Go! California's population declines for FIRST TIME ON RECORD as Covid-19 lockdowns wreck economy, home prices keep rising |

California's population declines for FIRST TIME ON RECORD as Covid-19 lockdowns wreck economy, home prices keep rising

2021.05.10 06:05 Mcnst California's population declines for FIRST TIME ON RECORD as Covid-19 lockdowns wreck economy, home prices keep rising

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2021.05.10 06:05 Leading_Ability752 Microscopic hair evaluation

So i went to the derm to see if i have problems with my hair...he did a microscopic hair evaluation and told me I didnt have alopecia...but i did see some hairs that were thinner than the others under the microscope..he told me it was simply vitamin deficiency and not alopecia..so he prescriped with vitamin supplements...now im worried sick because i thought thinner hair under the microscope means alopecia?
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2021.05.10 06:05 lsheen2 Entitled people

so i ran home from the shop up the road it took me 3 minutes to get home by the time i got to her door she had been trying to hang herself for a minute now so remembering a video i’ve seen i picked her up by her legs to stop the rope from straggling her and pulled her head out of this she tried to we’ll fight me saying that she wanted to die let me die just leave me alone. ​ but she could not fight me not just because i’m stronger than her and bigger than her but she had not eaten or drank any water for a day and a half. ​ so she just collapsed into me i put her on the bed a called an ambulance telling them what happened i was told to grab something to brase her neck in case she may have broken something in her neck so by putting two pillows on both sides of her neck to brase it and stop her head from moving at this time i could see that she must have passed out at some time when i called the ambulance. ​ After about 4 minutes the ambulance came to take her to the hospital. ​ up there they checked her neck there were no brakes in her neck but there was bruising around her neck and swelling. ​ but she was undernourished and dehydrated so they put a feeding tube in her and had her on liquids they keeped her under to prevent her from pulling the tube out or hurting herself. ​ They keeped her like this until she was better and had her moved to a mental problems part of the hospital. ​ so on the 05/07/2021 she woke up but to prevent her from hurting herself or others she was on a drug or something to keep her tired. ​ So I spent most of my time up there with her and sleeped on the pull out bed from the small couch seat next to her bed . There were people running up and down the hull and the door had to be closed for a night as some patients there were well you know. ​ anyways i spent the whole morning looking on her phone to find out what turns out these people were encouraging her to kill herself. ​ so this is to ​ david creative or better known as David A###### H######## phone 49-######## ​ franky ​ moon wolfcat ​ zero animation ​ endgame animation ​ KC sprinkles ​ kingdimentio24 ​ trisNeau ​ u/papyrus and more ​ dont worry im finding the rest of your information it takes time but hiding behind alt accounts will not save you and I will find you this is going to end youse try to take something so close to me and as for my dad i hope you go burn in hell youse are the monsters we tell ourselves were not you think you can run from you consequences. ​ If anyone here can help me find these people it would help a lot.
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2021.05.10 06:05 Rojer0077 Whole Earth Foundation

A very interesting and promising company that will bring great results of its actions. I plan to continue to work with this platform as they see only growth!
#WholeEarthFoundation #WEC #IEO
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2021.05.10 06:05 Mizza_ MCEN90032 sensor systems workshop 3a

The current lecturer just released an assignment at 4:13 this morning that is due this Sunday the 16th of may.
As far as I can tell this is against unimelb’s assessment policy. Most noticeably Assessment and Results Policy (MPF1326) sections 4.43 and 4.44.
What should I do about this as I have 4 other assignments due in the next week and doubt I will have time to complete this assessment?
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2021.05.10 06:05 Sad_Pomegranate_6185 LYNXSWAP $LYNX - The first ever DPOS Layer 2 Scaling Solution on BSC | Non-custodial synthetic asset DEX exchange | [<150k Market Cap]

Meet the LynxSwap platform and $LYNX governance. LynxSwap's Website and dApp Launched! http://lynxswap.exchange
LynxSwap—The BSC Blockchain's new Layer 2 DPOS solution. A decentralized application which decreases gas as much as possible. SuperSet allows users to leverage their DeFi assets to the fullest and increases capital efficiency through its synthetic asset deployment system.
LynxSwap greatly utilizes DPoS on the Binance Smart Chain - a system in which a fixed number of elected entities (called block producers or witnesses) are selected to create blocks in a round-robin order.
So first, $LYNX's use case. LynxSwap's main purpose is an effective Automated Market Maker (AMM), a non-custodial asset exchange primarily utilizing $LYNX network-native synthetic assets which are pegged to other investable assets with decentralized oracles.
In addition to the LynxSwap Decentralized Exchange system, Lynxswap Governance proposals are voted into power by the users of the Lynxswap network, who each get a number of votes proportional to the number of $LYNX tokens they own on the BSC network (the stake).
Another important DeFi aspect in the making is $LYNX as the native governance token for controlling LynxSwap DAO.
LynxSwap is completely decentralized. This means that people staking $LYNX can earn both yield rewards the ability to vote on governance proposals to change the application. Decisions such as airdrops, updates, and asset proposals are voted by the LynxSwap community. Ownership of the contract will be renounced and given to the DAO, allowing for a complete, autonomous platform.
Also, why Layer 2? If an application which requires very fast transaction confirmations and for such fast confirmations to happen reliably, then the correct domain in which to build such systems is level-2 platforms on top of secure base-layer platforms on the Binance Smart Chain.
Synthetic assets are the foundation for zero slippage. LynxSwap's native asset, $LYNX, is staked as a collateral allowing liquidity-backed assets to be minted. LynxSwap emphasizes synthetic assets that start with 'lx' (i.e. lxUSD, lxBTC) which are pegged to their respective currencies from decentralized oracles.
​LynxSwap's synthetic assets have a unique approach for its users and traders. Fiat-pegged lx-assets are burned. However, when a user desires the a specific lx-asset, then the token is minted with the smart contract.
This unique DEX AMM trading system is what LynxSwap aims to be: frictionless.
​The BSC Ecosystem is what really allows LynxSwap to take shape - not only because of its popularity, but because BSC has little fees. On top of extremely small transaction fees is where LynxSwap can stand ground and grow.
$LYNX Tokenomics:
Token type: Deinflationary.
Total supply: 10,000,000,000 Tokens (Some have been burned already)
Developer Allocation: 2%
Liquidity Allocation: 90%
DAO Treasury: 8%
Ownership renounced and transfered to the DAO
Team funds vested (locked) for 2 Years, 6 Months.
Contracts audited by OpenZeppelin
✅ Website: http://lynxswap.exchange
✅ Token contract: 0x8ad7b8044ef3ee2c76e0d395085afaba02e01228
✅ Buy $LYNX on PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8ad7b8044ef3ee2c76e0d395085afaba02e01228
✅ Join the Telegram: https://t.me/lynxswapexchange
✅ Github: https://github.com/LynxswapBSC
✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/lynxswap
Riding on $LYNX and beyond!
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2021.05.10 06:05 quarantineheartbreak Dating with an end date - is it even worth it?

I’ve been seeing someone for 2 months now, but from the beginning we made it clear with each other that the both of us are moving out of state by fall of this year. That gives us basically the summer to keep dating. LDR is...mostly out of the question.
I really like this guy and we vibe very well, we’ve gotten comfortable, and even introduced each other to our friends recently. But I keep finding myself feeling anxious and insecure about the relationship, knowing that it has an end date. It makes me wonder if dating and hanging out can truly be genuine, and if real feelings can be developed from something like this.
I guess I’ve never been a casual dater, and I would only see someone if I see long term potential in them (typically). So I’m just confused on if something like this is even worth it. My biggest fear is that his intentions/actions/feelings may not even be genuine, or if I am viewed as “disposable.” Has anyone had a similar experience?
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2021.05.10 06:05 hefeelslikeatourist does anyone else feel like this sub has changed?

I've been browsing and commenting in this sub for more than a year now and I've noticed that the memes and comments have kinda shifted from being cute towards being ironic, especially during the last six months or so. I think that the 100 gecs fandom started growing a lot about halfway though 2020. around that same time I noticed that the memes and comments started to change.
The reason why I brought this up is because I kinda miss the cuteness that really made the sub something special around the time that I first joined. It really felt like a community of the kindest people on the internet. It flew in the face of the cynicism of reddit and the toxicity of other music fandoms. I still love the fandom and I don't think those people went away but it seems like the community kinda became more about the meme surrounding 100 gecs rather than it's own thing.
If you've been in the sub for a while can you please tell me if I'm crazy???? I need to know if other old school piss babies have noticed this.
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2021.05.10 06:05 MrGagu1 [FOR HIRE]Iam open for commissions character illustration and fanarts starting at 30$. Dm for more information :D

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2021.05.10 06:05 RLCD-Bot [Esper] [Parallax] [Standard] [OEM]

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2021.05.10 06:05 turtletails $1300 phone and this is how it’s safely packed for shipping...

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2021.05.10 06:05 Accomplished-Read763 Single male 35 yrs old /for couple/ downtown fort worth/ 7in / kik-benny1075

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2021.05.10 06:05 knightB4 Highest regional unemployment in Mt. Vernon, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie - Mid Hudson News

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2021.05.10 06:05 jinaxisotaku Korean serialization

Where is the Korean version serialized? I know it's not in Naver Webtoon coz I use it..
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2021.05.10 06:05 twackin98 Thanks for the chart Kirkland

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2021.05.10 06:05 Anthony_ty13 [xb1] h: be flamer w: be90 gat plas and tse25 or be25 fixer

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2021.05.10 06:05 AnUnassumingOtter What is something you've always wanted to tell someone, but never could/never did?

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2021.05.10 06:05 Santosha3 Thomasville Tisdale Sectional.

Can anyone tell me what the fabric is like on this couch? Is it soft like chenille or a scratchier tweed like fabric? Thanks in advance....
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2021.05.10 06:05 B00sterr 👑 Kingboosting 👑 Reliable boosting service for the kings and queens of the gaming world👑

- Hello and welcome!
- Order a boost: https://discord.gg/vBvDrs5R
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- Our boosters backgrounds are verified carefully which helps keeping everyone safe
- Prices are not fixed and they are negotiable
- A lot more info about us on our discord server
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2021.05.10 06:05 Leggend_Eggend Drawing I did of my friend's and I mains. :)

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2021.05.10 06:05 nebulousennui I cut my hair after weeks of daily migraines, my head hasn't hurt all day now

Guess that means I should keep my hair short now, but I don't mind that. I mostly grow my hair out to avoid salon fees anyways. Still I wonder if that's been part of the problem all along.
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2021.05.10 06:05 Cowboycatboy Does anyone know that ben Shapiro video??

I have been looking for this specific tiktok or vine for atleast a year and cannot find it for the life of me and it's making me go crazy. Does anyone have the video that goes "ben Shapiro sound like: ang ang ang"
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2021.05.10 06:05 downsyndromeperfume Any advice for a long distance couple?

I met my girlfriend in august 2020. And we have been dating since then. Does anyone have any advice for us? Anything would be appreciated.
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2021.05.10 06:05 kavb8671 Referral link - KSydnor

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2021.05.10 06:05 strawberryncigs How to tell someone you have feelings for them without telling them you have feelings for them

Tapos FWB set up kayo and you’re not sure if they feel the same 🥴🥴🥴
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