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Pre-nut routine

2021.05.10 04:48 Blood_Red_River Pre-nut routine

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2021.05.10 04:48 mr1d3a I'm too bored for class so I guess I will doodle (Sleepy Polar Bear)

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2021.05.10 04:48 AffectionateCelery28 As an incoming freshman at UT, is it good to join the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI)? And is it true that by participating in the FRI, I'm able to automatically get credit for Intro to Bio and Intro to Chem labs?

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2021.05.10 04:48 muamed1alah2 46932283767668663974360223609539752

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2021.05.10 04:48 Loud-Ad-8998 Both of my parents had a dream about me

So we were having lunch and my dad was talking about how he woke up abruptly this morning from a weird dream in which my mom was very worried. Turns out that she was worried because in his dream my nose kept bleeding, now I’m 19 years old and my dad said that in the dream i was a little kid. Then my mom said that she also had a dream of me from when I was a toddler and i stubbed my toe on the corner of the bed and i kept crying :/ can someone plz tell me if this is something to worry about cuz im kinda superstitious
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2021.05.10 04:48 gczech If you say so

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2021.05.10 04:48 Srtununin5 Hello, I wanted to know if this adapter is compatible for a nintendo wii, and if it is not the case, which wireless adapter or via usb would you recommend me

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2021.05.10 04:48 dstsknnd Book about high school girl who is bullied and called a cow? People also throw food at her

It’s set in high school and there’s a girl who is made fun of for being fat. People call her a cow (for example, if her name is Cassie, they call her “Cassie Cow”). There’s a scene where she’s in the cafeteria and people throw food at her until she cries and runs out of the room. Another girl at the school gives her a makeover and helps her gain confidence, and then she gets a date to prom.
The book has a lot of plot lines and this is only one part of it, but I can’t remember any of the other details. It’s a young adult novel. I read it sometime in middle school or high school, so the 2011-2015 time range.
Any help is appreciated! This is driving me crazy lol
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2021.05.10 04:48 Nanoz1300 How long does it take for the whole position to be fully transferred off RobinHood?

I’m trynna leave robinhood and go to td Ameritrade cause I already have a bunch in positions on tda but just wondering how long it takes, also I still don’t got enough karma to post on the other sub🙄
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2021.05.10 04:48 muamed1alah2 916230487678458226390328705708518252

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2021.05.10 04:48 LasVegasLeon Finally got some shib!!! Nothing but up from here 🚀📈

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2021.05.10 04:48 Box_Of_Props_Mario Watching Dota and I can only hear and see Shiro

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2021.05.10 04:48 skylamcm -may i

Have you ever heard how horned lizards display self defense They squirt blood from their eyes Maybe I have been kind too many times Maybe I should shoot arrows from my tongue Maybe I could learn to bark for once and the welcome mat of my body would say beware Maybe I will just tell you no And maybe you'd listen
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2021.05.10 04:48 muamed1alah2 836182134922831913303016576019649306

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2021.05.10 04:48 The_Amazing_Ammmy Former in-laws want to make relationship decisions

This happened years ago with my ex husband's (EH) parents. Background: My ex husband and I met at work, and at the time he was separated from his first wife (FW),in the process of divorce and I was also going thru a breakup, and before dating we were friends. EH and his family were Baptists and he hid the fact he had split with FW until they found out he was dating me, which was about a year into our relationship. They assumed at that point that he had left his FW to be with me, so they hated me from the start. Our relationship was pretty turbulent as I was young and naive and didn't realize how incompatible we were, but we ended up being together for about 8 years. This story happened about 2 years in when we were engaged, and it was the first time I was going to meet his family, before then I had refused to meet them because I knew they hated me. Since we planned on getting married I knew I would have to meet them eventually so I agreed to go with him. So, for Easter we decided to drive the 3 hours to his parents house, and when we arrived the family (parents, 2 brothers and their wives) had gone to a neighbors to visit briefly before dinner. The drive was long so when we arrived EH went into the bathroom, and I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. As I'm opening the fridge I notice a list taped to the door with my name on the top, so naturally I read it. The list was a pros and cons list about me. I don't remember all of it, but some of what I do remember in the cons list was: raised catholic, homewrecker, and divorced parents. The only thing under pros said good in bed. These fucking people had sat down at a family meeting to made this list, with EH to decide for him whether or not we should be together, TWO YEARS BEFORE, and it had been taped to their fridge for everyone to see that whole time. Thwy had a huge extended family andlots of church friends that they regularly hosted,, so lots of people had seen it.. He had told them every intimate detail Bout me and our relationship, including our sex life, except for the fact that I was not the cause of him splitting with his FW. I was so angry and disgusted I made him leave right then to drive the 3 hours home, during which he tried to convince me I was over reacting and that was a normal and acceptable family activity. I was more pissed at the fact they had done this all than what was actually on the list, though that was equally as terrible. We broke up at that time but got back together months later. Obviously we didn't stay together, but my dumbass still married him after this because young me made terrible decisions. I did eventually end up meeting his family years later when EH was in the hospital from a motorcycle accident, and his mom said to me :"wow, you're nothing like I thought you'd be, you're so sweet and loving". It was very difficult not to scream back in her face that maybe she shouldn't be so judgemental about people she doesn't even know, and she was just as terrible as I had imagined.
TLDR: crazy Baptist in laws make a pros and cons list about me and our see life to decide if my ex and I should be together and kept it taped to the fridge for 2 years.
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2021.05.10 04:48 Zorros_horse Why is everybody so upset ?

Hello everybody, I just read bunch of articles regarding Elon Musks SNL skit. Everybody is so butt hurt about him calling dogecoin a “hustle” why is it so bad? What’s wrong with hustling? I don’t get it all of the panic selling just because of that one word. Can someone explain to me the situation ?
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2021.05.10 04:48 runonbandit In Preparation/Expected Publications in Application

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to apply to MD/PhD programs this year (assuming I can actually write my essays which I'm having a hard time with), and some PhD candidates in my lab mentioned it was common to list papers they were expecting on their grad school applications, including which for some of their cases took years after to get out.
I was wondering if this applies to MD/PhD applications too?
I have some first/co-first and second authors we're working on (can be backed up by my PI) to be submitted in the next few months and given the state of the rest of my app (international student, mediocre MCAT for MD/PhD, and downward trend GPA), it'd make for a nice advantage if it does confer one.
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2021.05.10 04:48 muamed1alah2 519946441153458054517817846663491934

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2021.05.10 04:48 inittwowinitnow #Legitimacy#11#1

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2021.05.10 04:48 muamed1alah2 831653442254873303210583433370352502

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2021.05.10 04:48 heulena_ O SHOW NA TV

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2021.05.10 04:48 Thedarkmoon123 Sleep sleep

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2021.05.10 04:48 chetgoldstein Chet here

Just got done fucking CC in his unit I’m here to say nigger EDP445 u have nice tiddys bro I’ll rape ur mom bro ur a pedo and we all hate u but damn nicca on the gang I’ll suck them
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2021.05.10 04:48 Notaprogramprogram Egg_irl

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2021.05.10 04:48 kissyFACE7 Stratton Oakmont Approved - Invest! (TEMPLATE INCLUDED)

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