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Key Lessons for Success in Higher Education and Beyond

2021.05.06 10:07 autopunch Key Lessons for Success in Higher Education and Beyond

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2021.05.06 10:07 MackansToppings It's like she's invisible

Okay so basically I've been interested in this girl for quite a while now. She's really nice and very pretty and lately with us starting high school this fall (I live in Sweden so we're both 15/16 which is when you start high shool) meaning that I might not ever see her again and I've been like, fuck it I'll try and get her number. Theres just one big issue. Our schedules in school dont really match up, at all. Shes really hard to find and I have no way to find if shes sick and I'm worried that I might run out of time. Theres basically two ways to do it and I want yalls opinion on which you'll think will be most effective.
1: I just go for it next time I see her no matter the circumstances.
2: I get to school early and wait for her and then approach.
I prefer number 2 as it would mean that I have no reason to be shy about doing it in front of other people haha
Oh I'm also planning to be pretty straight forward with it.
Any advice on what to do is appreciated. I'm a bit shy about it as it's the first time I approach someone I'm interested in haha
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2021.05.06 10:07 hellagayfrogie Rate my first version of my school list

Demographics: white female junior, international (Germany)
School: there are three types of secondary schools in Germany and only one allows you to go to university but it is harder than the average American high school (rather comparable to IB)
Income bracket: parents are divorced, living with my mum (~65,000$) but my dad (~200,000$) brings my chances for financial aid down to zero even though he won’t pay a cent
Savings/trust fund: 100,000$
Intended major: International Business Management, maybe taking film, journalism or architecture courses (so a flexible curriculum is important)
Grades: Abitur: 1.05, UW GPA: 3.78, W GPA (all my classes are on the level of IB HL): 4.22
Stats: took the SAT once (1490), thinking of taking some AP exams next year (my school does not offer any though)

Especially important to me: -prestige -open curriculum -semesters abroad -scholarships based on merit
My school list: -Mega Reach: Yale, Cornell, MIT, UPenn -Reach: NYU, USC (dream school) -Target: Indiana University Bloomington (full-ride), Arcadia University (full-ride)
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2021.05.06 10:07 Bemteb [Rant] Impfgruppen

Ich muss mich hier mal ein wenig aufregen...
Zur Impfpriorisierung wurde sich auf drei Gruppen festgelegt (plus der Rest). Nun lese ich gerade, dass Gruppe 3 (zu der ich gehöre) seit heute 8:00 in NRW offen ist. Geil, Impfung, endlich!
Ja ne, Pustekuchen... Online natürlich das System noch nicht umgestellt. Nachdem ich nach langer Wartezeit und mehreren Versuchen jemanden bei der Hotline erreiche, wird mir erklärt, dass nur Teile von Gruppe 3 offen seien, ich gehöre leider zum falschen Teil und bin noch nicht dran.

Sagt mal wieso machen die drei Gruppen, wenn sie dann doch unterteilen und die Gruppen nur zur Hälfte aufmachen? Was ist denn das für'n Müll? Dann wäre ich lieber in Gruppe 7 von 20 gewesen statt so nen Quatsch zu machen mit 3 Gruppen aber wir halten uns nicht dran und machen doch was wir wollen.
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2021.05.06 10:07 Killmonger18 This is your year!

A humble villa fan just stopping by to say good luck on the for the play offs. I think I speak for a lot of other fans when I say, it's about time you guys joined us in the prem. Would've much rather see you guys than fulham there. Best of luck, let's hope you go one better than last year. Come on you Bees!
P.S Thank you for Ollie x
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2021.05.06 10:07 TweetArchiveBot >> Tweet deleted by Unathi_Kwaza at 2021-05-06 09:07:42.688030. ID: 1311352306512941056

Annoyingly the Twitter API doesn't supply any actual information about deleted tweets other then it's ID, so for now the best I can do is give you a notification that some Tweet has been deleted.
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2021.05.06 10:07 soulezt Smile for the Camera!

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2021.05.06 10:07 ShoreNewsNJ Fort Meyers woman pleads guilty to financial aid fraud

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2021.05.06 10:07 IndependentSink6884 Watch4 watch

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2021.05.06 10:07 SirSenSej Castration recycling

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2021.05.06 10:07 Necro_Nicki ASMR Friends Hanging Out With Their Crystal Collections

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2021.05.06 10:07 wertousek Well, I can't guarantee that 😅😅😅

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2021.05.06 10:07 Powerfulwoman20 Racist is a racist

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2021.05.06 10:07 Bournbrook_Mag Media companies must be held to account for their treatment of free speech

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2021.05.06 10:07 ltzR0b Cursed_Capatalist

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2021.05.06 10:07 LOGiCALLyiLLOGiCAL3 Forced-treatment Abuse

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2021.05.06 10:07 Tanguay4040 How to remap my Bixby Button? Now there is a way to do it and its easy and simple!

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2021.05.06 10:07 AtroopAT8 Oh no again down, it begins to happen more often!

Oh no again down, it begins to happen more often!
This is concern me
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2021.05.06 10:07 Serapheal Desira Skills

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2021.05.06 10:07 International_Share3 What the hell happened here

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2021.05.06 10:07 MountBlanc I want to learn how to write a story. Is there any creative meditation technique that can help me to accomplish this?

I'm MB. A very nice and polite guy.
I might be slightly aphantasia-ic because I cannot visualize well and I cannot write a story regularly. I love reading stories though so I want to learn to write one myself.
Is there any creative meditation technique that can help me with my long journey trying to find a way to write a story?
If I have a sentence for example, I just cannot come up with the next word for the next sentence. My mind is too blank. Perhaps too little entropy somehow.
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2021.05.06 10:07 My_Memes_Will_Cure_U Maybe maybe maybe

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2021.05.06 10:07 SearchEnvy The benefit of the doubt

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2021.05.06 10:07 winged_barbeque Just an idiot with a thought about current times.

All these blame game going on, trying to pin the failure on any one party/organization, makes me sick. They still cant just accept their own failure and come together to work towards how to solve the crisis.(I am not saying there should be no accountibility for this huge mess of a situation) Its a collective failure of the whole machinery that is our governance system.
I really hope people remember the atrocities carried out against them in these times. The next time some man/woman comes to your locality in white drapes asking for your support to develop India, I hope you remember this time. I hope you have it in you to ask some questions. I hope you ask for accountability when something goes awry. And I am sure we deserve better, no matter what.
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2021.05.06 10:07 YallaYalla Returnal is ok, but..

Why does the main character have to be a woman, also she's not even that hot... I saw this game compared to Metroid but I think it's a totally different feeling, knowing you play a hot woman or seeing you play a 3/10 woman... Everytime I am reminded I play as her idk I just feel shivers down my spine, something doesn't feel right.. maybe we could get some alternate characters, like the moon man astronaut to play as.
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