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2021.05.10 05:34 SuspiciousAd7633 Reset. Swap!!!

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2021.05.10 05:34 thenewstampede Can somebody explain the expression "s'y prendre" ?

I know that there are several uses for this, but it seems to be like "faire". Thanks!
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2021.05.10 05:34 ThatGuySmashstax Forgot I took two pictures that night but I guess I didn't think this one was aesthetic enough I don't know

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2021.05.10 05:34 Hozoc He's coming......

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2021.05.10 05:34 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,36W x 46H x 3D cm,Robert Petrick Conceptual,Modern,Abstract,Minimalism,ExpressionismAbstract. Urban,Color,Simple,Rectangles,Nyc

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2021.05.10 05:34 trevormclemon Is there a discord group?

Hello, is there an official OPTC discord group that I can join where we see all the leaks and stuff?
Is yes may I please have the link?
Thank you in advance
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2021.05.10 05:34 Dnc0820 What to do when spouse is damaging the property

I’m finally at my end and I want a divorce. We haven’t started any paper work and we’re living in the same house. He has anger issues and is destroying my home. I came home tonight to 3 small holes in the wall. He’s doing this out of spite. Is there anything legal I can start doing so I don’t end up with a bunch of repairs when he’s finally gone. He’s burned my stuff in the past and broke laptops/iPad. Doesn’t seem like he should be able to live here if he’s just going to destroy my stuff
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2021.05.10 05:34 SzechuanSaucelord Does anyone know where I can get regularly updated Canadian institution and broker deposit and lending rate data in tabular format?

Basically I'm building out a free app for a side-project for my personal portfolio that attempts to get all various publicly available deposit and loan/mortgage rates across all Canadian institutions and brokers. It's just a personal project for fun but the main thing is I'm looking for a regularly updated tabular dataset that I can pull from. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good website that posts this data daily. Just something simple like

Financial Institution | Product | Term | Rate 
or something along those lines? I've tried ratehub but its all covered by some fancy UI. I feel like the underlying data would be amazing on ratehub but they only show their interactive interface since its geared more for consumers. Maybe someone can possibly chime in on how they get their data? I wouldn't mind replicating the process if I have to.
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2021.05.10 05:34 CalebCo22 Boost for boost

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/Caleb4801
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2021.05.10 05:34 Shane117martin Daisy in Disneyland

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2021.05.10 05:34 PcProcrastinator HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset Cheap Starting Bid

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2021.05.10 05:34 AHHHHHPLSAHH I stop getting soul at a specific point

I cant get any more soul when the meter gets up until about 3/4 full
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2021.05.10 05:34 zerophase As the Biden administration evolves how are they not practicing MMT-lite?

I think it's fairly clear the Biden administration is moving towards something like MMT for the economy. I'll call it lite since it might only be in certain sectors. The major red flags, mostly, come down to policies Janet Yellen supports. The international minimum corporate tax, and 80% taxes on cryptocurrencies discussed are essentially MMT. They're trying to artificially prop the dollar up, and keep it as the reserve currency. Crypto is just more liquid and efficient for making payments. It also acts as a financial shelter for the government making poor financial decisions, like MMT.
Speaking to some of the diehard socialist supporters of the Biden admin or worse, they definitely support government collusion to a keep a centralized state around. Cryptocurrencies literally make private nations possible, and allow testing if Austrian economics is more financially viable than Keynes.
The problem I have with people that support policies like MMT is there's no way that does not lead to wars. For whatever reason many seem to think the nation is infallible, and God. The US government does not hold absolute power.
I just don't see hyper inflation leading to anything good, other than a civil war to end it. How is this not MMT in some form? At the very least Keynesian economics?
P.S. I asked about this awhile back, and the current social environment is making me more worried about MMT, and other Communist concepts being applied.
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2021.05.10 05:34 Sharp_Sharpie Are there any servers where I can practice crystal pvp?

Or any kind of pvp really. thanks!
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2021.05.10 05:34 mupper2 Irish army Ranger at the moment his parachute inflates during a HALO jump....no one looks cool at this instant.

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2021.05.10 05:34 anthonyvillaa Thanks, I hate Monsters Inc.

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2021.05.10 05:34 cactuswomann Black and White Cat Seen by Armory

In case anyone is missing a cat, I saw a black and white splotchy cat at 5th and Armory by the Armory's dumpsters today around 9pm. It looked like it had a collar on, but it wouldn't let me get close enough to tell for sure. I unfortunately couldn't get a picture cause it ran off
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2021.05.10 05:34 xxxDrJxxx I hope you’re all enjoying this!

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2021.05.10 05:34 novinboss Am I bi or not?

Hey guys So I am a 19 year old guy right....I general I am not attracted to men..I see men , friends and I don't feel anything towards them in any manner except friendship. I have never checked out a guy...or thought oh that guy has a nice ass. I have a girlfriend and in the past all my exs were girls. I strongly feel attracted towards girls..I check out girls and get aroused etc. But a lot of times I find myself watching gay porn , ts porn etc....I watch normal porn as well. I sometimes chat with gay /bi men...and imagine having sex...one time I had sex with a gay guy....which didn't go well....with a girl I last for like 40 mins easy..with this dude it was over in 5 mins ....and I felt really bad after that....I thought I would go another round but couldn't get hard. Tbh I don't feel attracted towards guys unless it's porn .what do yall think. Thank you
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2021.05.10 05:34 GoldenAbyss78 Viewing NAW Finals

Has anyone else noticed that each week of NAW, was way more entertaining than NAE? Imo of course. The official broadcast is SO much better. Sundown is the best caster imo, and the team that control what we see is excellent at showing what’s relevant. I can’t want NAE official broadcast the whole final, as they often show top teams just casually farming instead of showing off drop fights, and overall don’t do nearly as good of a job as telling a story as the NAW production crew does!
The clutches, story, etc was exceptional each week of finals. Riversan’s solo clutch was the highlight when Sundown slipped up and yelled “Riversan, are you SHITTING me?!” Awesome to see Reet actually show up on the leaderboards today with 1st! Along with two NAW vets.
Personally all my favorite players, and home region is NAE. But the viewing on it in finals has been lackluster. Anyone else in the same opinion?
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2021.05.10 05:34 No-Sir2254 Coworker tested positive for COVID

So, my coworker who works in the pharmacy with me just tested positive for COVID. I worked with her the day before she tested positive, my boss is well aware and has not said a word to me about it, I only am just finding out from other coworkers because my boss (who was also working with me and my sick coworker) scheduled a test for herself. Is this not something that I should have been informed about?? I was the only other person working with this person. Really frustrating knowing my boss got herself tested but didn’t bother to tell me I was exposed?
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2021.05.10 05:34 OunHeng6 Paper craft idea tree leaf decoration

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2021.05.10 05:34 Alt-for-Alt-Things Why you acting like imposter?

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2021.05.10 05:34 absitively [SELL][US] $30 lot. Chantecaille, Hourglass, Colourpop, Glossier, MAC

$30 for entire lot (includes shipping + Paypal fees)
US Only.
First come, first served. Payment via Paypal.

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2021.05.10 05:34 devonparsons that’s a mighty dewlap

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