The train arrived, and I looked up as I was stepping in through the door, and I made eye contact with one of my old bosses, standing just a couple feet away in the train. Or at least I think it was. As I mentioned, I was sky high, and definitely paranoid.
So instead of saying something, or waving, or even just getting on the train and doing nothing, I stopped in my tracks like a baked deer in the headlights, and slowly and awkwardly turned around to go get on another train car. Seeing him really surprised me and the thought of talking to him while I was so stoned was terrifying.
I really looked up to this guy. He was incredibly smart and nice, and taught me a lot of what I know about my field. If it was him, he probably now thinks that I hate him. And it still really bothers me and gives me a mild panic attack whenever I think about it.
To this day, I still don’t know if it was him. He has facial hair and glasses, and I hadn’t seen him for 5+ years at the time, so it could have been someone else. Obviously I hope it wasn’t. But if it was, I either looked like a fucking psycho, or someone who was trying to avoid him at all costs.
Anyone else have an embarrassing stoner moment?
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2021.05.06 11:18 Marcusc42 How does one test for a broken / faulty GPU?

I've been using my pc for about a year and a half now and recently in a couple of games (only a couple so far not all) I've been seeing odd artefacts like shadows or lights flashing and it's starting to really bug me. I've tried troubleshooting and reinstalling the games multiple times and trying older drivers but that doesn't seem to do much. I can't figure out the reason as to why. Someone has told me that maybe my GPU could be faulty. Is there a way to test this or to confirm that my GPU is faulty? If not, does anyone have an idea as to why some of my games have odd visual artefacts?
(Just a disclaimer I am more or less new to PC's and how they work)
Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
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2021.05.06 11:18 NB2ndBattalion [EU][A3][Recruiting] 2BNB - 2nd Battalion, Nord Brigade (Norwegian Armed Forces)

[EU][A3][Recruiting] 2BNB - 2nd Battalion, Nord Brigade (Norwegian Armed Forces) 2nd Battalion, Nord Brigade | Norwegian Armed Forces | Light Infantry |
What we’re about: The 2nd Battalion, Nord Brigade is a mix of milsim and fun. We're an experienced group of players, who are well-trained and can be depended on in crucial in-game situations. The Unit prefers to have the freedom to have banter during Operations with a high amount of hilarity, however we know when to get our game faces on and be serious when getting shit done.
We are in the middle of the spectrum of ArmA Units ranging from Serious Milsim, to Casual Milsim. The Unit has Training nights, where the whole unit takes part to practice movement and tactics, in order to better ourselves and help unit cohesion.
A few key points:
  • Operation Times: 1900 hours (UTC) on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • We have an age restriction of 16+ on recruitment
  • The 2BNB has been a part of, and is open to attending Joint Operations
  • Our modpack is currently 40GB in size with essentials like ACE3, TFAR, RHS and various other maps.
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2021.05.06 11:18 Pink-Droyd I'm all for black Superman...

...so long as its an adaptation of Val-Zod or Calvin Ellis.
A movie based on Val-Zod or Calvin Ellis would be such a breath of fresh air and it would be something completely new to a lot of people (Including myself).
Race bending Clark Kent is NOT the answer. It would not be fresh or new it would be lazy and offensive.
Can you imagine if pre-Spiderverse, pre-Miles Spidey PS5 (Basically pre anything Miles Morales related other than the comics), imagine the uproar if Marvel recast Peter Parker as a black kid from queen's instead of introducing Miles Morales.
The. Absolute. Cheek. Of. It... Right?
Especially after the controversy surrounding Ray Fisher and the allegations towards WB Execs of clear as day racism.
Do they seriously think race bending Clark Kent is the answer?
It's the equivalent desperation of "I'm not racist, my friend is black. Look see, look at me and my friend. We're friends, he's black and we're friends. I'm not racist".
If this is their defence against the allegations then they're more deluded than I initially thought.
Don't recast and race bend Clark Kent's Superman.
Introduce Val-Zod.
Introduce Calvin Ellis.
Introduce the Supermen.
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2021.05.06 11:18 internalocean LRA commander Dominic Ongwen sentenced to 25 years in prison

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2021.05.06 11:18 DorSchlemihl Was letzte Tante?

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2021.05.06 11:18 Mariam_J I'm just too good. Yes this is an update on the last post I made, btw you don't understand how fast my heart was beating when I beat Ballistic I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.

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2021.05.06 11:18 rmrmr Doctors beg Health Minister to meet them about 'appalling' conditions at Sydney hospital

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2021.05.06 11:18 skydiaries Aesthetic leaf photos from my garden

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2021.05.06 11:18 GDW312 Ramadan in China: Faithful dwindle under limits on religion

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