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Looking for a bro

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2021.05.06 10:36 CalmSuggestion5669 Looking for a bro

I’m looking for a teammate to do some raids together. I’m level 8 but I’m growing fast and I love this game.
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2021.05.06 10:36 notsutibun My first gunpla!

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2021.05.06 10:36 AmeyaRajMehra This dude texted me for a $1000 per month job scam and says he is from New York ( obviously a lie from pfp) . And this is his status.

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2021.05.06 10:36 Darkfinding Swallowing that nut 🇵🇰

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2021.05.06 10:36 lazzyinnit 200k members?

cmon guys only a couple hundred left to 200k members! POG!
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2021.05.06 10:36 maxsurfdude I’m so impatient

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2021.05.06 10:36 Takeme2thebasement Lol apparently senator armstrong was VERY right

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2021.05.06 10:36 Key-Banana-8242 Take: ‘Greatest’ of all time is a dumb and meaningless term

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2021.05.06 10:36 ulica09 Question about Necromancer Aura Support, please read

I've looked around here and other places for an Aura Support build for my friend who's new to the game and just levelled her first character, a witch.
Turns out we just want to map together 24/7, I'm playing a LA MF Deadeye build, so I thought of an Aura Support and she liked the idea of it, since we're just speedrunning maps for div card farming.
Anyways, I saw a Necromancer build from poe vault that was mentioned here which would be perfect since there would be no need to level a different class.
Now here comes problem: I have no clue about Aura Supports and the POB's mentioned there seem to be outdated since it shows "negative" reserved life and such. So I'm assuming it won't work if she'd just 1:1 copy that build.
So I just wanted to ask if someone maybe has a fixed POB of that build that we could just copy 1:1, with the gear, exact gem links and such.
I know straight copying isn't always the best, but as I said that person is veryyy new to the game and can't rly experiment with the setup until it works. I'd have to buy all the gems and gear myself and say put "X" gem in that socket xD

Well I hope some can help me out with a POB that can be just straight up copied.. Budget is 10ex btw

Thanks in advance :)
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2021.05.06 10:36 comfytoken Comfy Art Contest 🎨 | Only two days left | We look forward to your submissions! #staycomfy 💝

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2021.05.06 10:36 WhistlingCannon An Ordinary Hill.

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2021.05.06 10:36 dilute_water88 How about... Sather?

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2021.05.06 10:36 I-fuck-my-wife People who are allergic to semen, how do you to manage to have sex?

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2021.05.06 10:36 BotDefense overview for Staccatobecome

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2021.05.06 10:36 Jalopy_Style Stephen Marley (ft. Damian Marley) - The Traffic Jam (2006)

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2021.05.06 10:36 siliancegaming keto nigiri replace rice 🍚 with avocado 🥑

keto nigiri replace rice 🍚 with avocado 🥑 submitted by siliancegaming to sushi [link] [comments]

2021.05.06 10:36 LifeOnMedia Standard or Hardcore?

So I read in a couple of reviews that the Game is easier than 7 and you mostly have enough ammo.
I think about starting right away with "Hardcore" to make my first experience a bit more intense but I am also afraid that it could turn my first playthrough a bit frustraiting when I get stuck too long at one point.. Could somebody who already got the game talk a bit about the difficulty to help me with that decision?
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2021.05.06 10:36 HellKaiserRyo00 21 - Should I give this another try?

Hello, I'm Federico and I came on many friendship subs in the past, looking for friends. Thing is, I just wasn't ready and tried to rush. In the end, I couldn't keep up with chats without getting immediately bored, mostly because in that period I lost a special person and wasn't in the right mood. Now I really want to establish new and exciting connections with all of you!
Whay you need to know about me:
I'm 21, as I said, I live in Italy, and I'm a huge nerd. I love mostly videogames of every kind, also movies (Star Wars above all) cooking (I'm a huge MasterChef fan), writing and reading, imagining odd crossovers, and trying to give an explaination to everything that happens, because I just need to.
I'm pansexual, so I find attractive both boys and girls, this means I can fanboy on actors and not only actresses, you are advisded lol
If you have familiarity with MBTI, I'm INTJ, so yeah, I hate small talks, you can introduce yourself by just being you and showing me what defines you as a person, I think we would get along pretty well!
Also, if you send me a message, don't worry If I answer a bit late! I just prefer this way, but there may be instances where we can chat without interruptions! The important thing you need to know is that I really care about your messages so I won't ignore you for the sake of it. 🥺
Aaaand that's it, I hope I can meet many interesting people! And of course I don't care if you are male or female, this is just sexist, I just hope you can make our conversation interesting and fun!
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2021.05.06 10:36 dimlimsimlim It warmed my heart seeing this

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2021.05.06 10:36 abbumm Brain-like AI with Hyper-Dimensional Computing (retains memory!)

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2021.05.06 10:36 diflligaf On this day 67 years ago at Dien Bien Phu, the Vietnamese dug a tunnel below a French strong point on a hill and planted 1 ton of explosives underneath, which blew off the fortification. The French surrendered 1 day later

On this day 67 years ago at Dien Bien Phu, the Vietnamese dug a tunnel below a French strong point on a hill and planted 1 ton of explosives underneath, which blew off the fortification. The French surrendered 1 day later submitted by diflligaf to VietNam [link] [comments]

2021.05.06 10:36 ___odysseus___ I just found out my neighborhood has like 50 registered sex offenders...

I don’t need that kind of competition
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2021.05.06 10:36 Bmobrian Qui-Gon Roasts Obi-Wan

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2021.05.06 10:36 Loki-L US Space Force Chief Scientist Says Human Augmentation ‘Imperative’

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2021.05.06 10:36 SaturatedBread Anyone know if this is a legit cassette? Thanks

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