Go! Passing it off to my nephew who is 6, good bye partner you've been good to me! [had alot more games but over time they've gone missing "stolen" :( ] |

Passing it off to my nephew who is 6, good bye partner you've been good to me! [had alot more games but over time they've gone missing "stolen" :( ]

2021.05.07 06:53 Kinkysquirrel92 Passing it off to my nephew who is 6, good bye partner you've been good to me! [had alot more games but over time they've gone missing "stolen" :( ]

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2021.05.07 06:53 solid7 38 [M4R] just feeling lonely and wanted to chat

Title. Been having a hard time lately and could use a friend or something
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2021.05.07 06:53 Serenity213 Rift controllers not showing up

I recently move to a more powerful gaming system, my vr worked on my old system, but when I have everything hooked up to the new system the remotes won't show up when I have the helmet on, and the buttons do nothing. The Oculus software says they're connected, but steam vr says they're not. I've already ran the repair tool, tried a full uninstall and reinstall, taken the batteries out for a while, replacing them... I plugged back into my old system as well, just to make sure, and the tracking still worked, so I'm not entirely sure what to do. I contacted oculus support a week ago and still no response.
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x 6 core processor, 3600 Mhz
Motherboard: ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (Wifi)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 8 gig
Ram: T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 16 gig
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.05.07 06:53 GruvisMalt Are you invested in the stock market?

View Poll
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2021.05.07 06:53 chocolate24monster 5 month dog with rotten tooth

Species: dog Age: 5 months Sex/ neuter status: not neutered yet Breed: whippet Body weight: 25lbs History: one of his upper baby canine broke and it looks black. His adult canine came in next to it but the broken one won’t budge. I’ve tried wiggling and playing tug of war but nothing. I’m worried it could be / get infected. Is that an actual concern or since it’s a baby tooth it’s not that big of a deal and it’ll eventually fall on it’s own?
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2021.05.07 06:53 galifxomatosis Amalia and Maladie Each Got Half

Maladie at the end of S4 was whimpering, “I am your instrument… why won’t you play me?”
Sounds like a need that would be perfectly satiated by Amalia’s visions. I’m not sure what “parts” each got, but unlike my previous general feeling that they were somehow the same person, I’d bet dollars to donuts on this one. I’ll eat my vaccination card if I’m wrong.
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2021.05.07 06:53 jitu9491 Niddhi agerval

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2021.05.07 06:53 WantedWashu item esp?

hey, does anybody here have a working item esp in yba? or a invisibility script.
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2021.05.07 06:53 Zaromi Villain Deku Dancing Wallpaper (Art by me, Zaromi)

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2021.05.07 06:53 Frozly Which gender complains the most, why?

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2021.05.07 06:53 Pheonixmaster Comprehensive Analysis & Best Builds for DC Refines - Ikes, Ryomas, BK/Zelgius, Xander, Camus & Hardin

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2021.05.07 06:53 Lstwwtbtts Every time they pull some fuckery like the waste of time that was that hearing, i set a new floor.my new floor is $50.000.000 so now they know it's not about a "meme stock"

These guys have fucked us over enough for me to just sit here and take it. Enough is enough. This is about hedge funds making bank at the expense of the people who work hard day and night just to get away with it with a slap on the wrist and bail outs.
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2021.05.07 06:53 Kryshot64 I can't think of a better font than impact

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2021.05.07 06:53 happygirlskykidhonk My sky themed wallpaper

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2021.05.07 06:53 InternationalGift944 GF is depressed: Need Advice

My GF (F22) has lived a hard life. She lost her grandmother when she 14. Never got to say goodbye. She was groomed by guys believing sex was love. Her mother insults her for not being a proper woman and not being able to have a clean room, whatever that means. And her father is a deadbeat who roams around and neglects her but whenever I am visiting, he pretends to be the dad of the year.
The only thing she looks forwards to is finding a major. It's all she talks about and I listen and I listen. I feel down that she is sad she feels worthless. She tells me sorry for crying and I do it while on call, I just tell her it human and I love her for being her.
I need tips. I feel sad as well. All she does is talk about herself and does nothing. I am not drained. Just super worried. This is not the life I want from her. I am a kid. (M18)
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2021.05.07 06:53 mrnitinpathak10 This is sad

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2021.05.07 06:53 pahamack Can we get a primer re: hots esports leagues?

I'm trying to get into hots esports but I'm finding it so confusing. Right now as I understand it masters clash is European and ccl is North American? And ccl has a weird draft system?
Then there's NGS... which is... European too I guess? I see some names there on Masters clash.
And... the prize pools for all these are community donated?
I'd really love it if someone explained all this to me, and it would probably help people if it was a pinned post.
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2021.05.07 06:53 IcyRecommendation528 Deloitte Dating... independence implication??

I am doing a summer internship with Deloitte and my long-term significant other (who I don’t live with, but visit quite often) is starting full time in a few weeks. We don’t work in the same practice or location, but rumour has it our service lines sometimes collaborate.
Is this situation appropriate? Is there a reason we would have to disclose this? Are there any issues here?
Looking for guidance and hoping to avoid independence issues, but Deloitte training doesn’t touch on inter-Deloitte dating at all so I’m not quite sure. Curious about other firms as well!
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2021.05.07 06:53 duraznoycrema OTHER - I know if i should wait for TR

OTHER - I know if i should wait for TR Hi hello. I did not know what tag to place , so i put other well...
This is my account, I have been saving from the Japanese puppet with the mask that does not move >:( (I do not remember the name) and I have 9999+ in the part of the votes. I've been saving diamonds for the TR event, but since I don't know when it will be released on our server, I don't know if I'm missing out on getting new costumes.
Above all, with the new jellyfish costume it made me doubt, if it is that what I am doing is the best option for me being a V0.
How long is it for an event to arrive from the MN server?
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2021.05.07 06:53 Nozeit Novelistme - Running Inteference

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2021.05.07 06:53 nznordi LG GX 65 vs Sony A8H

After some helpful tips from Redditors on this sub, I had already somewhat settled on the LG Gallery series. The 2020 65“ models are sitting on sale at around 2000 eur which is obviously a great price for that TV but still a large sum for a TV.
Now I see that the Sony A8H is almost 500 EUR on a deal cheaper and I wonder if the 65“ Sony would be a better deal at the price of the 55“ Gallery Series?
I am not into gaming etc but would like earc and hdmi 2.1 as I don’t intend to change this tv for quite some time. Or is that not so important.
The room does have some light buts it’s not like I watch a lot of day time telly
I have decided to control this via the new Apple TV 4K, so the OS is not that important. I probably prefer android TV, but it’s more a side Mode for me.
I do like the flush mounting of the Gallery. Should I just bite the bullet and get the LG or is that throwing money out of the window if the Sony is 25% cheaper.
For some reason, I don’t like the look of the CX so between the Sony and the CX I would probably go with Sony.
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2021.05.07 06:53 dunce_daisy The parasol carried by the character Ess in Puyo Puyo Tetris resembles the Onion Domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

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2021.05.07 06:53 Kokumei The Tale of Marvel

Once Upon A Time..
There was an amazing game, that brought the mechanics of a hero collector game, the likes of Galaxy of Heroes had never seen.. it was called: Marvel Strike Force. As the name suggests, it grabbed our beloved Marvel heroes and put them in an amazing game structure that stole the attention of marvel fans. It was young, with its flaws.. but it had promise.
But slowly, as the years went by.. the torch was passed on to another, the flame snuffed out in the exchange. What was once silly mistakes that happened once every few months became catastrophic failures inbetween mere days.. The people have grown weary of the blows.. many moving on to find water elsewhere in this desert, where every grain of sand were bugs and glitches and mistakes that passed through your hands. To this day the people wait for the return.. the return of the flame of fun. One that never goes out. Where the immediate patches are of bugs and glitches detriment to the enjoyment of game. That when there is a bug beneficial to the player, they be slow to patch, quick to improve. Where the only ones wrecked are not us the players, but the theoretical nerds we face in a perfected RTA. Where the banter is as endless as the gameplay experience, the theory crafting plentiful and without bugs.
The sun will shine on us again brothers. One day... the days shall be known as.. Not Trash.
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2021.05.07 06:53 josiahq Patagonia Verde, Futaleufú - Un Paraíso Aparte

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2021.05.07 06:53 TriggerDaTeddy Devlog 3.2 (Archive)

March 32nd, 2011
-Revamped Muhammad Abdul, is now a star trek users instead of a star wars user
-Made Qrow more HD
-Made Spacebucks easier to obtain
-Considering adding a new pay to win currency to make Spacebucks obsolete
-Buffed Hol Horse
-Added secret unlockable easter egg character Half Horse
-Added General Ironwood with the 2 moves Iron Wars and Star Wood
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