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Would like suggestions for the Map

2021.05.07 06:52 ______-_______-__ Would like suggestions for the Map

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2021.05.07 06:52 stilldiscount01 [100%OFF]Lead Generation Winning Strategy

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2021.05.07 06:52 Grouchy_Treacle5388 network

Good morning. What is needed to give virtual machine direct ip address from dns serverouter(network card then bios upgrade worked fine paired with qubes. Also how to get ssh access on the host system as it is not very convenient to use virsh console. Thanks
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2021.05.07 06:52 BingoHighway Anyone else prone to bacterial sinus infections? Does anything work for them besides antibiotics?

As a short preface, I've had at least 1-2 sinus infections every year for the last 15 or so years and they are always bacterial because I know viral ones will go away on their own after a couple of weeks, whereas mine linger indefinitely.
I have tried every OTC treatment known to man to get relief from my symptoms and nothing has ever worked. Sinus rinses actually make me feel worse by causing me to feel congested for up to a week after a single rinse, and manual sinus draining is often much too painful because my forehead is so tender (and it doesn't offer relief anyway even if I tough out the pain). Nasal sprays don't help and neither do pills that target sinus symptoms like pressure and congestion.
It's especially irritating because I find myself going to the local walk-in clinic every few months for antibiotics and sometimes I have to put up a fight for antibiotics because the person tending to me will just go, "Durr hurr sinus infections are viral, just wait for it to go away!" No it won't, I've had it for six weeks now and can't stand the pain anymore.
The best part is within the past year, I've begun having weird reactions to antibiotics and the one I've used with success for years caused me to experience a manic episode last time I used it. I accidentally ODed on Augmentin the time after that and I had neurological symptoms (stiff neck, nausea, worse headache). I was put on a new antibiotic a couple weeks ago for my current infection and it didn't help at all (also caused me a stiff neck), so I have to go back for more antibiotics now because the headaches I get from these infections are bad enough to prevent me from sleeping and concentrating. On top of all that (TMI warning), there's at least a 50/50 chance I'll develop a yeast infection any time I take an antibiotic, so I get to spend another $10-$15 for an anti-fungal treatment.
I really, really hate taking antibiotics so often, but they are honestly the only thing that cures me. I have no idea how to prevent the infections in the first place either. I use nasal sprays pretty regularly, but they don't seem to help. Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm at a point where I was researching how to make my own antibiotics because I hate paying $200 for an urgent care visit 4-6 times a year.
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2021.05.07 06:52 Trimodic Need Help!

How do you remove the vertical grip that comes with the DDM4V7? I am unsure how to remove it. I want to place it more closer to where my hand placement is - this is my first ever AR.
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2021.05.07 06:52 j4ckpot234 USB Headphones for gaming, music, and YouTube with microphone

Looking for something between $150-300, also open to closed backs
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2021.05.07 06:52 exoticsublimialsx0x why do boys examine my face

like they look at my face and it's like they're just trying to process what I look like or something. my brother said a boy was staring at me but not in a way of crushing but more examining same with a different dude. Its weird
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2021.05.07 06:52 gregpro_artist Mars Transport NFT

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2021.05.07 06:52 iceariina I hate the trope that the "fun ends" after marriage

It seems especially slanted to demean women, to paint them as controlling and needy. It's almost like a lot of men are ashamed to admit if they genuinely like spending time with their wives. And maybe some don't and that's a whole other conversation.
My husband and I genuinely enjoy doing things together. He told me the other day that his respect for a man goes way down when he hears him call his wife a "ball and chain" or something else demeaning. He said "All that tells me is that he's a lousy husband and bad at decision making." I.e. no one made him marry someone who makes him miserable; which 9 times out of 10 just means he has to, you know, actively participate in the relationship. Oh the horror!
Yes there are women who abuse and belittle their husbands, this isn't about that. Yes that's horrible and I've seen it firsthand and it makes me sad. How hard is it to just speak kindly to/about your spouse?
So yeah, I just saw a "funny" video of a guy "saving" his friend from his home because he can "only have fun when the wife's away" or some such and I just. I dunno. It pisses me off that wives are so treated like dirt by patriarchal culture and like we ruin everything and destroy a man's freedom.
Sorry this isn't super articulate I'm getting to the end of finals week and my brain is mush.
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2021.05.07 06:52 Haunting-Koala5149 Doge is so cute when it buys froge.

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2021.05.07 06:52 gengarismydaddy Advice on introducing friend to edibles??

Sorry if this is a little long, I'll try not to ramble. I have a co worker friend who is highly anxious. I used to have anxiety that was almost as bad as hers. Honestly the biggest change for me was the first time I ever got high which was on LSD. Changed my life forever. Obviously they're two different things, and idk where to find LSD but I do have edibles. She's expressed an interest in trying them, as she feels like she doesn't know what else to do to ease her anxiety and at this point she'll try anything because she's miserable. I know how she feels. I want to help. But there's something holding me back. I can't quite figure it out. Maybe I feel like I don't want to let her down? I don't want to disappoint her? I also could see her freaking out and I would hate to see her go through that, although I do believe that bad trips are just as important as good ones, especially if you're trying to heal your soul. I've never been there for anyone's first time, I've never been anyone's shaman. I feel like it should be an honor to be there for someone's first time but why is there so much pressure? Should there be this much pressure? I know her anxiety won't just magically go away with one dose so I don't get why I'm hesitant to do this for her. Any ideas would be very appreciated!
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2021.05.07 06:52 jupiterwept Beach towel

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2021.05.07 06:51 SasakitheMinor ๐Ÿถ SpaceDoggo ๐Ÿถ Hyperdeflationary space doggo token ๐Ÿถ Liquidity locked, ownership renounced ๐Ÿถ Stealth launched! No snipers. ๐Ÿถ

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๐ŸถThere were originally 100,000,000,000 $SPACEDOGGO in existence. Each time $SPACEDOGGO is transferred, 15% of the transaction is burned permanently. There will never be newly minted $SPACEDOGGO.

๐Ÿถ $SPACEDOGGO has been stealth, and fair launched. 100% of $SPACEDOGGO supply was seeded as liquidity and locked. That means there was no presale and no dev tokens.

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๐Ÿถ$SPACEDOGGO Information
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๐ŸถJoin the $SPACEDOGGO community at https://t.me/spacedoggo ๐Ÿถ
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2021.05.07 06:51 Connect_Astronomer_7 Khaby lame tik tok videos memes

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2021.05.07 06:51 clutchjay4 Teen Girls Content

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2021.05.07 06:51 shqhin $ELONHIGH - BEST MEME TOKEN GEM ๐ŸŒ• | ELONHIGH

Be ready for the most crazy Launch on Pancakeswap #ElonHigh
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Chart ๐Ÿ“ˆ:
Renounced Ownership
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2021.05.07 06:51 SaintRampalGMaharaj Daily Quotes

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2021.05.07 06:51 haleyymt face shape?

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2021.05.07 06:51 ChazGower Horrors of Malformed Men (1968)

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2021.05.07 06:51 GunsBigly #ALLY

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2021.05.07 06:51 Michelloh LSD loop

separate yourself
from existence
existence is just
a plain we share and
when you leave it
behind, you realise
your mind,
is just another
atom of air
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2021.05.07 06:51 bornalonediealonee Couples who have dealt with infidelity, and chose the forgiveness route; how did you succeed? Whatโ€™s your story?

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2021.05.07 06:51 guadron-sv- La vero

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2021.05.07 06:51 tehskin_disktiyaxk Most unbelievable moments in Halo

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2021.05.07 06:51 aboxofbooks Are there any other graphics files that we can use to spread the news about silver?

I've got the one that has been showing up on billboards. It would be nice if I could get a graphic of just the WSS mascot...I want to make some tshirts and other things with it. (All proceeds go towards buying more shiny).
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