Go! * Up late? Come hang out 🤝 |

* Up late? Come hang out 🤝

2021.05.10 06:02 Ishkovitzzz * Up late? Come hang out 🤝

Sub-par Gaming at its best, but I'd appreciate you stopping by if you can make it. I'm not as experienced as the next, but I try to make it happen. Join if you'd like🤙🏾
With ✌🏾&🧡 y'all.
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2021.05.10 06:02 loloc9 Can someone edit out the pineapple and cans please?

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2021.05.10 06:02 Moria_85 MATURAL AID REQUEST

I have come to realize that I'm going to be in a bind with gas money to get the kids to school in a few hours. I'm asking for $20 dollars to help me and I can pay it back or pay it forward Wednesday morning. Cashapp or PayPal and thanks.
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2021.05.10 06:02 ineedsleep5 Is this normal nursing culture?

Me and my husband have two very different cultures on each of our units. My husband takes about an hour and a half for shift report every morning. Part of it is because the incoming nurses ask a lot of questions, but part of it is because they make him do things for them. For example, they make him page doctors before he leaves, meaning he has to wait for the doctor to reply before going home. There was also a time when an MRI screening wasn’t done on my husbands shift because they got really busy and got extra patients that night. Never got to take a lunch. The nurse made him stay late and do the MRI screening since it happened on his shift. Is this normal on other units?
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2021.05.10 06:02 maxwell1102 Just to be clear, May I know the difference between GCC citizen and Resident? This is due to the news for vaccine exemption for GCC Citizens.

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2021.05.10 06:02 GoopyLee25 Dwarf Fortress Resourcepack WIP

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2021.05.10 06:02 jenny9197 insta: jennybram

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2021.05.10 06:02 Nervous_Hands Ace to Ace Validation

I was simping over some characters in a server when someone was like "oh I thought you were a fellow ace?" and I was like AAAA PANIC but tried to calmly explain what aegosexual was and he just accepted it and was like "cool cool; I'll breathe fire at anyone who invalidates you" and IT WAS SO AFFIRMING I sorta expected more of a "isn't that just allo" or something along those lines so it was really nice
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2021.05.10 06:02 Extension_Childhood3 Not to shabby

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2021.05.10 06:02 GBpourDDcast The noble and distinguished old gent (seems to gray more every day!)

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2021.05.10 06:02 cutieredhead Had a fun little camping getaway the other weekend🌲

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2021.05.10 06:02 AtrosRH Jubilee - Marvel Comics - [DouglasBicalho]

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2021.05.10 06:02 hem10110 Range Hood Fan Help

I'm looking for a range hood for my kitchen renovation. I'm doing a new kitchen and the appliances will all be Café brand (white). I'm looking for a wall-mounted, vertical exhaust range hood and I assume it should be in the 600 CFM range. I'm not looking to break the bank, but I also don't want one that will be unnecessarily loud.
I'm seeing brands like Ancona and Turin that seem to fit my price point, but am not sure about them. I'd love to hear experiences, things to watch out for, or recommendations of brands to go with.
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2021.05.10 06:02 SitePowerful6464 Our goal is making DOGE 1$ by 31st May. Dovengers Assemble!!!

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2021.05.10 06:02 blokewithbike Papam roju ila check chestu untadhi kani evadu message cheyadu

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2021.05.10 06:02 bigcheez07 Workshop Tip: If you work from home, claim a workshop in the background while you work

Works best if you’re on console or use a different computer for work, and have them all in the same room. Log on before work, claim a workshop and set up your defenses. Because server timeout is 30 mins just keep a controller nearby and jiggle the stick every so often to keep it active.
You’ll have to deal with defend events, but if you set up good enough defenses and post up somewhere safe you should get through the events pretty easily. Otherwise just check in to collect resources every hour.
Also since it’s during the workday you are probably less likely to get attacked by other other players.
I usually dim the screen too so I’m not distracted. If you get distracted easily or don’t have the willpower to stay focused on your work I wouldn’t try this. Don’t lose your job over 76.
Otherwise it’s a great way to passively collect resources!
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2021.05.10 06:02 MishkaboomWasTaken people with strange phobias, what are you scared of and why?

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2021.05.10 06:02 mulimulix Kurnell is an underrated day out

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2021.05.10 06:02 ByOdensBear This is my dog whenever I come home, and today my nephew decided to see what the big fuss was about. Also, Happy 2nd birthday to my nephew. ♥️

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2021.05.10 06:02 techexpert2 Up for up

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2021.05.10 06:02 Fine_Individual903 [Friendship] 21 M looking for mates

Hey there!
Just looking to make some new friends and chat to people. I’m 21 and from the land down under (🇦🇺). Love reading, video games, photography and travel.
Happy to chat to anyone but would prefer 18-24.
Hmu with something interesting and let’s start chatting. Bonus points if you can make me laugh 😁
Also have Snapchat if you wanna chat there. Just dm me for my user.
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2021.05.10 06:02 wizard-eyes Weird DITY move question...

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2021.05.10 06:02 exitticket Am I overreacting when my sister doesn’t close the door?

I (f14) have always shared a bedroom with my sister from a very young age ever since my grandmother moved in with us (we didn’t have enough rooms for each of us to get our own). The only logical thing was to have the two girls in the family share a room. We are a family of five, two parents, three kids and now a grandmother. Growing up my sister and I fought a lot since we could never get a break from each other and I grew to be more and more independent since I’m never really able to be alone and have my own privacy. Keep in mind, my sister and I are four years apart in age, me being the younger one. These past three years i’ve been really annoyed with the door not being closed whenever she walks out of the room or inside. I’ve asked her kindly time and time again to close the door, but she never seems to listen and thinks that it’s ridiculous. But everybody has a pet peeves right? We really differ on our pet peeves whenever she has to take a shower though. She always has to leave our bedroom door cracked open so she can just push the door open without having to touch the handle because it’s gross to her, so I respect her for that. Yes, we’ve had our fights on that but at the end of the day I try to remember to leave it open whenever she takes a shower, but whenever she forgets to close the door and I remind her to, she always does the whole thing when you say “I don’t know, should I?” or “I was going to, but now i’m not so sure” or if she’s on the way out and I remind her before she completely leaves, she opens the door more and leaves it open just to spite me. Which results in us having an argument and me barely keeping my cool. Am I being fair about this situation, or am I overreacting?
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2021.05.10 06:02 Podrobifufi Theoretically is it possible (hypothetically if Elon Musk would become ceo of doge) to change dogecoin that it would get a limited supply?

Imagine he puts a big dev team on doge?
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2021.05.10 06:02 McNasty_MovieReviews GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM (1987) | MOVIE REVIEW

On November 1, 1955 the United States went to war with Vietnam. Almost 20 years later, the war ended on April 30, 1975 with over 58,000 American soldier lives lost. Largely considered an unpopular war and ultimately a waste of time. So when “Good Morning, Vietnam” opens with a very robotic sounding broadcaster to which Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) says, “Jesus, that guy’s as boring as whale shit,” it sets the tone for the entire movie.
When the movie opens, we learn that Cronauer, a military radio broadcaster, has been reassigned to Vietnam to uplift the troops with his off-color brand of humor. This doesn’t sit well with ornery Sgt. Major Dickerson (J.T. Walsh) and Lt. Steven Hauk (Bruno Kirby). The former being the main guy in charge of the broadcasting department and the latter being the dutiful assistant in tow. They don’t like Cronauer from the start and the feeling seems to be mutual. Cronauer is a disrupter who balks at military norms and doesn’t mind ruffling the feathers of the higher ranking officers. His exploits find him starting a barroom brawl, being reprimanded countless times, and suspended on one occasion. During his free time, he seeks out (and lusts after) the affections of a Vietnamese woman, Trinh (Chintara Sukapatana), who continuously rejects him. In order get close to her, he teaches her English class and befriends her brother, Tuan (Tom T. Tran).
The main story though is what takes place in the broadcast booth that sees Robin Williams at his best. This is a role made for Williams as it conjures up his ability to do his standup comedy; he owns every scene with his loud wisecracking and funny impersonations. I wonder sometimes if all of the dialogue was written this way in the script by Mitch Markowitz or if Williams improvised most of it. Its stream of consciousness is what makes each scene more gratifying than the last and shows Williams as a true artist of his craft. Not many actors could pull off this feat and yet Williams seems to do it so very effortlessly. He’s in his comfort zone running loose and it pulls you into his world without letting go. This leads to some very funny post-broadcast scenes in the office where Lt. Hauk takes issue with Cronauer’s brand of humor. At one point, Hauk yells, “That is not what we program here,” which reminded me of “A Hard Day’s Night” (1964) when George Harrison upsets an advertiser leading the ad man to say, “He’s knocking the programmed image.” Cronauer isn’t just knocking the programmed image; he’s out to mock it, put it on a pedestal in the town square, and poke fun at it.
Consider the scene where Lt. Hauk chastises the broadcast group – Cronauer, Edward Garlick (Forest Whitaker), Marty Lee Dreiwitz (Robert Wuhl) – for not being funny. He gets so sidetracked that the men don’t salute him that he says, “That’s what being a higher rank is all about.” It’s funny because it’s not true and because he’s actually whining about it. Isn’t this guy supposed to be tough? Maybe not. But the whining about something so insignificant to the group is worth the laugh. That and Lt. Hauk expects his assistant to open doors for him wherever he goes. It leads to a couple of funny Laurel and Hardy type moments. We laugh because it’s funny. The broadcasting group laughs because it’s funny. Then when they mock Hauk, we laugh because they’re laughing.
There are a few serious moments in the movie where Cronauer actually becomes the news he’s supposed to report and that leads him to take issue with the censorship of certain news stories. His friendship with Tuan might just be a metaphor of the entire Vietnam conflict. There is also a wonderful montage of the beauty and horrors of the war with Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” played over it and it literally touches all aspects of the human condition. Throw in Williams’ shtick and there’s a winning formula here.

4/4 stars
Movie Title: Good Morning, Vietnam
MPAA Rating: R
Run Time: 2:01
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
U.S. Release Date: January 15, 1988
Director: Barry Levinson
Writer: Mitch Markowitz
Cast: Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, Tom T. Tran
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