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2021.05.10 06:03 Haunting-Dance5009 Finally got it

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2021.05.10 06:03 retroGnostalgic Sunshine River

The Sunshine aspect for River feels like something you'd want to use in non-solo games, so I haven't used it yet because I mostly play solo since Spirit Island rarely hits the table in my group of friends (when the time comes, I'm thinking of using it even though we don't have Jagged Earth). I like the idea of using River as a Sun-focused support instead of the typical Water-focused pushing force he's known to be, so I like the concept of this aspect a lot.
The thing is, almost all the other aspects replace one ability to give the spirit a different one. Lightning loses speed to gain raw power, Earth loses defense to gain offensive power, Shadow loses range to gain mobility or fear generation... But what does Sunshine do? It replaces Boon of Vigor with Boon of Sunshine (that is, it loses a power card that gives energy to get an innate that gives energy). The powers are not even conceptually that far off from each other, it's just the river giving basically the same blessing with a different name.
What I'm asking is, how different is Base River to Sunshine River, given that they just replaced the specifics behind their energy generation? Is it actually better at generating energy now, or did they only increase the complexity behind their energy generation? (using a free power card vs. having to plan your elements to get it). Barely anyone seems to care about this aspect and it's difficult to find posts of people talking about it on the internet.
(I know Shadow and Earth have as well an aspect that tweaks an ability they already have -Reach and Resilience-, but those are a net upgrade to make them usable against high-level adversaries and there's still a theme change in both aspects -focusing less on the Dahan in both cases-)
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2021.05.10 06:03 DomDeluisArmpitChild What's the most amount of people who have ever been on one airplane at once?

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2021.05.10 06:03 PlanteraWine LCBO Reaches Tentative Deal

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2021.05.10 06:03 SnickleFritzMcJame Well that was fun... (was only one on dish)

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2021.05.10 06:03 rBitcoinMod Daily Discussion, May 10, 2021

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank you!
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Please check the previous discussion thread for unanswered questions.
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2021.05.10 06:03 NoUrSus After 3 days of grinding...

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2021.05.10 06:03 Big_Graysie I love this ❤️

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2021.05.10 06:03 technicaljargonfan Couldn't find this Apollo 13 gif when I needed it, so I made it myself. Simple text, but it works.

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2021.05.10 06:03 mikeytlive Where to find populated servers? [PC]

I am new, and was wondering where to find servers? I know there are community servers in the game option. But are there other ways to find servers/modded? I want to find a fun one to play in. Thanks!
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2021.05.10 06:03 intense_username Rewrap changes framerate from constant to variable?

Hi friends. I just came across a need to remux an mkv to mp4 and tried to do so against a movie file that originated in mkv. I used rewrap in Shutter Encoder but changed nothing else. In the end I noticed that the exact size was slightly different. It was a matter of 4.84GB to 4.82GB or something like that, but enough to notice since in my former experience remuxing with anything else has made both file sizes entirely identical.
I looked in MediaInfo against the two files and noticed the original is constant framerate while the new mp4 copy is variable framerate. Is that expected behavior? Just kind of caught me off guard and figured I'd ask. Thank you much!
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2021.05.10 06:03 Deanout Learning Vue By Making A Pathfinding Visualizer Live

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2021.05.10 06:03 re_zyko crypto (Johnny Young) saying "sheesh"

can someone send that 1 video where Johnny Young says "sheesh"? staycation was in the video. Please and thank you! we can squad up if anyone's interested.
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2021.05.10 06:03 LaneThePlane I have been working for target since November and I haven’t had my review yet. Is this normal?

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2021.05.10 06:03 Ginger_of_Sorrow Is ada-1 coming back?

So I saw a friend with the new age black armory shader and I got BoN vibes from it and have been looking everywhere for it so any tips how to get it?
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2021.05.10 06:03 AutoModerator Winners gonna win, harassers juicin' booty, haha peace poopy


Please flush, stop leaving your number behind
Puking on top but hey you can't kick rocks, you lay
Have a nice
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2021.05.10 06:03 happy_dick_punch DD

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2021.05.10 06:03 Sagi_Tsenga 1

the drive has it been found the drive
Canididida crqutz the drive Canididida crqutz
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2021.05.10 06:03 Sagi_Tsenga has it been found

the drive
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2021.05.10 06:03 Morgan-992 Professional infrared hair straightener and curler 2 in 1 curling flat irons fast heat up 110v-220v hair styling tools Amazon Exclusive 13% off > $133.49<> Banggood Coupon Code

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2021.05.10 06:03 Sagi_Tsenga Sh

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2021.05.10 06:03 niuz-bot Președintele SUA Joe Biden participă la Summitul Formatului București, prin videoconferință. Reuniunea țărilor NATO de pe flancul estic va fi găzduită de Iohannis - [Actualitate][Politic]

Președintele SUA Joe Biden și secretarul de stat american Antony Blinken participă la Summitul Formatului București (B9) găzduit luni de Klaus Iohannis, alături de președintele Poloniei. Evenimentul, organizat la inițiativa președintelui Iohannis, se desfășoară cu prezența în Capitală președintelui polonez și cu participarea prin videoconferință a celorlalți șefi de state din Formatul București, precum și a secretarului general al NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-politic-24787804-presedintele-sua-joe-biden-participa-summitul-formatului-bucuresti-prin-videoconferinta-reuniunea-tarilor-nato-flancul-estic-gazduita-iohannis.htm
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2021.05.10 06:03 Big-Collection5089 Dan Schneider and his way of working.

As a 11 year old I loved the show now it makes me so mad that there was harassment that went on with the actresses. Dan Schneider should be in jail for the stuff he did to Ariana Grande, Jennette MCcurdy, etc. In some of the episodes if you look in Tori’s locker you can see that there’s a poster that says Dudelicious it has Dan Schneider on it and a couple of other dudes it’s gross, I bet he put it in her locker. What are your thoughts on the harassment that went on?
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2021.05.10 06:03 niuz-bot ​​INTERVIU Cum a ajuns Cluj-Napoca unul dintre „orașele-cârlig” ale României. Viceprimarul Dan Tarcea: În 2021 am alocat circa 50% din bugetul local pentru investiții - [Actualitate][Administratie Locala]

Primăria Cluj-Napoca are în 2021 un buget estimat de 433 milioane euro, cu 22,8 la sută mai mare față de 2020 datorită fondurilor europene, deși majoritatea primăriilor au fost afectate de criza sanitară. Din acești bani, circa 50% merg pentru investiții. Dan Tarcea, viceprimarul orașului, a declarat într-un interviu acordat HotNews.ro că până la finalul anului 2027 instituția va accesa circa 2,5 miliarde de euro din fonduri europene. Anul acesta banii pentru investiții merg către două proiecte mari - metroul și centura de sud a orașului, o nouă bază sportivă, mai multe parcuri, parcări și reamenajarea unor străzi din centrul orașului și lărgirea trotuarelor.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-administratie_locala-24787782-interviu-cum-ajuns-cluj-napoca-unul-dintre-orasele-carlig-ale-romaniei-viceprimarul-dan-tarcea-2021-alocat-circa-50-din-bugetul-local-pentru-investitii.htm
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2021.05.10 06:03 cgmcnama Inside Arizona's election audit, GOP fraud fantasies live on

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