Go! [H] M9 Autotronic 0.31 [W] Karambit SlaughterFT |

[H] M9 Autotronic 0.31 [W] Karambit SlaughterFT

2021.05.06 10:59 amtrr [H] M9 Autotronic 0.31 [W] Karambit SlaughterFT

B/O: Title or Kara Lore FT or Bayonet Gamma
I have adds.
Only knife offers.
Not interested in selling for real money.
Trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=87137012&token=4LLoTbUh
SS: https://s1.cs.money/cjLnrC0_image.jpg
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2021.05.06 10:59 shahrazadtaj Arabia Saudita, Israel y los Emiratos Árabes Unidos quieren una resolución que ayude a detener el conflicto y los benefi

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2021.05.06 10:59 renten99 Get back on your feet

We all know how hard it has been this past year. People lost their lives, jobs - everything fell apart. I'm here to help some people get back on their feet. I am a Team Leader at Mind Masters International. I'm looking for 4 campaigners to work under me. I won't boss you around, don't worry. We are going to be a team. Let me tell you a little about this start up - Mind Masters International is a start up that started as a youth group in 2009. It later became an NGO at 2010. In 2021 they turned the dream of turning an NGO to a Start-Up into a reality. We give free counselling sessions and if the clients like that session, they can join the membership at a cheap price for a long time. For now it's 100 for 6 months of counselling. I mean come on, how can you turn that down? As a campaigner, your job will be to bring in clients and put their details down into their respective categories, e.g - student, teenager, senior citizen, government job aspirants, unemployed etc. And yes, campaigners will get paid. You will have 3 months of training period and for those 3 months you will get paid 7000/- and after the training period is over, you will be paid 10,000/-. Also, this is strictly work from home. You just have to be close to your phone at all times.
The campaigners must be a graduate, doesn't matter what you studied. If you are an undergraduate, you must be in your final semester. I need responsible people whom I can rely on. You don't need to be fluent in Hindi or English. It's okay if you can only speak Bengali. You just need to be fluent in your regional language. That's all the requirements I have for the campaigners. If you're interested, please dm me here and I will tell you more about the company. I'm here to help people and help you get back on your feet. Something is better than nothing, right?
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2021.05.06 10:59 Apprehensive-Ant-515 👀 1 year improvement 💀

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2021.05.06 10:59 tesla6969 Why do I feel like he deserved it?

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2021.05.06 10:59 Starrk10 This cloud kinda looks like a fish

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2021.05.06 10:59 Heptaex Lost Everything I have made.

Basically, after attempting to retarget my animations and BP from one skeleton to another, the retargetting went bad and corrupted all my older animations... As soon as that happened, the auto saved popped as well...
Is there anything that I could do here? I have tried to retarget the animations back to the older skeleton but UR just crashes. So tragic.
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2021.05.06 10:59 JohannaCupcake blueberry oatmilk slush, 116 calories

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2021.05.06 10:59 No-Ride2705 The Truth About gangstalking

Targeted Individuals(TIs) are those people who face numerous (supernatural) problems that can be described as folows - induced schizophrenia (Voice to skull telepathy), DirecteD Energy Weapons (Inexplicable pains), Gangstalking, isolation and Remote neural monitoring, synchronicities, dream intrusion - sleepwalking, predicting future etc.
While a majority of TIs believe that the government or secret societies pay people and train their family members, neighbours, shopkeepers, milkmen, amazon delivery agents and other random members of society in the use of futuristic gadgets capable of reading minds and torture from a distance, common sense dictates otherwise. Never the less, the phenomenon is real and many people worldwide seem to undergo the same persecution and chastisement.
See the testimonials of these people who reduced and even stopped their targeting - Through positive lifestyle and mindset changes https://www.reddit.com/TargetedSolutions/comments/ml7fro/updated_testimonials_thread/

This is a TI from 1770-1800 before electricity was commercialized implying that V2K, DEW, RNM and other technological explanations for the phenomenon fall flat. (https://publicdomainreview.org/essay/illustrations-of-madness-james-tilly-matthews-and-the-air-loom
Here is another from the early 20th century, with multiple cases documented describing the same phenomenon of gangstalking, remote torture, mind reading and voices. On the Origin of the "Influencing Machine" in Schizophrenia - Wikipedia
In the past, we have heard numerous accounts of demonic possession and more recently, alien abduction. These 2 phenomenon, seem to have commonalities with each other as well as the Targeted Individuals. Most notably, All 3 require prayers and faith (Demons are exorcises, numerous reports of alien abductions stopping when victims pray to God, and TIs finding their freedom through prayers and positive lifestyle and mindset changes.)


Bible Verses that accurately describe phenomenon like betrayal by close family and friends, isolation, no justice from society, sufferings and persecution.

It is my belief that this is none other than Judgement day. WHy? The common factor in all these people's targeting is that the voices tell them to improve them selves. Stopping drugs, alcohol, fornication as well as becoming more peaceful less angry, violent, proud, slothful and other traits are encouraged while continuing "worldly lives" is censured. Most people think it is some kind of social conditioning program and ignore the signs and continue to lead a troubled existence.
Quran 40:18 And warn them, [O Muhammad ], of the Approaching Day, when hearts are at the throats, filled [with distress]. For the wrongdoers there will be no devoted friend and no intercessor [who is] obeyed.
Here is a simple verse from the quran which describes the plight of "Targeted Individuals".
One may argue that, "judgement day is after we die, hellfire, heaven etc".
The letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. (2 Cor. 3:6)
Quran 3:7: He it is Who has sent down to thee the Book: in it are verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning); they are the foundation of the Book: others are allegorical*.*
This implies, that it is very probable that the severe chastisement, and torment faced by sinners in so called Hellfire is not a literal place where souls go to at death. It is, infact, an allegory for what happen in this world and you have TIs who are clear examples of people facing chastisement at the hands of supernatural forces.
Often, the Bible talks about spiritual death - Romans 6:23: "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. " and it is my opinion that, The hellfire and torment referred to is not a real place, but it occurs in this world - as experienced by Targeted Individuals.
Matthew 13:13 "Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. "
Quran 2:7 "Allah has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and their sight is covered. They will suffer a tremendous punishment. "
2 Thessalonians 2:11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.
In my opinion, When a person living in Egypt honestly believes that their neighbour is trained by the CIA in the use of sci fi equipment (That may not even exist, and if it does, would be really expensive) that can read minds, talk in your head and beam microwave lasers at them in order to convince them to stop their pornography habit for no plausible gain ranks as a powerful delusion.
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2021.05.06 10:59 shahrazadtaj Arabia Saudita, Emiratos Árabes Unidos e Israel, todos quieren una resolución en Siria que se adapte mejor a ellos y tod

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2021.05.06 10:59 Community_Curious Property Investment Tips for Dummies

Recently, I became interested in learning about property investing. Successful property investors of SG, what are some of the tips that you would give?
I have looked up listings of new property launches and most of them are sales pitch. What would be good sources of learning this trade?
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2021.05.06 10:59 Puzzleheaded-Wolf785 3 invite full access

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2021.05.06 10:59 Bored-Yak Activision scammed me, help is greatly appreciated!

So I bought 1100 Cod Points on Warzone, it is the first time I ever bought Cod Points as I have been playing the game for only a month. Up untill this point, this experience has been a nightmare as the customer support is basically non-existant. I have filed a couple of tickets regarding this issue on the customer service part of their website, and I just get sent automated emails with basic troubleshooting steps. Once I respond with my purchase information they just never get back to me. Also, activision can not be DM’d on twitter (they disabled it) and do not respond to anything I send them. I am pretty desparate right now and it seems I’m not the only one experiencing this... What should I do now? Does anyone have tips for me?
TLDR; Purchased CP, did not get anything in return. Activision ignores me on all platforms including customer service. What do I do?
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2021.05.06 10:59 DoobluPoo Dumped a ton of money in minutes before the ATH just to watch it sink over 25% right after and stay down all day. Feels bad man.

Don’t worry, I’m still holding, but the gains barely missed burn.
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2021.05.06 10:59 CrsCrpr 💎🤲 OFFICIAL $AMC 🚀DISCORD🚀 Don't be left with no coms when the squeeze is squozen 🦍🐱‍👤🚀🚀🚀

When they take down Reddit, don't be left in the dark!
h t t p s : / / d i s c o r d . g g / 9 S 55 W p w b E J
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2021.05.06 10:59 Informal_Count Looking for advice/guidance

I’ve recently started a TikTok page that is growing quite well and I’m open to exploring more avenues to increase growth through Fiverr etc.
I’d like to eventually start monetising the channel with deals and marketing schemes.
If anyone could please suggest any tips or best ways to go about this I’d be very grateful.
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2021.05.06 10:59 Valrym I SO need this skin.

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2021.05.06 10:59 JustAnotherGayKid Reccomended boxoffice YT channels

Does anyone have any reccomendations for YT channels that discuss boxoffice performances/ related discussions?
I watch one channel at the moment that discusses it once a week after the weekends performance which I really enjoy- wonder if there any other channels out there I should check out?
Ty in advance!
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2021.05.06 10:59 ok0k1ok A top I met said he looks down on bottoms, after we had sex..

He said "I could never take a dick up my ass. I would never degrade myself in that way. I´m more of a manly man"

He said that AFTER he topped me..
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2021.05.06 10:59 AfterlifeOfficial SUBATOMIC RADIO MAY 2021 by Afterlife (Official Page)

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2021.05.06 10:59 Nice-Cupcake99 This is only the beginning

For the people that are really happy with the increase in price I want them all to know that this is only the beginning. This is not just another pump and dump this an actual project with goals that the dev team are working on accomplishing and with our support this can be just like SafeMoon if not even bigger. The most important thing we need to do is hold and understand that this is not magic the price is gonna dip like any other coin and our job is to eat up that dip like its an ice cream cone on hot summer day. Get cozy lads and sit tight we're lambo inbound.
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2021.05.06 10:59 shahrazadtaj A Arabia Saudita no le importaría tener vínculos con Israel. Arabia Saudita, Emiratos Árabes Unidos e Israel preferirían

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2021.05.06 10:59 Mamixans I thought this was a funny panel with Bats in Black Cat #2 King in Black event lol

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2021.05.06 10:59 Emotional-Height-556 Is crypto.com an okay app to use?

I don’t want to mess doge up 🥺 pls help
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2021.05.06 10:59 a_lot_of_aaaaaas My honest experience with the zfold2

I personally didn't really care for the phone. I was going for a note or maybe the s21 ultra. But the fold2 looked supercool and since I watch movies on my phone I was in doubt. So when the fold 2 costed €600 and had a promotio which gave me a Samsung titanium watch 3 including earbuds pro, I was sold since I did wanted that watch and earbuds. This was a bargain and I ordered the fold 2. I had never seen the phone in real life and didn't do any research h since I wasn't in to this phone.
For the normal price of €2000ish I believe, I had great expectations. Usually I Google things like "10 fun things to do with my s10plus" for example and I find really fun gadgety things for it. I did the same for this phone and to my surprise I couldn't find them. I got a ton of vids that showed me how I could multitask, I mean a ton. I can go up to 8 simultaneous window's with the large screen! Well I can't come up with anything I do that need more then two window's to be honest, maybe 3 for a calculator for my crypto pages. Most websites I use still require a laptop so I ignored all those videos.
I went I and found apps like good lock which basically are pretty good but only offer solutions for what the phone should have done to begin with. I found no real cool wallpapers besides the Chinese wings version, but the possibility to record videos and use them as a wallpaper is pretty neat although I believe I already could do that I my s10 with an app.
However I bought the thing mainly so I could watch movies om a somewhat larger screen so I expected it to be 4k. Now it appears I can watch YouTube in 4k on the big screen, but not netflix. Netflix still is 1080p but it has hdr. However YouTube looks better over netflox and that shouldn't be the case. I do have the 4k subscription. I know that If I did some research I would know these things yes. Again I am allowed to have some expectations with a phone that is double the price of a normal flagship.
I went on to copy the old stuff from my device and it wasn't possible unless I removed 40gb from my old phone. Holy shit seriously? Well om the positive side this forces me to keep my phone clean which is a good thing.
You might notice some spelling errors in my text, that's because the front screen is made for ants. It's so small it feels like I am back to my iPhone 4. (I used iPhone back in those days). However I will get used to that, but it is 5 steps back Into the past.
Afcourse this thing is made to use the large screen. But when I opened it, it looked so fragile. So I came to this sub and I see all these photos of broken screens even when nothing happened. Stories of the fold getting more visible each day. Stories of fingernails scratching the screen. Even the description warns you about scratches on the screen and not to mention, do not cry while typing your ex because the teardrops can already break the phone if I believe what I read here.
So with a the above you should be a total idiot to fold it open and walk around texting om the street. This phone is not a Mobile phone. Its a phone to have at home and special occasions like some diamond ring. This phone is kind of like people who had a long pinky nail in the past to show other people they didn't had to work. If you see someone with this phone you know they do not have a hard labor job unless they are complete idiots because this phone will break. I am dusting and Inspecting this thing everytime I open or close it because after one spec on the screen I use my phones as garbage because it's already ruined. That's my own fault. If I have a spec on my sneakers I stop wearing them too. So I dont want any damage.
Immediately I started to look for covers and every cover I see is apparently damaging the phone. Which is not strange because dust get Into covers. So no cover.
The reactions are awesome though. I have people reacting like they are blown away because they never even heard of the phone. When I got it at the store the entire staff gathered to look at the phone because they only got a temporary promo model for a few days. I was a king in the store lol. You see peoples boners grow simultaneously with opening the phone. Friends have the same reaction....unfortunately because they all want to touch it (the phone). But this phone is not for touching. You know sometimes things just have a shape that make you drop it? This phone has that shape. So it's in my pocket inside a soft cover that officially is the cover for my sunglasses.
And when it rings I am afraid. I have to stop everything I do. Take it out of my pocket, check the environment for dust particles, open up the glasses cover and by that time the caller already hung up. So my new thing is to not pick up the phone at all. I just let it ring and call back when I am in my decontaminated phone room.
If its open you can't put it on a table because the corners of the phone tap on the table in a very unstable and uncomfortable way. I have already seen people with damage from it in this sub. So it's like when my daughter was a baby all over again, I need a bag on me when I take the phone for a strawl. Im the bag is one of those laptop blankets you put between the laptop and the screen when closing it for example. So when I arrive at someone I put up a square do not cross tape with pylons around it. I put down the blanket, open up my phone, place the do not touch sign and put the phone on the blanket.
This phone should be in your pockets at all times and just in case you should buy a tablet to prevent using the large screen. I had screenburn on my s7 and s10 so I am super afraid for what fine art piece this screen can create in it from screenburn. According to the store screenburn was impossible on those phones but they couldn't deny it when they saw the entire start screen with icons on it when the phone was turned off.
This phone is why you want a smart watch and earbuds. I believe Samsung did this on purpose those bastards. You now need those things so you never have to touch your phone. In The future this will be on the warning. "Use earbuds and watch because this phone is made from sugar." Which is a exaggeration because I have also seen some people here that say it isn't that bad and it's pretty sturdy. Doesn't make me feel less afraid every time I open it. I do a 15 minute Inspection before I close it and I bought a portable airblower because you don't t want to whipe of the dust specs as they will create scratches.
But it looks cool. It looks absolutely like I am living in the future and I can watch movies a bit larger. Is it worth €2000 to look cool? Hell yes! Can the phone do something I can't with my s10 besides having a larger screen? I don't know I hope you can tell me something else besides better selfies which you don't use. I mean teenagers make selfish and they don't usualy have the money to buy this phone.
Do i regret getting his phone?. No, absofuckinglutely not. But it's just a tablet and a phone which looks cool and that seems to be it. I hope I am wrong, but I read about it in the past few days now and yet have to find something cool I can do with this phone I can't on my s10.
This is also the question I get a lot. "What can you do with it that I can't do on my phone?
My answer:......look cool? And I also probably die a lot sooner from the stress this phone gives me. I think when I drop it it will take me 30 minutes to have the courage to pick it up and look at it.
Take this al with a wink because I am being honest yet I do love this phone.
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