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Genshin Impact - Klee what are you looking at

2021.05.06 11:30 gunmyguy988 Genshin Impact - Klee what are you looking at

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2021.05.06 11:30 EleMont_Art [FOR HIRE] Dark fantasy illustrator/concept artist looking for work.

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2021.05.06 11:30 desiredcapabilities Kitty looks so calm and composed (crossposted it on r/eyebleach)

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2021.05.06 11:30 andrewnefdotcom Dogecoin has real power. What can we do with it?

Many of us invest in Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies because we no longer believe in the government's ability to adequately serve the common good.
Personally I can see a future where Dogecoin provides scholarships, internet security (maybe a Dogecoin VPN?) and other things that foster social mobility and common wellbeing.
Is this a real possibility and what steps need to be taken to make it happen?
Curious to know your thoughts...
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2021.05.06 11:30 FourScarlet Shouldn't have to worry about not having a damn Spitfire every single game.

Really? The Spitfire is better than ever now. Great.
I figured I would check this season like I usually do every season. I haven't really played regularly ever since the Spitfire buff in season 6. WHY CANT RESPAWN BALANCE THIS THING PROPERLY?! The one gun that is dominating Titanfall 2 is, and has been dominating Apex. It's just not fun going against people spraying around every single corner with an LMG, especially in a game where getting the first shot matters.
Only different for Legacy is that I have to wait 5-10 to even join, get to top 2 only to be shredded by 2-3 Spitfires.
The Spitfire is what made me quit Titanfall 2 and it's going to do the same with Apex.
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2021.05.06 11:30 cxolka I thought I was sexually frustrated...

I initiate sex with my partner even when I'm not in the mood just to follow a weird routine in my head. Almost as if I'm trying to be normal and hope we have sex enough for people that love eachother. I thought I was so sexually frustrated since I got turned down a lot but I now think it might just be that fact that I get sad when I know my boyfriend isn't in the mood to have sex with me even though he's straight and Allo. Does that make sense?
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2021.05.06 11:30 SuckMySolidSnake What do you call it when someone steals your cow?

Cattle rustling
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2021.05.06 11:30 Qujntus777 Film scoring help/temp and time sig difficulties

Hey, thank you for reading.
I'm scoring a film right now and I've put down a bunch of time locators for key moments / cues before I've decided on tempi and meter.
I started out with a 120 bpm metronome so the beats would be relatively synced up to the time ruler on the bottom. Now when ever I adjust tempo or meter It screws everything up. The film/films audio isn't warped, but everything else slides around. I either have to do a weird tempo adjustment until the film, time markers, and cues sync up again, or write and record without a metronome.
Next time I will definitely plan things out more carefully. Right now I don't really have time to start over and plan better. Any Ideas on how to work around this sort of thing? I'm guessing other programs have a better workflow for this sort of thing.
I'm guessing I'm going have to go in an readjust things every time I make a temp or meter change. How can I avoid this in the future?
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2021.05.06 11:30 Dry-Exam-858 Betrayals.

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2021.05.06 11:30 theufkfkeb Beating someone half to death is better revenge than killing them

If you kill someone you’re inflicting pain on the person’s family rather than the actual target. The target gets a quick and easy escape and gets to leave this realm without suffering to the extent that you have. But if you leave them with life-long injuries they’ll remember what they did to you for years and every health implication they get as a result of said revenge attack will be a permanent reminder for them.
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2021.05.06 11:30 Glamarchy What are the best meme builds you can think of?

No Mither + Self-Care + For The People + Inner Stength
Autodidact + Solidarity + Empathy
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2021.05.06 11:30 joyomder i am NOT looking forward to 2024

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2021.05.06 11:30 SAtechnewsbot IBM unveils ground-breaking 2nm chip technology

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2021.05.06 11:30 magicjelly12 phds who never really participate in any seminars, discussion groups, exchange of ideas

I often see people who hardly engage in any of the so-called academically stimulating activities during a phd, why would that be and does that predict success/no success in producing good outcomes later on?
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2021.05.06 11:30 nofeenews WHO to open a global pandemic 'intelligence' hub in Germany - CNBC

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2021.05.06 11:30 SAtechnewsbot New driver’s licenses coming to South Africa, electronic versions also planned

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2021.05.06 11:30 Lady_or_the_Tiger Vegan beef misono (263cal)

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2021.05.06 11:30 SAtechnewsbot Cloud: the most effective route to public sector transformation

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2021.05.06 11:30 Ferret_McPolecat Aggressively

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2021.05.06 11:30 fastercheif How would you feel and react if you found out the women in your life (wife/girlfriend/mother) were gossiping about your penis size to everyone?

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2021.05.06 11:30 XelfiaZero Floor Axies

Are floor axies useful to PvE? I want to get in Axie but do not have enough money for a good team.
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2021.05.06 11:30 ElonMuch Reports of menstrual cycle changes after COVID vaccine highlight need for more data on women's experiences in clinical trials

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2021.05.06 11:30 T3MP3ST_ Thanks, i really needed help with that

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2021.05.06 11:30 The_Ebb_and_Flow Fish Welfare Initiative May Updates

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2021.05.06 11:30 anon9531 Coinbase Referral link for free crypto

Use my link to get $10 of free crypto when you join Coinbase - https://www.coinbase.com/join/wong_wf57?src=ios-share
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