Go! What’s up with Mellon and Elizondo acting like they don’t know Bob? |

What’s up with Mellon and Elizondo acting like they don’t know Bob?

2021.05.06 11:26 feelin_cute What’s up with Mellon and Elizondo acting like they don’t know Bob?

I just gave this a listen, great episode. You know what stands out to me? Both Mellon and Elizondo distance themselves from Bob Lazar.
They both seemingly have no knowledge of what Bob has to say. It comes up a couple times in this latest JRE episode, and many of Elizondo’s various podcast appearances too. Here’s aclip of Mellon on Lazar. He tips his hand a bit by showing how knowledgeable he is- but even then, it’s all couched in a vague, skeptical, mystique.
But Mellon’s depth of knowledge is particularly impressive. In this episode he shows his mental aptitude. He is quite knowledgeable- and yet, when it comes to topics involving Bob, Chris becomes contrastingly less aware. Elizondo responds to questions about Bob very much the same way.
Perhaps they don’t know much about Bob. Perhaps they’ve dismissed him early on and then never returned to review his story with a modern day lens. Maybe. But here in the modern day these men have been closely linked to TTSA, and you know who else TTSA is closely linked to? Bob Lazar. DeLonge said on his own JRE episode that they were involved in the publication of Lazar’s book.
I’ve gotta imagine these guys know a lot more about Lazar than they lead on. So why do they so brazenly distance themselves from him at every turn? Very sus.
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2021.05.06 11:26 nek_x I'm frustrated (No monitor signal)

Yesterday, me and my gf, installed a new CPU cooler and a WiFi-Card, since she doesn't had one. As we plugged it in, everything was working and sounding right, but we couldn't get a signal on her monitor ("DVI NO SIGNAL").
What we've already done since then: -> Replaced the cooler with the old one -> Put out the RAM-Stick and made sure it's in right -> Got a new DVI Cable -> Tried the PC on a diffent monitor -> Listening to potential P.O.S.T. Bios Beep codes (there were none)
Please give me some help and clarification if I totally fucked something up.
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2021.05.06 11:26 Artties Question: ussing library method outside class

For example if I create a class name box and inherit it from library turtle.Tutle, then I set the box x and y coordinate to (1,1) and then print self.box.xcor() outside the class it will print out 0.0 , but if I print box.xcor() from inside the class it will work correctly and print out (1,1).. What is the reason to this? And is there a fix to it? Thanks in advance.
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2021.05.06 11:26 KonLiber "Πόλεμος" Γαλλίας-Βρετανίας για τα αλιευτικά δικαιώματα: Στολίσκος ψαράδων διαμαρτύρεται στο Τζέρσεϊ

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2021.05.06 11:26 ajl949 Interactive brokers is potentially preparing... for something, this is likely linked to T212 ISA buy orders being cancelled

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2021.05.06 11:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - EU Court advisor: Polish regime for judges against EU law | ABC

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2021.05.06 11:26 Sniine9 Potential altcoin investments. Asking for opinions.

I'd like opinions on altcoins like safemoon, hoge, cumrocket. I feel like investing into them would be smart since they have relatively low prices currently. They seem to be what dogecoin was back in 2013 when I first heard about dogecoin but didnt invest back then. I feel like in the far future those coins have potential to rise to the top with the rest? By far I have only bought safemoon for about 10 bucks.
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2021.05.06 11:26 Vishal_Mahankale How to Manage Apps on macOS Devices

The growing popularity of Mac is undoubted. In the third quarter of the year 2020, 5.51 million macOS computers were sold worldwide¹. macOS devices, known for their sleek, minimalist design and powerful operations, are preferred and other devices belonging to the Apple ecosystem- be it the iPhone, the iPad, the Airpods or the Apple Watch. The ability to seamlessly connect all the devices, data and configurations across multiple devices is something that sets Apple apart, something which other OSs have failed to replicate with the sophistication same as Apple’s.
macOS Application Management
With this upsurge in the use of macOS devices, making them business-ready is the need of the hour. And one of the key components that make any ordinary device into an enterprise-friendly device is the range of corporate apps that are lined up on the devices.

Scalefusion MDM has been successfully supporting macOS management for both corporate-owned as well as BYO devices. Adding to the array of policy configurations that IT admins can leverage using Scalefusion also supports application management on macOS devices. IT admins can achieve application management on managed macOS devices encompassing application distribution, silent installation and regular app updates.
Read More: https://blog.scalefusion.com/manage-apps-on-macos-using-scalefusion/
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2021.05.06 11:26 RubyZmashYT Interesting title

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2021.05.06 11:26 mondaytosundae 26F [Chat] looking for a chat maybe snaps

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2021.05.06 11:26 jerksforhale God what a body

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2021.05.06 11:26 DM-343 Nazeem eats babies and uses his wealth to get away with it

Nazeem owns Chillfurrow Farmhouse and Wintersand Manor, which doesn't even exist according to the map.
Now here's where the conspiracy theory comes in:
If you sneak up behind Nazeem at the right time and pick-pocket him, you would find that he's carrying a child boy's red tunic. Nazeem doesn't have any kids. So why would he be carrying a literal child's clothes.
Now, despite owning Chillfurrow Farmhouse and Wintersand Manor (which supposedly doesn't exist), he stays at a room in the Drunken Hunstman with his wife. If you sneak into his room, you can find an endtable. So what's in the endtable? Ladies and gentlemen, Nazeem has 3 entire human SKULLS shoved into his endtable!
So what could this lead to? Nazeem is either a cannibal, murderer, or he practices human sacrifices. There's even a chance that he's a Daedra worshipper. How? Because both human sacrifice and cannibalism is a Daedric tradition. Specifically Boethiah (human sacrifice) and Namira (cannibalism).
So how does Nazeem get away with it? Well he's very rich and usually goes to the Cloud District very often, he assists Jarl Balgruuf on political matters, so he's obviously very involved with politics. Considering he lives in this Wintersand Manor that doesn't even exist, he could be using that as a cover-up for where he actually lives. His farm is outside Whiterun so it's possible he uses that as the place of sacrifice/murder.

- Credits to Graenolf on YouTube for this theory.
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2021.05.06 11:26 hoangtuanbk58 FAIRLUNCH 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.05.06 11:26 rcadestaint r/broslikeus (150,000+ subscribers) needs another mod. You need to be gay and you need to be kind. Aside from that, we can chat.

An ideal candidate can moderate on old reddit and has an understanding of moderating on new reddit.
However, being nice and treating people with respect is pretty important. So the other thing is not required. Being nice is, though.
If you also post nudes under the account you reply to this on another account (don't worry, i don't want to see your nudes. I just want to know if you have empathy for people who post), all the better.
I would prefer that people who moderate the subreddit also understand the people who post on the subreddit.
It's a shot in the dark posting here, but i'll reply to everyone that posts here or messages me.
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2021.05.06 11:26 potatorockstar Blonde Monica

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2021.05.06 11:26 temporarydarling Canadian work visa deactivated

I have hired a Filipino caregiver and after 2.5 years of waiting for this day, she is turned away from checking in at the airport because her work visa has been deactivated. She didn’t receive any notice whatsoever about this. Can anyone tell me what’s going on with this and what the next step is? Thanks!
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2021.05.06 11:26 Pneumai 14 week puppy had diarrhoea and green snot but her sniffs are just gone over night, her stomach is still bad should I still take her to the vet even though she’s not snotty anymore?

I brought home the little one two days ago and she spent the whole of yesterday asleep with really thick green snot leaking out her nose and a cough. She has had a bad stomach since she got here but I attributed it just to the stress of a new environment until her sniffs started. Just over last night though she’s now not sniffing at all and only has one cough every so often when she wakes up. I’ve never had a puppy before only older dogs and I’m still worried. Does anyone with experience maybe know if I should still take her to the vet or not? Thanks so much in advance.
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2021.05.06 11:26 Ali_Gators when i try to be active the sub dies

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2021.05.06 11:26 SirSenSej Don't even dare!!

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2021.05.06 11:26 NerdyKeith Fellow vegans, do you expect non-vegans to only eat plant based in your presence?

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2021.05.06 11:26 moneyshouters Dash Podcast 132 Feat. Kodaxx (Spencer Kuzara) Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor | dashnews

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2021.05.06 11:26 abouljabal what is the curve of 13 april 2021 sat ?

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2021.05.06 11:26 thocks_cinco Our first charity drive raised $1000 toward the relief effort in India. Let us know if you have other charitable ideas, causes or pledges MoonShot should consider

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2021.05.06 11:26 EbdanianTennis Help with Dorktown song.

I can’t find it anywhere. It’s the instrumental that’s very upbeat techno. Usually plays when they’re discussing how impressive a stat is. For example at the 10 minute mark of the Steve Bono video.
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2021.05.06 11:26 AANGame Confused! How Rengar Not Died For Urgot Ult

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