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Wild Kesha 🔥🔥🔥

2021.05.06 11:39 rafsun2021 Wild Kesha 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.05.06 11:39 tw_bot How technology will be key to a sustainable return to travel - TechNative

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2021.05.06 11:39 179302g Here they come

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2021.05.06 11:39 hvnkasso So last year we were playing basketball when suddenly we had some visitors.. By me, 2021

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2021.05.06 11:39 CallMeChefGruel Does anyone feel really depressed sometimes?

I had over $25k in the bank and I wasn't taking Doge seriously! What a hugh mistake!
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2021.05.06 11:39 hmgmonkey Happy Free Pencil Day Everyone!

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2021.05.06 11:39 botpenguin1 5 Best Chatbot Platform in India

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2021.05.06 11:39 Aishaxo1 Guy I am seeing tells me Im not normal’ during a disagreement. Am I right to be offended/upset?

Was in a somewhat disagreement with guy Im speaking too on a romantic level. Been friends since childhood, but only recently got romantic.
Partly my fault, partly them overreacting. I explained myself-only for them to reply with:
“Your not normal”
This REALLY upset me. Friend knows how hyper-sensitive I can be, and knows I have a history of depression/anxiety/people preying on my vulnerabilities. Also have very low self esteem. Explained to him I was upset that they had said I wasnt normal and wanted to be alone.
I have been questioning myself and my history of abusive relationships/broken childhood home keep coming back to me. Am I abnormal? Guy dosent seem to think /know the impact ..and texted me yesterday after we hadnt spoke for a day for me to ‘stop sulking’
I feel like cutting ties, or at least being distant. Was it my fault he said this? He seemed to think I was lying about something (nothing major) , I wasnt lying, but also was avoiding being straightup. I understand his frustration , but feel like what he said was too far..too personal. I am sat here questioning what he really think of me, why everyone hates me, why I wreck everything I touch, why I bring out the worst in people
Is it my fault?
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2021.05.06 11:39 ItEzWhatItEz89 😂

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2021.05.06 11:39 Danniboi72 Millionaires incoming alert 🚨 pack your bags now ! This is going to the moon 🌝

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WHAT IS Merchant Token
A DeFi Payment Protocol that enables POS terminals on blockchains and brings consumer protection to crypto payments. DeFi Payment Protocol that enables POS terminals on blockchains and brings consumer protection to crypto payment. Merchant Token aims to introduce consumer protection concepts from the traditional card payment industry to any blockchain with support for smart contracts like Ethereum, Cardano (ADA), or Solana. This truly has the potential to be an ultimate GAME-CHANGER.
Their Launchpad is growing at an incredibly high pace. You are still early.
Simply click on the above link and sign up with your email address and make your purchase.
There are 4 options to participate:
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2021.05.06 11:39 Animatorpoland Um what

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2021.05.06 11:39 Sneaker_head9 I’ve just finished watching fmab (first time watching anime), what’s next?

I decided to watch anime for the first time, in my area watching anime makes you a little bit weird or something but I don’t care because fmab was amazing, I liked everything about it and finished it in a week, it’s my all time favorite show(not only anime) I was so into it and now after finishing I feel kind of emptiness. Considering it’s my first time watching anime , there are probably a lot of other anime shows, can someone help and tell me some of the best shows he had seen?
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2021.05.06 11:39 Yasini4real All pending rewards have now been distributed

All pending rewards from the redeployed pools that were affected have now been distributed:
HAKKA https://bscscan.com/tx/0x0f3620942ac43b562053bb6043db91c3ae3ff1a053b710114b8ae030256639c6
pBTC https://bscscan.com/tx/0xda97d090ddb27866d06135756b01ab48c85e4eea07b4c0e53751aed9a95d100f
LIEN https://bscscan.com/tx/0xeaa6e104a7902a2c006e9f8789a8f66ae4f77a8e31b160c2969cef65fc686417
XED https://bscscan.com/tx/0x9cf8e956bf99469b2b32dcd4ff83b20a82e15fe08085279e2c33bf93a4d46546
ODDZ https://bscscan.com/tx/0x18a214c4b08f791456df560695e08d3e08a827fdeb0e23030593d49cf00e9a7d
BONDLY https://bscscan.com/tx/0xdd063e64efc33cb4bf5ff7c0e1bab7ef225f041b1ca8ad698765f8bfe21f8463
DEXE https://bscscan.com/tx/0xa6449cf9c09b8044b71625b23ec4ec65f06a352277beb6af84958954346006fb
ARPA https://bscscan.com/tx/0xdafcf10d3893c627df7e7e1717b0a54f4559a8973ad24c26f450d91282661d9e
CGG https://bscscan.com/tx/0x018a3453759d557463286c78a8002c4eb45de9d1202e63ebf0e51fcd83bca245
bBadger https://bscscan.com/tx/0x71767f005511d1dbebcf1456ac701e3d452b71968721c85fca85e3eec7ec69e6
bDIGG https://bscscan.com/tx/0x5254406bd81beaff2ed44ba9c68bc78c759f6d268960c43419f5d4aa7c12e9d2
RAMP https://bscscan.com/tx/0x61f0f8de512ff6719d9af2568ae610c709e2d0b38f668540f4b718b233fec049
PERL https://bscscan.com/tx/0x6bb751277bfd20b1938ec113faba702d3b582a67b91c0e01c8d1876bf6555764
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2021.05.06 11:39 regian24 "Can I please have some food, hooman?"

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2021.05.06 11:39 NafyLichKing [PSN] [H] Dissolver [W] 1600c

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2021.05.06 11:39 dragonrage420blazeit Are my Ryzen 5800X temps ok?

I'm sitting at 38 to 43 while idle, 60 to 64 while under long periods of gaming and 80 to 85 in cinebench multi score of 15200 ish. Im using a noctua u12a and kryonaut thermal paste. Everything is stock clocks.
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2021.05.06 11:39 poopimask420 Liquidbounce

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2021.05.06 11:39 Toluwalashe How do I write this conditional statement and query?

Hi! I have three models Poll, PollItem and Vote. So I'm trying to display the vote/unvote button based on if only one of the poll items has been voted on. That is if one item has a vote, change to "unvote" disable vote button on all other items, if none has been voted on.. display vote button on all.

class Poll < ApplicationRecord belongs_to :user has_many :poll_items, dependent: :destroy accepts_nested_attributes_for :poll_items, reject_if: :all_blank, allow_destroy: true end 
class PollItem < ApplicationRecord belongs_to :poll has_one_attached :image has_many :votes, as: :item, dependent: :destroy end 
class Vote < ApplicationRecord belongs_to :user belongs_to :item, polymorphic: true end 
 has_many :polls, dependent: :destroy has_many :votes, dependent: :destroy def toggle_vote!(item) if vote = votes.where(item: item).first vote.destroy else votes.where(item: item).create! end end def votes?(item) votes.where(item: item).exists? end 
class VotesController < ApplicationController before_action :authenticate_user! def toggle if params[:poll_item_id] @item = PollItem.find(params[:poll_item_id]) end current_user.toggle_vote!(@item) redirect_back(fallback_location: root_path) end end 
polls show
<% if user_signed_in? && current_user.votes?(poll_item) %> <%= link_to "Unvote", votes_path(poll_item_id: poll_item.id), method: 'post' %> <% else %> <%= link_to "Vote", votes_path(poll_item_id: poll_item.id), method: 'post' %> <% end %> 
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2021.05.06 11:39 g_u_r_k_e Grandma has cookies

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2021.05.06 11:39 HiImAlexXD How do people get more than 2.2k UNBUFFED spell damage on their Sorc?

I just golded out my weapon and my spell damage comes out to 2000.
Still not able to do more than 15K single target DPS :(
Running Necropotence+ MOther's sorrow+ Infernal guardian monster set
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2021.05.06 11:39 gspeller Whoop consistently inaccurate.. anybody else having these issues?

I have been using the Whoop now for 6 days. So far, I am terribly unimpressed. I did my research, I’ve read almost every review, listened to several of their podcasts, etc. I know how this thing is supposed to work and find that it could be a great tool. When starting a workout on my Whoop from my phone to track my HR, my workouts always start with my HR about 50-60 BPM lower than my Apple Watch (wearing it at the same time) and then levels out towards the end. However, this affects your strain, which then affects the daily advice they give you in regards to strain, recovery, sleep.. I’ve tracked this twice, both times it starts out very inaccurate. Their support team told me to move the strap two finger widths up my arm from my large wrist bone and tighten it. Did that. Last night it picked up two “Activities” where my heart rate was hovering around 150 BPM for 20 mins each within 1.5 hours. During this time I was eating dinner or bathing my kids, and my Apple Watch said during the same time slots that my HR was 73-82 BPM. However, because Whoop picked this up my daily strain was now in the overreaching category which is frustrating because I intentionally kept it in the optimal zone all day for recovery purposes which now affects today’s strain goal, sleep, etc. Their support staff has given me little to no help and have said “there is no problem with the hardware, make sure you are wearing it in the right position, etc.” obviously there is an issue OR the Whoop product isn’t up to par. I want to love this product but I’m leaning towards returning it because it is bringing more stress into my life than helping.
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2021.05.06 11:39 botsapien windows 10 pro with key

I have windows 10 pro and home genuine versions with key. U can contact me at +918328114609 for product details.
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2021.05.06 11:39 EliTW11 3% hodl rewards

SO how do these 3% rewards actually get distributed, like how does it work??
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2021.05.06 11:39 ayBS33 Ah yes meth

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2021.05.06 11:39 mattedmanatee He has an unusually small head

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