Go! Look how clean this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 |

Look how clean this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

2021.05.10 07:06 Maximum-Hearing1760 Look how clean this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2021.05.10 07:06 Sir_Scribe TIFU by driving my best friend away

So, I have this friend (if she’ll even consider me a friend still) and we’ve been friends for a few years. We’ve talked and texted on and off for a while, but it all changed when her bf hurt her by cheating and basically being an asshole. Since then, we talked a lot more than usual. It’s been about 4 months.
Anyway, I’ve really been her only guy friend because all of her past guy friends ended up crushing on her, and she never liked that. Don’t ask why, but yeah. I made it a point to myself that my feelings would never come between us.
So, a couple of weeks ago, we got together to see the Demon Slayer movie and have dinner afterward. Before, we were comfortable talking about a lot of issues, including sex (from my point of view, we were comfortable), so our discussions usually revolved around that. And me, being a stupid and horrible friend, wanted to show her what this app had to offer regarding sex.
It went downhill from there. We talked a lot about it, I showed her the pages I follow on here, we went to buy a toy for her, and I almost ran a red light with her in the car because I wasn’t paying attention. I was focused on her instead of the road.
Tonight, I brought it up to her and she admitted that she was very uncomfortable around me that day, all for those previously mentioned reasons. She thought I was also developing a crush on her too. We talked about everything that had happened, and she eventually said she wanted space and I thought it was for the best. I’m here now because I know that she probably hates me or thinks I’m a creep. I’ve really appreciated our friendship and I promised that this would be the one thing I would never do, alas, I did. I’m no better than her ex.
I feel like absolute shit, and I know that she won’t want to talk to me again, and I don’t blame her. It just hurts so much. I don’t know what to do now. I feel like I should fight to keep our friendship, but I also know that she’s completely right and space is what she needs.
TL;DR: I made my best friend uncomfortable and now I think she hates me.
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2021.05.10 07:06 hilowo COTRP redemption of certificates! Being called (accelerated call) before maturity.

COTRP is being called for redemption! I received this from my brokerage TD Ameritrade.
From: Notices To: 869424090@inbox.amtd.com Date: 1:39:42 ET 5/7/2021 Update on Exchange-Traded Note Position(s)and/or preferred stock position(s).
Dear [my name],
We recently reviewed the exchange-traded note (ETN) position(s) and/or preferred stock position(s) held in your account(s) and wanted to ensure you're aware that redemption features exist for the security(ies) listed at the bottom of this message. If you've recently liquidated this position(s), please disregard this message.
The issuer(s) could call the below-listed position(s) prior to maturity, an action also known as an "accelerated redemption," and return the current value of the ETN and/or preferred stock position(s) to you, minus the issuer's fees.
If the ETN(s) was purchased through TD Ameritrade, your confirmation may not have included this information due to a gap in our data source. This information is derived from the prospectus that would have been available to you from the issuer, as well as other sources, at the time of purchase.
We're Here for You
You do not need to do anything at this time regarding the security(ies) listed below. If you have questions about your investments or account(s), just reply to this message to write us, or call Client Services at 800-669-3900. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Thank you for choosing TD Ameritrade. We're glad to have you as our client.
TD Ameritrade Client Services
Please Note: In the event you have more than one account with an impacted ETN and/or Preferred Stock you may receive more than one notice.
ETN/Preferred Stock CUSIP
TDA 1002233 EM 05/21
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2021.05.10 07:06 AANAlpha Ashe Pentakill on ARAM Mostly Turret XD

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2021.05.10 07:06 grilledcheesy11 MAVI - END OF THE EARTH

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2021.05.10 07:06 Queasy-Zebr Apple Watch vibrates, but no notifications?

I know people get the “ghost vibration” with their phones in their pocket but I can say for certain that my Apple Watch vibrates very clearly and I check it and there’s no notification that I got. Is this a glitch or is it doing something else?
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2021.05.10 07:06 naveen_vas Xerneas. 2490 4257 4615

Can add 10 people. Leave the lobby if there are less than 4 people at 20 seconds.
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2021.05.10 07:06 bwarnock8408 Doge treats LOCKED LQ (2 hours old) (3k mcap)


Have you ever realized that the one thing that keeps Doge running like the behemoth that it is… well… it’s just a bunch of doge treats? Get yourself some, and see why Doge has the energy to reach the moon on a daily basis. It’s insane!

Everything about this project is projected to be legendary in the upcoming week, with a fully organically built community, there is no telling that we are in for a true treat! Everyone who comes in is getting in at an insanely low market cap, starting at $100! Pretty crazy, right? The sky is the limit… if you have any questions, feel free to hop in the telegram chat and ask anything!

Telegram: https://t.me/DogeTreats

Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0x992Fc171f0c452F613D7d6aa43796e4deb3Bf3FC


Contract Address: 0x992Fc171f0c452F613D7d6aa43796e4deb3Bf3FC
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2021.05.10 07:06 ijuanaexpire What are some good study cafes in Perth?

I live NOR, so preferably somewhere there or in the CBD
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2021.05.10 07:06 mauheredia GOLD PASS GETTING A BUFF

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2021.05.10 07:06 TopValue4 [Question] Hulu ipa file

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2021.05.10 07:06 E-nygma7000 Retail workers, are not understated or heroes.

Ok quick disclaimer, there’s a minority of retail workers, who go the extra mile. And are worth every penny they get paid, and more. But most of the ones I’ve met, are rude, lazy, sloppy, disinterested, unhelpful, etc etc. Just because they have “bad” jobs/pay, doesn’t mean they deserve better. If they don’t like their jobs, or the amount of money they’re being paid. They should either work harder to gain a promotion. Or find better jobs, if they don’t have the qualifications, they should go back into education. Take night classes if they can’t afford to go full time. Like I said, that hard working minority do deserve better, but the majority who don’t care about hard work. Do not, they did everything to themselves. And they amount of people, saying that they’re underrated, and heroes is unbelievable.
TLDR: retail workers who don’t care for their jobs or work. Don’t deserve better pay, and are not heroes.
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2021.05.10 07:06 nguyenkimnhathuy Petition to interview OG on Ana's 1hp survival

Said play: Ana switched Tread to STR 16ms before getting damaged by Zeus' ult, surviving on 1 HP. (game 2 OG vs Secret)
Context: The Vietnamese Dota 2 fangays went crazy over the clutch play. One young fangay (me) speculated that Ana knew exactly when Zeus would ult, having taken note of its cooldown from the previous cast. This speculation has sparked a heated debate among the Vietnamese fangays community, with main criticism being that had Ana knew the precise moment of the cast he would have tried to dodge with Doppleganger instead. A day later, another Vietnamese Dota 2 fangay reposted this clutch play, resulting in another crazy debate. Memes are squirting all over this community. Now, I believe I speak for all the Vietnamese Dota 2 fangays when I say that we would like to interview OG on whether Ana actually knew Thundergod's Wrath cooldown by the seconds or not. Please DotA2, make this happen.
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2021.05.10 07:06 grizzlygom Coinbase confusion can someone help

Today at 6:02pm PDT I bought $2000 Canadian worth of RLC on Coinbase it gave me back 101.7 coins, for a rough average of $19.50CAD which is around $16.10USD
on every other chart other than Coinbase it never even hit $16.10USD today.
Is there something I’m not seeing or was there an error.
Thank you
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2021.05.10 07:06 Sebast4rd420 Sleep Cop deleted scene

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2021.05.10 07:06 SirGoblinton Back on the road.

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2021.05.10 07:06 MarshallBrain Electric cars ‘will be cheaper to produce than fossil fuel vehicles by 2027’

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2021.05.10 07:06 Proof_Permit_6381 آریا و آقای جون بعد از قرنطینه شدن ترکیه😁

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2021.05.10 07:06 TweetArchiveBot Unathi Kwaza RT from Hopewell Chin’ono Today: Imagine living in a country where a citizen is persecuted for removing garbage, yet criminals are allowed to smuggle gold through Robert Mugabe Airport! US$100 million worth of gold is smuggled out of Zimbabwe every month! Yet our central hospitals ...

Unathi Kwaza RT from Hopewell Chin’ono Today: Imagine living in a country where a citizen is persecuted for removing garbage, yet criminals are allowed to smuggle gold through Robert Mugabe Airport! US$100 million worth of gold is smuggled out of Zimbabwe every month! Yet our central hospitals ... submitted by TweetArchiveBot to LibertyRSA [link] [comments]

2021.05.10 07:06 dakkedyrholm Mongooses giving a warthog a thorough cleaning?

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2021.05.10 07:06 IndianLanny Take it easy.

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2021.05.10 07:06 Soyabug Stopping new birth control a week in!?

Hello, just looking for some advice!
My GP swapped me from Rigevidon (150 levonorgestrel/30 ethinylestradiol) to Cilique (250 norgestimate/35 ethinylestradiol), and I’ve taken 7 days worth however I feel absolutely awful. Lightheaded, dizzy, spaced out and just generally out of it... can I stop taking it, have a week break and go back to my old pill??? I can’t talk to my GP for another two weeks at least but I can’t cope with these side effects at all... please help!
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2021.05.10 07:06 onadrifft 1 Day Old: 🍭 CryptoCandy ($SWEETS) 🍭

Because, who doesn't like Candy?
🍬 A community based token with 100% fair PancakeSwap launch.
🍬 CryptoCandy is driven by NFTs. 100 exclusive NFTs will be minted and randomly given away amongst top 100 holders. 1 NFT will be minted every week and the first one will be animated
Will you be able to obtain the First CryptoCandy?
🍬 Our website will also have Minigames in the near future with a chance for you to win some $SWEETS
We decided to have a 10% redistribution fee as people love being rewarded as a hodler. So show us your diamond hands, be rewarded and get a chance at that Exclusive First CryptoCandy NFT!
To have an infinite amount of funds for our token we decided to have a 10% Community Wallet of which all accumulated fees will be used. The initial 10% from the wallet will never be touched!
🍭 Contract: 0xC1999565b29e5FA35A24ecC16A4DCF632FB22D1e
🍭 Website: https://cryptocandy.club/
🍭 Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCandyBSC
🍭 Telegram: t.me/cryptocandybsc
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2021.05.10 07:06 BigBoss_FF Whales

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2021.05.10 07:06 deetomonzta [LF] star pochette DIY, kiki & lala socks, shoes, wand (and others) [FT] your wishlist, my DIYs, NMT

Hello, let's trade!
Here's my link;
Let me know :)
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