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2021.05.06 10:34 allex445 So the bpm of BPM is 180!

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2021.05.06 10:34 Siwan3055 Architecture And Sustainable Tourism

Tourism has been one of the economic success stories of the last 40 years. It has grown into a major component of the world economy and one of the most highly developed and dynamic industries with an important contribution to incomes and employment. Tourism has been rapidly growing sector and a wide-sweeping socioeconomic phenomenon with broad economic, social, cultural and environmental consequences. It is likely that tourism will continue to dominate the international scene for many years to come. (Sharma, 2001)
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2021.05.06 10:34 RhoZie013 A place that doesn't officially exist

Have a little more background lore for the pinkverse.
A stand alone fiftieth chapter if you will.
The nondescript man stood at the large screen that dominated one wall of his office, where it served as a window in this nondescript, windowless place.
The private office was ordinary, outright plain in its total lack of identifying features, with the single exception of presumably a family photo propped up on the desk. Even the photo frame was nondescript. It could have been anywhere, in any office building humanity had ever constructed over the years.
That was the point.
Despite performing as the background for many restricted teleconference calls and other means of communication, if anyone had tried to identify its location by its contents, they would fail.
That's because this where ever 'here' was, it didn't exist, not officially.
Neither did its sole occupant.
With a deeply tired sigh, Oliver sipped at his glass and reflected on some of the latest reports.

Nathan seemed to be doing well.
He had made another contact since his last coded communication, and his primary objective was going smoothly. Well, as smoothly as could be expected anyway. The man had a knack for finding trouble, but so long as he didn't require additional resources to be diverted his way it didn't matter too much to Oliver.
He was currently roaming the secondary space lanes, following up on even the smallest rumour or clue. He had also mentioned adopting a stray as a pet to 'better blend in'.
Oliver didn't know if the locals considered ownership of non-sapients to be normal amongst those not associated with agriculture, but had decided it was within operational parameters to allow for the agent to make this judgement call.
With a psychological review booked for the near future, of course. Couldn't have operatives getting distracted on the job.
With a start, Oliver realised he didn't even know what species the adopted stray was. He made a mental memo to find out, it was important his people could be quickly and easily identifiable, even by the pets they kept.

The next individual was a little bit more... delicate.
Not in the physical way of course, she was just as capable as any other of his people there - and had proven it time and time again.
No, it was that Samantha was one of the few individuals he worked with who actually existed on paper, due to her young age. That meant she had certain legal protections still in place, so Oliver had to be more precise and aware of her situation at all times lest he get her into a predicament.
Samantha would be fine, but it was very hard to make yourself directly involved to clear things up when you didn't technically exist.
And he couldn't afford to have his people tied up in meaningless red tape when there was work to be done. Speaking of which, everything was going smoothly for her.
Not that it would stay that way when dealing with aliens.

Then there was Tom.
Oliver took a too deep swig of his drink, half surprised that the lost agent had returned from the grave, half irritated that it had taken far to long for him to do so.
The unlucky fellow had been involved in some sort of ship crash incident while on vacation, presumed lost with all hands, his body never recovered. But lady luck was on his side, he had drifted in stasis sleep for years before fortunately being caught by the gravity well of a habitable planet, where he was able to activate a beacon for rescue.
His communication stated that he wanted to remain on the field, but it was too risky right now, Oliver had decided to reel him in for a full evaluation and medical before his next assignment.

Normally one of the quiet ones, he had gotten himself into a mix-up by pure alien stupidity.
Worse, Oliver had first assumed that he had gotten himself caught, and was preparing failsafe's when word came through that his cover was still intact.
Overall things had worked out in the end, but not without considerable string pulling by other hastily scrambled assets. Despite the undesirable attention it brought to humanity, it wasn't really David's fault in any way, so he could hardly admonish the man.
Besides, good repair guys were hard to find!

The twins on the other hand were doing good work, making progress with their directive and staying out of the limelight.
Odd individuals both, but they worked well together as a two person team. Drew the technical savant was the real agent, but he couldn't function without his brother Matt by his side. And Oliver didn't mean just the job, but Drew couldn't function at life without help.
Heavens forbid the mess if they got separated, or something happened to Matt.
The sleeper software they installed at each destination would allow Oliver to take a more direct hand in things than he was used to, subtly interfering with supply lines.
It was a little concerning that despite twice the mouths to feed, the twins utilised little of their operational funds, but so long as they were doing the job he wouldn't scrutinise their methods too closely.

Another recent report spoke of an individual named Peter, who single handily took down a multi planet crime ring for unspecified reasons.
Unfortunately, preliminary investigations revealed he was still too young to be recruited just yet, but still, talent worth keeping an eye on.

That just left Ben, the cause of his current problems.
Yes, recovering the A.I. from an old military support ship was valuable and insightful to the overall mission, but did he really have to blow his cover?
Oliver knocked back the last of his glass.
The guy was clearly not the sharpest tool, anyone else would have waited to arrange a more subtle handover.
Years of careful manoeuvring to get a human into the correct transport company wasted. It was easier to move packages covertly if the individual was actually legitimately a courier.

Some days it just felt like he was running in circles.
He turned away from the artificial view, placed the now empty glass back on the desk and took his seat. Progress was slow, but it was still progress. He put his head into his hands and made a conscious effort to remind himself why he was doing this.
Humanities birth right.
Sol. Earth.
The alien war was long over, many centuries now in fact, but humanity had not forgotten. Nor would we anytime soon. There was no clear victor, only mutual destruction and a great loss of lives and culture consigned to the darkness.
Just a ceasefire eventually became a standoff, a standoff that became a cold war, and for many, a cold war that had faded from living memory several times over.
As the knowledge of the war faded, so did the existence of humanity, as we became mythology and more often than not, forgotten altogether.
Many humans had perished, cut off from the rest of their species, but somehow a few outposts managed to isolate themselves from local aliens and survive. It was from these individuals that Oliver was tasked with contacting, recruiting, and managing the network behind enemy lines.
Most recruits didn't see it that way of course. They too had often forgotten what was lost. They were simply happy to have steady employment as the chance to contact other isolated bastions of humans from time to time.

Slowly, agonisingly slowly, humanity would win.
But that wouldn't happen for some time yet. Probably not even in Oliver's lifetime.
With another sigh the nondescript man activated his nondescript terminal that didn't exist to be confronted with the next reports.
There were always more reports.
And just like that, the entire context of the pinkverse is out.
Darker undercurrents to complement the happy, silly overtones.
If and when I publish these stories, this will be an epilogue for book one.
"Doesn't that imply a book two?" - Stupid Alien (attributed)
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2021.05.06 10:34 LOKISX No Risk No Reward | Oni-make x Team RHG [Trailer]

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2021.05.06 10:34 WannoHacker Siblings who caused man to choke to death by ‘force feeding’ him kebab guilty of manslaughter

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2021.05.06 10:34 SiXXiSgg1 The opposite of Karen

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2021.05.06 10:34 MovieFreak78 what is wrong with Caesar Mack

i watch eps when i can and there all over the place, first he spent all this money to maria and would not pay his bills and kept chasing after her and seems to be used by her.
so then i decide to google him and find an article from last year that he sold his house and his car and everything to give some girl 60 thousand in cash. i just dont want to sound bad saying it but does he have a mental illness, cause this isnt normal. or is he that desperate to find someone, who sends so much money to woman like this, i feel embarrassed just watching all this unfold
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2021.05.06 10:34 ahmadalammouri no one use mamelukes :(

i think if mamelukes cost 90 gold but dont take extra damage from skirms they will be more used , right ?
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2021.05.06 10:34 AntiP--sOperations Restaurants owned by white men will be last in line for relief... but there's a twist.

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2021.05.06 10:34 thirstylearning [Help] Running out of options! My senior rescue dogs have dental issues but can’t have surgery

UK based
I have two 17 year old rescue dogs that I adopted 2 years ago. Their teeth have always been in poor condition since I had them, and many were removed.
Over the past 2 years I have given them regular dental chews (although they tend to just lick them) and have brushed their teeth (they don’t like letting me so it’s not done as well as I’d like)
But their teeth have still deteriorated and the vets have said they’re really concerned about them. One of my dogs is now only chewing on one side and I’m at a loss as what to do.
Putting them under for a dental hygiene is to risky let alone teeth removal. But they are both so happy and still going strong in other ways so I’d hate for their dental issues to be the thing that means I don’t have any options left.
My vets not being very helpful, just keeps saying that there isn’t a lot they can do.
Can anyone recommend anything?
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2021.05.06 10:34 Mo11Mo When there are only dudes in the fellowship but you remember that the one ring can fit on anything by changing its size

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2021.05.06 10:34 TsbToyNAIZdyy (F) I’ve struggled meeting deadlines this week. I’m in need of a good stress reliever.

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2021.05.06 10:34 Irrelephantoops wBAN - What The Hell is Yield Farming?

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2021.05.06 10:34 RK2310_reddit Wait, was he born in America

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2021.05.06 10:34 DevBaBaFinGo Rx550 4 GB Diablo 3

Hi, I was thinking to return to D3 but my RX580 broken. I have another card. It's RX550 4 GB... My system specs are; AMD Ryzen 5 2600 16 GB ram corsair 256 SSD Samsung Evo
İf i put RX 550 4 GB to this system will i be able to play fluidly or not?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.05.06 10:34 tinkerbell2678 why is my hair so confused

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2021.05.06 10:34 jwosuke What are the most annoying things on this subreddit?

This subreddit is full of talented, amazing people, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're all original ideas/ interesting ideas. *cough cough imagine dragons cough cough*
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2021.05.06 10:34 Huangyuhuang Newly Bought Cat Bed Nest, My Fur Friend Enjoys It,And Like To Sleep In it.

Processing img qd39746vygx61...
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