Go! thaworldhaswarpedme #292 - Housebound (2014) |

thaworldhaswarpedme #292 - Housebound (2014)

2021.05.10 04:58 thaworldhaswarpedme thaworldhaswarpedme #292 - Housebound (2014)

07/28/2020 - 05/08/2021
Watched on: Tubi
Synopsis: After an unsuccessful robbery attempt, repeat offender and perpetual cynic Kylie is put on house arrest and forced to live with her mother, who is convinced their home is haunted.
I ran into a thread on horror that praised this movie highly so I decided to give it a go. It was alright.
Focusing on the exploits of a serial offending, low-level crook, Kylie Bucknell, who we follow after she is made to spend a nine-month stretch with her mother as part of a probationary program, the film is a mash-up of horror and comedy, although not always meshing the two perfectly. There was an obvious attempt at Horror Comedy ala Shaun of the Dead or Idle Hands, and, I mean, it was laugh-out-loud funny a few times but quite a few of the jokes just weren't landing for me. Although that may have been my fault as I opted out of subtitles for this New Zealand based film and, to my detriment, probably just didn't catch a lot.
The horror element is a bit tame where die-hards may be concerned but those who enjoy a darker comedy may find what they are looking for in this film. The acting is solid and the score is sufficiently screechy but the movie drags a bit in the center. A great story though, with lots of misdirection and surprises to keep you interested through at least one viewing, although I suspect that will be plenty for most audiences.
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2021.05.10 04:58 throwra_sillyinquiry What is something small/insignificant that makes you happy?

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2021.05.10 04:58 exploring_earth Just bought this yesterday and already forgot what it is

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2021.05.10 04:58 Luckyluchs777 Why the hell don't American pilots climb?

I swear to god...
I've been flying Japanese mid-tier planes like the A7M2, Ki-61-1Hei, Ki-61-II, and Ki-43-III and most matches are with Americans versus Germans, British, Russians, and Italians. Usually, only 1-2 American planes climb while the rest dive for the deck. Combine this with worthless bomber pilots and my winrate is literally tanking. Those groundpounders ought to shape up ffs.
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2021.05.10 04:58 flash_xxx69 Ananya, Disha, and Samantha

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2021.05.10 04:58 sumit24021990 Who will win in a fight between Tara Singh from Gadar and Bahubali?

I will go with Tara Singh
Agar woh handpump ukhaad sakta hai toh uska koi kya ukhaad lega.
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2021.05.10 04:58 robin-hotline songs similar to never meant and honestly by american football??

yall got recs similar to "honestly" and "never meant" ??
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2021.05.10 04:58 DaSnipeKid Can someone explain what does "based" mean??!!

I started watching Jan's twitch streams and YouTube videos on the weekend and I can't get around when he and the chat says "so based". What does it mean exactly???
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2021.05.10 04:58 blast_off_in_silence EUC app made by an American/European company

Hi all. I’ve been recently introduced to the EUC community and picked up an mten3 to learn, but my question is about apps. Looking around at the options it seems like the only EUC apps are either made by Russian or Chinese developers. Though they seem quite feature-rich, I’d feel more comfortable from a data privacy perspective with an app made by a US or European developecompany. Does such an app exist?
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2021.05.10 04:58 WorldlinessBorn7298 Someone help and please read caption. I’m in trouble. I can’t find the piece above or in bag 5 in set 75291. Someone please explain. What do I do.

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2021.05.10 04:58 The_Royal_Ripr [Ruri-sama post #484] BunnyNeko #35. Here to cheer you on!!

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2021.05.10 04:58 Fabulous_Mix1139 Table guy

I was just playing firing range and this dude was just talking about the table on the hill. But the interesting thing is how wonderfully he described the table. I think this dude is probably the best salesman to ever exist.
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2021.05.10 04:58 ArtemisMaximus 🌕 WildMoon - The wildest Moonshot 🚀 – 40K market Cap – Launched 2 hours ago and already booming TG 🚀

I’ve been waiting for days to snipe the latest released moonshot and here it is : WildMoon
Have you missed all the other deflationary tokens released before ? all the previous Moonshots ? SafeMoon ? MoonDeluxe ? MoonDiamonds ? those that did x5 in 2 hours ?
Luckily for you, WildMoon is finally here and has just launched with strong tokenomics and a rug-proof contract.
WildMoon is totally community owned, built by the crypto community for the crypto community. It’s a great community driven project !
100% of the supply already burned & liquidity is locked.
What makes me so excited about this token and why I aped ?
Very easy & straightforward answer : 1- its low market cap 2- the early call 3-rug proof contract.
You know what all this mean ? a mooning token that can reach an easy x5 to x10 if you are among the early holders.
What is expected from the team (the roadmap):
1- Website launch today
2- Social media community manager hiring (The actual CM cannot handle TG & twitter, so someone will be specifically hired for the task)
Again, this is an early call and we spotted this as soon as liquidity was added. Even devs did not expect people to start investing before the end of the day and they will start to promote their token.
Here are the links :
✅Contract :
🥞 BUY ON Pancakeswap:
Chart :
LP locked
burn :
As usual, do your own research and invest small quantities of money. This is an early call so anything can happen with the token or smart contract. Any small bug can cause your money to be lost, so invest only what you can afford to loose, as i did.
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2021.05.10 04:58 the_real_w00zi The St. Louis Cardinals can (and should) bring Albert Pujols back

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2021.05.10 04:58 Depressed_l0ner [F28] Back when I felt better....

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2021.05.10 04:58 stainlessstorm1 It's a really good game.

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2021.05.10 04:58 Dabking682 I’m at 9650 trophies opened like 1k+ diamond boxes and got nothing got Ravi from tier 32 battle pass and hook at 1500 trophies change rates plz

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2021.05.10 04:58 stockzoom Please upvote this WSB post

We need some publicity. Ben and Kim can't do it alone (as we know). Let's help them. We need to let people know that Inovio was still an opportunity and it is not a one-trick pony. Thank you for your time!
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2021.05.10 04:58 kacoopper title

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2021.05.10 04:58 LTDFROY gforce experience optimize has made all objects in distance blurry

This has been extremely frustrating. Ever since I clicked the green check on WT tab in Gforce everything has been blurry in the distance. I have reverted the optimization, I have changed all my graphics settings back. But I still cant make out any aircraft unless im less than .5km out. Im going to try an uninstall now, but so far I have read that doesn't do anything.
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2021.05.10 04:58 Accurate-Assist-2062 Walker Cup: Team USA hold off GB & Ire fightback to claim 14-12 victory at Seminole

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2021.05.10 04:58 Jenderflyy A novel about an old-fashioned doctor when insurance is barely becoming a thing

I read this book almost 20 years ago, and I have a feeling that it was written well before that.
The plot is centered on a successful doctor of the old-fashioned type that existed before the 1950s or so. He was close with his patients and would travel to their homes to care for them. Later in this doctor's career, salesmen started to make a racket out of insurance. Doctors tried to maintain control over their work, but the new insurance machine was too powerful. The book was basically an exposé on how health insurance in America has been a giant freaking scam from the beginning, with scathing commentary on how it changed medical care for the worse.
It helped radicalize me as a young adult 😆 no joke!
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2021.05.10 04:58 strawberimadness How to deal with impatience?

I have been really struggling with impatience surrounding WTT over the past few months. I have always wanted to be mom, but I feel like it's really kicked up a notch since my partner and I got engaged. If it were up to me, we would start trying on our honeymoon, but he isn't ready yet. We're in a good place financially/career-wise, and there's nothing concrete we want to get done before we TTC. It's more that he's just not ready to give up sleep and playing video games every night and his generally laid back life. Which I totally understand. We are both 25, so we have plenty of time. He definitely wants kids, but he's also not the kind of person to plan out his life the way that I do. He's just waiting to feel ready. None of our friends our age are even married let alone thinking about kids, so he's kinda like "What's the rush?" I have no good answer for this except for that I really want to have kids!
What do you guys do to pass the time? I try to distract myself by focusing on other aspects of my life but like once a week I'll cave and bother him about babies. This usually ends in both of us being annoyed, and I really don't want to pressure him into something before he's ready. I just wish I didn't feel this way.
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2021.05.10 04:58 Dinosar-DNA This community needs to stop thinking the SEC or DTCC or whatever fucking “regulatory” body will see the light and protect retail investors.

In 2008 they bailed out the bankers and left us all high and dry. Covid they gave $1200, and then $600, and the $1400 (after promising $2000), all while printing endless money for corporations. No federal rent protection (don’t worry your years worth of rent is ALL DUE AT THE SAME TIME). Only temporary mortgage, student loan, rent, relief. It’s all coming to an end in September.
Every call to action, every “here’s what we need to do now”, that isn’t BUY, HOLD, VOTE, is fucking FUD! All these hedges want to do is kick the can down the road and hope that the SEC OR DTCC rescues them, which they will the more exposure their fuckery gets. The government will rescue them, like they always have! Not you, you really trust them?
Just fucking buy, hold, vote. Make and enjoy memes. Read DD. This will only happen naturally.
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2021.05.10 04:58 destincarl Nike Air Presto OG "Black Blue": Sale Price: $97.50 (Retail $130) - FREE SHIPPING - use code: - LOVEMOM - at checkout

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