Go! Dm guys if u want me to do captions |

Dm guys if u want me to do captions

2021.05.10 07:04 Abject-Victory4011 Dm guys if u want me to do captions

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2021.05.10 07:04 Migfluxalot As a DOGE HODLin member I hope I didn't overstep my bounds by feeling like Gemini should put their money where their mouth is. Yall might not agree with me so be kind if you don't please.

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2021.05.10 07:04 nobukato コロナ給付金500万ドルを不正受給したカリフォルニアの男性、フェラーリやベントレーを購入

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2021.05.10 07:04 Educational-Scar5162 Heavy payment. I think it’s just BS that you can’t see how much of the instacart payment is from the heavy pay. It is just so bizarre to me

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2021.05.10 07:04 g1WuWl1RuJZpOt3A5t There’s no sunshine here today, but could you give me some Vitamin D? 😉

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2021.05.10 07:04 Dramatic_Beach4116 Ambassador Character Idea.

Attack : 75 Defense : 95 Rage : 100
Passive Abilities
Shadow Ambassador : Ambassador takes less shadow damage.
Outrage : Ambassador absorbs shadow damage which fills up his rage bar. He enters this state via an explosion which deals damage to nearby opponent. He gets an attack and defense boost. This lasts 5 seconds.
Character Style
Ambassador uses one-handed sword as his weapon and he is from the legion faction. He utilizes the Steep Dive move from SF3 and uses Battering Ram special kick from SF3.
Level 2
Ambassador's Rage : Ambassador's power bar recharges faster (1.5x equivalent to shadow damage received)
Endless Rage : Rage form lasts longer (10 seconds is new duration)
Level 4 :
Legions Might : Ambassador's attacks deal more damage. (1.5x more damage)
Shadow's Friend : Once Ambassador exits his rage form, He gets a shield which absorbs one hit from the opponent.
Level 6
Final Blow : When Ambassador receives fatal damage, He will enter rage form and can fight until his rage form is active. (check the notes for more details)
Head Start : During the start of the match, Ambassador gains Rage power gradually. (Check the notes.)
Level 8
Wrath of Darkness : Ambassador gains two special moves he can do in rage form. (Check notes man)
Wrath of Light : Ambassador heals when he is in the rage form (not much 125 health total).
Level 10
For the Legion : Once the opponent enters shadow form, ambassador will get a full rage bar and totally neglect all shadow damage.
Lynx's Fatalities : If Ambassador attacks the opponent in shadow form, it will knock them out of shadow form dealing a critical hit with increased damage and will give ambassador demonic power which damages him over time and makes his weapon bigger and deals more damage. (check notes).

Sorry guys for this low effort post. I don't know how to make an image or an file. Once I learn you will get high quality posts and ideas. Can some one tell me how to make one please.
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2021.05.10 07:04 CartographerOdd313 Adolf Hitler is my FBI agent.

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2021.05.10 07:04 Stonecoldfox101 Don’t like my new almost bf’s hair

Help. I think I’m probably being shallow. I like this guy I’m dating, he wants to take things more seriously and label us bf/gf but I have a few reservations (some that are shallow) and I’m not sure if I’m just finding reasons to not like him or if I’m just not into him. I have issues in past with commitment and/or only liking emotionally unavailable men and he’s def emotionally available.
While there are a plethora of issues, one shallow one that is bugging me is his hair. I’m totally open to being called an idiot for caring about this. I know there’s SO much more to someone than their looks but I can’t help I’m turned off.
So he’s pretty cute but he’s balding. I’m ok with bald men ironically but I prefer when they’ve accepted it and do a nice close crop or shaved head.
He’s like in the denial phase and has it unnecessarily long on sides to brush forward to try disguise the receding hairline. It really turns me off and it’s making it hard for me to be attracted.
Do I dare tell him or is that very inappropriate?? Should I cut my losses? Is the problem me?? Open to all thoughts. I’m trying hard to be open to an emotionally available man and know the issues may be more my own than anything.
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2021.05.10 07:04 Generic-Man28 We have a problem

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2021.05.10 07:04 Ano_Naka 君を守るためなら、悪魔にだってなる。meaning?

だってなる confused me
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2021.05.10 07:04 JeannaLeavy Evo Cancelled = Netplay forever + New Rollback Wave

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2021.05.10 07:04 bluedragonraven89 let's play Katawa Shoujo part 36

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2021.05.10 07:04 Available-Wishbone-9 I made a meme template for you guys so you can pin it on Pinterest.

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2021.05.10 07:04 dheaiai Strange Ceremonies and Rituals of the Coronation Ceremony in Ancient Egypt

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2021.05.10 07:04 anon9172yh [Discussion] Pharmacy Virtual Verification: Danger or Asset?

If anyone who works in a pharmacy has a moment to spare, I created a poll on virtual verification in the pharmacy retail setting that I would like pharmacy workers to respond to if possible. Only a couple questions, takes about a minute! 💊🩺If there are a lot of responses that are overwhelmingly negative towards VV, then I plan to write to a legislator or to the state board.
If you don't know what it is, virtual verification is a somewhat new way of checking prescriptions at CVS and Walgreen's. At CVS for example, a tech will count pills on a tray and scan an image of the pills under a scanner or an image of a sealed bottle with it's NDC in view and then bag it and staple it and file it in the waiting bin ready for the patient. The pharmacist never touches the pills or bags unless there is an issue with the process like a blurry image. The pharmacist verifies the prescription by looking at the images virtually that the tech took. They can take multiple pics, can include images of the expiration, seal of the bottle, can place number of bottles side by side in one image, whatever else. The pharmacist can zoom in and out and send it back to the tech to retake images if needed. Ask me questions if you want before taking the survey! Please share with other pharmacists and techs and interns you know. Thank you for your time 🙂
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2021.05.10 07:04 MountainDude95 “But they’re good people otherwise! You can’t just judge people on one thing like that!”

I had the lovely duty of calling my mother today because of a certain holiday. She’s a conservative Christian and I’m a liberal atheist, so as you can imagine we butt heads occasionally.
Fortunately, she’s not a Covidiot. But most of her friends are. We got into it today about how selfish and stupid people are by being anti-vax and anti-mask. But she said that “they’re great, stand-up people otherwise! I have to give them grace when they have a different opinion than me.”
I wish I would’ve thought of this response at the time, but I can guarantee she doesn’t feel the same way about drunk drivers, which in my opinion is about equal to being anti-mask; most of the time you don’t kill anyone by doing it, and many people who do it are nice people otherwise.
But the thing is, I judge them equally. If you drive drunk, you are a horrible person who cares about no one but yourself. Full stop. That is all I need to know about you. Same with if you’re anti-mask. You are simply a horrible person who can’t be bothered to care about anyone but yourself and your imagined oppression for having to wear a piece of cloth over your face. I don’t need to know anything else about you to know that you are simply a horrible human being that doesn’t deserve the earth’s resources that you’re using.
So anyway, I’m going to use that analogy with her if she tries to bring it up again. Maybe that will make it click.
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2021.05.10 07:04 JaakkoFinnishGuy /r/H3VR, I present, The AR-19R.

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2021.05.10 07:04 jokebitch69 Wise words

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2021.05.10 07:04 stifflerr7 Chahat Khanna kutiya tera badan kha jaunga me

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2021.05.10 07:04 MousseAdvanced6267 How much percentage do I loose if I transfer my Safemoon from WhiteBit to TrustWallet?

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2021.05.10 07:04 KerbalPlayer Looking for a specific IL2 YouTube video from forever ago

This is the longest of shots and I honestly don't even know if the video is still on YouTube, but any help would be appreciated. Back in ~2008-2009 as a kid I watched, on repeat, a compilation video of IL2 shoot-downs (not even sure which game in the series) which was set to a distinctive opera soundtrack. All I remember is a woman's voice singing dramatic music in a language I didn't understand, mesmerized by the impressive graphics of the game. If anyone has insight into where I could find this video I would be unbelievably impressed.
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2021.05.10 07:04 Abishek_Muthian I can alert you via Twitter when vaccines are available, Preference to the disabled due to scale and resource constraints

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2021.05.10 07:04 dybuuuu Last strech!

LF: electabuzz, nidorina, nidoquuen, nidorino, shelgon, omanyte, omastar, kabuto, metang, tirtouga
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2021.05.10 07:04 6NatEv Favourite middle name

Still debating possible middle names and these are my favourites, would love to hear your own opinions and even suggestions
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2021.05.10 07:04 liilii316 I know we're far past Christmas, but I still can't get over my sweet baby's face here 🥰 what an angel ❤

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