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Kittycat and i 🐱

2021.05.10 07:01 FazeAction Kittycat and i 🐱

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2021.05.10 07:01 Monk_Brilliant My boyfriend is horrifically impulsive and I don't know how to deal with it..

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few months now. It's a fairly new relationship. Things are going pretty well for the most part, except for one thing that I just can't seem to get past.
I've had very severe anxiety and depression my entire life. I've been suicidal many many times. Whenever I would have spikes of depression or anxiety I would start to feel self destructive. I would tell him about it because he told me to. Normally he would just talk me through it but one day he did something I still have a hard time understanding.
We're long distance. He lives half way across the fuckin country. When I had told him I was feeling suicidal, he about crossed the damn country to make sure I was safe. Sweet right? Should have been but I was driving myself insane with worry the entire time. He didn't have any sort of plan which just made it even worse for me. I feel selfish saying that but also.. I just don't know how to deal with how impulsive he can be. There are more examples but that's.. the most extreme. If you have any advice that would be greatly appreciated..
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2021.05.10 07:01 archonkk Attempting to emulate art. Just a first attempt, experimenting with colors and techniques.

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2021.05.10 07:01 BuntasButtPlug Read This NOW

The year is 2022.
You just woke up to the sound of the cool mountain breeze and the distant wings of the eagle's nest.
You look up from your bed, draped in fine silk blankets - and wonder where you are.
"Oh, that's right," you murmur to yourself, "I'm in Valhalla. I cannot believe that YOLO printed, I sure am glad I boughteth and heldeth."
A few calm moments pass, and you breathe the clean air.
Suddenly you hear a distant, but familiar roar!
A bit startled, but still in a dizzy trance you gaze out to see a pale green figure, trampling toward you up the mountain. You cannot believe it.
It's Shrek.
He pounds up the mountain, every shockwave penetrating your essence with what feels like an intoxicating natural high.
Shrek keeps getting closer and closer but right when you think you've peaked you see the real reason Shrek has arrived.
The reason is right there, straddling his back.
It's him: Ryan Cohen.
Ryan climbs out of Shrek as he gives you an ogre wink and whispers those swampy sweet nothings. Shrek then drives away on his R888 205/50/R15's, spinning all four from a dig.
Ryan approaches you but you do have to get one more peek at Shrek's immense acceleration. Wow. You embrace Ryan, forgetting about but still appreciating Shrek, and he walks you to the garden.
You talk about tendies, you joke about beautiful Elon. You laugh about your petty boss you used to have and the family that told you to sell at $50. It's a good day.
The weather is nice.
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2021.05.10 07:01 CarlosSmithudemy Mobile Security: Reverse Engineer Android Apps From Scratch

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2021.05.10 07:01 Discodirekt Daft Punk by Ed Alcock (2001)

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2021.05.10 07:01 fox-murders Can’t go to bed and I got school tomorrow

Gonna be a bruh moment tomorrow 😭
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2021.05.10 07:01 simp0824 TENCENT/ WAJIJIWA treat INTO1 better, INTO1 DESERVES BETTER!

I honestly can’t take it anymore, I’ve been on edge lately with how TENCENT/ WAJIJIWA TREATS INTO1 but after seeing the dorms I’m really pushed to my limits in patience and I’m going to rant my heart out here.
Here are several problems I have with WAJIJIWA’s treatment with INTO1:

First things first, it is very evident in the previous posts that the boys are obviously tired. Like after the debut night they were automatically brought to a press conference (which was inevitable) but they should’ve given them atleast some seats to sit on or fed them food before the conference, Lin Mo had to literally sir down because his back was hurting during the press con. And during the dinner it was very obvious that they were tired and hungry like Lin Mo legit didn’t even care about appearances he was just munching on the chicken. (I know it became a meme but he legit looked tired and hungry).
On the first vlog, you can tell they weren’t able to sleep much but they had to pack up early and get styled so that they can say their farewell to the dorm.
Their schedules are packed (especially Liu Yu’s he legit already had gone to so many flights during the first week of debut) while having a lot of schedules for the group is good, but I really worry for their health.
Also! On the second vlog, the members specifically mentioned that they haven’t been able to sleep for two days. While they were being their usual funny selves you can definitely tell most of them were out of it because they were tired. AK even said that he couldn’t even remember what has happened (that may be due to shock but at the same he was probably tired too)
Like bruh, have you seen the recent videos ? The boys were literally swarmed by fans and cameras being shoved at them without proper security!
Like the boys had to protect each other, like Patrick came out alone with no guards or staff whatsoever and after that Patrick was literally telling a fan to be careful because she almost bumped into Keyu and Keyu literally holding Liu Yu’s back to protect him from the swarm of fans. Jiayuan could barely make it to the car. MIKA WAS BEING SWARMED AS WELL AS SANTA, RIKI, and LIN MO
There was even this one video that a fan almost got in the freaking car they were supposed ride!
Like hiring some security and putting up some sort of barricades could surely be easy to do right?(TENCENT / WAJIJIWA IS SUPPOSED TO BE RICH)
Also, they already had a sasaeng incident! One fan of Patrick rode the same airplane as INTO1 and approached him (although she had good intentions such as to only congratulate him, it was still a breach of the unspoken rules of being too close in approaching you idols, it was found out that she sasaeng tendencies according to other fans that’s why they stopped supporting her fansites. She said she was sorry but I already gave her the benefit of the doubt before but she did the same thing again 🙄 so yeah sasaeng) There was also this incident of a fan pulling his clothes (but was brushed under the rug that it was unintentional). Like, I’m okay with having fansites following them around but getting that close is going way too far.
The sasaeng incidents with Liu Yu are no joke too :(
Like WAJIJIWA just give them proper protection!
Amidst all this, the only thing they did was just release a note or advisory warning fans.
Like bruh you could’ve hired security ?!
Sorry for ranting but yeah, I’m so annoyed
INTO1 deserves better
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2021.05.10 07:01 CarlosSmithudemy Make & Sell Udemy Course on Autopilot Marketing (Unofficial)

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2021.05.10 07:01 moneyshouters Privacy Policy

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2021.05.10 07:01 patiii_lopez Summer jobs in the area?

Does anyone know of any places that are typically looking for temporary employees? Current college student trying to pick up more hours during the summer but don’t want to go through the hassle of quitting only 2 months in. My current job on campus closes for the summer and I don’t know many places in the area. I have experience in office settings/food/ and retail. Would appreciate any leads! Thanks (:
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2021.05.10 07:01 S0ULPURE Looking for help with my JINDALSTEL Valuation. I have already made a starter excel sheet. How should I go forward with it?

Greetings all, I have compiled a started excel sheet for the valuation purpose. Although I don't know how to start with it. As you can already tell, that I am new to all this stuff and want to try my hands on valuations before my Masters in Finance.
I intend to include the following in "our" valuation model:

  1. Comprehensive growth/earning prospects with a best/normal/worst case scenario.
  2. Assumptions based on specific business model.
  3. Peer comparison for sanity checks.
  4. Include FCF in the process.
  5. DCF.
  6. Take into account the WACC.
This is for starters... And then for a proper DD, we can dive into the news and internet for various contingencies... I have experience as a Counter Party Due Diligence executive so that might come in handy.
I am looking for someone who knows their shit and is willing to help me out in this lengthy process. I believe this might take weeks??? IDK. But nonetheless, it will be a really nice learning experience for me as I will get to experience a lot about valuation model. On the other hand you might gain some insights on CDD practices.... (Full disclosure... there is nothing much to learn in CDD process that you wouldn't already know... so don't feel cheated).
TLDR; Help needed for valuation and DD.
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2021.05.10 07:01 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) FREMONT ST / N EASTERN AVE 5/9/2021 10:52:46 PM incident #LLV210500042177
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2021.05.10 07:01 sayhay Did not receive all the DLC content PS4 Crimewave Edition

I was wondering if any of you have experienced this. I recently bought, downloaded, and installed Payday 2 Crimewave Edition for my PS4. This version is supposed to come with all the DLC’s, but it seems like only a couple of them have been given to me, when there is supposed to be 20. How do I fix this?
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2021.05.10 07:01 Sagi_Tsenga 1

the drive has it been found the drive
Canididida crqutz the drive Canididida crqutz
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2021.05.10 07:01 AutoModerator 'There are no stupid questions' thread - Monday, May 10, 2021

Please use this thread to ask ANY piano-related questions you may have!
Also check out our FAQ for answers to common questions.
*Note: This is an automated post. See previous discussions here.
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2021.05.10 07:01 Sagi_Tsenga Sh

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2021.05.10 07:01 Sagi_Tsenga the drive

has it been found
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2021.05.10 07:01 DerGurkenraspler Diamantenhände 💎👐 German market is open 🇩🇪

Hello world, I hope you had a great weekend! Let's get some sideways action!
Current price "Starting: 159.64 US-$"
Where do you get our numbers from? I trade through my bank account and just refresh the page to see the current price. I then use my conversion app ( Euro to US-$ ) and post the result. I try to post every 5 minutes, but I am at work so I can't guarantee it 😄
Why are your numbers different from the ones I'm seeing online? My banking app shows me the best price that I can sell for right now...it compares Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Xetra and "Direkthandel" (meaning "direct exchange"). That's why my movement may differ from your sources online.
I don't trust those germans, look at what they did in the 20th century...can I get another source? Sure, you can take a look here...just remember to convert from € to $! https://www.ls-tc.de/de/aktie/gamestop-aktie
Can you post the volume too? I can't see the volume on my banking app but you can find it online or probably in my comments, since some friendly apes talk about it often. But remember how low the volume is in the US pre-Market and we're talking pre US pre-market here so I think that the volume doesen't reeeeally matter this early into the trading day.
Why are you doing this every day, what's the point of posting these numbers, since the volume is nothing compared to the one in the US? I think that it's less about the numbers, it's to show that every minute of every day, there is an ape who's holding GME. Look through the comments, there are people from all around the world just wishing each other a good morning, how awesome is that? I think that this feeling of camaraderie is crucial, it's good to know that I'm not the only one liking this stock. I'm holding since november and I will continue to hold for my brothers and sisters. We are not a union, we are all individuals who like the stock, but we're still family!
Starting: 159.64 US-$
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2021.05.10 07:01 jamminjackso Went to Ross today and picked up this full size (130 ml) TONYMOLY toner for $7.99 to go with my Ipsy sample size (20 ml) cleanser I recently got in a $5 duo. Has anyone tried this line or this brand?

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2021.05.10 07:01 carriedaway23 Rent budget

Hi everyone,
I am moving to London in August and just want to ask what percentage of their wages people spend on their rent?
I am looking to move to the SW15 area as it is close to my new workplace. I have seen some places for around £1200 a month without bills. I will be on a wage of around £36k.
Would this be doable on my wage or should I be looking for places way cheaper?
If anyone has any advice, please let me know. I’m totally hopeless with budgeting etc.
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2021.05.10 07:01 JosephStalin1953 congratulations on your bit of success

welcome to the neotheater
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2021.05.10 07:01 GatesofIshtar One Team Protects You, The Rest try to Kill you

View Poll
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2021.05.10 07:01 blogs_bunny Thousands protest in France as Emmanuel Macron takes climate plan to Senate #climatechange #climatechange #France #France #Paris #Europe #President #EmmanuelMacron #Macron #one #three #10 #Agence #France-Presse #Greenpeace

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2021.05.10 07:01 CarlosSmithudemy Dijital Pazarlama Uzmanlığı Eğitimi

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