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How do I fix my shitty recommendations?

2021.05.07 06:55 nogood999 How do I fix my shitty recommendations?

Long story short, same videos from same 5 channels being recommended over and over. I'd like to discover new channels with new topics that relate to what I watch but Youtube just doesn't want to stop recommending me any other channels even if I use the not interested button. My recommendations were amazing a couple of years ago, now they're just repeated garbage. What happened? What do I di?
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2021.05.07 06:55 Ogstenheimer “This or that?”, the purple thing asked. “Neither. I am no creature of your binary domain.” I replied in a cool and stoic sounding buttery smooth voice. Oh and ama or something.

After this exchange, the purple thing exploded, never to harass the denizens of shittyama ever again. Everyone cheered and gave me Baked Fiery Cheetos. AMA.
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2021.05.07 06:55 99_Megalodon_99 who let tha goose out

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2021.05.07 06:55 Nintindo_wii_music hmmm

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2021.05.07 06:55 mikeymikey90 WP vs DNN

Hi all,
I have recommended to a client that they use Wordpress as their cms over dnn for a new website idea they have
I did this simply because in my experience WP is a lot more seo friendly.
What are your opinions? A lot of resources suggest dnn is more secure. Is that the only benefit?
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2021.05.07 06:55 jchristsproctologist Help me find: that violin concerto that begins G-D-A-E

I think there's a violin concerto that begins with a slow tempo, playing all the open strings from G upwards. It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't seem to remember it
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2021.05.07 06:55 DanQuaylePotatoe Alright guys, hear me out: Strawberry Yogurt + Seasoned Pretzels = ELITE Combo

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2021.05.07 06:55 PhiberOptik1 Penalty shot - McDavid

What a stretch save. Hope Demko didn’t hurt himself.
Question, Myers didn’t hack him, and didn’t look like he was impeded on shot. Why was this a penalty shot vs. 2 min power play?
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2021.05.07 06:55 UristMcKerman Here is a video of a chineese landing their rocket bavk in 2018. Why muskitoes keep saying that landing poorly welded shit is some sort of achievement in 21th century?

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2021.05.07 06:55 Felix0900 Required Firmware for 60fps Bloodborne Patch

Is the only hardware-related requirement for the Bloodborne patch that the ps4 has to be jailbroken (so on firmware 7.55 or lower), or does the patch itself also require a specific lower firmware?
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2021.05.07 06:55 Raxeck Can God heal my broken heart after years?

I still feel extreme pain and heartache from a breakup I went through years ago. No matter what I’ve done I just can’t get over it. I tried everything and I can’t take living with this emotional burden anymore. I even got to the point of being suicidal before over it. I want to move on so badly but I just can’t.
I know the Bible says that God alone heals the broken-hearted and binds their wounds, but how come no matter how close I get to God, or how much I pray for God to help me, I still can’t get over my ex?
I need advice and prayer, this has been torturing and destroying my life for years
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2021.05.07 06:55 AlG9220 Byzantine Empire Strategy M2TW

I've been playing total war for quite some time, but I have to say, a vanilla campaign in M2TW with Byzantium can be quite fun, so long as you stay aggressive and are good at using horse archers. My strategy involves first securing your borders and taking out the Turks, then taking out the Hungarians so you can deal with Venice and Sicily alone. Here is how I would recommend starting out with them:
First turn:
Build roads in every province that lacks one. Then, build land clearance and ports. Don't waste any money in the first 20 turns building any military infrastructure.
Disband all but one ship (keep one in the Aegean region - you will need one to shuffle your troops around to deal with any Sicilian or Venetian attacks).
Take Prince John and his army, plus a few troops from Nicaea, straight to Iconium. Hire a unit of Alan mercs and a unit of Turkopoles (if you can afford it). If you're lucky, there will be a small Turkish army outside the city and you can attack it, and the garrison will come out to reinforce them. Otherwise, just wait out the siege - your troops suck at assaulting cities.
Take Evangelos Extrachos and the rest of the troops from Nicaea to Smyrna. You'll probably also get a mission and cash reward for taking the settlement. Turn it into a town ASAP - you really don't need a small, underdeveloped castle in Western Anatolia.
Send Emperor Alexius and the archers in Constantinople straight to Sofia and lay siege ASAP - it is essential to capture this settlement before the Hungarians do.
Recruit 3 units of horse archers (1 each of Vards, Byzantine Cav, and Skythion) in Corinth, and send them up to Sofia next turn to reinforce Emperor Alexius.
Ignore Durazzo for now - let the Venetians take it, it really isn't worth provoking them early on. They will likely attack you anyways within 20 turns so you need to be ready.
Next 20 or so turns:
Use your princess to secure trade rights with Hungary. Once you get a notification that someone wants to marry her, accept it. You need as many generals and their bodyguards early on to make up for your lack of heavy cav. Catholic factions won't keep marriage alliances with you long term. Recruit a diplomat in Constantinople and send him to other factions - try to secure trade rights and sell your maps for gold.
Continue moving your troops to their targets. Wait out all of the sieges - again, your initial troops suck at assaulting settlements, you want to wait for the garrisons to sally forth.
Turn Nicosia into a town ASAP - you don't need a castle here.
Watch out for the Sicilians attacking Corinth - leave the archers and spearmen garrisoned there, recruit a few more Byzantine Cav if you can afford it, and move the general in Thessalonica (Theotokios Olaskos) down to help deal with any attacks. Also, use your one ship to ferry Evangelos Extrachos and his small army over if the Sicilians send a sizable army over. You really can't afford to lose Corinth. Also take Rhodes and turn it in into a town.
Sack Iconium once you take it, and immediately take most of your troops there and Prince John to besiege Caesarea. Again, either wait out the siege or try to get the the garrison to sally forth by attacking an adjacent army. Hire a few mercs to beef up that army too. Once Iconium and Caesarea are taken, and the Turkish faction leader and heir garrisoned there killed, the Turkish faction will be destroyed. Then, move onto Adana and Antioch. Occupy Adana and turn it into a town asap, and sack Antioch. Continue gobbling up rebel settlements in the middle east and Caucasus.
Occupy the small rebel cities/castles you take - sacking them isn't worth it.
Once you take Sofia, begin recruiting as many horse archers there as you can afford. You will use your emperors army to first clear out any Hungarian stacks floating around, and then besiege Bran. Sack it - it grows to a Fortress pretty quickly anyways, and you need the cash. Personally, I recommend knocking the Hungarians out ASAP - otherwise they will be sending full stacks of horse archers, knights, and dismounted feudal knights down into your homelands. Also take Bucharest and Iasi and occupy them. You can turn Iasi into a city or keep it as a castle - it helps to have a castle in case the Polish come knocking (which they will, within 30 or so turns), but it's close enough to Bran that you can consider turning it into a city. Once Bran is yours, Sofia becomes redundant - you can eventually turn it into a city to boost your income. Afterwards, send your emperors army to take and sack Budapest.
In the meantime, keep watching out for Sicilian and Venetian attacks. On medium or above, they will come for you. But, at this point, you should be fairly well equipped to deal with them, and your economy will be able to afford recruiting larger armies.
Once you've beaten off the first wave of Venetians, use your army in the Balkans to besiege Durazzo, then Ragusa. Recruit another army and use it to take Iraklion. It will have a large garrison of spearmen, but a half stack of horse archers should make quick work of them once they sally forth. If you can, send this army to take Palermo afterwards and sack it - it is usually fairly weakly defended, and it is already a Fortress at this point.
Continue building up your economy. Upgrade the military infrastructure in Bran, Corinth, and Caesarea - these will be your main troops factories. Continue attacking the Venetians and Sicilians and eventually, move into Italy. Take your middle eastern armies and attack and sack all of the Egyptian provinces. If Poland attacks, beat them off and then go for their provinces as well. Avoid sieges unless the odds are heavily in your favor - either wait them out, or destroy the large enemy armies in the field with your horse archer stacks. Don't even bother making alliances with anyone on hard or very hard - the AI will hate your guts. At best, you can get trade rights and sell map info. Always sack enemy settlements if they are large enough, and always ransom prisoners for the extra cash.
At this point, you will have a large, relatively secure empire. Make sure to have a few armies in the middle east to deal with the Mongols when they come. Defend river crossing and bridges. If you expand fast enough, you might be close to winning the game by the time they arrive anyways.
Anyways, this is a fairly general plan besides the first few turns, but here are the most important points:
- Build up your economy
- Take out Hungary and Turkey ASAP, then focus on Venice and Sicily
- Sack any cities or fortresses you come across
- Turn any redundant castles into cities
- Use armies mainly consisting of horse archers and 1-2 generals, along with local cav mercenaries
- Avoid assaulting settlements until you get your hands on Byzantine Infantry and Dismounted Byzantine lancers, or large numbers of mercenary spearmen. By the time this happens, you will already have dealt with the most difficult part of the game, however.
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2021.05.07 06:55 rinaaa_rina Starting my summer off right!

Hey! Posting here to make it official for me. I'm going to start my day 1 here, being sugar free. Just basics though, like the very sugar-heavy snacks and foods like chocolates, syrups, spreads, biscuits, and sugary drinks. But unlike before, I'll account for days where I won't be able to follow 100%. Around 20% error margin, and 80% of the time, I'll try my best.
Wishing all of us luck!
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2021.05.07 06:55 Sirius_3 Tbh logan is kinda looking huge in front of floyd.

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2021.05.07 06:55 sylsau Like It or Not, Bitcoin Is Our Best Hope for a Better World in the Future

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2021.05.07 06:55 ukskid Some black and white images of Susanna Reid

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2021.05.07 06:55 theflyingroar new stars hollow album !!

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2021.05.07 06:55 TheRealLskdjfhg Is it just me, or is the infestation growing?

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2021.05.07 06:55 rwhitwer45 The multi year pathway to becoming a first time puffco owner. Been a long way from high temp titanium nails 😅 help ya boy out with some suggestions

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2021.05.07 06:55 AkbladezYT Dyk :- To take down Dark Eater Midir , 6 Dragonslayer Armours are required 😐

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2021.05.07 06:55 the_bearded666 30M Working from home sucks. Can you make it suck less?

Stuck at my home office once again until the end of this god forsaken week. Looking for a chatty partner able to chat about anything and everything, even go beyond chatting if we click.
About me: metalhead, I like piercings and tattoos, bicycles, music, bass guitar, photography and so on.
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2021.05.07 06:55 appa-momo Things are no longer getting "hot and heavy" when my gf (21) and I (25) make out

My girlfriend and I have been going together for about 2 1/2 months. I think she's wonderful and I'm extremely attracted to her, physically. In the beginning of our relationship, literally even holding her hand would "excite" me.
We've agreed to wait for anything below the belt, but we have long cuddle/make out sessions more or less every time we're together. In the beginning, every touch felt electric and things often got super intense to the point where we couldn't stop kissing each other for hours. A kiss on her neck would just make her go crazy.
Now, when we kiss, things are still "exciting," but that same sensation just hasn't arisen the past couple weeks. Kissing is still great, but there isn't really the sense that the passion is "escalating."
Is this just a matter of our relationship moving out of the honeymoon phase? Is it my body telling me something? She is only my 2nd girlfriend, so I don't have a lot to compare things to (and I feel guilty making comparisons to begin with), but I don't recall this really happening with my first girlfriend... which feels particularly awful because I'm pretty crazy about this girl.
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2021.05.07 06:55 eveningmeadow Battery health % on used Series 4

I’m thinking of buying a used Apple Watch Series 4 where the battery health is at 89%, is that still good? I now have a Garmin watch and would like to switch to an Apple Watch but don’t want to spend a lot of money.
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2021.05.07 06:55 Positive_Chemistry_5 Help me to decide

I am working in a startup as a junior dev on ReactJS. From last 2months I was giving my best at work. Got email from lead saying about good performance and some appreciation. With that he want me to pick up with redesign whole thing as secondary project with current load.. Should I accept offer or not. The current workload is average. Can anyone help me to decide this?
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2021.05.07 06:55 kingfelix333 Vera Edge

Sat with a friend last week who has me sold on zwave smart home products and said he really likes the Vera edge hub, unfortunately it looks like the one he recommended is sold out (everywhere I've looked!) But, has me wondering what some of the favorites are out there for hubs. What kind of recommendations do you guys have???
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