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Remember folks, it's ok to like China

2021.05.10 06:42 londontesticles Remember folks, it's ok to like China

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2021.05.10 06:42 razzthekid Galgo - Garras Dadas

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2021.05.10 06:42 CassiO_0 THINK KENSHIRO THINK

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2021.05.10 06:42 shivanshashish212 These have been in my house since childhood, was wondering about their names!!

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2021.05.10 06:42 Formal_Meme :)

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2021.05.10 06:42 DaddyComstock I’m so done with society

Before everything I just want to say that this is my opinion and my view. Reality is subjective and we all see things and understand them differently. And sorry if you find mistakes. English is not my native language.
Well. That’s it. It’s a rant about society in general. I’m just so done with everyone. We live in a society that is just corrupt. Governments are corrupt, many of them payed off one way or another by big companies that are also corrupt and will use every trick that marketing has to sell sell and sell and trigger consumerism. In the process we are basically destroying nature, the very nature we depend on for surviving, because, like a fucking cancer, it seems that our whole purpose in life is to just grow grow and grow and never stop growing. The growing of our society and economy should be aimed to provide for society when necessary, not just for the sake of growing and making more money. And talking about money... it sickens me the cult to money that our society has. We are raised up being told to do whatever to become rich, even if that means stepping on the neck of other people along the way. Basically, the end justifies the means, or so it seems. And the media, that’s also sickening me. We are literally bombed with half truths and misinformation, like 24/7 because the end justifies the means when it comes to convince the general public about whatever. We all live surrounded by technology and science and yet the system has made many believe that climate change is just a conspiracy from pretty much every scientist in the world instead of just accepting that the change that takes to stop it makes some very powerful people to lose their precious money. That’s just an example, same could be said about the current Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve heard everything there’s to be said “it only kills old people” “it only kills people who are already sick” like if those people were just more expendable because of their age or health situation. I think ones freedoms should end where other people’s freedom starts but, hey, let’s not give a fuck about the pandemic because If someone dies it won’t probably be me. People don’t seem to have an idea of how definitive is death. I was going to say that we have breed a selfish society, but that’s not true, we’ve breed selfish individuals that are not able to follow some very basic guidelines to prevent more people from dying during a pandemic. People have messed up their priorities pretty bad tbh, and it depresses me so so bad. And before I forget, the sue of the word oppression. Nowadays everything is oppression. Like using a fucking mask. God damn it. Afroamericanos people were oppressed back when they were slaves in America, Jews were oppressed during World War II. Using a fucking mask during a pandemic is not oppression. It is being socially responsible.
Our society has been shaped to be complacent, to be obsessed with money, to be obsessed with appearances. To be obsessed with status. Living in a rigged system that really, has nothing to do with democracy, with real democracy at least. A society where everything seems to be allowed. We are completely drowned by convenience and we have become lazy. When back in school my teacher made us read 1984 and A brave new world little I knew that I was already living in a world like that.
Well that’s pretty much it. And I’m sure many many people will not agree. But I needed to talk this out.
Have y’all a nice day
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2021.05.10 06:42 hojster24 Let those people out of the Wendy's!

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2021.05.10 06:42 JeannaLeavy Cocaine & Tow Trucks

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2021.05.10 06:42 BZH314 Minesweeper Victory in MineSweeper For Twitch

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2021.05.10 06:42 scaptastic Isitbullshit: The reason Roman Emperors were crazy was because of poor sanitation

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2021.05.10 06:42 germanky Paper Transport: Class A Dedicated Regional Truck Driver $70k/Year Payguarantee $5k Bonus

NOW HIRING Paper Transport: Class A Dedicated Regional Truck Driver $70k/Year Payguarantee $5k Bonus-https://gethiredinflorida.us/transportation/paper-transport-class-a-dedicated-regional-truck-driver-70k-year-payguarantee-5k-bonus-dbdd34/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.05.10 06:42 Edzcharz [XB1] H: 4:1 Legacy Bundle. W: VE15 Laser Rifle.

Be90 Cyro
J4040 Ripper
TSE250 Gauss Rifle
PA Jetpack Arm
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2021.05.10 06:42 ArmpitNostril With the spread of agriculture, we're slowly making the whole planet edible

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2021.05.10 06:42 dan_crtz EFFIN [130K market cap][2 days old] - Pre-selling The First Tokenomics Coin To Focus On Stability - SAFU, Liq Locked, Solid Fundamentals, All Reflection to Holders Not Devs

Hi everyone,
Just introducing EFFIN (you have to love the name), a brand new coin with X1000 potential, and a solid development plan to not just be a meme coin and will focus on stability to make money for its holders. You can read more about their roadmap/development goals on https://www.effin.com
Quick Introduction

Detailed Project Description What Is EFFIN (Effortless Finance)? Effortless Finance or EFFIN as we enthusiastically call it; is a passion project of marketing and finance professionals focused on building an effortless financial crypto industry as an alternative to centralized banking investments that fully utilize the tokenomics capabilities of smart contracts on decentralized finance.
How Does EFFIN Tokenomics Work? EFFIN Tokenomics is an algorithm that procedurally deducts a 10% financial transaction fee from the total amount of EFFINs that will be sold, bought, or transferred. All proceeds of this 10% financial transaction fee are split into two halves, half is added into EFFIN's liquidity pool and the other half is proportionately distributed to EFFIN holders based on the number EFFIN they hold as yield.
Why Invest In EFFIN CAPITAL GAINS Unlike traditional cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum where the number of coins you hold in your wallet remains static, holders of EFFIN gain a proportionate yield from EFFIN Tokenomics whenever an EFFIN is sold, bought, or transferred increasing the number of EFFIN's you hold with unlimited yield potential.
SELF-GENERATING LIQUIDITY EFFIN Tokenomics fully utilizes the use of a permissionless liquidity pool that gives a cryptocurrency value and the ability to be easily converted into cash or other cryptocurrencies. EFFIN Tokenomics sends a portion of an EFFIN's transaction amount to an AMM (Automated Market Makers) Liquidity Pool that locks EFFIN's financial liquidity ensuring your EFFIN will always have financial value.
AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM MARKET EFFIN Tokenomics algorithmically self-governs its free market system by automatically applying a fee for every EFFIN transaction then circulates all proceeds from this fee back into its free market system without any intervention and away from any centralized financial institutions which serve as the backbone for its financial liquidity and holders capital gains.
How Many EFFIN Coins Are There in Circulation? EFFIN was deployed on Binance's Smart Chain on the 7th May 2021 with a quadrillion EFN tokens then fair launched and pre-sold through DxSale on the 8th of May 2021 with a contractual liquidity lock of 3 years. 100% of its pre-sale profits were then paired with the remainder of the minted tokens as EFFIN's liquidity upon the conclusion of its fair launch.
Is EFFIN SAFU? How To Invest In EFFIN? EFFIN is now available for pre-sale with DxSale and will be available on PancakeSwap after the pre-sale is finalized with further exchanges in its development goals.
EFFIN Pre-sale Guide
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2021.05.10 06:42 natgeo420 I love these guys, can’t wait to get the rest of the Batch!

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2021.05.10 06:42 HarvestHound Listing TB arcana in market resetting the gem color?

Hi guys.
I have TB Arcana with Ships in the Night (Blue) color.
Whenever I list his arcana for sale on the market and then see my item detail, listing it shows that it has reflections shade (red) color instead of the blue!!
I dont know why this keeps happening. Then when I cancel the listing and view him in my library it goes back to showing Ships in the night. It only changes to reflections shade when I list it. Its really frustrating because the blue one is a few bucks more expensive.
Please help
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2021.05.10 06:42 kobony Original Art Acrylic/Ink/Resin/Oil Painting,41W x 51H x 5D cm,Anissa Bryant Surrealism,Impressionism,Fine Art,AbstractWater. Blue,Glossy,Beach,Navy,Wave,Water,Ripple,Tan,Teal,Ocean

Original Art Acrylic/Ink/Resin/Oil Painting,41W x 51H x 5D cm,Anissa Bryant Surrealism,Impressionism,Fine Art,AbstractWater. Blue,Glossy,Beach,Navy,Wave,Water,Ripple,Tan,Teal,Ocean submitted by kobony to painting_drawing [link] [comments]

2021.05.10 06:42 BinkyRcweb Helio Castroneves Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

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2021.05.10 06:42 theexistentialbread Where can I find pork in Dhaka?

Hey friends I recently moved back to Dhaka and am in desperate need to get my fix of bacon. I'm hoping to find a reliable butcher from where I'll be regularly able to buy pork meat to cook but I'll even settle for restaurants that sells pork. I understand that most Bangladeshis avoid eating pork quite seriously but I'm hoping that surely there'll be a store that sells it??
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2021.05.10 06:42 airevgeny Fireworks in Minsk (Belarus) on Victory Day 09.05.2021

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2021.05.10 06:42 Oregon_Grunge Some cool music coming out if this young grungy generation...here’s some grungy blues. “Untitled” The real grungy style 🤡. Not sure if this artist has other music online, but the feel of this warmed my black NW soul for a moment this Mother’s Day 🤘🏠

Some cool music coming out if this young grungy generation...here’s some grungy blues. “Untitled” The real grungy style 🤡. Not sure if this artist has other music online, but the feel of this warmed my black NW soul for a moment this Mother’s Day 🤘🏠 submitted by Oregon_Grunge to grunge [link] [comments]

2021.05.10 06:42 Ruthydrawsalot Ableism and the dehumanizing and infantilizing view of Autistic people.

I grew up hearing that autistic persons were just childish in thinking and wondered why they were so alienated. After realising from a close friend that I may have ADHD, I did a lot of research and learnt about neurodivergency. I didn't know a lot about autism or ADHD while I was growing up. I'm Caribbean and mental disabilities aren't really discussed in my culture, so this made me finally get why ppl hated autism so much. I never got why and had so many questions about it.
From mental health experts and persons I knew, many would treat disabilities like a curse and something that needed curing. Other, they talked to them as if they were talking to a puppy- slow and peppy. They treated adult autistic persons as if they were lost causes and babies. Upon doing further research, I found out about how fascists make it important to view disabilities as a blight. And it solved so many questions on why they are so hated by many people. But it also alarms me how much of western society is about demonizing ppl "outside of the norm".
I just wanted to post this in light of encouraging person's to do more research on ableism and what autism is. Also adding that saying high and low functioning autism, is not okay and that it's a spectrum. There's still ableism predominant in leftist spaces. I'm just hoping person's could inform themselves better and try to dismantle these ableist views of autism and and other mentally disabilities.
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2021.05.10 06:42 Megackleete История от 16.01.2016

Я когда презики покупал—девственности лишился. мне тогда 14 лет было. как—то летом меня двоюродный брат, который был постарше, на "вписку" позвал, сказал, что там будут девочки—студентки ПТУ и может так получиться, что может перепасть с секисом. так же он сказал чтобы я зашел в аптеку и купил кондомы, а в киоске брать "неваляшку" строго запретил. вечером по пути я зашел в аптеку, долго всматривался в витрины, ждал пока все уйдут. когда зал опустел, я, набравшись смелости, подошел на кассу и без задоринки произнес:
— дайте пачку презервативов...
— ой! привет) — ответила мне фармацевт. тут в ней я узнаю свою соседку по лестничной клетке, которая лет пять назад с родителями переехала на другой конец города. старше она была меня на лет 8—10.
— п—п—привет... — промямлил я.
— надо же! как вырос! — заулыбалась она, заставляя меня краснеть до степени вареного рака. — уже с девочками дружишь?
— эээ.. ну.. типа того... как бэ в первый раз ваще покупаю — ляпнул я.
— в первый раз? а сколько тебе лет уже? — с интересом продолжала она.
— п—п—пятнадцать! — зачем соврал я.
— пятнадцать? а ну тогда ничего страшного. — игриво улыбаясь ответила. — а хочешь я научу тебя ими пользоваться?
в этот момент меня, как молнией ударило, я стоял ни живой ни мертвый, переваривая последнюю фразу. не став слушать мой ответ, она вышла из—за витрин и закрыла дверь на ключ, перевернув табличку.
— пошли — сказала она, взяв меня за руку, повела в лабораторию. там она уже достала пачку кондомов и достала одно резиновое изделие. она показала мне руку и, прижав три средних пальца к друг другу, ловко натянула презик на пальцы по самую ладонь. — тебе так же надо сделать. ты все понял?
— д—д—да.
— ну тогда давай)
она развернулась ко мне спиной и задрала юбку, сняв трусики, я же уже был готов. это случилось минуты за полторы—две. когда она улыбаясь повернулась и не, обнаружив на моем члене заветный презерватив, спросила:
— где презик?
— вот! — ответил я и показал свою руку, на три пальца которой был одет он.
такого гнева я никогда не видел и именно так на моем лбу появился шрам, оставленный одной из прилетевших колб.
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2021.05.10 06:42 Orri What is the etiquette for booking viewings for a room to rent?

Basically I've advertised the house I'm living in as my housemates are moving out. I've had like 15 responses already.
Do I book them all in, then if someone takes it contact them and say it's no longer available or do I just book a few in, if they say no then book a few more?
Stupid question but I've never been in the situation lol
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2021.05.10 06:42 rmbrmeforcenturies Trigger Warning for The Lodge (2019)

Hi everyone! The Lodge has been on my list for quite some time, and I was really excited to start it the other day.
I watch horror movies often, and only have one trigger, and it was in this movie. Basically, if you have a trigger for suicide by gunshot, do not watch this movie.
I’m a bit upset about the scene, because it’s in the first 10 minutes and I could not get myself to watch past it.
I’m not upset with the filmmakers, although I don’t particularly agree that the way they showed it was necessary.
I don’t want to discourage anyone from watching it! I wish I was strong enough to finish it. I would like to give just one person the trigger warning that I did not have. It is the worst possible way they could have shown it, with zero warning, and zero time to prepare yourself for it.
If this won’t trigger you, please watch and enjoy! And, also, let me know if there is anything else that may be similar to that for me, as I’d love to watch the rest, but definitely skip the first 20 minutes.
Super unsure if these types of posts are allowed on here, but I just wanted to try. Happy horror watching!
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