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I Found This Randomly … Toronto Hood Maps

2021.05.10 05:24 latias329 I Found This Randomly … Toronto Hood Maps

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2021.05.10 05:24 wsoul13 F2P Faction Wars 21 Demonspawn

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2021.05.10 05:24 dirtyd344 Emphasizing her lips

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2021.05.10 05:24 Star-Lord10 Gonzalos Right Now

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2021.05.10 05:24 RumAndCoco Haven’t bought a Black Series fig in years, I’m glad I got this one.

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2021.05.10 05:24 prjj2001 I think the orginal villain for WandaVision was supposed to be mephisto not agatha harkness

I think the orginal plan for WandaVision was for it to be mephisto and all of it was gonna be her dealing with her grief by making a deal with the devil she would get to live out her fantasy but in typical mephisto fashion he would screw her over by making her the villain to the people of west view by both letting her control them with out her knowing and convince her that everyone else is wrong for trying to take away her happiness
Mephisto is the marvel universe equivalent to the devil in the comics he made deal but always screwed the people over
Agatha harkness in the comic was just a witch who although was on the line of good and evil she leaned towards good being the nanny to th f.f4 and the avengers
In WandaVision agatha let's wanda live out her fantasy but in the process is turning the people of west view and eventually the world when they hear about it and Agatha eventually tried to take her power
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2021.05.10 05:24 AirportInSight Has Amazone gone too far?

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2021.05.10 05:24 D1ckRepellent What do you like doing on your day off?

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2021.05.10 05:24 GachaCryingCringe WOAH WOAH WOAH WHAT DOES THUS MEANNNNNN

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2021.05.10 05:24 Husyelt Radio Free Zerg #1

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2021.05.10 05:24 thenotjoe I've been watching old gmm episodes as I fall asleep and I've been wondering...

What in the WORLD is a "unisong," why doesn't it appear anywhere on the internet except in reference to gmm, and where did they get the idea for it?
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2021.05.10 05:24 BURYMEINLV A story from today..

Today at our Mother’s Day service, our pastor had all of the single mothers stand up and asked everyone in the church to give them a donation of any kind. My husband, myself and our two kids gave out $20 each to 4 single mothers. When we sat back down, my husband had mentioned to me that he felt like he needed to give to one more, but the mothers had all sat down at that point and the service started to move forward.
After church, we went out to brunch. As we sat down, a young single mother and her daughter sat down at the table next to us. I leaned over and told my husband that it was a sign and that we should pay for their meal, so we did. We told the waiter to please let her know that her meal was paid for, but not to disclose who paid. The waiter took our drinks off because he wanted to do something for us as well, which was so nice. Our check ended up being $100 and some change. As we were leaving I saw him tell her that her meal was paid for and I saw her eyes well up with tears. They followed shortly behind us, and I took some time sitting in my car because I was trying to type an address into my GPS. I saw them both get into her car, which was old and pretty beat up. I try not to pass judgment but I just knew in my heart right then that we did the right thing.
On our way home, we stopped by my husband’s parent’s house to drop some gifts off to his mom. When we got there his dad handed my husband an envelope. It was a notice from his last employer that he had a check from 7 years ago that had never been cashed, stating that he had 30 days or so to claim it. The check amount? $184. We really couldn’t believe it.
God is so, so good you guys. I just had to share our incredible experience from today. I encourage you all to allow God to work through you this week and do something kind for someone else. You never know who needs it.
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2021.05.10 05:24 wtfnatee How do I stop Reddit from sending me an email everytime someone sends a reply? The notification bar in the app is already enough. My emails get unnecessary clutter.

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2021.05.10 05:24 clumsy_hero Taking Seal Nene to the next level

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2021.05.10 05:24 Villenthessis Rob on Bucky (Mute) drama

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2021.05.10 05:24 livinASTRO72 Get a mop - dripping in tone over here!

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2021.05.10 05:24 Ok-Ocelot-1414 Do you guys like Shinedown?

(The band, just in case it wasn’t obvious to you)
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2021.05.10 05:24 teachcand Who are your favourite drama / commentary channels?

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2021.05.10 05:24 lunovanilla [For Hire] Digital Illustration, full body/half body in a realistic/stylized style for your project.

Hi everyone! I'm a digital artist from Brazil and I'm here to offer my services and look for commissions. The work that I offer is a full body/half body illustration in a realistic/stylized style. Below I will leave the link of my last commission. The minimum time that I need to do the Illustration process is one week, depending on the level of details it may take a little longer. The starting price is $130 (realistic) and $65 (stylized). I will keep you informed throughout the Illustration process. If you want an Illustration of your favorite character, a portrait or a personal project, please feel free to send me a message. I'll be waiting :)
My last commission:
To see other works:
Thanks in advance.
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2021.05.10 05:24 ManufacturerHot9618 You are given the power to stop one historical event. What do you prevent and why?

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2021.05.10 05:24 Stoner_Ville Dawn of a new age

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2021.05.10 05:24 A_terrible_name Turning me and my friends into characters

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2021.05.10 05:24 KrispyKreme2718 Is there a free app like Robinhood that’s easy to use, that’s actually free? Thankyou for your time. To the moon!

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2021.05.10 05:24 creativethinker98 I don't know what's it's going to take to get past this heartache.

It's been a month that my ex(30) and I(30) haven't spoken. We had a relationship that turned into a "complicated" friendship after almost 2.5 years together. I've spent a lot of time blaming myself for everything that happened; feeling ashamed, embarrassed- that I pushed him away. I've been working with my therapist, and she reminds me to practice self compassion but it's difficult. I acted emotionally, but it was almost always in response to something he did. He was inconsistent often, saying one thing and then doing another. He made a lot of promises that he never followed through on. He lied to me often or withheld the truth...and then tried to excuse it by saying he was trying to "protect me" or tell me it was never a good time. He talked to his friends about our business but always seemed to leave out what he did and only how I reacted, they called me horrible things like "crazy" and "psychopath." When I talked to him about how much it hurt me, he'd get frustrated that I couldn't get past it. He had a habit of just brushing things under the rug and trying to pretend like it didn't happen. I called him out, stood up for myself, and he said we would work on these things together as a couple as I developed trust issues, and felt insecure and unstable. He cut me out twice and came back twice, and it's been a month since he cut me out for the 3rd time. This time I didn't try to reach out again. He didn't tell me he was doing it, just stopped responding to me one day, on my birthday, after he confessed to another lie and I lost it. I became so triggered by the lies that it made me a person I hated. He wrote me a card earlier that day saying that he was sorry for how he has treated me, that he was going to be a better friend to me, that I have a good heart and I don't deserve how much pain he's caused me. Literally stopped talking to me that evening and I was so confused....after all he had wrote. I don't understand what I did to deserve this. I know I'm not perfect, but I was always the first one to try to find a way to fix it. Despite all of this, I miss him like crazy, he was my person for years and we shared so many good memories together...but I don't understand why he handled it this way. I have had no closure, and I ruminate every day wondering if I'll ever hear from him..if I'll ever get any explanation why he handled it the way he did after how long and the impact we've had in each other's lives. Some days are better then others, but I am fearful I won't ever get past this. I fear he will always think I was the problem and never recognize the impact his lies/inconsistency etc had on the relationship...that he will never take accountability on his part. I don't know what it's going to take for me to stop thinking about him, ruminating, and for me to accept that I may never get what I'm hoping for....answers.
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2021.05.10 05:24 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,51W x 41H x 3D cm,Donna Rollins ExpressionismNature. Flowers,Big Leaves,Water Plants,Waterplants,Serene Landscape,Leaves,Plants,Botanical,Pond

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