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2021.05.06 10:40 haleyless Finally!

I was prescribed lamictal about 6 months ago and I hated it. It helped with my sleep issues so that was nice, but I was so sluggish until noon, I convinced my doc to lower my dose (from 200 go 150). But what I hated the most. I lost my creativity & my interest in doing anything creative. I felt like a potato, just existing around (I have a billion hobbies, I always work on multiple projects). Also, it was nice that my depression got a bit better (I also take an antidepressant), but I still felt grey, unmotivated and low.
But now I finally feel the effects!!! My overall mood is much better (however I still have lows), my creativity is back and I really do feel more stable. I feel like I'm gaining back my personality!
Hope this gives hope to others!
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2021.05.06 10:40 leewalkerphotog1 Mega charizard on me

8460 7869 6957
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2021.05.06 10:40 neon_Bot Tezos Report on: 05/06/21 at: 05:40:01 Latest Price: $6.7

XTZ/USD Latest Price: $6.7 Low: $6.24 High: $6.84 All Time Low: $0.350476 All Time High: $7.64 | XTZ/ETH 05/06/21 Low: $0.00184275 High: $0.00197134 All Time Low: $0.00166666 All Time High: $0.01476289
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2021.05.06 10:40 Softair39 Všimli jste si už easter eggu? Pokud ano, co to je?

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2021.05.06 10:40 Last_Pool Its small brain time

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2021.05.06 10:40 kuta1992 (FREE FOR PROFIT) "Rust" MGK Type Beat/ Grunge Type beat/instrumental

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2021.05.06 10:40 Roedelheim_Nutria German NFL Expert Adrian Franke's Cardinals Draft Analysis

Hi, i translated Adrian Franke's (probably the leading German NFL Expert) Cardinals Draft Analysis. Maybe interesting for someone.
Source: https://bit.ly/3b6nu21

The Analysis:
This is an extremely high-risk, high-reward class. The Cardinals didn't have any picks in rounds 3 and 4 - they came up in the fourth round via uptrade and then sacrificed the fifth-round pick, among other things - and accordingly, they had to take risks, especially on Day 3. And that's where I think the Process is spot on: upside players, high-end athletic prospects who play value positions. That's exactly what Marco Wilson, the athletic freak corner from Florida, and Tay Gowan, a cornerback with tremendous size and length who moves very well for his size and has tremendous upside.
Both of these players are still raw and ideally shouldn't have to start for now - but these are the players I would gamble on Day 3, regardless of the fact that I just had Gowan with a fourth-round grade. The problem with this class then is that the "safe" players are missing in return. Zaven Collins is a very exciting linebacker, he also has tremendous upside. Huge frame, but moves excellently and was the best underneath zone cover linebacker I saw pre-draft.
But you just have to find a specific role for him, and the Cardinals are already in that process with Isaiah Simmons. Collins is expected to play middle linebacker, the Cardinals made that clear afterwards, so there seems to be at least a concrete plan here - and Collins is exciting in that role, too. But it's just another hybrid linebacker in Round 1. Rondale Moore on Day 2 is also a high-upside player and gives Arizona a real screen and jet sweep weapon with his tremendous explosiveness. But he's small and he has a bigger medical record, so there's more risk involved here as well.
In a vacuum, the two first- and second-round picks are solid to good, but in the overall package you have a class that does bring some question marks. This could be a complete home run in two years, even seventh-round safety James Wiggins has a shot at this squad - but it could also be the opposite. The floor is a little lacking here for me.

Grade: 2-
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2021.05.06 10:40 Klutzy-Category-6963 Recently completed Master of Execution. Pleased with his overall look 😈

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2021.05.06 10:40 homeistorontothrow Very basic capital gains and loss tax question

I’m relatively new to self directed investing in non registered accounts. I’ve never done enough to consider the implications of capital gains, nor did I have enough money invested in years past!
Let’s say in January I bought and sold BB. My gain was about $10,000 and I’m happy I did well on that. Subsequently, I have these other investments that didn’t do so well in the last year and I gave up on them and sold, they’re smaller amounts in companies I didn’t consider long term investments and I don’t mind just getting some money back from them even at a loss. So I sell them at a loss of about $6,000 total - which ironically includes some BB that I bought back into after selling the initial shares.
Figuring out my capital gain should be about as simple as subtracting $10k from $6k and half of that is my capital gain - correct?
I ask because I have more money invested in other things that have gone up or down and I might be inclined to just pull a lot of it out if my capital gains are that easy to figure out. The last thing I want is a more complex tax situation, and because picking winners is hard. I’d rather go ETFs or with a robo and just think about investing, much less.
I appreciate the advice from the community!
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2021.05.06 10:40 ResponsibleWarthog10 Bradley Beal scored 42 points tonight on 14-24 shooting from the field in a one-point loss to the Bucks

42 PTS, 4 REB, 3 AST, 1 STL, 2 TOV
14-24 FG, 3-6 3PT, 11-14 FT
He was the game's leading scorer.
'Tonight' is a generous term but I was surprised that no one posted the stats for an efficient 42-point game.
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2021.05.06 10:40 MuktoDMI Bad Apple in 2021 (4K 60fps)

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2021.05.06 10:40 blowmyassie Why not let us choose if we want Elites or not? What about those of us that liked them?

I am one of the people who enjoyed elites in all of the games. Now they are gone and only appear on the respective warning.
I understand people hated them and I am happy these people are happy again, but why not give the rest of us the choice to play them?
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2021.05.06 10:40 Diamonddogkz [FOR HIRE] Realistic/ sci-fi weapon models

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2021.05.06 10:40 tankcommander1944 ive had this image for years but dont know where it came from plz help

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2021.05.06 10:39 Munkyfunkydoggyb [Japanese > English] can anyone help me translate the words in the bracket? I think they are supposed to be numbers

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2021.05.06 10:39 Major_von_strohiem Day 53 of this ig. Tbh im just confused

Aight so im lonely again. My friends are all out on dates with their gfs/bfs/partners. And im left alone as usual lol. So yeah. Im happy for them tho, its nice to see them smiling all the time and its nice having new friends. Im just glad im not actively looking for anyone. Kinda wierd how the only other person in my group likes me tho. I mean yeah we do call like every night and talk alot. But how does she have a crush on me.
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2021.05.06 10:39 asmajda How Coinbase is Driving the Crypto Market to the Richest Fintech Hands ⋆ ZyCrypto

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2021.05.06 10:39 NewsElfForEnterprise Atlas Air stock jumps toward 3-year high after big earnings beat, positive revenue outlook

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2021.05.06 10:39 yildizens135 Let him live one more day.

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2021.05.06 10:39 Leetsch2002 Question about KRename

Hello. I have the following problem: I want to organize my images by naming those after the following scheme: YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss This is no problem with KRename, but what can I do if i have two images that are taken in the same second? Is there any possibility to like put a number behind only if thats the case? I would love some help, because KRename is the most powerful and beautiful renamer I have ever seen so far, and I do not want to use another one.
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2021.05.06 10:39 One-Presence-5793 free nudes

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2021.05.06 10:39 stephansbrick GUYS LOOK WHO I MET!

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2021.05.06 10:39 HaruhiJedi Control Trailer - Libera Me - Interview with the Vampire soundtrack

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2021.05.06 10:39 TheLifeOfLamden 5:45am on Stretford Road

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2021.05.06 10:39 Moe_unknown Will $sos squeeze

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