Go! My Three babies: our P30, Roadmaster, and Jetta. 💙 |

My Three babies: our P30, Roadmaster, and Jetta. 💙

2021.05.06 10:43 MamaWiley My Three babies: our P30, Roadmaster, and Jetta. 💙

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2021.05.06 10:43 kratyuk [Покупка][Москва] Левая половинка Lily58 pro/Jiran/Sofle

Куплю левую половинку любой клавы из перечисленных, Lily58 pro и Sofle желательно с плейтами, на Jiran плейты у меня есть. tg: @k1llank
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2021.05.06 10:43 soberanotherday insomnia. 20M.

short, sweet to the point.
it’s 5am , going on 6 for me. i can’t sleep for anything and it’s killing me. could we possibly get in a call and i just listen to you ramble/vent while i fall asleep? i’m begging lol.
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2021.05.06 10:43 onnekass Saint Petersburg 2021 [Konika Autoreflex TC, 50mm 5.6/Kodak ultramax 400]

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2021.05.06 10:43 Icy_Noob [Recruiting] Looking for players who are willing to take part in clan wars, prefarably TH8+

Hi everyone, i'm looking for non rushed players who are willing to take part in war, especially for the next CWL
New recruits must: - Be active and donate each other - 1000 minimum clan games points - Use at least 1 attack if you opt in for clan wars - Speak english
Discord: https://discord.gg/gxy8XCZAdv
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2021.05.06 10:43 McJohnaldz Er der nogen, der måske har en instrumental Vafler sang?

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2021.05.06 10:43 Pongracka #poppy

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So, what makes us unique?

LP has been burned and ownership has been renounced ‼

Actively against rugging and whales 🐳💥

Fair distribution, our active developers are ready to answer all your questions

Long term vision with a super low market cap.

A 4% fee is included, the fee goes back to holders on any transactions. An 8% fee goes back into liquidity.

We've taken these steps to encourage users to hold no matter what.

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 $SAFEJUPITER

Max Buy: 10,000,000,000,000 $SAFEJUPITER (1%)

How can I buy?

The token is on PancakeSwap but make sure your slippage is at least 15%

Links ↓



📌 Buy on PancakeSwap (use V2):


📈 Chart:


🎯 Telegram:

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2021.05.06 10:43 czareson Advice to kids

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2021.05.06 10:43 darthbeeman Step 1 Podcasts for Dedicated: Crush Step 1, Physiology by Physeo, Goljan, and InsideTheBoards

I wanted to invite everyone in dedicated prep to check out InsideTheBoards' annual USMLE Step 1 / COMLEX Level 1 series.
We focus on breaking down practice questions. Besides our own Study Smarter podcast, we've also produce the Crush Step 1 podcast and Physiology by Physeo (available anywhere you listen to podcasts). And in our newly updated mobile app, you can find Goljan's classic lectures, Khan's Cases Medical Ethics 101 (audio version), mindfulness meditations created specifically for medical students and more.
Thank you for checking us out. We're always looking for feedback (and voice talent/hosts, if you'd be interested in helping your fellow students study for their exams). Good luck to everyone studying for Step 1.
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2021.05.06 10:43 FrontpageWatch2020 [#672|+3654|204] Mom is watching [r/funny]

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2021.05.06 10:43 MemesofProduction202 How well would this version of the 01 Sixers do?

This time Allen Iverson is surrounded with Simmons, Thybulle, Draymond, and Gobert. You can have whoever you want coming off the bench as long as they’re “all defense, little offense” type players
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2021.05.06 10:43 -SoggyBiscuit I can’t be the only one that hates climbing to mythic rank???

No - this isn’t me trying to brag and being self-interested in my skill level. Although I can easily climb out of legend to mythic, IT JUST ISN’T FUN.
With my rank experience, I’m ALWAYS placed in games with duo, trio, or double duo queues (I have no one to play with ;-;) and the same goes to classic games as well. I’m a super casual player so I pretty much only play with the free heroes available that week whilst I have to play with an entire lobby of people who have 200+ matches with their hero.
I pretty much only climb ranks within the last week or so. I play to just chill and destress myself - not to be flamed and having to stress every game I play.
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2021.05.06 10:43 snowman_sir There goes my luck x)

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2021.05.06 10:43 Hokkuo is buying robux using an itunes or roblox card better?

are they both the same or will one option save me a little more robux? like itunes has a tax so?
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2021.05.06 10:43 DezignCruzadr HELP! Condominium converting empty house to an in-house Covid facility of residents. What are legal steps I can take to stop this?

My condo in gurgaon is converting my neighbouring empty house to a covid facility for society residents. This can be easily housed in the club house, but they are not doing so. I am concerned as this can cause infection to the surrounding houses. Even guidelines by the DC Gurgaon say that this can be done in societies, but in isolated areas. What are the possible steps (nothing illegal obv) that I can take to stop this. Thanks
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2021.05.06 10:43 NadxCH Man City and Chelsea are in the final of the champions league, but why is it held in turkey? Is there a link between turkey and champions league?

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2021.05.06 10:43 furqen 8 Nisan 2019... Fake karı hesabı açarak 6 farklı kişiden toplamda 480 TL Fener Ol kampanyasına bağış topladım. Aşağıdaki kişi 100 TL bağışta bulundu toplam. İşin en zor yanı hergün kokuşmuş yaşlı penisi görüp, onlarla sexting yapmak. İlgi görürse devamı gelir. 😉😛

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2021.05.06 10:43 Praziken Imo the hottest Naruto character of all time.

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2021.05.06 10:43 ThxFour Loblaws sales surge amidst online panic buying

Loblaw Companies Ltd. (L.TO) reported better than expected sales during the first quarter of 2021, as online sales surged 133 per cent with customers shopping from home through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Canada's largest grocery retailer saw sales in the 12-week period ending March 27 increase to $11.87 billion, up 0.6 per cent from $11.80 billion during the same time last year. Analysts expected sales of $11.72 billion, according to IBES data from Refinitiv. The company also reported a net profit available to shareholders of $313 million, or 90 cents per diluted share, up from $240 million, or 66 cents per share, last year.
However, Loblaw signalled that food retail sales will not be as strong in its upcoming quarter, as the company laps the period of the pandemic when sales skyrocketed amid pandemic stockpiling and panic buying. In the first four weeks of the second quarter, the company said food same-store sales – a key metric in the retail industry – have declined slightly. In 2020, food same-store sales jumped 10 per cent in the second quarter.
"As economies reopen, revenue growth will be challenged while lapping elevated 2020 sales,” the company said in its financial results.
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2021.05.06 10:43 Truth__Machine Tappy Taco: Twetch’s move into e-sports

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2021.05.06 10:43 Cluckingup [Xbox] [H] Things I need gone [W] Credits

Octane Set Minus Burnt Sienna - 37500c
x16 Big Splashes - 12,500c
x2 TW Zombas - 4,500c Per
TW Breakout - 700c
Playmaker Burnt Sienna Sparkles - 700c
Forest Green Sparkles - 1,200c
Lime Sparkles - 1,200c
Fennec - 800c
Striker Interstellar - 1,300c
Striker TW Inverted Grips - 10,000c
Striker Black Inverted Grips - 6,500c
Striker Dominus RL Esports - 700c
Tactician Dominus RL Esports - 500c
Striker Dominus RLCS - 400c
Striker Dominus Stratum Badge - 350c
Acrobat Orange Inverted Gripstride - 650c
Goalkeeper Crimson Inverted Gripstride - 1,600c
Goalkeeper Sky Blue Inverted Gripstride - 1,400c
Guardian Cobalt Inverted Gripstride - 850c
Juggler Lime Inverted Gripstride - 1,250c
Paragon Forest Green Inverted Gripstride - 650c
Paragon Orange Inverted Gripstride - 650c
Scorer Black Inverted Gripstride - 5000c
Show-Off Saffron Inverted Gripstride - 650c
Sweeper Lime Inverted Gripstride - 1,300c
Sweeper Pink Inverted Gripstride - 1,100c
Sweeper Saffron Inverted Gripstride - 700c
Sweeper TW Inverted Gripstride - 4500c
Tactician Forest Green Inverted Gripstride - 900c
Turtle Purple Inverted Gripstride - 1,200c
Turtle Sky Blue Inverted Gripstride - 1,300c
Victor Forest Green Inverted Gripstride - 700c
Victor Purple Inverted Gripstride - 1,200c
Cobalt Inverted Gripstride - 800c
Crimson Inverted Gripstride - 1,400c
x2 Grey Inverted Gripstride - 1,300c Per
x3 Pink Inverted Gripstride - 1,000c Per
Saffron Inverted Gripstride - 600c
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2021.05.06 10:43 FlyUzi How much exactly Z Orbs do you get from wishing them from the dragon balls?

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2021.05.06 10:43 These_Proof_3606 weapon camos visual glitch??

Hi. I have problems with some weapon camos, It was okay when I first equipped them but after a few seconds, half of the weapon (mostly the barrel) looks like the default gun and it's kinda glitchy. Any help will be appreciated.
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2021.05.06 10:43 cudiwubwub This reminds me of that one scene in the big short where they all lose their jobs at the end. All the mods lost there jobs cause something is calling

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